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    this classic IS summer
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    Mariah has 6 btw but I guess she don't matter now huh The way y'all are keeping Madonna's reputation as the standard alive
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    Graphics by @Michael. Welcome fa**ots fighters to the 2020 FOTP Christina Aguilera Megarate! I was inspired by @Phoebe who is currently doing this in Lady Gaga's section. Let's settle once and for all how FOTP rank all of Christina's songs - from Genie In A Bottle to Loyal Brave True. This is all for good fun and a semi-desperate attempt to keep our beloved section alive, hens! INFORMATION - Rank every song on the list from 1-10 - You can give ONE 0 per album - You can give ONE 11 per album - Decimals are ONLY allowed by halves (x,5) - Do not troll, your votes will not be counted - Send me your votes per PM by June 19th - We are not rating Mi Reflejo, My Kind of Christmas or Just Be Free - We are not rating intros or interludes - If there's a song you haven't heard, well get to it hen, leave it blank PM-FRIENDLY LIST: RESULTS PRESENTED JUNE 26 7 PM LONDON TIME
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    The queen of everything 🔥
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    Beyoncé is the most overrated artist of all time
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    Hey guys!! No, the season isn't over. We had an unprecedented change in leadership so I'm trying my best to get everything ready for you guys for this week. The charts will be coming out tomorrow! @Harry_CAL @hector @ryjapo @Bleachella @Surrealism @Maria @Alexx @tigerlily13 @8Bit Heart @Harry Styles @Joanne @Kuba @Love So Soft @Mr. Mendes @Michael.
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    Y’all are legit stupid if you don’t think her tweets are transphobic. No one is asking her of her opinion to define sex and gender yet she is spewing utter bullshit tweet after tweet that being Female is something she was born with and cannot be taken from her. Great whatever, but why shut down one segment of feminism to highlight your own? She’s trying to now backtrack by saying she respects trans people, but is putting them down at the same time saying they are not validly female. What makes her dumpster fire ass the gatekeeper of gender? Shouldn’t she be too busy rolling in all the cash she made off a shitty book series filled with racial stereotypes and just shitty writing
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    It's in his folder of bookmarked FOTP threads along with threads dating 10 years back I fear
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    Now we know why there are no Selena Stans on this forum. If this is the type of content they're gonna bring, they can stay on Twitter. @Snow @Michael.
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    Yes normal people believe that while deluded ones believe it’s Gaga
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    You're literally the only one who remembers this nearly-1-year-old post where the exact message verbatim was me joking that I can't comment cause my (literal 2-3 total) faves are unintentionally almost all white, in response to everyone discussing a well-known racist user who only follows white people overall; Obviously I'm not searching for music with some weird requirement the artist is Caucasian. And I'm sure that, if I was, I would know better than to advertise that on the community Discord. To go through my faves one-by-one: Declan McKenna, the "white bread", is a known member of the LGBT community who actively supports equality in all forms and reflects that in his music. Mars Argo, a rock singer on hiatus; stands for the same ideals and took part in BLM protests. Deee-Lite, a disbanded house group with 3 members of varied backgrounds; consistently used their platform to discuss world peace, love and equality from start to finish with no deviation. Not that I need to tell you all this, considering I know who you are and know that you're a petty person who shouldn't be speaking on such matters when you've consistently shown yourself to go too far, be a dick for no reason at every opportunity, and show no remorse for any of it. I'm not going to dive too deep cause this is Battlegrounds, but we all know why you don't have that 'Graphics Team' label anymore.
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    Mariah has a lot of hits that are well-remembered around the world!!!!! You're a liar! Be gone, troll!
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    It's OK, she went #1 with Express Yourself after all in 2011 All songs in bold were #1 hits in the UK, one of the top 5 music markets. How many #1s does Moo have here? That's right Nineteen Two And one of those was a feature Isn't it interesting that an artist so talented and versatile has only two hits in the UK, and both of those were cheesy covers? Bonus: only three of her songs got stuck at #2, one of which is her annual paycheck And another of those got stuck behind a couple of other legacy acts We LOVE to see it
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    Chart positions ultimately mean nothing when you drop off the face of the Earth after 2-3 weeks (hi hi All I Want For Christmas Is Royalties) Who cares about #1s when Madonna has more sales than Moo? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_music_artists
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    A rightful dig at all the southern misogynoir and microaggression thrown her way about the way she sounds when she speaks. I loved to hear it.
