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    Why in the hell are you pulling the victim card like Madonna stans never do shit? You're honestly so transparent, you've been dragging artists left and right in BGs but now you're mad that it's backfiring. And this is just coming from you, because there are most definitely more threads coming from Madonna stans in BGs.
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    ... so relevant. She was dragged for being direct on some songs, but that was exactly what someone needed to do.
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    WOW she literally said "fuck my knee, fuck the crutches" and still went to protest! WHAT A QUEEN
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    It wouldn't be my birthday without Ariana cupcakes ofc!
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    i know you ain’t used to a female alpha...
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    idk a better song and video sorry
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    9 out of 14 is pretty impressive. The last one being last year in her 36th career year. Let's see the other girls do that.
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    And that’s exactly why Madonna is the best selling female artist of all time.
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    You also know she's really supporting BLM when she's exposing herself to the sun.
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    What is there to talk about? It’s a 4 year old song that was released WW by demand It managed to stay at #1 on iTunes for 3 full days even with the new Gaga release, which is pretty impressive in itself.
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    You mean Mood Ring? The song that literally topped U.S. iTunes charts for three (or was it four?) days? The song that outsold Rain on Me despite being a thousand years old? Nobody here needs to talk about it. It speaks for itself and the real world listen to it.
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    Madonna stans have been making threads non-stop, so what’s this bullshit about Gaga/Britney stans going after your fave like you’re all innocent? These were the threads I found on the first 2 pages «We’ve done nothing but defend ourselves!!!!11”
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    I can pull out just as many threads by you and Jjang (that are not from 2012 ), literally stop this "monsters!!1!!1" narrative. Do you have any other recent example except Gilly?
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    Academy Award American Music Award x2 APRA Music Award ASCAP Pop Music Award x6 Bambi Award BET Award Billboard Japan Music Award x2 Billboard Latin Music Award Billboard Mid-Year Music Award x6 Billboard Music Award x7 Billboard Touring Award x3 Billboard Women In Music Award x2 BMI Film, TV & Visual Media Award BMI London Award BMI Pop Award x21 Brit Award x3 British Academy Film Award BT Digital Music Award CD Shop Award CFDA Fashion Award Channel V Thailand Music Video Award x2 Cilo Award x9 Critics' Choice Movie Award x2 Danish Music Award Do Something! Award Dorian Award x2 ECHO Award x3 ESKA Music Award x2 Fashion Los Angeles Award GAFFA Denmark Award GAFFA Sweden Award Gaygalan Award x4 GLAAD Media Award x2 Glamour Award Global Award Gold Derby Award Golden Globe Award x2 Gracie Award Grammy Award x11 Guild Of Music Supervisors Award Hollywood Music In Media Award x2 Hungarian Music Award x2 iHeartRadio Music Award x2 International Dance Music Award x6 Jane Ortner Education Award Japan Gold Disc Award x10 LOS40 Music Award x2 Meteor Music Award MTV Europe Music Award x10 MTV Italian Music Award x2 MTV Millennial Award MTV Millennial Award Brazil MTV Movie & TV Award x2 MTV Video Music Award x13 MTV Video Music Award Japan x4 MTV Video Music Award Brazil MTV Video Play Award x8 MuchMusic Video Award x3 National Arts Award National Board Of Review Award NewNowNext Award x2 NME Award x5 NRJ Music Award x2 O Music Award x2 Patron Of The Artists Award People's Choice Award x3 Pollstar Award Poppy Award Q Award RTHK International Pop Poll Award x13 Satellite Award x2 Shorty Award Space Shower Music Video Award Swiss Music Award x2 TEC Award Teen Choice Award x3 Telehit Award x3 TMF Award x3 UK Music Video Award x2 Virgin Media Music Award x8 Webby Award x8 World Music Award x5 World Soundtrack Award YouTube Music Award
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    oh god my poor bb yall traumatised ha
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    i’m not gonna dig through bg threads but weren’t there many times y’all said gaga faked her rape or was lying about it? either way, i’m gonna keep it cute and leave the thread bc this level of investment into stan wars like @Michael. said is just...scary tbh chile let me go play the chromatica +/- game
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    I think there are barely 10 active Britney stans here at the moment and only one of them makes threads in BGs. Chill with the generalization a bit
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    It is connected to the topic of this thread which is the Billboard charts. I don’t know what a trophy for movie associated songs has to do with it sis
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    Had she added a word in like Gaga attempted with the rape song she’d have 2 now She was inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame and ranks as the #1 Pop female on every critics list. That’s the highest honor you can reach in the music industry. Juicy J and Gaga can have their cute song category win for a film! The way the liddos randomly use the oscar as a free pass out of being clocked thinking they did smt .. lmao that’s when u know it’s a red flag from a liddo and they’re aborting mission
