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    P U B L I C S E R V I C E A N N O U N C E M E N T @Harry_CAL @hector @ryjapo @Bleachella @Surrealism @Maria @Alexx @Jon. @tigerlily13 @8Bit Heart @Joanne @Kuba @Love So Soft @Mr. Mendes @Ronlop @Michael. @Eglė @Harry Styles @Edu @Alesus Dear beloved CAL players, Hope this message finds you all well & healthy! As I mentioned yesterday, on behalf of myself, @ryjapo and @Bleachella, us three together will host the season starting with May 22nd. Obviously, we understand any skepticism when it comes to 3 people doing this as it has been proven a few times to be successful. However, I stand here, blue light coming out of my laptop screen as I am typing, telling you that there is a pretty big chance of us getting this right. As of today, we have been working as hard as possible to put together the elements + the features of the new season. And I'd say it's coming along pretty nicely! While we have decided to not reveal everything at once in order to keep you on your toes a little, this post should serve as a piece of information and insight into what are we "bringing to the table" as of next Friday. First and foremost, you will absolutely have access at media reactions, media articles & comments on your material. While we won't have the elaborate version of Connect running right at the beginning, that doesn't mean that you won't be getting fans meltdowning & yelling at you for not doing things the way they wanted lmao. A proper website is in the works at the moment and, while it won't be ready until a bit later after the start of the season, we have the temporary alternative ready. And yet, you will not be deprived of the usual features of CAL like Encore, CAL Tube, even Connect. Another thing: as of today, we have started testing the formula. Besides the usual factors it needed, we are also considering the idea of making the formula lighter by rewarding quality over quantity. After a few tests, we will tweak & perfect it in order to be fully functional and fair for everyone else, but we thought you all should know this. We also want you to let you all know that, since there is 3 people hosting and not one, we will still be playing, in one shape or another. It is understandable to have doubts about this part & we are aware of how all this sounds, but it is a promise that we won't be playing favorites just because we're in charge. Our artists are going to be given the same treatment they got before, without considering the fact that we are the ones hosting at the moment. To end this message, I would like to announce you all that you should get your ideas ready because the infamous corps / CALB accounts are going to log in in the next 2 days. Maybe Ron retired, but that doesn't mean that the vicious managers did too! Get your future plans ready & start sending OR bumping old PMs, as it will make things easier for all of us. In the following days, we will begin posting media articles & revealing more and more details. You will know absolutely everything that's coming the moment we feel it's right to be told about this. Thank you so much for sticking around and we really hope that you all will be joining us & enjoying with us this new chapter of Create A Label! Love, Dylan. Mary. Ryan.
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    ok? don’t see how having the biggest holiday classic ever that millions return to every single year is a bad thing? secures her spot on the charts every year and it secures her coin every year. every artist wants their AIWFCIY but literally no one has been able to do it. it’s a good, catchy song that people return to the minute Halloween ends every single year. sounds like every singers dream tbh!
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    All I want for Christmas: 634M views learn to resize your images sweetie
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    Cause scooter wants that #1. At least it’s clear now that he cares more about the charts than about the pandemic and the way he wants to milk it. No words.
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    Also, I love Gaga but it's sending me how she named the new palette after Stupid Love yet the palette is full of blues despite Gaga using nothing but pink in Stupid Love
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    Both bops but Don't Slay Now is superior, plus it didn't need a bad remix to chart.
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    this is literally what all of your fellow fossil stans do in EVERY thread
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    it's not about posting views sweetheart you felt the need to bring up several other metrics when all did was posting AIWFCIY's views for a kii i knew you would respond with quickness, my job here is done
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    *posts AIWFCIY views* @Jjang rushes to his Madonna vs Mariah archives we love to see it
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    Because the OP is a Moo stan who mentioned Mariah himself first lol
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    All net proceeds from the track will be donated to the "First Responders Children's Foundation". The money will fund scholarships of children of frontline workers whose lives have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. why are they putting a discount on a donation?
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    Not y'all using Soundcloud as a receipt??????????
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    MTE. How having a recurring classic SMASH is a bad thing? Some of y’all are doing the most
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    It's obvious trolling Madonna stans (aka Jjangle) take themselves way too seriously and are so sentitive to teasing how can you claim you're unbothered but then proceed to post 235433 receipts that no one is going to read Putting the most effort out of anyone but then swear they're indifferent
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    You know what's embarassing? Bitch I'm Madonna: 317M views All I want for Christmas: 634M views
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    LMFAO I was gone for 3 hours but its still here trying it Reminder for the culture: All I want for Christmas: 634M views
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    I mean.. Please don't do this when you're pushing 60, it's embarrassing
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    I mean.. Just because her records are being broken it doesn't make it any less impressive that she made them to begin with. Of course she won't hold them forever.. But Madonna is just embarrassing these days and should retire asap
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    Mariah's total views : 4,355,660,652 Madonna's total view: 3,164,868,652
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    Almost all your fave's records are getting broken since the early 2010s chile, Ariana needed two singles in 4 months to tie a Mariah record. OTR broke her biggest record in 2019. Madonna has important records that no one will break cuz they can't anymore. If we put down how many records Madonna holds in worldwide scale that probably no one will break, we gonna waste a lot of time here. Let's start with her having the most #1s in more than 5-6 big countries, Riri will snatch Mariah's 19 #1s, but she will never snatch Madonna's #1s records in the rest world. The kii is that Madonna has records outside of charts too, in tours for example as you mentioned, crowd records, tour gross records, Guinness records etc. Mariah never had and never will.
