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    Hope this answers your question
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    THE BOTTOM THREE LEGENDS ARE: @Tahj with 125 points @mylifelies with 151 points @LÉON with 165 points
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    Your favorite Disney princess? Ariel - 5 @Princess Aurora - 3 Elsa - 2 Cinderella - 1 Belle - 1 Jasmize - 1 Pocahontas - 1 Gemma Collins - 1 Britney Spears - 1
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    If you could be any fictional character who would it be? Hermione Granger - 2 Harry Potter - 2 Spiderman - 2 Batman - 1 Elsa - 1 I don't know - 1 @GagaSavingPop - 1 Maleficent - 1 Avril Lavigne - 1 Lady Gaga - 1 Mike wazowski - 1 Lisa Simpson - 1 Horatio Cane - 1
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    Name something you can ride C*ck - 12 Rollercoaster - 2 A disco stick - 1 @Royale - 1
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    Hello, everyone. In the following weeks, I will be a little busy with my exam session. Which means that I won't be able to do (semi-)daily updates as I've done last week. However, in an attempt at transparency, I decided to put together a schedule with updates for the following weeks so that you know when to expect them. That being said, @Bleachella and @ryjapo + corps & CAL Business will function as normal. Should there be any questions for me, please PM me either here or Discord, although the first option is faster as I receive an e-mail whenever a message pops up. Thank you! List of updates for the forthcoming weeks: * - LIKELY, NOT 100% CONFIRMED Week 4: 29th May - June 5th - Tuesday, June 2nd* - Friday, June 5th Week 5: June 5th - June 12th - Saturday, June 6th* - Tuesday, June 9th* - Wednesday, June 10th* - Friday, June 12th Week 6: June 12th - June 19th - Saturday, June 13th - Monday, June 15th - Friday, June 19th Week 7: June 19th - June 26th - Saturday, June 20th - Tuesday, June 23rd - Friday, June 26th @Harry_CAL @hector @ryjapo @Bleachella @Surrealism @Maria @Alexx @tigerlily13 @8Bit Heart @Harry Styles @Joanne @Kuba @Love So Soft @Mr. Mendes @Michael.
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    The floppest round of this season () will begin in ~7-8 hours. Hope you all gonna be there! @Chris Morlock @Royalty @Phoebe @I Brings That Levity @RihannaRTT @Ghostface @LÉON @Sean @mylifelies @Jae @fab @Earth Ripper @SeekingThrill @Royale @Kristina @Simón. @Urbanov @Tahj
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    This comes around every year and thankfully it seems to be a bunch of trolls that don't do anything in the end. Nevertheless this year has been full of shit so just be careful xx
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    Terrible. I sent this to my ex earlier, he’s Israeli and we discuss these issues all the time. It’s really a shame that this is going on in the world. Police need to be held more accountable. I’m constantly disappointed that they re-elected Netanyahu after 3 fucking elections. I’m constantly disappointed that the issues of other people of color in the Middle East / Europe get overlooked.
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    Let's move to the Top Ten: @Ghostface with 238 points @Royalty with 240 points @Chris Morlock with 243 points @Simón. with 243 points @Kristina with 263 points Congrats for entering top ten without bonus questions! We love geniuses!
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    Few members managed to rise a bit in the overall ranking, by winning few bonus questions of the last round! Top Fifteen: @Phoebe with 195 points @Urbanov with 203 points @Billie Frank with 204 points @Earth Ripper with 214 points @SeekingThrill with 234 points Well done ladies!
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    Wrong Wrong x2 Congrats. +10 points for you. Not the outsiders getting all the bonus questions in this round.
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    How will humans go extinct? Coronavirus / Pandemic - 3 Nuclear war - 3 R9 release - 2 Global Warming - 2 Streaming basic music - 1 Gay virus - 1 Overpopulation - 1 From infectious diseases - 1 They will transfer to Chromatica and become Chromaticans - 1 Yes! - 1
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    Congrats for giving the right answer again!
