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    yeah but it comes across as white feminist ignorance, as a "moderate" white woman she should know better. She knew what she was doing. Literally half of the singers she listed haven't got a #1 lately or she described their #1 in a way that was totally inaccurate and just false. Ariana's last #1 is the SWU, Beyonce's is Perfect Duet, Cardi B's is I Like It, even Doja Cat isn't as crazy as she's trying to dumb it down to. like girl....
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    I hate the fact that you non-black or non-POC stans are trying to defend her actions when it doesn’t even matter to you. The way she named mostly black women is very suspect to me especially as a black person. ”There has to be a place in feminism for women who look like me” ....so? what is she trying to say? white feminism matters only?
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    Hey guys! We wanted to reveal a very special feature we've been working on hard for you guys! Introducing the new CONNECT. You will all be getting your logins pmed to you! I wanted to go over a few new features of this connect. Firstly, you can now like other people's posts! You can also follow other members on Connect as well. Now that this feature is implemented - it'll definitely be a part of the game! So... If your artist doesn't follow or suddenly unfollows another... The pot will be stirred! You can, of course, still comment on other people's posts as always. Now, you can also comment pictures. I'll let you know more about this feature as we go on, but general rule of thumb is, don't abuse it! Now onto the post mechanics! To access the post editing tool, simply highlight the text you want to format and it will pop up: You can post images! There is a toolbar for image formatting and stuff. To access it, simply click your image: You can also align your image if you want, but it'll only be visible from the post page, not from the main page. You can also post multiple images! That just looks weird cuz I formatted it strangely just to show what's possible! On the main page, only one image will be visible. In order to post multiple images, you have to click the little plus button that pops up when you're in the text box. You can also change your own name and profile picture! This new Connect is, at the moment, somewhat temporary. We're working on a completely custom website as this Wix site has a few limitations. One of these limitations is the inability to edit the number of likes, and it being very difficult to post multiple comments for reactions from stan accounts. So, to combat this, we have a few new guidelines to posting on Connect: 1. You must screenshot your Connect post, as always, and post in the thread. 2. You must tag me in the thread on your post. 3. When I do Connect updates, I will be posting comments on your post from the admin account like this: 4. When I perform these Connect updates, I will update your post in the THREAD with the amount of likes your Connect post received. I will then upvote your post so you see it! I will either do this from my account, or from the CAL Business account, tba on that. 5. A page for Connect followers will be implemented shortly! This is the new Connect link: https://createalabelhosts.wixsite.com/connect So that's about it guys! I hope you enjoy the new Connect. Again, we're working on a fully customizable version that won't have some of the hurdle's we're facing, while still trying our best to keep the new features. Let me know if you have any questions! Remember, CALB and Corps are responding through the start of the new week. @Harry_CAL @hector @ryjapo @Bleachella @Surrealism @Maria @Alexx @Jon. @tigerlily13 @8Bit Heart @Joanne @Kuba @Love So Soft @Mr. Mendes @Michael. @Harry Styles
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    The way black women had to fight for the right to sexual freedom, and still do til this day. Black women are constantly sexualized and demonized. But leave it to a white woman to make black female empowerment about herself. She gets rightfully clocked for her regressive lyrics that paint woman in horrible positions and glamorize them as if it’s something positive. Being a door mat is not cute or anything to brag about. She is honestly so disgusting
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    she really should of sat there and ate her food what is her point anyway? just because those girls went #1 (nicki doesnt count), it doesnt mean they didnt receive their fair share of criticism dont be mad because you never appealed to the GP at the scale to snatch a #1. Also, women rappingg/singing about their sexuality is incredibly empowering in a sexist/homiphobic/racist etc world we live in...esp when its women of color. Singing about “he kissed me and it felt like a kiss” is not empowering
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    I could write a book on how many times White Gays will be up and front and speak about black issues when all they dream about is being a white American Housewife with a man that satisfies their daddy issues.
