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    Keeps getting younger--a decade of kids
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    #tbt when this site's ads were literally calling me fat
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    Happy bday to my fave queenie Ariana
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    Good. Lying about, and using a subject as delicate as rape for clout, is disgusting.
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    Well! It's a mystery to me. How Dirrty ended up at #1 instead of TVW. But yet, here we are! And let's face it - it's a timeless bop. Thank you all so much for joining. I had a lot of fun! Hopefully we can figure out another fun game or challenge to do in the near future. Over and out from your lovely, but not sober, host - StrippedX. Kisses.
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    If they're ready to drop a few mill then sure
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    Yes! She's doing it for free as a payback for all the money I spent on ha
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    I mean it's actually a genius song, we're just tired of hearingit.
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    stream Downvote Me Once on Tidal!
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    Nicki probably has enough problematic songs to make a Greatest Hits album at this point
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    I dont normally side with Justin but good! People who make up false stories for clout do nothing but make it harder for those who actually have been affected by sexual assault to come forward.
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    Britney’s team just released two new remixes of Mood Ring and well my fav is the pride remix. the new iconic line “There’s only one bitch.. The real one... Britney” https://smarturl.it/MoodRingRemixes
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    One of her worst songs and should NEVER have appeared on such a legendary album The best song is Isaac
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    take me to your leader wrong section!
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    Iconic song. The looks in the video are everything
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    Did you do the calculations before getting drunk?
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    6. Your Body Average score: 9,80
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    didnt Skiplepathy leave already
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    STRIPPEDX COMMENTS (MAKING A COMEBACK): Fun fact, I was supposed to get married this year and UIWY was supposed to be performed by a singer we hired Cheesy I know but I had to have it. Obviously it got postponed due to corona but I will still fight for it next year!
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    Lady Marmalade is iconic. It deserved top 10.
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    Only Infatuation is out so far, I can't
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    Me watching YLM and MOM getting axed in the same post
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    You Lost Me should have ranked higher Also Mercy On Me is this low ? Have Mercy On Us
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    Castle Walls is overrated imo. Also Stronger Than Ever has kinda shitty production. I mean you can actually hear someone get up from a chair at the very end.
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    Seriously tho? Where are these numbers coming from? Are the people with shit taste not in attendance or...?
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    I hate y'all. You all will rot in hell for the shitty scores you gave this song
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    to my top 10; anywhere but here, little dreamer, I Am, monday morning
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    Slightly higer tbh Also Makes Me Wanna Pray was supposed to be Top 20 at least
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    Elastic Love higher than Monday Morning... I'm disgusted
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    Monday Morning and I Am are top 10 worthy
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    5 of her best songs coming up next
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    not me saying 25 min and forgetting lemme catch up real FAST!
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    Fall In Line so low... How dare you all? Yes at WAGW tho Never got the hype for that song.
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    I better not see any stripped tracks on the next section
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    I Am is one of her best ballads, I... Although I agree that the regular version is better. Idk why everyone always praises the Stripped version so much.
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    I felt this coming and I agree with you ALL the way except Here To Stay... She had to go
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    @Freaky Prince @Princess Aurora and @Lord Stoneheart gave it a FECKING 0....
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    First up are our lovely bottom 10 songs! Let's get the trash out. 124. Shut Up Average score: 2,75 123. Thank You (Dedication To Fans...) Average score: 4,60 122. Make The World Move (feat. Cee-Lo Green) Average score: 4,70 121. America Average score: 5,25 120. Just A Fool (feat. Blake Shelton) Average score: 5,65 119. Don't Make Me Love You Average score: 5,68 118. Feel This Moment (with Pitbull) Average score: 5,72 117. You Are What You Are (Beautiful) Average score: 6,00 116. Circles Average score: 6,00 115. Sing For Me Average score: 6,050
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    Good Evening! A warm welcome to the 2020 FOTP Christina Aguilera Megarate! I hope you all brought your absolute A-game when it comes to shade, tea and bitterness for when your favorite song ends up at #124! Let's get started, shall we? @CharnyBoy @STJ @Habits @Princess Aurora @Freaky Prince @patience darling @Lord Stoneheart @Kirjava @Phoebe
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    Now they put women against in polls even for that? No thanks i'll not even waste my time.
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    Is it me or the current situations around the World, especially in the US remind me of 1919-1920 ?
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    Omg how did she get away with it back then If it was now she would’ve been canceled.
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    It didn't have many dance songs to bop i guess. I've come to the conclusion that the majority of gays care mostly about 'bops' and looks and nothing else. Even after they turn 20. I know people who really think Bitch I'm Madonna is better than Pray for Spanish Eyes and Oh Father. Honestly sad.