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    A movie with a plot that had you shook from start to finish? Scream - 2 A Star Is Born - 2 Frozen - 1 Gone Girl - 1 Saw - 1 Love, Simon - 1 The Ritual - 1 Knives Out - 1 Get Out - 1 Birds of Prey - 1 Crossroads - 1 The Godfather - 1 2 Girls 1 Cup - 1 Gemma Collins: Diva on Lockdown - 1
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    k then who's she gonna call when her house is robbed or whatever, a therapist? gtfo hypocrite bitch
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    1. Your argument was already halted in this post. 2. My threads always have a hinge of trolling and I try to get a rise of the monsters obviously but Jesus, at least get my intentions right. Who the fuck said Madonna invented vogue-ing? That was never the point. That's just something you inferred on your own. No one is dragging Pop stars in general for hopping on tracks, productions or reference demos. It's how all Pop stars work and I already stated that in point (1) above you. It's Gaga that we drag because she actively separates herself from her peers in terms of work ethic and her fans are even more obnoxious than her with their decade old history of calling other Pop stars non - artists for essentially working this way. That's what's being addressed. But the monsters are very forgetful it seems She's the one preaching about being an one hundred percent authentic songwriter "who's very different than Madonna, because she's a writer, she's a producer, what she does is different" - remember? 3. It's ironic you're calling out Madonna for essentially doing what Gaga has proclaimed that she wanted to do her entire career and that is bringing underground culture to the mainstream. Which is exactly what Madge did and what Gaga always dreamed of doing. Look at you bashing Madonna for re-igniting House music, introducing ballroom culture and vogueing to mainstream conversation and taking someone's underground production aesthetic that was not popular, hence why that Janet remix flopped to obscurity, and making it a staple to the mainstream audience because she morphed it into a timeless Pop perfection. And that's on that. Gaga is too busy ripping of Eurovision entries and dated DJ sets in the meanwhile hooray 4. All critics so far (incl. chief critics and award winning ones such as Wesley Morris) called out the similarities. It's not a Madonna fans "thing" at all. Everyone hears it. It's just you who's mad about it. 5. The backfire 6. Gaga already referenced Vogue specifically in Dance In The Dark and she referenced it once again in the Alejandro video and she referenced the cone bra (which is from that era) a million times. So sorry, it's more safe to assume she was paying homage to Madonna's Vogue again than to believe she felt inspired by Janet's unknown remix
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    The kii is that Vogue came months before the Janet remix and was by created by the producer of Vogue. Vogue has kinda sample Love Break from 1982, which was remixed AGAIN by the producer of Vogue, Shep Pettibone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkDmbJegNpw Also, let me say it one more time, Babylon similarity isn't at the sound, but mostly at the flow, which is basically the same as the flow of the Vogue rap part. From which 80s song did Madonna stole the flow now? Waiting for new thread, just accepting that they sound similar is hard for some people.
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    First of all, there's already a thread where this exact thing is being discussed. Second of all, yes the beats are eerily similar but that that can happen with producers. Shep Pettibone is the man responsible for both tracks (the remix for Janet and Vogue) and it's not unheard of for producers to repeat themselves. A more modern example would be Beyonce's "Halo" and Kelly Clarkson's "Already Gone". Both songs were written and produced by Ryan Tedder and their production is nearly identical. There's also Pharrel who has repeated himself before in his production; the beats to "Boys (Remix", "Candy Shop", and "Blazed" are all incredibly, incredibly similar and all happen to be produced by Pharrell. It doesn't mean the artists ripped each other off, it just means the producer has tread ground they have previously. I get what you're trying to do but this was not the smartest or most effective way to do it
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    I find it nearly impossible to support Israel, as the western perspective often does, when their treatment of the Palestinian people continues to be absolutely deplorable. It is a full-on humanitarian crisis and the western world, by and large, does nothing but support it.
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    Hi and welcome to the fifth and last results show of the Top Answer Game newest season. This season had five rounds, each round consists of ten questions and five bonus questions. Seventeen members joined the last round and answered all the questions. The game will last about one and a half hour. The bonus questions will be posted during the show, the first member to give the right question will take 10 extra points. The show will begin in less than an hour.. While we're waiting for more players to log in, let me say that this round was the floppest one. A great ending! I wanna thank everyone who participated and supported the first and last game i hosted. Fifth and last round questions were: -A movie with a plot that had you shook from start to finish? -Name something you can ride. -If you could be any fictional character who would it be? -Post a black and white music video. -Name a Disney princess? -Name the first FOTP Member that comes to your mind when you see this -How will humans go extinct? -What is a weird thing you love? -What attracts you the most to a person? -A wild animal you would like to have as a pet? @Chris Morlock @Royalty @Phoebe @I Brings That Levity @RihannaRTT @Ghostface @LÉON @Sean @mylifelies @Jae @fab @Earth Ripper @SeekingThrill @Royale @Kristina @Simón. @Urbanov @Tahj
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    A wild animal you would like to have as a pet? Tiger - 4 Lion - 3 Snake - 2 Owl - 1 Red Panda - 1 Puma - 1 Chris Pratt's dique - 1 6i9ine - 1 Kristina - 1 Sperm Whale - 1
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    I see we have 3 LIARS playing this round!