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    “Question for the Culture:”, says the white woman who doesn’t understand the culture to name Ariana and Camilla as part of the “culture” Sis highkey was targeting a certain demographic and it was just a MESS. She has said multiple times she’s “not a feminist” so why is she trying to get the appeal of feminists about ultraviolence, which DID glamourize abuse and problematic relationships??? Like She truly could have kept that first paragraph out and had an actual conversation about it, yet she wanted to ask.... The Culture why she got criticized???
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    I think what people are calling her out for is stupid, but I also think it's stupid that she thought pop girls singing about regular sex is comparable to messages like "Come on, you know you like little girls" "I hear sirens, he hit me and it felt like a kiss, give me all of that ultra-violence" etc that she gets criticism for. I really don't know what to say!
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    I mean, She didn't lie about certain points but there was no need to mention names. She should have kept it general.
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    Most logical people understood the point of the post - but the name drops were completely unnecessary. It's high-key likely it was an unfortunate coincidence that majority of the artists she mentioned were of color (very much likely just mentioned recent names from the chart battles of the past 3 weeks). but Twitter and various are going to run with the racist sentiment. The conversation could've been easily discussed but the unfortunate name drops have people now in the thought that she's a racist - far from the truth. People who read the first paragraph only will run with that sentiment though.
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    Not the same people defending that who called Rap homophobic and want it banned.
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    If only “Dedicated Side B” had come out at 2 am, Lana may have been saved from pressing <post> on her IG.
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    She doesn't mention only POC, Ariana and Camilla are mentioned too.
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    la respuesta a tu pregunta es no @Entea
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    Alice - refers to being stuck in a depressed mental state but still trying/looking for "Wonderland" Rain On Me - metaphor for over-drinking as well as tears Free Woman - refers to her stance as a woman in the music industry, reclaiming both her dance roots and choosing not to be defined by her past experience of assault Fun Tonight - refers to the people close to her trying to get her to have fun and overcome her depression 911 - refers to her psych medication Plastic Doll - possibly refers to her image as a celebrity and doing things to make herself feel human (cutting) Sour Candy - ??? Enigma - refers to social media perfect illusions Replay - ??? Sine From Above - refers to finding happiness/god through music and sound 1000 Doves - ??? Babylon - refers to overcoming gossip
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    Except Gaga received hundreds of criticism about those subject ALL THE WOMEN SHE LISTED HAVE BEEN CRITICIZED WORSE THAN LANA. Beyoncé was boycotted constantly and been dragged all through her career over her baby, pregnancy and more Ariana was scrutinized for her relationship with Mac Miller AND Pete Davidson constantly being called a whore and shit Kehlani almost killed herself over criticism over men Cardi B about being a stripper i can keep going Lana is not special in any form of way.. if she ants to write her abuse porn then she could have freely been able to and accept the criticism and continue not being a “feminist”
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    Michael and Madonna are really the Royals of Pop yes .
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    I'm saying that i don't think Lana Del Rey tried to imply anything about the color of the artists she mentioned. Her post was focused in something else.
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    They are. She's not calling out Ariana and the other women in the post. She's calling out the critics who lauded them but insulted her for her own musical style.
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    She posted that on IG but people focused only at the names cuz you obviously can't drag Beyonce or Nicki without being racist. Even tho she doesn't drag them but anyways.
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    This is INCREDIBLE I feel like you would love this, since you were also in love with that Perfect Illusion countdown @Merryem
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    watch this last night and it's such a serve omg, truly a legend
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    I'm trying to get your point, and I think I do get what you're trying to say. But the way you worded it, it didn't come off right. You might live in a context of oppression, but that doesn't mean you know about what affects African Americans more than they do themselves. Sometimes it gets annoying seeing how many situations on Twitter end up being about race, but then again remember that social media is a platform where minorities can be the most vocal about anything concerning them in a society in which they're oppressed and you and I don't know what is relevant or not to them.
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    I get that that's what you read but that's not what he said He didn't say "ever" first of all, he said that at any given moment (meaning right now in the current time), his nation is being more oppressed. I read it as "ever in the history of American blacks" too at first but then I re-read (because I OBVIOUSLY couldn't believe he meant that, he's not stupid y'know, he's actually extremely intelligent about political issues and social justice) and then I got it Interesting analogous case anyway lol. He didn't say it so let's move on. And let's also move on from Lana being supposedly racist when she was not.