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    if y'all watch the video she explains that she had an initial bias towards the album because she kept comparing it to her earlier work (Joanne and ASIB, which she loved), this is exactly what people were calling out, at least the ones being nice and not completely disrespectful glad she admitted this and let go of it! Chromatica deserves all the praise
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    And she’s still #56 and Madonna’s #5 sis
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    Also Michael, I know you do this bc it's really easy to make Madonna stans here fume but... Doesn't Rihanna have like 80 albums and only 1 or 2 went #1
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    Apparently...it's not like it isn't the truth. Like i said let's see the other girlies get a #1 album in their 36th career year and then we'll talk
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    I was bored and made some Selena avatars and thought of sharing them they're all in VIP dimensions, but if you're non-vip and you want to use one of them I can resize it Look At Her Now Dance Again Lose You to Love Me Same Old Love Come & Get It
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    showcasing good taste already omg hello they're not active rn but their discography remains timeless and worth getting into! similar groups to SNSD that i'd recommend for getting started into kpop are Red Velvet, BLACKPINK, TWICE and f(x)! you could check out some random bops from each and figure out which is your fave
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    She's protesting on crutches.
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    Just noticed, didn't see the video with sound at the first time. They fact that she went even with the problem in her knee tho.
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    My thread didn't express hate in any way. In fact, I praised older Gaga videos and wondered why people settled down for less if Gaga could do better. I dragged Madonna for the same in Madonna section. However, the thread went in a wrong direction, because we can't have serious discussions on FOTP.
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    whew chile gaga winning has these fossils having full blown MELTDOWNS 😂😂😂😂
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    @Madonna trying to make peace with the other stans after years literally bashing Gaga's every career move/highlight, Britney's mental health, Mariah's weight/health, Taylor Swift's character, etc... (conveniently at the time Gaga is enjoying WW success btw):
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    There will never be another Madonna, like there never will be another Britney or Gaga. Every artist has their own legacy & momentum. Ofcourse people say "A is the new B" because they are plain delusional or just say that for trolling purposes. People love to compare & compete to get a sense of confidence in their fave for proving they aren't "over" or "lost their spark". It is upsetting, especially when you love your fave so much, like me stanning Halsey is hard on here. Madonna does get a lot of hate on this forum, but it's not necessarily because of Madonna, but because of the stans. Just like Gaga, Britney, Ariana or anyone here gets hate, it's because of the stans and their behaviour. I really understand what you are trying to say most of the time, but it just sucks that you have to lower your level to certain Gaga & Britney stans and attack other people and faves to prove your point. People who are willing to listen, will listen to you if you do it in a kind way.
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    The Madonna stans on this forum have been insufferable for as long as I can remember, so of course people are going to come for their fave
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    i- not yall hijacking my thread
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    I did they said Madonna is #5 and Gaga is #56 sis
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    Lady Gaga wouldn't have manage to survive Erotica or American Life controversies pls. Actually not any other FOTP fave would've manage to survive them.
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    MJ was active in the music industry for 45 years and has only five #1 albums. Albums back then weren't reaching #1 the first week so they can drop off the chart the next week, they had longevity and decent decline week by week. Don't confuse #1s with sales, now it's easier to get #1s but they don't mean much. I mean, The Immaculate Collection peaked at #2 and has sell more copies in US than all the studio albums released by Lady Gaga combined.
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    It's probable. But it won't happen anytime soon. Either way it's way too early to fantasize about this becoming a reality when she still needs 4 more #1's or even 5-6 if Madonna releases as well. So congratulations at your future achievement, maybe by then you can celebrate it with your kids.
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    I mean... Her albums not going #1 were thanks to her Erotica controversy. Even though she had hits left to right, her albums didn't reach the top. Britney had the same issue, Blackout didn't go #1 either so let's wait for Gaga to do something controversial, and then we'll talk. Even though, she's too safe (and kinda boring) for that.