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    @Harry_CAL @hector @ryjapo @Bleachella @Surrealism @Maria @Alexx @Jon. @tigerlily13 @8Bit Heart @Joanne @Kuba @Love So Soft @Mr. Mendes @Michael. @Eglė @Harry Styles @Edu @Alesus A M E S S A G E S P O N S O R E D B Y Dear beloved CAL players, The space time quantum has stopped once again in the universe, after the previous leadership graciously retired. Now, we are getting ready to take over. There have been weeks of preparations and, despite impediments, we are excited to announce the return of the game: 22nd May. Come back tomorrow, this time, for more information! Love, Dylan. Mary. Ryan.
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    Of course pop stans are running in to drag a whole genre
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    no post in the kesha section since may 4th i-
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    a genre full of BLACK artists btw I’m crying
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    Seeing 6ix9ine is the #1 trending music video on Youtube made me grab my throat out of revulsion
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    Wow I can't believe I'm registered on a forum where I can't give any more upvotes
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    I forgot how hard it slaps omg just from the first lyric alone
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    Did you like when I put my lips there?
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    #RoyaltyRATES Giving Me Life - 10
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    nnnn True it doesn't always work, esp if you scrobble a lot. The last.fm bar era makes me nostalgic tho
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    The way mine never works so I just gave up on it
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    Yes omg he forced the french to appreciate Moo I was so happy
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    Yeah the comment section for Giving Me Life was fulled with that reference so I looked it up and it's so good
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    Please don;t hold this night against me
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    Giving Me Life overpraised by her stans btw. Good song but the hype killed it for me at first
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    Honestly sounds so fresh for her. Never thought her working with Skrillex would sound good.
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    this deserves a downvote, its clearly a TEN
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    The kii at the end of A No No is so random sksks @Simón. btw last time Rihanna listened to it in a Fenty beauty live
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    #RoyaltyRATES A No No - 9
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    Parlez-vous français? I said no lemme translate it I said NO
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    She did make a video for it.. that no one watched! (if you're asking for A No No). Deserved more though
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    Lmao perfectly fitting GIF
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    AH YES A NO NO @Royale wasn't Mariah aware that this was a fan favorite and she recorded a video for it?
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    TEA. Mariah is the queen of getting good amazing top tier rap features (besides the I Don't remix with Remy )
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    Right? I've always said it could've done decent with a good feature tbh
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    I have over 50 unopened notifications We're sick
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    #RoyaltyRATES With You - 6,5
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    Yeah when I first listened to this song I thought the piano was just the intro and it was going to be more uptempo, guess I was going to clown college already
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    @Tahj show me this tik tok omg
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    The Mustard on the beat tag in With You is sending me
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    there are moments when i legit wish hip-hop would stay on dominating the charts forever only to look at the trash pop addicted faggots fuming in despair because their faves will never be on top nor cared about on a large scale again. let the fuck go. the way this thread is specifically designed to downgrade, for the most part, black artists is disgusting. you're welcome.
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    I made my first TikTok to GTFO sdjhkfl;sdf I laugh every time I hear this song.
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    I was just one second away from expecting you to only show up for the Rihanna listening thread HI BABE