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    For fuck sake dude, let me engage with this. So from the description you gave in an above post I am assuming you are a Palestinian (sorry if I'm wrong). Yes, Palestinians are subject to disgusting oppression and racial apartheid from their Israeli occupiers. This is a well-documented fact and no one would ever take that away from you. But if you knew anything at all about the history of blacks in America you would know that at the very least you should recognize the analogues between their experience and that of your people and show some solidarity. What you instead chose to do was play oppression olympics, by which I mean you attempted to pit your people against another people to make it look like you have some kind of greater right to say what is racist and what is not. You look like a racist because you did something racist: you attempted to minimize black suffering in the United States, which spans hundreds of years and has no parallel in the world, so that you could try to overrule the way a black person felt about Lana's post!!! Apologize and move on. You said something STUPID and INSENSITIVE and your own people's experience does not in ANY way justify it.
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    I see some people here saying that her lyrics are not empowering or that they are regressive or problematic but that's what she was calling out. People think that feminism means women always have to be strong, having the 'independent' 'bad bitch' persona when that's a fraction of what women experience in their lives. She's saying there's has to be a place in feminism for women who are vulnerable, who can't be strong all the time, who have suffered abuse and want to tell that story in their own way. I just think she's trying to say that it's her right to write about her own experiences without people coming for her bcuz she's not a good example for women. Maybe she doesn't want to be an example, some women don't want to be strong. Idk but having only 'boss bitch' narratives in the media paints a very idealist and constricting view of women's experiences. Tho i do agree that her coming for the other artists and the way she worded it making it seem those women singing about their sexuality was trashy and inauthentic was in poor taste and she could have made her point without naming anyone.
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    i dont think her post is racist, just incredibly tone deaf to imply that she, a successful white woman in america, has had it harder than most of these POC girls just because they have number ones
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    Y’all were ahead of your time when you called yourselves the reycists
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    She should release White Girls Forever now then
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    This. Now that Lana is ''cancelled''. They should hop on Carly instead
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    her ability to dig the hole she digs herself......iconic
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    She shouldn't have mentioned any names, I woke up to Twitter dragging her for being racist
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    NASA literally discovered a parallel universe but somehow she's trending higher...something something queen of pop
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    the backlash on her post is already starting honestly i don't think there's going to be a big mess though because once you read through it it's clear what she means and that she's not demeaning the artists mentioned in any way but knowing twitter, reading probably wont happen 🤡
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    there's basically a whole contingent of the music journalism industry that's sustained by defaming Lana's character so I'd expect no less! I think the optics of her calling out those specific artists are a little weird but they are literally THE most hyped and relevant right now so people are doing the most literally some stans have NO reading comprehension that it's scary, how did you even pass your 2nd grade reading assessments anyways, any press is good press and we're still being fed!
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    The bad bitch version of “wrote that for someone else 4 years ago …… New single is called West Coast”
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    Also not her announcing two additional books of poetry when we still haven't gotten the first one or the spoken word album
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    It’s raining Friday. Gaga’s power
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    Because she made several videos showcasing (some might say glamorizing) completely unhealthy relationships (to the point of marrying someone who literally tortured her, locked up in a barn) with violent and/or abusive men and that other list of names you mentioned didn't Yet Gaga never got called out for that shit because she had the aura of an "artist" who was granted artistic freedom. Meanwhile Lana was, indeed, as she says, almost completely cancelled for having a few sad lyrics on her debut album So clearly something about Lana just sets people off some way that isn't fairly applied to all pop stars in general. And if anyone seriously thinks she intentionally brought up majority black artists, come on She's just listing the most famous female pop stars rn lol, pointing out that in the current climate it's ok to be emotionally explicit about whatever you want. But Lana's rep still sticks to her like glue in some circles, and she doesn't like that. There was not an ounce of negativity or sleight of hand racism in that post and people are just projecting like idiots.
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    IKR LMAO also can't tell if that's the release date for Violet or for White Hot Forever anyway, screenshotted the rant because I feel like this post will definitely be deleted soon
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    I expected blank space not this toxic reject