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    i wonder why a kid hunger organization would refuse help from a pedophile
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    Madonna had to serve good music and some of the best music videos of all time to receive her 38 top 10s, while Drake comes to tie this record with random singles promoted on TikTok. I cannot accept this clownery anymore luv. Does he even have to try? I haven't see him caring about promo at all. Spotify is there for him, he can release the worst shite of all time and it would still go top 10 cuz Spotify wants it. I cannot take seriously the charts anymore, this is so unfair for the older acts, who actually had to try to sell music. Let's not talk how the PDFile with the M&M's teeth 6ix9ine will probably get a #1 the next week, 113 million views in 3 days, i'm pressed i fear. These artists would be considered legends and iconic in 30 years by today's generation, the decline whew, worse than Beyonce's Spirit Billboard 100 run.
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    I'm sorry, but this is kind of a really dated mentality sdjfds, literally saying "why do people have the possibility of using transport nowadays, people back then used to have to walk to get where they wanted!!! it's unfair!!!". And i honestly think streaming is the best thing to happen to music. The fact that we have million of songs at the touch of the fingertip after we pay the price of idk 4 loaves of bread is the ultimate luxury. Plus, with the aid of streaming, the charts have become, in my opinion, more accurate than ever. Audiences don't have to wait for a radio station to play their favorite song or to dictate what are the biggest hits of the day, they do that by themselves. Although yes, as a pop and a "stan", I do wish my faves would get to #1 and dominate like back in 2011 etc., but that's just not going to happen. Technology has allowed the audiences to decide for themselves and it's kind of refreshing to have songs like "The Box" or "Old Town Road" rise simply because the public wants. However, all that being said, I agree that sometimes giving such freedom to the general public leads to this ^. Audiences rooting for disgusting "artists" like this one without giving two fucks about their past kind of became an issue lately, but it's hard to see how to solve something like this tbh sjkdfs.
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    That's because iconic performances/interviews/ TV shows don't matter anymore for people to reach an artist's music. People live on social media, artists promote themselves there. If they have a big following there then it reaches more people than a performance would Nobody watches TV anymore. Haven't you noticed artists promote themselves on youtube now? And appear on those magazines games? That has taken place of the traditional interview. And Drake or other artists dont have hits because they are on playlist. Yes that may be a plus but because whenever a song drops he just has to make a post for his million followers and they go and stream. Wake up traditional promotion is not it anymore. Nobody needs iconic performances anymore or whatever pop fans are used to
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    dont be pressed cause no one is listening to your crusty ass fav. if anything, streaming has made charts more accurate than EVER before. Its what people are really listening to, unlike charts before, which could more easily be inflated by things like radio payola, etc.
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    That her first #1 was on Doja's COATTAILS. Poor Nicki. Reduced to being a FEATURE artist, Christina who?
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    #RoyaltyListens #25: Rihanna - Talk That Talk (2011) After the Caution listening thread, we will be listening to my favorite Rihanna album: "Talk That Talk" I have always been a big Rihanna stan and when I grew up, I played this album so many times. I'm sure if I had last.fm 2011 this album would have had around 2000 plays, because I used to play this over and over again I don't know what it is with this album, but this album is so nostalgic to me and I can't wait to listen to it with y'all! Tracklist: 1) You Da One - 8,5 2) Where Have You Been - 9,5 3) We Found Love - 9 4) Talk That Talk (ft. Jay-Z) - 10 5) Cockiness (Love It) - 10 6) Birthday Cake - 10 7) We All Want Love - 8 8) Drunk On Love - 10 9) Roc Me Out - 10 10) Watch 'n Learn - 9,5 11) Farewell - 9 12) Red Lipstick - 8,5 13) Do Ya Thang - 10 14) Fool In Love - 6,5 Taglist:
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    I just saw and omg I love that album too so yeah I'll be here most likely for both yup!
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    Omg one of my all time fav Rih albums! WATCH N LEARN HA BEST SONG EVER!!
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    If people aren't listening, then they wouldn't be charting high.
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    maybe but she really sat on queen radio and took an elephant shit on her legacy so
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    Queen! I hope she does more of these. We need a studio version of this mash up!
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    I don't think @Simón. will let me miss it
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    EXCEPT for the Chris Brown remix we don't listen to that but yeah the album version is THAT bop
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    It's clear no one gave a fuck about both sections for some time
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    It wasn't updated for a while I think:
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    Imagine if it's one of those 500 songs artists record for their album and never ends in the final tracklist
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    my feeling is that it's gonna be her best album yet tbh can't wait for Waist Line Down sitting on #1
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    ew no she's trash
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    This is something I'm really excited about Even if I quit again (which I won't) I'd come back just for her album lmao
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    gigi hadid? yes we stan her
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    lowkey same tbh when will r9 come though
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    Rihanna, Mariah, Ariana only sections of FOTP
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    Let me create the threads fast!
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    I am completely free
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    Oh this is a cute idea too!
