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    Another Gaga hater rushing to listen to her album as soon as it leaks
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    Just like you can’t get Gaga out of yours!
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    You know that literally everyone here is pop fan and listen to new pop releases? Whats wrong with that? Is it a crime to listen to album of someone you are not fan of? Im going to listen to it too, im open minded about it, and i think im might like it. It same as Monsters were listening to Madame x, or katy fans to Lover etc etc Jesus Madonna haters really cant sit for 5 minutes without finding a reason to hate. Can i breath too? Or is it Reserved to gaga fans too?
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    Why are you so pretentious it’s actually really sad this isn’t the Joanne era baby people don’t have to pretend to like any of her new music. I don’t even like Nose but Chromatica is shaping up to be an incredible pop album. Let’s not.
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    Fantasy vs. Honey Underneath the Stars vs. Butterfly One Sweet Day vs. My All Open Arms vs. The Roof Always Be My Baby vs. Fourth of July I Am Free vs. Breakdown When I Saw You vs. Babydoll Long Ago vs. Close My Eyes Melt Away vs. Whenever You Call Forever vs. Fly Away Daydream Interlude vs. The Beautiful Ones Looking In vs. Outside
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    Good job for the monsters I think chromatica is a good one!
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    LMAOOOO maybe you spilled a bit too much tea here.
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    ROM, Sour Candy and Chromatica next week on their way to the TOP of the HOT 100 and Billboard 200.
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    Within hours after it leaked, only so they could get their unwanted opinion out there Why are they so OBSESSED? Are their faves current efforts that BORING?
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    At least there are people, even haters, who will listen to an album before giving an opinion. It is more pathetic to talk shit about music you know nothing about, but here you are with Gilly and Kristina.
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    I found the answer: the interludes
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    Ariana not being able to control her laugh Gaga's wig falling off
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    Hardly, this album is an album that screams Gaga
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    It is pretty flat. The same 90s eurodance music for every song. I expected more from Gaga. Stupid Love and Babylon snippet made the album promising. Unpopular opinion, everybody hates Stupid Love, but it is one of the stand-outs on the album. I don't know... I thought she was going to serve futuristic pop mixed with the 80s here and there. I didn't expect a full 90s eurodance thing that could have been made by anyone. And there are already some non fans who bandwagon because that kind of generic dance music is being played in their gay club. Of course, they won't admit that. The same people dragged Jaonne, because it wasn't "basic dance music for gay clubs".
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    so you stan Chromatica I! legend!
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    The way Miss @Jjang is threatened gurl Chill
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    You might be onto something here. I could totally see the GP paying dust to an artist because they've cut their hair.
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    too bad it won't copy its chart runs Also, both songs sample
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    remember when @Gilly was afraid there wouldn't be hooks the destruction...
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    generic...are we listening to the same album nothing slapping on the charts sounds like this other than.....rain on me i guess
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    My current top 3: 1. Alice 2. Sour Candy 3. Replay it's a great album, and I have to stan her again! Everything flows perfectly, I just wish some of the songs were longer.
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    Still not over Marina doing us all dirty with love & fear, what a bad album
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    GOODBYE not the Love + Fear Victims Support Group congregating yet again here
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    the way these descriptions mean nothing wtf is a musical peace treaty
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    1/5 tfm btw joanne artpop tf chromatica idk there's just something not right about chromatica. the visuals are amazing and i love the blockbuster feel of this cycle. but it's like what @Unapologetic Bitch said... there are some moments of industrial, darkness etc. but then she fucks it with a cringeworthy cheesy chorus. the only edge to the album is sour candy and even that falls short. could have been truly EPIC but the chorus is just so meh there are highlights (stupid love pre-chorus, sour candy beat, blackpink in general, rain on me video, enigma chorus, alice is ok) this is like an album of 'nothing on (but the radio)'... that's the level of these songs to me. disappointing af!
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    the fact that these fossils actually believe that people outside of their base even took the time to listen to that trash not even 1 play
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    the lyrics, the intonations, the choices of collabs and influences....like literally so many things. Rain On Me would be completely different if it weren't a Gaga song.
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    How? Tell me one thing that distinguishes this album from a RuPaul album
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    The album is just... the definition of nondescript. There's not even anything that indicates this was an album created by Lady Gaga These songs could have been demos sent to any pop star (and probably rejected). ROM also falls in that category but at least it's memorable and replayable. The rest... not so much.
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    I... ...may actually stan this album. A lot of these songs are very much house music that can sound like rejects, but wow even Rain on Me sounds better as part of the album! I...I repent my sin. I want to pledge alliance to the Supreme Chromatica, may the High Lady Gaga be healthy and victorious forever and ever. Btw Replay sounds like shit. It's the only song that I don't like.
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    honestly I'm not over the moon on this song but if the blinks are happy, then so be it.
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    I love the beat, the korean lyrics and the song in general. As I predicted: A BOP.
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    ima head out because i don't wanna ruin other people's experience. I'm glad some people like it. For me it's too gay-house-dancey, sounds like RuPaul could've released it. But totally get a lot of people are here for it. Sour Candy knocks tho. Wish it was longer
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    Here I thought Dua saved pop music nope
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    top three: 1. enigma 2. alice 3. sour candy she is a fucking troll. lead single stupid love. what in the actual fuck were they thinking??
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    She really released the worst song from this gorgeous album as the lead LOCK HER THE FUCK UP!
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    dinkin lincoln saskrit with the band remembering me before we began sometimes i felt so def in the jam but the ones who loved me told me to stop like homegirl couldnt catch shit if it dropped a superwoman chick you know that i am some shit dont fly by me in a man OMG omg this song. summer memories
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