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    And Madonna still has the record in Europe (this one is practically unbeatable) / South America / Asia. You should be more worried about Mariah losing money with her shows by booking stadiums and only selling like 6% of them despite her tickets being the cheapest ones out of her peers: This one in particular is hilarious (the curtains, kii): This is the actual stadium:
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    This one too! The way they edited the intro!
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    not you using a one hit wonder, cupcakkes viral hit, dej loaf's "buzz", and top 15 UK local hit as receipts. Im actually screaming. and thats... exactly what I said in my post. I stated that remy ended her with shether. Cardi just put the final nails in her coffin. Nicki was already a HAS BEEN by the time Cardi blew up aka the "hate train" was already over. And again...her only "hit" songs in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 have been what? features, not her own work. And how long has it been since her last solo hit? half a decade, so again, DID I LIE? No one but flamboyant gays care or have cared for Nicki Minaj since the year 2016. Sorry if that gets you pressed, but the facts don't change. and what about it? you act as if bodak yellow going #1 is the only thing cardi achieved. Following this #1 SOLO rap smash, the sis followed it up with ANOTHER #1 (which was actually bigger than bodak yellow), then hit after hit after hit after hit, and to finish it off, a grammy (which is difficult to get, not everybody has that). You don't get all of that record breaking success because of a "for the cUlTuRe!!!!" movement dssdfsdfadfdsaf Meanwhile, Onika Petty spent her 2018 crying on air over being replaced by cardi, flopping with her solo work, and clinging to convicted pedophiles for hit features.
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    You're still trying to act all high & mighty when you stan Azealia Banks, who is the peak definition of racism (literally called Zayn a sand n-word btw)? Stay in your lane and get off your high horse. I told you not to quote me with your stupid bullshit again but clearly senile people don't know how to correctly follow rules.
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    girl you have no room to talk with that stan list. move
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    The AIWFCIY views being posted every page makes me scream louder every time I see it
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    Yes it is, it’s not my fault if you get PLAYED everytime. You can tell by Mariah’s 19#1s tone and writing that he’s clearly trying to stir you up and y’all always fall for it. The fact you ran to the status updates earlier today because of the comment he made about Madonna’s hands is proof that he gets you bothered Downvoting doesn’t mean they’re mad, but it does make YOU mad though so clearly you’re getting played again
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    I actually like Madonna but her fans here are so annoying and embarrassing yall try to act unbothered but yall the ones writing essays with million gifs
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    nah they're both youtube flop nowadays, Madge's last video is at 7M views At least Mariah has a classic that will eventually reach 1 BILLION views All I want for Christmas: 634M views
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    An article dragging madonnas hands? Is this 2009?
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    how you "drag" nicki for marrying a rapist and in the same breath praise an ACTUAL rapist?
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    a lot of the older gays and some young ones really ride hard for Madonna. kind of confusing. wish her well though!
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    All I see is Mariah in green and Madonna in red as she should she looks so good in green
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    Astounding considering that Madonna’s videos were mostly blocked for the past few years and have only been uploaded/unblocked last year or so.
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    Now why'd they do the birds like that It's not even their fault
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    You've been eagerly making the same thread / writing the same paragraph for almost half a decade now and it still hadn't happened. Nor is she even close to Madonna. The only thing rising is her will to quit music. But I mean, I get it, this is the only thread you can make after the "Mariah has more views, monthly listeners, spotify streams than Madonna - why?" ones are no longer valid/relevant just like Mariah, who's releases for the past 20 years (literally) were events outside of the hillbillies community of America. What happened to Mariah sis? In a blink of an eye she went from having x2 the monthly listeners to tragically falling behind the queen of pop. Not to mention she only gets half of Madonna's daily views. What happened? Where did all of these 50 + yo white gays pop from?
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    oh look, the trash police is here
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    ah yes the iconic #1 hits 212 and ooouuu
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    Anyway in more important news Discounting a charity single isn't necessarily a bad thing. For example, if you manage to make 3x sales compared to when it was selling for 50% more, you end up making more money for charity which by all means is a good thing. Charts aren't necessarily everything, nothing more than a nice side benefit. But some people will make it that way.
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    the delusion; young ma, azealia banks, cupccake, and dej loaf were never popping alongside nicki maybe in your gay circle, but they never made it mainstream. Only iggy did and it was never to the scale of Cardi. What Nicki hate train? by the time Cardi started to blow up (summer 2017), Nicki was a HAS BEEN. Has beens don't generate hate trains. Remy ate her up with Shether and Cardi replaced her as the IT girl. However, unlike with Iggy, Cardi was able to put the final nails in Nickis coffin with her record breaking debut album (which btw, is bigger than any Nicki era.) The ONLY reason people even started paying attention to Nicki in 2018 was because she started Queen era crying over Cardi: Yet still, Chun Li served 10-OUT and everything Nicki released from Queen FLOPPED. To this day, she still hasn't been able to get a solo hit since the Pinkprint era, which was half a decade ago. Meanwhile, Cardi collected grammys, #1s (with her own songs), and sold out arenas within the past 2 years. Nicki continues to be the walmart of rap girls, jumping on every feature and serving 2/50 hit ratio. Cardi remains unbothered and more influential on present say female rap than Onika Petty. You're a hater and the mental gymnastics youre trying to pull in order to discredit Cardi's organic and record breaking rise to the top is.. amusing. "do it for the culture thing".. the absolute cringe
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    Nicki is the anti-christ
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    Every new "mer!" sends me a little bit "mer"