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    @fab @Kristina @Moira O'Hara @Ghostface @Urbanov @Billie Frank @SeekingThrill @Gabe. @mylifelies @STJ Hi Scatterers I apologise for having a bit of a meltdown on Sunday night. Like many people, I am struggling with mental health lately and the pressure (some of which was self-inflicted) was too much for me this week. I love a bit of shade and bitching, as anyone who knows me on this forum is all too aware (), but for some reason it really got to me, so it's taken me a few days to even dare check my notifications. I think two rounds each week is too much for me, so I propose that we have one round each week from now on We can extend the run a little to compensate, if people enjoy this enough when I'm not being a precious I don't blame anyone in particular for my outburst, it was more a culmination of stress and realising that I shouldn't almost be in tears because of a sodding forum game. I just had to walk away and get myself a strong G&T I hope to wrap up the rest of Game III throughout the week, and look forward to seeing you all for Round IV on Sunday at 9pm as usual
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    In 62 years of history of the Hot 100, no #1 song has spent only 2 weeks in the Top 40 till TROLLZ. It will probably break the record for the shortest life on the chart for a #1 (currently 8 weeks).
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    ROUND I SCOREBOARD @fab 2.5 (3.5 -1 for lateness) @Kristina 5 (6 -1 for lateness) @Moira O'Hara 7.5 @Ghostface 10 (11 -1 for lateness) @Urbanov 8.5 @Billie Frank 6 @SeekingThrill 5.5 @Gabe. 7 @mylifelies 8 @STJ 7.5 And that's on my period Edit: no it's not, as @Ghostface, @Kristina and @fab all lost a point for submitting Round I answers late
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    Rihanna. She plays way too many games. Tired of her. now am I gonna still buy the new album when she finally drops it in 20 years and pretend like I was never fed up with her ass? ofc!
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    Pretty much this was huge a flop? ROUND II ANSWERS Bold = 2 points | Italics = 0.5 points | Underlined = 0 points. | The rest get 1 point. LETTER: QUESTIONS:
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    I feel like I’m one of the only people that fucking loves this cover it’ll look awesome on physical copies too
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    Have you ever seen something so accurate
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    It's really time consuming to host any kind of game, but I can only imagine how stressful it is to be expected to deliver the results only minutes after receiving all of the answers from a bunch of different people.. Don't worry, you're doing great and 1 round a week sounds like a good idea
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    Seems @Urbanov and @Ghostface missed out on a triple point score for "Things you do on a mobile phone" question Always Arguing Aggressively
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    how do you exploit the culture you're literally from?
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    I'm not blaming a single member, it just so happened that @Urbanov's post was the last straw. Nudes or the show is cancelled Baeren the faerie My name does trace back to old German meaning "little bear" Why did this send me? NOT Alcatel Minus 15 points
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    But did FLABBA write Everytime.mp3 in 5 minutes on the back of a slurpee cup?
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    Bands from the 70s include pop legends ABBA, do I still count?
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    im in my penthouse half naked
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    while I don't hate them, I def don't stan them like I used to 1) Britney - I was a MASSIVE stan during Circus - up until I become a monster in late 2009. Gaga kinda opened my eyes and made me switch on her... I was like why am I stanning someone who lips to her 20 year old vocals and serves no presence (anymore) when popstars like Gaga exist? I actually signed up to FOTP as a Britney stan back in 2009 She's still cute for a throwback tho 2) Lana - I used to stan hard up until Honeymoon. UV/BTD are some of the best albums of all time but HM is a snooze fest. The thing she released after.. didn't even listen. NFR is good though, so she kinda won me back a bit. 3) Beyonce - One of the first singers I ever stanned before knowing what stanning was. I was obsessed with Destiny Fullfilled, Bday and everything up until Lemonade. She kinda lost me after Self Titled because she started coming off as overly calculated and I was pressed that she wouldn't release her music on streaming. Lemonade has really high highs, but I think most of the album is boring. Then that album with Jay Z... girl. As of now, Im kinda indifferent towards her. I only use Self Titled and some Lemonade tracks (Don't Hurt Yourself, 6 Inch, Sorry, Formation, Hold Up). We'll see what's the tea with her next album. 4) Mariah - My first English artist fav. I grew up with her and was obsessed with Glitter, TEOM, E=MC2, and Memoirs as a kid. She lost me with Me.. I Am but she kinda won me back with Caution. Anyway, I will always have a soft spot for her because of what I mentioned.
