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    Imagine stanning this downright piece of human trash. Her and her fans along with the fags that still casually support her because they are shallow individuals all deserve to be dragged to hell and back. How can you support someone who is THIS narcissistic? Someone who has repeatedly supported rapists, pedophiles and even went as far as shaming their victims? How can you even speak up against other important issues such as racism, sexism, etc. and in the same breath stan this vile individual? Where is your fucking dignity? Where is your sense of morals? She has shown us so many times in the past that the only person she cares about is her damn self. She'll do ANYTHING for a #1 even if that means collaborating with a convicted pedophile and rapist WHO SHOULD STILL BE IN FUCKING JAIL. They are releasing Trollz as a CHARITY SINGLE after fucking 6hit9ine cried on Instagram about Ariana getting a #1 with a charity single. If that wasn't enough...Nicki is doing this which is a downright dig at Ariana even though they are friends allegedly? While Ariana and many other artists are in the streets protesting or even lending their platform and show appearances to BLM activists, Nicki only cares about supporting her criminal friends and getting another #1 which can't be credited to her really.
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    Stuck with U - Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber girl
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    @pang @Luca @Phoebe @Fletch @Gilly @Royalty @Kristina @Ghostface @Andres @Freaky Prince
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    Call an ambulance, this pussy is lethal Call the police, this pussy is illegal
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    Im literally listening to III now, 1000 Doves is just beautiful
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    Because white supremacists have convinced them they are better than them and that they are the enemy. Lots of Latinos, in my experience, have tried to emphasis their "whiteness" which to some people involved racism towards blacks. I'm literally looking from the outside in so may have a warped view. Something that does wind me up though is Latinos using the N word... Is this allowed? Because it makes me cringe
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    This is a 24 hour flight ma'am and sir. We'll land in less than a day! Now if you'll excuse your captain, she's gonna have to rest
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    You spilled. She's truly vile, inhumane, scummy, and fitting of the name GARBAJ. I have never seen someone so desperate to surround themselves with rapists, pedophiles, and other unspeakable people. It's like she sees this stuff in men and races to defend them. But what can I expect from a chart obsessed freak like her? She'd probably kill her best friend if it got her a Grammy or something.
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    Not releasing Inside Out as a single over Criminal. Having to release Outrageous as a single over Breathe on Me and Touch of My Hand Releasing Britney Jean instead of just releasing two or three stand-alone singles Not releasing Change Your Mind as the lead single of Glory and not including that song and Liar on the standard edition. Releasing Radar as a single (both times, the song sucks)
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    Wait she attacked TWO people? Yeah no. I hope she gets fired from her job. Fuck her up.
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    Trump really has empowered white people out here saying the most outlandish and racist shit to minority groups, knowing that they can get away with it because of their privilege. I really hope they vote Trump out next election
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    Sad but not suprised, obviously it's just a song but to see people actually stan a pedophile who has been proven guilty and even went to jail for this is just beyond horrifying. Disappointed in Nicki as well, I really don't care if her verse or she served looks. It sucks when an artist who released so many songs you can relate to, pulls these moves by collaborating with pedophiles, dating one and what not. It's really sad.
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    it's kinda good. and i don't listen to this type of music.
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    1. Not shooting a proper music video for this (I understand why, but I'm just saying) I'd rather it not have a video than that... Yikes. 2. Making the Radar video a horse porn Candie's commercial.. Just no. The song deserved better. 3. Making Mood Ring a Japanese bonus track when it's lead single material/making Make Me the lead single. 4. Calling Britney Jean her most personal album What do you think are the biggest mistakes she's made?
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    she married a convicted rapist but her working with a pedo is where you drew the line?
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    A grown man is a legal adult in every area in the world, and a 13 year old is not. He is a pedophile point blank period, a 13 year olds rarely have appearance let alone the demeanor of a adult legal woman. The way it’s always gay defending kids and teens having sex with old ass men. Just because you lived in the closet for a large portion of your youth and often fantasized about quickies with grown ass men in hotels and glory-holes doesn’t mean it’s ok. And if you ever did follow through with that, then you are a victim of sexual assault as that is not normal or acceptable. Regardless of whether the minor consents are not because minors cannot consent to sex with adults. Literally shit for brains whew
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    Section I and II snaps while III is just... There.
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    I don't know if Nicki is using him or the opposite but they're both two rats that use each other.
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    While I will always love her music, mostly The Pinkprint and Queen, I know she's an undeniable piece of shit, vile individual who should not be supported in any fucking way, shape or form. Point blank, PERIOD.
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    Your faves wish
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    "I play games where you get fucked to death." What games are those, bitch? So I can add you in, and see how you fucking like it. Racist bitch. "We don't want you here." Lena, we don't want YOU here!
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    I'll gladly listen to her past projects and pretend that Nicki still exists instead of the current Nicki we have. I'll always enjoy her albums but I really am losing a lot of respect for her.
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    It's not just a song. She has proven time and time again that she is a rape-supporter. A supporter of criminals and pedophiles and she's absolutely ruthless when it comes to her own success or her "legacy".
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    Honestly shocked they haven't removed this.
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    That's a completely different situation. He's vile and an example of an ACTUAL pedo.
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    Racism is common in any and every nationality. No one race is exempt from racism on both sides of it.
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    Sour Candy outsold everything else on the album
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    Can’t wait to see who doesn’t have taste.
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    Omg yes!!! I hate all of the fans who voted for Criminal
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    girl wtf the break the ice video is a videography HIGHLIGHT, not a mistake literally so iconic as for mistakes, probably ever releasing Britney Jean instead of just releasing Work Bitch as a standalone single and MAYBE perfume and then just moving on to Glory the tragic gimme more MV....should have just let the poor girl rest
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    Local news reported on a huge national trust property that was built and funded by slave trade. They suggested building a memorial in the stunning gardens to recognise the struggles that were buried by the founding family. Seeing the comments absolutely exposing all the racist locals fuming that people want to "tear it down" Cornwall has truly out done itself this year
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    Because people have no morals or respect for themselves. The fact that people are even bothering to support this... yikes.
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    why don't you tell us, as i dont think any of us are keeping tabs on how many albums of our faves and non faves have gone #1 in large markets around the world but you obviously do
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    She didn't lie when she said Keeps gettin' better As long as it's not sales and music video quality