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    It seems most likely they'd follow a disband and replace model a la Camden, NJ. Imperfect in its own ways of course, but a significant improvement because of the philosophy that was its foundation.
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    I rarely hear anyone talk about this classic. Easily one of her best tracks for me. lets give it some appreciation here please the bridge is too much
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    an album track in the top 40 no video no performances no promo AND released on a thursday...yes gaga yes SMASHes
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    Messier than any Agugaga thread so far.... ANYWAY.... #StreamBionic #StreamGlory #StreamMadameX #StreamMeaningofLife #StreamDancingQueen #StreamBritneyJean #StreamLiberation #StreamWitness
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    This thread is one of the reason why No one takes Gaga fans seriously not Love Me Right being in top 5 with Stupid Love lmaooo
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    Oh wow I really paid them dust didn’t I Falling In Love Again is actually a whole experience
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    I just asked myself this while doing it on my own. Yes, decimals by halves (0,5) are allowed. I'll add it to OP
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    Truly something else
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    Yessss, can't wait for this.
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    y’all losers deserve stupid love to win bye
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    Both you and the OP are Gaga fans coming for Bey now you wanna play the victim Re-read the OP and re-read your posts if you need some clearance. Flat earth!
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    Good For You Fetish Crowded Room Trust Nobody It Ain't Me A Sweeter Place Wolves We Don't Talk Anymore I Want You to Know I Can't Get Enough Taki Taki Anxiety Bidi Bidi Bom Bom
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    Sksk it's fine I think I fixed it!
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    I noticed this too, tbh I've always been confused as to how it's more popular than SOL while being far less big of a hit HOT 100 PEAKS: Same Old Love - #5 Kill Em With Kindness - #39
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    The lenghts you go to over a stan war is quite concering tbh. I don't believe for one second it took you 5 mintues to find all those threads between all the Madonna-related threads in BG, unless you have them bookmarked which wouldn't surprise me
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    Madonna has the most worldwide number ones than every other artist i think, men or women. Maybe the Beatles are close, idk. Also if she had a bigger radio support as an artist with success normally has, she would've definitely get more US #1s. 4 Minutes for example.
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    Stupid love is great. I only dislike the video
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    Note how none of the Moo stans are online to reply, probably because it's 7am LOCAL time
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    Fever I’m suddenly having nightmares @Royale @Luca
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    She eloquently made so many great points to inspire while also personally relating to the youth of today and all the struggles they, particularly marginalized groups, may face. She really did that. Let me savor this 10 min. word because it might be a long time before she publicly speaks this much again.
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    One of the most prominent organizations that has been gaining national attention in the wake of the death of George Floyd is Reclaim the Block, an organization that aims to reduce Minneapolis’ spending on their police force and relocate that spending to social and economic programs to improve the lives of the struggling community in the city. Please take some time to read about their mission and consider donating: https://www.reclaimtheblock.org/home
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    It never worked perfectly. I know what you're talking about, with the badge counts, and I actually asked about this early in my mod career but basically it's a technical flaw of the forum software and it couldn't really be made to work in the long term, unfortunately. It kept unfixing whatever was done to temporarily make it work. Best alternative I can suggest is looking through her old Spotlight section: https://fotpforums.com/forum/164-selena-gomez/
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    @Dennis Reynolds i remember being able to see what stan badges members are using, but I can’t seem to find it anymore, was that feature removed? I recall that we could see how many members are using a certain fave’s stan badge and who they were, that could help me find Selena stans perhaps.
