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    Good riddance I believe
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    5.26 I get why this is the opener. The whole transition to lover from rep etc. But it feels kinda empty to me. -Fletch Everything quintessentially annoying about Taylor in one (mercifully) short song, and the title perfectly encapsulates my feelings about the album. -Leon this song feels a bit childish to me. i like the overall sound though. -pang A nice little opener, sets the vibe, nothing amazing, but it's a great listen and a lot more mature/less passive aggressive than previous break up songs -Mariah's 19 #1s her best album opener -fab Forgettable to be honest. -luca while it works as an intro to the album and a perfect way to restart engines after reputation, it could've been an interlude -Lord Stoneheart Not even close to her other fantastic album openers. The song is cute, that's all. -popmusiccritic My least favorite track on the album. Don't like the subject. -STJ This one is a grower, but I love the piano hook and attitude -CharnyBoy
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    Is it alright with you guys if I do the ceremony on friday June 19th at 8PM CET? I currently have to work on a few essays, papers & exams for college.
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    The way she didn't lift a finger to promote the album and still managed to pull out these numbers. When you're THE main bitch you get to make main bitch moves indeed
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    9.15 glorious and underrated -Fletch The Archer deserved to be in the Essentials Playlist over this. My favourite part is the outro and I don’t mean that shadily. -Leon yup this is the best song on the album. lyrically one of her best. -pang A simple but powerful/raw message, great production and an underrated track I feel. -Mariah's 19 #1s the Delicate of this album, one of her best songs ever -fab In her discography's top 3! -luca One of my personal favourites. You need a real sense of self awareness to aknowledge your own faults and this level of self reflexion and actual vulnerability is hard to find. We usually put so much on others and forget that we too have hold ourselves accountable. -Lord Stoneheart The highlight of the album. This song is so beautiful, and underrated. The chorus soars, and the sound of this song is so unique and reminds me of her old music. This is honestly in my top Taylor songs to date. It's a masterpiece. -popmusiccritic A grower for me, but a bop with solid lyrics -CharnyBoy
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    Before we reveal the top 2, I would like to thank everyone who attended this event and for being such a fun audience! The rest can enjoy their WPs!
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    serving 16 years old me at the artRave in my Judas video cosplay
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    Anyway to sum up this thread: What Battlegrounds looks like what @Madonna sees : Stop the victim complex.
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    I mean, kinda. It reminds me of The Heart Wants What It Wants which was already a hit for her so I thought it would do well, but I’m kind of surprised it hit #1 (didn’t know until now tbh)
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    We will not tolerate this kind of home of phobia
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    the harmonies in this track.... I have to stan -Fletch Groovy. -Leon it's a fun little song, doesn't add anything lyrically to the album i fear. -pang The bridge on this song goes offfff, a very underrated song, Carly Rae Jepsen vibes in the best way possible! -Mariah's 19 #1s Her best POP single! -luca A bit of a bop, it's fun -popmusiccritic Super average -CharnyBoy
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    You know I love an early leave from London Boy
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    I have arrived to witness I Forgot You Existed exiting the game first. Nice. Luca and Mariah's #19s made some good points about ME! though.
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    I actually literally forgot IFTYE existed
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    5.39 chile... -Fletch NO! Imagine putting the worst song so deep into the album? Should have made it track 1 so at least then it's out of the way. -Leon i love this song lol.... -pang Definitely the wrong choice for lead single but it's a great track, the collaboration was genuine too. She could have collabed with someone huge (she could have throughout the album tbh) but I feel like this and the rest of the collabs on Lover is because she genuinely liked them as an artist and enjoys their work as opposed to guaranteeing a hit (even though this was a hit). We know her, we appreciate her, we love ha', and we forgive her for the ''hey kids spelling is fun'' line -Mariah's 19 #1s So underrated and gets so much hate! -luca sP3LLiИg iS FuИ!1!! -Lord Stoneheart Lol. At least it's kind of fun. -popmusiccritic Sounds like a song from a children's movie and shouldn't have been the lead single, but not terrible. ME!'s reputation is worse than the song -CharnyBoy
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    I Forgot That You Existed indeed bitch
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    Anyway your host is here!
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    With literally 0 promo. ORGANIC HIT.
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    Every time I listen to Selena's Amor Prohibido album I cry a bit. Whenever I remember her death...my God .
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    Good thing I will come to Chromatica with private jet.
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    The way Afterglow clutched it like that tho
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    Thank you again for hosting this event @Ariana! THE RIGHTFUL WINNER WON
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    I demand a rerate where people have to take a taste test cos... false god, Miss Americana and daylight are the trinity of this album
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    8.65 red throwbacks cmon!!!! -Fletch It’s a cute closer. -Leon another lyrical masterpiece. yup yup yup. -pang Daylight rounds the album off perfectly, it's a positive song and love the vocals and lyrics! -Mariah's 19 #1s Her 2nd best album closer! Such a gorgeous conclusion to the album. -luca seeing Taylor as an individual coming to the realization that love wasnt what she thought it would be as a child and learning through experience and coming full circle and finding real love. After all the negativity and the heartbreak and her being so candidly open about it is really inspiring. And as someone who has been watching her journey for over a decade, this song never fails to bring a huge smile to my face and can sometimes even make my eyes wet a little bit. - Lord Stoneheart A very nice ending to the album, one of the best on this album. The song is so positive, happy, and uplifting. The lines at the end are also very pretty and make for a peaceful ending. -popmusiccritic perfect ending to the album. -STJ A solid closer, but goes on for too long. -CharnyBoy
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    And baby, I get mystified by how this city screams your name And baby, I'm so terrified of if you ever walk away I'd never walk Cornelia Street again I'd never walk Cornelia Street again
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    One of Taylor's best performances wbk
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    7.84 this is so chilled and beautiful -Fletch The intro alone snatches my wig. Does so much with so little. -Leon i did not like this song when it was first released as a promo single. it makes sense on the album though! -pang I don't love this song but I don't hate it either, sometimes it makes a good listen, feels a bit repetitive and not much of a stand out track. She's cute. -Mariah's 19 #1s So underrated, such a pretty production! -luca Drag me, but I find this song so boring, can't remember the last I listened to it fully and not taking a nap -popmusiccritic Atmospheric and vulnerable. Awesome, but I don't listen to it as much as others -CharnyBoy
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    We all know that list is wrong because Daylight is #1 and people are too tasteless to even place it in Top 5
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    I can't wait to send my groundbreaking scores.
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    5.42 I can’t even begin with how awful this is to me, it’s a skip, a whole skip, unredeemable -Fletch Thanks for the extra wrinkles from pulling cringe faces at the reference points, Tay! -Leon bad. -pang Don't threaten me with a good time' slaps different, and being British I love the genuine homage she pays to my country with this song, paying attention to the less glamorous side of British life. She is clearly reallyyyyyy happy with Joe because so much of this album is dedicated to him and their relationship. -Mariah's 19 #1s Disgusting. -luca A tacky bop haha. This might actually be one of my favorites from the album lmao, it's catchy, can't deny it. -popmusiccritic A silly song, but a good earworm -CharnyBoy
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    Here's ME! saying her final goodbyes. She had a cute run. But you will not be missed sis
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    @Ariana the butterfly overlays make these graphics so gorgeous omg!
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    I forgot it still existed
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    We'll start in a bit girls! Those who will NOT attend this event will receive a permanent warning point!
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