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    You're so corny with these reactionary threads
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    dragging someone on youtube or a forum isnt manipulating then into doubting their own sanity/reality.. literally what? Gaslighting is way more complex than online stan drags, but ok mr gaslight
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    How are people voting for the Hive when it's only like 5 of us and we don't do nothing but talk to each other.
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    Madonna by a FAR ASS LONG SHOT chile....they are quite disgusting pigs.
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    "At her height, Madonna was a great persuader who could convince you of her dominion over whatever she took on. But as her career stretches on and she finds herself in the position of niche artist, her large-scale projects have the one-way intimacy of a rich friend who drags you with her to a boutique and makes you watch her try on clothes that will sit in the back of her closet for the few months before they’re donated. Life is short; aren’t we all getting a little too old for this?" - Pitchfork 2019
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    is this what repeatedly listening to Chromatica does to one's ears because sis
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    And their 5-page essays won't help either I fear
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    ok at the Simmer stanning but as @Madonna well pointed out we WILL hear more Accelerate type of songs from these girls. for the first time in a while Christina was ahead of the curve sonically and its especially remarkable as 6 years had passed since her previous album, Abortus.
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    I love how so many of the stains have missed the point in this thread. She could have 100 1# singles back to back but if she isn't into it mentally and isn't happy then what's the point? She's obviously been abused by her management and father for so long she hasn't got any desire to get up on stage and perform for 90 mins just to line their pockets. She doesn't need to work She doesn't need the money Her career is legendary and her status is likewise Unless she breaks free and learns to love an industry that pushed her into a psychiatric hospital there is nothing to enjoy about her releases, especially whatever dusty b-side has made it to number #437 on the going under chart
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    Okay but they didn't need to snatch my wig like thise
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    I really doubt she actually wants to retire. I think she wants to get her life situation sorted out and be able to do things her way before she comes back. Glory proved she still has it in her even with all the stupidity surrounding it. If anything needs to retire it's that damn conservatorship!
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    Let's ask her smash hit single Mood Ring (By Demand)!
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    you really love throwing the word “gaslight” around when you clearly dont know what it means. Literally nothing in your comment is gaslighting. A “just learned a new word and let me use it everywhere” tea. Cringe
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    girl Xtina's fanbase here is now harmless and peaceful wyd, i'd understand this thread if Agucuckoo was still here but nah
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    I'm listening to Kylie's Body Language album and I'm on Chocolate right now. OH WOW THIS SONG MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    FOTP has spoken! Fossils are the most insufferable and we love to see it
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    Anyway I love you guys but I kinda must go now I enjoyed the album & I had fun
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    You've been hanging around the dragon lady for too long
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    that'd be one of my threads except I never stanned
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    Psh pls, im dragging myself. Your English is perfecto
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    Go easy on him sis she drinks
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    No fun and entea in a sentence. nope can't see it
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    Yes that was iconic omg remember when @Royale used to spin a track? Nope, me neither I don't speak cat
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    Omg Cody, you animal @Snow you best claim your rodent
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    We've already listened to the album but I guess beter late than never? I've posted some ratings through the thread though so if you want to know what's up you should browse through the thread
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    its a timeless bop imo. haters are tasteless.
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    Good luck with that! I consider a FOTPNews tweet to be a hit if it has over 50 likes tbh
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    I will be releasing my new single "100000 Rep Points" and the "100000 Rep Points" (Piano Demo Deluxe Japanese Target Demo) soon this Friday
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    you have to be Platinum VIP
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    pls I'm busy not everyone has time for 25 listening threads each week
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    it's Facts from Above (ft. Royalty)
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    Countdown deserved so much more success! Literally one of her best songs/singles. First time watching that video and I- Comedic genius.
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    I forgot to remove the “on FOTP” in the poll I had it in the title too at first, but wanted to make it more general. I don’t mind any of the Xtina fans on FOTP currently, but they’re pretty insufferable on Twitter for example.
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    Is it really underrated?? I always thought that was the second most remembered/liked single from debut? (Someday and especially I Don't Wanna Cry feel extra forgotten) Well damn. This song is gorgeous and deserves better!
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    A blatant lie served as a catalyst for people to gang up on in an allowing setting is most certainly a gaslighting behavior. I already told you, I don't care enough to turn this into a NHB fight. And I disagree with about half the things @Madonna says and does, but your dismissive behavior is also gaslighting. Trivializing one's sayings is gaslighting. It's not ever one thing smh. It's a tree of patterns and I've been guilty of it as well but I never encountered the same extent of the liddo's lynch mob mentality and we saw it constantly play it in the media for years and most recently we saw Ajaii being bullied on Twitter and YouTube (she reviews everyone, she only got dragged this hard by the Gaga fans, that's the point sister) because of her honest ass review - now u go call this an invalid point. Here you might ask? Madonna fans are horrendous. Gaga fans are horrendous. There are some intelligent and tastefully shady Gaga fans here that I like, but from my experience what makes them the #1 most insufferable (after Madge stans lol) is their inability to handle real arguments against their faves whether it's inside or outside of BG form. They'll just resort to calling you old or run off. I was a Rebel Heart hater and was hated among Madge fans 'cause of how much I bashed her back then but I never encountered the same level of pure hate that Gaga fans have for their "enemies"
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    I thought you as a Madonna fan were against saying artists should retire?
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    You still have a few days left to send in your rates!
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    whew give me some k too million performances
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    that could mean literal years with her sksksk i hate ha! but i do understand her ~silence with all that's going on rn in the world.