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    Maybe we can do Caution AND Daydream? Because Caution only has 10 songs
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    Sure, love!
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    Btw @Simón. I already did Unapologetic, ANTi and Loud maybe we can do TTT, since it's literally my fave!
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    Will be here What album do you want to do? I think you should do a short album like Caution for example though, poor @Entea will be pressedT
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    I wanna do a Mariah album but I promise @Simón. a Rihanna album too so it's up to y'all
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    Maybe I can do a listening thread tomorrow?
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    Ok well clearly plug.dj outsold then I screamed
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    I don't mind people going out as long as it's not too often and take their precautions not to infect people living around them. Also don't you live alone? You should be fine if so! Y'all need to tell when you're available so we can plan something
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    It's barely the same on plug.dj we had those cute avatars, discord is just basically a chat programme
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    Of course Well as long as we are all participating I don't mind to do something, and omg those plug.dj sessions y'all remember? Iconic. I never been on discord so I wonder if it's the same
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    You're the sweetest I could use a skinny avatar for real! And maybe you can organize a megarate? But something original like a music video megarate? Or maybe just a Royal Clique tea session if Ent*a finally decides to show fucking up
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    If I win TAG I'll gift you the VIP! Also do y'all have ideas we/I could to do revive the Moo (or any of the sections we could spam in) because I feel this week's numbers.. won't be good!
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    Yes and for @Royale and @Entea first I will make you some lasagna
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    What's ruining charts for me is Billboard and their obsession with "units" and their confusing method of converting streams into sales. When you read a Billboard article nowadays, they usually go like "Drake has sold 210K units, of which 10K are pure sales." Why can't they just say "Drake received 200 million streams and sold 10K albums". This obsession to convert streams into sales makes absolutely no sense, especially since the ratio changes all the time. It's so annoying and totally screws up the historical record. Suddenly Despacito is one of the "highest selling" singles in the US ever with "13 million units sold", when in reality its actual sales haven't even crossed 3M. Why can't they just call it what it is - one of the most streamed songs ever. Like, I get that they need some kind of formula for their charts to combine sales and streams - fine, but please stop using it in your articles.
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    when i'm back on the prowl you bitches better have my moneeeeeeeeeeeeey cuz i'm coming for yooooou ooouuuuhhhh-ooouuuuuhhh
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    I don't have a particular negative opinion about it. Actually, I think streaming is better for discovering new music, combating environmental issues that come with shipping physical CD's, vinyl's, etc... so actually I think it made listening to music far more convenient. Esp. if your favorite artists are the "under the mainstream radar" kind of acts, which what mine are mostly compiled of. I don't understand why you're placing so much importance on chart positions in the first place, yes these are fantastic to have on your resume but it's clear that Drake beating Beatles/Madonna doesn't equal him being more revolutionary or important. Many people mistake hype for influence these days. And again: who cares, Into The Groove wasn't even eligible to chart yet it's one of the most iconic dance songs of the 80's. You need historical context in order to accurately examine anything, though. Looks like you needed to pay more attention in school. On my part most of the comments of the same vein of this one of yours I received had this pattern : A: some Gaga (or any other artist) fan saying she did X thing first. B: a Madonna fan corrects him with facts. A: OmG HiStOrY TeAchErs BoOmeRSS (even though im younger than you and that thing Gilly) If you want only to discuss things in current context, go ahead. No one's stopping you. If people want to discuss a broader context then they're free to do that as well and there's no shame in discussing past efforts. And even if someone wants to examine and compare the implications of charting back then vs. now, I think you can turn that into an interesting discussion as opposed to this defense mechanism of hostile speech that you revert back to every time.
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    shes an idiot for wasting the ASIB hype on stupid love/chromatica. The visuals/sound shes serving are so dated, cheap, UNRELATABLE, and cringy... like what is she thinking? She couldve worked with Max Martin and finally served a RELATABLE perfect pop album (like about love) but yet again, she serves this unrelatable dated trash that will only appeal to her gay audience (not all of us People responded well to ASIB because it was the most relatable thing has ever done. Shes lost it. p.s im not saying that she cant be a little bit avant garde/extravagant like she was in the beginning of her career... but there’s a way to do that without it looking CHEAP and tacky. TFM is avant garde/weird done right. Chromatica is not.
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    another easy way to check on the size of Drake's fanbase is to look at the album tracks streams, yaknow, those tracks that aren't necessarily playlisted. a good chunk of those have more streams than plenty of pop girls' singles.
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    I'm a bitch, I'm a boss I'm a bitch and a boss and I shine like gloss
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    You are comparing apples and oranges. You're trying to say that artists who have been around for ~10 years can't possibly be considered as big as artists who have been around for ~40 and have had time for music critics and historians to evaluate their legacies. Maybe in 30 years people will think Ed Sheeran was as big as MJ or Elton John, maybe in 30 years people will view Drake as belonging to the same class of musicians as Madonna. You can't know, but numbers don't lie