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    Graphics done by @Michael. <3 Welcome everyone to Lady Gaga's discography megarate, hosted by yours truly, Phoebe! We are going to rate all of her 6 solo studio albums, starting from 2008's "The Fame" and ending with 2020's "Chromatica". RULES 1. Give each song a score of 1-10 2. Troll scores will be thrown out, your average score per era should be at least a 5,00. 3. You are allowed to give one song from each era an 11. 4. You are allowed to give one song from each era a 0. 5. Send your scores to me via PM. DEADLINE June 23rd, 2020 [12PM CET] LIST OF SONGS [PM-FRIENDLY LIST]: PARTICIPANTS Ariana Maria Freaky Prince Phoebe Chris Morlock CharnyBoy Merryem Simón. LÉON StrippedX Gilly fab pang STJ Madonna Urbanov
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    Hey everyone. I learned about this through tumblr and wanted to share it on here as I think it's really incredible. I have extremely low funds right now and for many others that also have low funds but would like to donate this is a way to help contribute. This video was created by a black woman named Zoe Amira and is full of black music and art. It's an hour long and has tons of ads. All of the ad money is being donated. Turn off your adblocker, then watch. Support BLM and support black art and music at the same time. Definitely consider going to Zoe's twitter to share her tweet of the video. Not being able to afford to donate doesn't mean you are unable to do anything. Here is a link to Zoe's twitter: https://twitter.com/zoeamira1 Here is a link to the tumblr post from which I learned about this: https://poguesgold.tumblr.com/post/619746026049421312/how-to-donate-to-blm-when-you-have-no-money
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    I have to admit, this is one of the ways I saw the Trump Presidency ending. Half the country on fire, him hiding in a bunker
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    PLUS he's another #MAGA conservatrash...let's not entertain his nonsense
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    he HAS to be one of the girls omg why would he drag her like that
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    I have Gaga in my mind, like the majority of the world right now.
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    easily one of the best videos i've ever watched
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    2016, but tbh she could have had more if she released i hate her
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    Winner: @fab with 357 points Runner-up: @Royale with 338 points Top Five: @RihannaRTT with 286 points @Jae with 282 points @Sean with 273 points Top Ten: @Kristina with 263 points @Simón. with 243 points @Chris Morlock with 243 points @Royalty with 240 points @Ghostfacewith 238 points Top Fifteen: @SeekingThrill with 234 points @Earth Ripper with 214 points @Billie Frank with 204 points @Urbanov with 203 points @Phoebe with 195 points At Least They Tried: @LÉON with 165 points @mylifelies with 151 points @Tahj with 125 points
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    The company behind the edition of the tour has posted this today: They were also filming one of the Portugal shows back in january: Ricardo Gomez seems to be in charge of the direction, and casually he posted this today on his IG Stories: He has been the official photographer of the whole Madame X era, and his work with M is cool (for me). So there you have it, prepare to buy it/stream it.
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    tu,n is honestly such a great album the singles are amazing, and the album tracks are even better imagine, NASA, bloodline, fake smile, bad idea, ghostin .. all 9/10 or 10/10s make up is filler but I view it as kind of an interlude so it doesn't bother me much however, there is one major stain on this album that I absolutely cannot stand: needy honestly one of the most annoying songs ever it's literally bothering me to the point that I felt the need to make this thread do you skip this track as well or am I alone with this opinion
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    “Unknowingly retweeted it” Sure You literally have to confirm the retweet after clicking the retweet button. Just be honest instead of using the whole “it was an accident” excuse
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    How do you unknowingly retweet something? Just fucking admit that you didn't watch what you retweeted and do better.
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    That's super impressive for a song that has been out since 2016. Get it Britney!
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    fhghjjgbnkk the fossils in here pretending to be ariana stans
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    I don't think it should matter where your IP is from as long as you watch all the ads. That's where the money is coming from. I could be wrong as I really don't how international IP's play into ad revenue. It doesn't matter what state your IP is though. Not sure about other countries, though as long as the video is available in your country and you can see the ads I'm assuming revenue will still be made and then donated.
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    Keep it cool, what's the name of this club? I can't remember but it's alright NOW JUMP!!!1!!!
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    BYE when you scroll through people's music gallery and it's all Bad_Bunny-Yo_Perreo_Sola.mp3 straight out of youtubemp3downloader.com
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    this lack of taste showcasing why you got evicted omg Alice is top 3
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    The way every time he speaks he never addresses anything or does anything to mollify the situation. When they vote him out the celebration will be massive.
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    They were clinging to Bradley and now they're clinging to BP and Ariana. She's bundling thongs and scam ticket sales and the album tracks are falling like bricks on Spotify. So yeah I'm willing to bet she won't have the longevity of Taylor/Rihanna/Bey/Ariana/Adele's last solo studio albums.
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    https://open.spotify.com/album/5c98bYmwdRePxXPu1DQnl6 A brand-new Glory album cover is being added to her musical library!
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    No shade, but that's a very bold thing to say when people around the world is dying under a pandemic and the whole USA is protesting on the streets right now.
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    This is what an American politician is wasting his time on right now? Tragic.
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    Girl they are all just string arrangements
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    will do later today expecting a bible this way and godpop domination though
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    I wish I could’ve seen it live. I was 7 at the time so I really didn’t have access. I had been into M for a couple of years by then but being so young, I was only able to see her perform when the DVDs came out. It must’ve been so much fun to watch those couple of promo tours she did from Music through Hard Candy.
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    SHUT UP AND THEY KNOW WHERE EVERY SONG IS TOO the amount of times i've offered to organise my friends' music libraries bc it's so ugly
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    we literally live and breathe through youtube
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    wbk you didn't need to put it there bc it's an immediate 911
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    Ok so it’s grown on me after listening through with interludes the night it came out, I started to understand it more Alice, Rain On Me, Plastic Doll, Sour Candy, Enigma, Replay, Sine, Babylon I love Stupid Love I like 911 (unfortunately), Free Woman, Fun Tonight and 1000 Doves are trash I stand by my comment that it’s too euro dance and her choruses don’t hit like they used to and there’s not enough edge to it. But the whole aesthetic, creative direction, theme and concept is flawless and she has won me over. *reactivating my stan card*
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    After 1,000 years, I finally found the elusive stan badge settings.
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    The night we painted over your fake Mona Lisa Lipstick on the corners, said her smile was teasin' ya Oh, you take my clothes off, said it's gettin' hotter Don't know how to swim, but let's breathe underwater
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    The fact iphone helps colorblind people like me with a filter is so amazing
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    It's likely enhanced in post production (as are most performances on those sorts of shows) however it's definitely live.
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    how we feelin today girls knowing that Miss Grande now has FOUR #1 debuts, the only artist to ever do this btw
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    This is part of a new tradition called June Fools and it will be returning tomorrow