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    No. I don’t think anyone will truly surpass Madonna. Stop asking for people to drag Britney
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    this thread has me CRYING how is anyone here being GASLIT im begging some of y’all to log off for a bit...stanning is supposed to be fun and for a kii, not something that leads you to think you’re being psychologically manipulated
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    she's such a FUCKING TERF, my god she's no better than those transphobic Karens that people always complain about
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    ironic with a selena icon we're talking about stability
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    WEEK 4 CHARTS Hey guys! So just an update - Yes, the season is still on. Week 5 wil be restarting this Friday. If you have any releases you need to reschedule, as well as any major promo that was shifted, PLEASE let me know ASAP through Discord or FOTP pms, so I can include it on the June Calendar. Going forward, I really ask for your patience as I figure out the best way to go about things. Obviously we've hit a few snags, but I'm determined to give you guys the best possible season I can. @Harry_CAL @hector @ryjapo @Bleachella @Surrealism @Maria @Alexx @tigerlily13 @8Bit Heart @Harry Styles @Joanne @Kuba @Love So Soft @Mr. Mendes @Michael.
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    There’s nothing to deflect. I said her drop is bigger than those other recent releases (which is right) and you blamed it on “circumstances” when everyone else seems to be doing pretty fine.
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    Britney is more iconic but you didn't have to go off like this But I get what you're saying, Gaga's peak is now looked back at as 'when she used to be crazy' and it's basically trivialized these days. It's really a niche.
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    I love me some Gaga, but absolutely not. Gaga will NEVER be as iconic as Britney and will never reach the peak that Britney did. Literally everyone in the world knows BRITNEY SPEARS. She will go on to have more #1 singles than Britney I fear, and a long career. But surpassing Britney is something no popstar will be able to do and that's a fact
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    you keep using its debut week as a point of reference, but its been top 10 on spotify since its release week - that is stable. Especially when you compare it to stupid love and arianas last single with justin bieber - which both dropped like a rock. A song doesnt have to be #1 or top 5 for weeks for it to be “stable” a song can stabilize at literally any position on the Hot 100: a 1-5-10-10-11-10-11-12-11 chart run is STILL stable Now if the song starts plummeting like a rock in 2-3 weeks, then you have a point, but right now, you dont
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    Taylor / Ariana / Rihanna / Bey cannot relate!
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    Statues in 2019 Statues in 2020
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    Katy Perry had a MUCH better & bigger peak. Ari's just probably gonna last longer career wise
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    Me: logs in The rest of the forum:
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    Omg, memories
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    I don't know. I feel like Madonna has been in this industry since forever and she just started "flopping" after Confessions On The Dancefloor, which is pretty recent if you take into consideration that this woman has been prominent in the music industry since the 80's. Her tours still do good and people who are into music know who she is. She's also shown visual versatility and has given us different concepts for her music, which is always appreciated. Britney had the commercial success and her impact in the 90's is undeniable, but I feel like her music has been quite linear and when she drops an album you don't expect it to be anything innovative: some classicaly formulated BOPS with a clear intention to be used as singles and the rest are fillers that might be good or bad. Her most exciting album was Blackout, but after that she went back to the same formula.
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    girl she just had a #1 hit (which is not easy to get) and ranks #8 in terms of monthly listeners on Spotify she is still huge
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    I disagree ... like yeah, JK Rowling seems a bit lost here, but she's clearly willing to have a discussion, I don't see why that needs to be such a big problem gender is complex 9 of 10 people would probably agree that gender is defined by biology only ... and if ya'll shout "bigot!!!" and cancel everyone who asks questions, this will never change
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    I feel i understand what she is TRYING to say, and despite how offensive this is to trans people, its written quite well. Can one be a supporter of transrights and sympathise with what shes trying to say? possibly?
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    Isn't it no.1 digitally and rapidly increasing on radio with like 40m audience aiready? I think it could hold well next week.
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    and how is that not stabilized? Dropping 1 position is still stable
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    Wait that’s so amazing! I’m glad the good sis is finding her own happiness. It’s what she deserves after years of nonstop bullying and harassment.
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    Don’t compare Kesha and Carly to Britney, that’s just embarrassing. Their peaks weren’t even close to Britney’s.
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    you know her peak didn't start in 2008 so stop spreading lies
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    Taylor has big drops but her albums remain consistent for months. That won’t happen with Gaga. So ... bigger drop than Dua and The Weeknd. Who released most recently... Kinda embarrassing that Bieber’s second week is bigger too considering everyone is calling him a flop now.
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    911 is an epic track but I hear pure American radio genericness in songs like Fun Tonight & Rain On Me for instance. Plastic Doll / Alice sound like Ava Max rejects and the only stamp here is Gaga’s weak lyrics. and you have a good portion of bombastic Euro-vision tracks that she re-wrote there too. That’s the thing, if you wanted to pay homage to those soundscapes then do what Lady Gaga does and try to channel the deep cuts and not the basic microwaved versions. Most of these songs are pretty standard to the genre, there’s nothing really experimental structure or arrangement wise, like I said - it’s all very standard.
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    Yup it’s a 10 from me career highlight
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    Self-made billionaire, first reality TV star, soprano, pop icon Godsica Godson did that.
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    Kelly would've pulled that song off, unlike Demi who sounded like a dying penguin screaming and screeching for that B5 note.
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    Bigger drop than Dua (who is more European centered) + The Weeknd.
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    I don't even like Madonna but absolutely not. She does better commercially than Britney nowadays despite being from a different generation.
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    Britney has more: - iconic videos, when was Googoo's last iconic MV? Bad romance back in 2009? - iconic performances - memorable hit songs, BOMT, Oops, Toxic, Everytime etc At the peak of her fame, paparazzi followed her everywhere, nobody can stop talking about her, her chewing gum got sold for $50,000. Meanwhile, at Goo's peak, nobody (paparazzi/media) cared except for her fans who constantly came online to say every pop girl copied Goo. You couldn't breathe without being linked with GooGoo Goo may get more #1 songs, which is easy to do nowadays, especially if you cheat your ways there (by collabing with a more relevant artist or discounting to 99c), but I don't think she'll ever surpass Legend B! She missed the cue to do that when she came out with that messy Born This Way video and song which got linked to Medoner's song.
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    Art Deco - 8.53 Radio - 7.70 Pretty When You Cry - 7.29 White Mustang - 6.77 California - 5.95 Yayo - 5.13 The Next Best American Record - 5.07 Next song:
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    FOTP has spoken! Fossils are the most insufferable and we love to see it
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    They did what the authorities were either too scared or too lazy to do
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    Well I did say I like P!nk, didn't I?