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    Yeah all stans exhibit ridiculous behavior, but monsters are especially known for not being able handle literally any criticism. These comments aren't even arguments against his article. It's just "bUT yoU'RE jUsT bIAsED" "oMG clEARly yOU dOn'T unDERstAnD REAL muSic" "ClEAn UR eArS". It's just childish.
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    If you search “racist” on Twitter and set the search to users, Trump is the first result, I-
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    I was told that she's been over since 2011? 2013? 2016? She was supposed to remain a fad. Everything is going the WRONG way!
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    What are some of Mariah's performances that maybe didn't go so well/perfectly, but you still like them anyway? I think this is my favorite performance of Can't Take That Away. It wasn't the best day for her, vocally. She didn't have much of a range and she was really husky/raspy. However, she only lipped just a few seconds and the nature of the vocals somehow fits the song for me? Not to mention she seemed really at ease the whole time. Sometimes you can tell when she's agitated with her own lack of vocal control but, she seemed pretty invested in the performance on this one. I also think the moments when she does kill it just feels all the more satisfying (ex. the held-out note at 3:32)
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    I think we should be more worried that she's gonna surpass beyonce for most #1 albums in a row
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    My biggest enemy is me pop a 911
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    OH YES let me bookmark this cause theres more winning to come
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    The fact that a lot of people in the world think that the communist/socialist countries are really applying a "Marxist system" makes me question a lot of human intelligence. Marx literally stated that the dictatorship that would rule a liberated society for a specific period of time "must get overthrown" in order to establish a true socialist community/society. The main point of Marxism is LITERALLY justice, equality, and equity for a society WITHOUT any kind of governments. What we're still witnessing with all of these communist countries is the opposite of Marxism. I'm not even a Marxist (I'm a liberal man) and I know about this basic knowledge. Seriously.
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    I think this one is self explanatory. Her confidence and running around the stage made this performance the icon that is is.
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    Its never too late for heavy metal album
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    in what world is debut better than ROL. Publication lost all credibility
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    FOTP SCATTERGORIES Welcome to a new game concept stolen from based on the bestselling board game Despite the title, you will not have to scatter gore, so Slasher players please clam down Take part for a chance to win an as-yet-undecided prize courtesy of @VaginasAreDisgusting! HOW TO PLAY I will set 10 generic questions each round, with topics such as Boys' Names, Places, Shops etc. etc. I'll try to include some music-themed ones. I will use my Scattergories™ letter dice to pick a letter for each round and I'll post the letter in the thread You will then have two minutes to come up with an answer for each topic using that letter. Please post your answers in the thread. You can then fight over each others' answers while I tot up the scores There will be three rounds per game and it will take place over 5 weeks. You will need to be present for each game as I will set the questions and tell you the letter in the thread. RULES If you give an answer no one else has, you get 1 full point. If someone else guesses it, you both get half a point (0.5). As a bonus, if you manage to give an alliterative answer, you'll get double or triple points (e.g. if you answer Mamma Mia x2 or Money, Money, Money x3) If another player guesses the same alliterative answer, you halve your double score (i.e. 1 each for Mamma Mia, 1.5 each for Money, Money, Money etc.) The player with the highest total score at the end of 5 games will win! You are allowed to Google, but with your shitty dial-up you'll probably waste time Wrong answers will get you 0 points. Clever out-of-the-box answers may be considered. Let me know if you want me to include a handicap and/or bonus questions to make it spicy and to allow @fab to do his thing. TIMES Please vote in the poll as to which day you would like the games to happen Good luck, and have funny! PLAYERS: @Hylia @Hyun. @Jake @Dennis Reynolds could one of you please tag everyone on the site for this just once?
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    They hate to see it, sis. Forever have been and forever will remain in denial.
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    She certainly won't surpass Madonna's SALES (Equivalent or otherwise)
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    @Billie Frank omg i came here with a link ready to post that her voice was super shot here but the improvisation, the phrased whistles and her whole attitude are SO pleasing
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    @Royalty @Simón. @Entea @Tahj c’mon let’s snatch a vip
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    PSA: Who is this MANt? Asking for my friends @Gabe. and @Moira O'Hara
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    I had the most acclaimed TAG season. @Ghostface gonna help me with your sabotage btw, we talk right now via PM and we plan how to end you as we ended you in Slasher
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    ok but who is this fine man
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    MJ was active in the music industry for 45 years and has only five #1 albums. Albums back then weren't reaching #1 the first week so they can drop off the chart the next week, they had longevity and decent decline week by week. Don't confuse #1s with sales, now it's easier to get #1s but they don't mean much. I mean, The Immaculate Collection peaked at #2 and has sell more copies in US than all the studio albums released by Lady Gaga combined.
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    Yes I was agreeing. I was saying it's ironic how a person that built her career on controversy at the beginning is basically so safe now.
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    Many publications have been viewed as informative and 'important' for music fans, such as Slant, RS, NME, Mojo etc... but it seems like with Urban oriented music and culture becoming increasingly more popular, more people have been checking Pitchfork which has been the #1 reviews site for a while now. What's your faves' top 3 album scores there? A granny, but an acclaimed granny
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    A few points were made
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    Also Michael, I know you do this bc it's really easy to make Madonna stans here fume but... Doesn't Rihanna have like 80 albums and only 1 or 2 went #1
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    and what is this based on? MadonnaNation sources?
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    The way she's actually won in every sector of this era so far. Acclaim for the album and its accompanying visuals, #1 smash hit, radioplay, huge album sales. Happy for her. It's too bad the touring industry will be in shambles for years or I'm guessing she would have had wildly popular stadium shows and end up expanding far beyond the initial 3 in the US.
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    Having sold 22k copies in its debut week, this is her 3rd #1 album following Born This Way and A Star is Born. With achieving this feat, she has passed Adele and is the main pop girl with the most #1s in the country.
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    Future Nostalgia is an amazing album. Yes, Dua Lipa is an amazing artist. THE ALBUM DESERVES EVERY GOOD VICTORIES IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!!!!!! Ugh Rona really had to ruin everything for everybody...hate her so much .
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    OMG Come to Mama SNATCH MY INDIE WIG YASssssSSsss It reminds me of early ABBA @Villanelle
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    mod of the year marketing legend, we love to see it
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    10am - Stream Chromatica 10.45am - Pause to take some selfies 11.15am - Call up my best friend and say "who?", then put the phone down 11.17am - Stream Chromatica again
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    The way she was so huge after Stripped a masterpiece of an album and then she decided to wait.... her catalogue should have been on par with mariah
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    I would vote for Sunday, but with having in mind that actually means next Sunday ( which I understood as such ).
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    Tell me which day you can be here so i'll vote the same one too, i don't have problem with any of them.
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    definitely christina aguilera. she could've been so much bigger... the fact she only released 2 studio albums in the 00's
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    What is this magazine? They only review flops? Can barely find reviews for mainstream artists, so I'm just gonna go for my indie fave; The National: 1. High Violet 8.7 2. Boxer 8.6 3. Trouble Will Find Me 8.4
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    This is the equivalent of me in an elevator:
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    No, when i was young i used to live in a high rise and if i saw or heard someone coming i'd always rush to close it so i didn't have to end up stuck with them for 20 seconds.
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    He was literally raised in lgbt enviroment, and there is no such thing as "Deprived other upcoming lgbt actors key roles" as actors should play roles, not be them
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    Not me finding out today about Mariners Apartment Complex by Lana del Rey and actually... enjoying it.
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