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    not me thinking this was gonna be some interesting article and it's vigilant fucking citizen
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    FOTP Faves? Ariana mostly makes lite R&B songs and Dance songs. Beyoncé has always made R&B songs with occasional experiments of cross-genres. Both Britney and Xtina have made Bubblegum pop which basically are Dance songs but in a less club-y fashion. They also have experimented with their Dance songs as well as created R&B songs, more pronounced in Xtina's career though. Katy has been described as a Bubblegum pop artist but her pop songs are always rooted in Rock mannerisms, while Kylie and Gaga are primarily Dance artists. I would say that Kylie has made some interesting R&B-in-disguise type of songs whereas Gaga has made A Star is Born soundtrack and Joanne which are more Americana/folk-based American music. She did also record her takes for Jazz songs and traditional Vocal pop songs with Cheek to Cheek. Lana is a Rock singer in the styles of Joni Mitchell and Linda Ronstadt combined with Dream pop aesthetics a.k.a. those Baroque and Chamber strings sounds. Madonna is a Dance artist who has experimented with a lot of sounds while still maintaining her primary Dance music. She also has made some very left-field moments such as Jazz, Rock, R&B, Hip-hop soul, and folk-tronica. Mariah always makes R&B songs but with variant levels of mainstream appeal. Her debut and second albums are comprised of R&B/Soul songs with little Rock and Dance moments for debut, while Music Box and Merry Christmas are Adult contemporary music with few R&B elements still included in them. Daydream borrowed her first two records overall sound but still possessed that Adult contemporary qualities, while Butterfly fully turned her into an R&B artist again with elements of Hip-hop soul. This continued till now, even Glitter is still considered R&B with its Synth-pop based funky songs. Rihanna is a Dance artist who has experimented with Rock, Hip-hop, R&B, and Reggae. Taylor Swift is a Pop-rock artist and yes, her songs from Red solidified her status as a Rock musician. Most of Red was Heartland rock and glittery Pop-rock which still continues till now. 1989 is able to be considered as a Prog. Rock record with few exceptions, such as for Shake It Off which is a Bubblegum pop/lite Dance song and Bad Blood which is a Hip-hop song. She has also made a lot of Country songs with folk-y arrangement before and experimented with Electronic music, which was still in the domain of Dance music, for Reputation. Whoa, that was a lot .
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    "And no, you don't have to speak a certain way to be brilliant. But you do have to spread your gift to the planet in a way that is authentically YOU." Tell em QUEEN.
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    fucking hell i missed this lemme go back and react to everything
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    9.15 glorious and underrated -Fletch The Archer deserved to be in the Essentials Playlist over this. My favourite part is the outro and I don’t mean that shadily. -Leon yup this is the best song on the album. lyrically one of her best. -pang A simple but powerful/raw message, great production and an underrated track I feel. -Mariah's 19 #1s the Delicate of this album, one of her best songs ever -fab In her discography's top 3! -luca One of my personal favourites. You need a real sense of self awareness to aknowledge your own faults and this level of self reflexion and actual vulnerability is hard to find. We usually put so much on others and forget that we too have hold ourselves accountable. -Lord Stoneheart The highlight of the album. This song is so beautiful, and underrated. The chorus soars, and the sound of this song is so unique and reminds me of her old music. This is honestly in my top Taylor songs to date. It's a masterpiece. -popmusiccritic A grower for me, but a bop with solid lyrics -CharnyBoy
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    9.10 this is what I came for -Fletch How dare she snatch the title of a Bananarama classique? Sounds like a 1989 or Reptilian off-cut, but it should have been the summer single instead of Lover -Leon forever annoyed that this never made it to single status. -pang Certified bop! No complaints, no negatives, all positive, love how it kicks in straight away, love the back track/beat... desperately needs a music video! Would have been so successful as a lead single. -Mariah's 19 #1s a #1 smash I fear -fab Stellar pop song! -luca It's a good song, but overrated. It literally is the same song as both OOTW, and GC. The production also sounds very oddly dated. -popmusiccritic A perfect pop song, should've been the lead single -CharnyBoy
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    8.36 this one is good but it bores me -Fletch Those drum machines again, sis we know you can play them -Leon i'm not crying. -pang A cool personal song with good production, we know her! -Mariah's 19 #1s One of her prettiest songs, has a fall vibe to it. -luca It's very pretty and very reminiscent of her older masterpieces. I enjoy this one. -popmusiccritic One of her best songs ever. Beautiful lyrics and atmospheric production make it a winner -CharnyBoy
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    Uh....sweetie. Can't Hold Us Down shits on anything of off fake feminism from your queen's discog. Both vocally and lyrically.