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    What attracts you the most to a person? Their mind / intelligence - 3 Face - 3 Big dick - 3 Personality - 2 Looks - 1 Humor - 1 Nothing - 1 Smile and eyes - 1 Hairy belly buttons - 1
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    @Moira O'Hara can the next bonus question be "name any book title"
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    What is a weird thing you love? Lady Gaga - 2 Old book smell - 1 Make-up - 1 Men - 1 Dildos - 1 Cum - 1 Dick - 1 Chocking - 1 FOTP - 1 Nicki Minaj - 1 Reading about serial killers - 1 Hunting trolls - 1 Unblocking the toilet - 1 Madame X - 1 Hairy belly buttons - 1
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    Not Coronavirus being a top answer is it crack y’all smoke
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    Name the first FOTP Member that comes to your mind when you see this @Madonna - 4 @Chris Morlock - 3 @fab - 2 @Agugaga - 1 Any monster - 1 @Sylk - 1 @Mariah's 19 #1s - 1 @LÉON - 1 @Ghostface - 1 @Moira O'Hara - 1
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    omg... the way I managed to fuck up when I finally was first
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    Post a black and white music video Madonna - Vogue - 3 Adele - Hello - 2 Holding Absence - Monochrome - 1 Beyonce - Single Ladies - 1 Beyonce - If I Were A Boy - 1 Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? - 1 Beyonce - Broken-Hearted Girl - 1 Amy Winehouse - Back to Black - 1 Beyonce - Drunk In Love - 1 Lady Gaga - Alejandro - 1 Mariah Carey - My All - 1 Madonna - Girl Gone Wild - 1 Sia - Cheap Thrills - 1
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    it feels weird that we don't have 1 main gif atm
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    Omg I read half of the Wikipedia page before I noticed it said none
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    mess at no one picking the obvious choice (ASIB)
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    @Chris Morlock @Royalty @Phoebe @I Brings That Levity @RihannaRTT @Ghostface @LÉON @Sean @mylifelies @Jae @fab @Earth Ripper @SeekingThrill @Royale @Kristina @Simón. @Urbanov @Tahj Ok let's begin.
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    Your new HOH @Chris Morlock has chosen his victims Next round starting after I eat lunch @Merryem @Kristina @Chris Morlock @Andres @Freaky Prince @Hyun. @Gilly @Royalty @Hylia @Luca @Urbanov @Simón.
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    Enigma feels like a song that was written simply because she liked the word The most uninteresting song so far.
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    The rhythm of the verses of 911 sound so familiar - she could be plagiarising herself for all I know. I was scared that the tinny drum build-up in the pre-chorus would turn into a nasty mid-10s dance throwback but I was pleasantly surprised The "oohs" snatched my wig, I can't remember her music ever having soft flourishes like that before. 911 is the missing hit single from ARTPOP It's a shame it's so short, actually.
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    Bonus: Chromatica is already much more likeable than Born This Way and ARTPOP, the two albums that derailed my stanship Next: Free Woman This half-baked feminist "anthem" is like a woke version of "I'm a free bitch" from TFM era and sounds like something Sam Smith would do with another C-list popstar like Demo "This is my dancefloor I fought for" lyric is kinda iconic, though But the generic 90s dance production is getting a little tired and I'm only four tracks in
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    Thank you for posting so I don't get banned for doing more than 3 posts in a row Next: Stupid Love lowkey feels like a Gaga classic, and it's one of her better attempts at straightforward pop. I still prefer the 80s Exile Synthwave Remix though, but this comeback didn't deserve the hate it got
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    you dont decide what's discriminating or not.
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    @melomelo you study music? Then why do you stan Gaga? Anyway, please refrain from using Soraya Montenegro gifs. You don‘t have what it takes to even use them for your posts. Maybe come back when you have something more interesting to talk about. In the meantime...let me give a pity streams to the other two time Gargoyle has ripped off Vogue before: Maybe one day she‘ll give us a great remake of Frozen?
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    It's been almost three months since my grandmother passed away. My Mom and my grandfather are both still so broken by it, understandably. And I just don't know how to help. I don't know how to make either one of the feel any better.
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    We wouldn't be having these discussions if they're not identical
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    Sis nobody is saying Madoner created that sound or invented talking over songs... But Babaloney sounds so MUCH like Vogue, there's no way Googa was inspired by Malcolm mclaren or that janet song that nobody has ever heard of Xtina did a similar song called "Glam" in 2010, she cited Vogue as the inspiration, and glam didn't even sound like Vogue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZXLNhWK1H0 While's Babaloney sounds IDENTICAL to that talking part in Vogue That's why literally everyone (except delusions moobsters) can see that she got inspired by Medoner's Vogue. Having said that, she's not getting backlash for it, so why are you bothered sis? People are just seeing the similarities, they're not even discrediting that Babaloney is a jam
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    I think that chromatica was different album but last minute they decided to axe it and they used some old tracks, song writing camps demos instead to be done with it as i dunno maybe covid made them afraid of possible flop and they didn’t wanted to "waste" good material. I mean intros are clearly from different project they dont fit at all to the rest of songs, visuals also dont match to music, the entire album doesnt relate to the whole Chromatica theme in any way. i honestly think she kept orginal tracks for better times and decided to use bunch of rewroked outtakes instead
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    One of them from 1990 it seems.