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    flop thread, stream COADF for the superior dance-pop album
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    Tbh no. I think she should only swear when she needs to emphasizes on things, because if you do it all the time then it loses it's meaning and becomes normalized
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    I should've known when I clicked this thread that Madonnas name would be dragged out the natural history museum.
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    Btw, @LÉON i have to confess that the BG thread title i gave as answer doesn't exist, i made it up. It was convincing huh? oop.
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    3 double P's in a round, yas. I don't even know my points tho. @Gabe. stan Portugal. The Man btw.
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    Ah yes, the Celebrity Paradox. The first one also plays on TV in Halloween III: Season of the Witch.
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    Serving predictability like Moo albums since the 1990s
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    I mean it matches the circus theme of the cover reveal site/challenge
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    Tinashe - This Morning (UK) - TV Promo
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    Frank on 103.5 KTU FM
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    I’m screaming @ Dua getting dragged for Hallucinate being an animated video. 💀
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    YES YES YES! This is incredible. Katy and Rita should have been the collaboration!
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    From the ones I have on my badges I'll say that Rihanna is lowkey getting on my nerves. It's not that she's not releasing music, it's just the constant teasing: if you're not gonna release music any time soon say it like it is. It's not that hard to say "Right now I don't feel like doing music, but I will get back to it sometime in the future" and leave it there. Tbh I lowkey agree. I'm still interested in her music, but her personality has just shifted. I also hate this new accent she has when she speaks in Spanish. Like where the fuck did that come from?
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    I don't "hate" her, but it's Gaga for me. She was such a positive influence on my life when I was younger, and really opened me up into the world of pop and dance music. I started to stop being enthralled with her as a person around after Born This Way came out, and especially ARTPOP. But it was Joanne that really tanked my interest in her music. Her over-insistence on being a "real artist" while being saccharinely nice really became an annoyance. She also just came off as pretty juvenile and lacking artistic growth. Her music became less relatable to me. I haven't even brought myself to listen to Chromatica in full (even though I actually like Rain On Me). Idk, I still love revisiting her first four albums (despite distancing myself from her as an artist, I do really like Born This Way and ARTPOP) but I don't even go back to watch old interviews for nostalgia-sake. I've just lost my connection to her as a person.
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    Which pop girl that debuted in the late 90s is seeing Bey? None. A household name through and through, standing the test of time with the talent to back it up. Denying Beyoncé will go down as a musical great like Whitney and Mariah is truly crackhead energy
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    oop i forgot about Nicki. I was a stan up until 2017/8 when she started shading Cardi and tried to sabotage her. That really opened my eyes and made me see her for the narcissist and insufferable person she’s always been.
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    Lowkey Sia, I don't hate her. I'm just tired of that two-coloured wig that completely covers her eyes and not showing her face in MVs personas. It was cool/interesting the first two eras, but it's getting annoying now. I used to stan beyonce during crazy in love and naughty boy days. But she's really overrated nowadays... I see her fans everywhere on social media claiming she's in the same league as Whitney or Mariah and it kills me a little inside
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    beyonce. but its nothing on her (except that she steals songs and makes songwriters sign NDAs), its her fans. most insufferable people, even in real life. especially the gay ones. good god.
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    Have never seen a madonna Stan say this, let alone a human being type like this
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    Here's the thing for people who use Tik Tok, the rumors are more than likely true. Your data is probably being mined and collected by the Chinese Government. What they will choose to do with that information remains to be seen. I, for one, would not be comfortable with my personal details being in the hands of the Chinese State. On the other hand, if you think that the US, UK, EU, JP and pretty much every other powerful state on Earth aren't perpetrating something similar, than you need a wake up call.
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    !!! all the pressed phags in here they wish their favs were pushing the boundaries like king benito
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    How about we do real things like charge cops when they kill black people?
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    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. But if you’re an exclusive top 40 hits listener who stans Selena Gomez and then dismiss the genius contributions of artists such as Bob Dylan in one misinformed sweeping statement then yes, I’m going to cringe hard for a moment and then move on with my life. It’s not exclusive to Pop music, you can be an exclusive hip hop fan who only listens to Kendrick (or 10’s Eminem in this case kii) and make ignorant statements and I’ll still cringe too
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    Only because he died.. sad that people don’t pay attention to people when they’re alive