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    I'm sure they'd rather be dry, but at least they're alive. They should stop complaining.
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    I always found this shade so uncalled for and the fact that the GP bought into it so easily was dumb. Madonna was so busy getting dragged for the SEX book, that people didn't realize that Erotica as an album wasn't that explicit. In fact the most explicit song on there wasn't Madonna's doing but instead her producers rapping. (Otherwise it's tie between the title track and Where Life Begins). This isn't to say that Madonna's music is pure or some shit, absolutely not. But it's more about her attitude towards sex and using those themes so frankly that gets her (unfairly) dragged. Meanwhile, starting with janet., Janet was far more focused on sex than Madonna was and for some reason this brought her career to new heights? And that was only just the beginning because she only got more and more explicit lyrically and thematically. It's ironic that the Superbowl incident is what really got her cancelled.
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    I know I'm 300 years behind the rest of humanity, but I'm just now going through Kylie '94 and holy mother of god
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    PLEEEEEEASE The way they invented rain we-
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    Didn't she say that and one year after Erotica she released an explicit album too? Anyways, the class in question:
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    Ester Dean is a more...I guess the best word would be professional songwriter in the sense knows how to write for different people. She is able to adapt herself to fit the style of whoever she's writing for. Gaga is a great writer for Gaga but she couldn't really adapt herself to write competently for someone else's style and abilities.
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    Ava Max is not going to happen, stop trying to make Ava Max happen.
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    Because Americans are puritans - they see word “sex” and they freak out
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    If Madonna has "no class" then neither does Janet. They both sing about the same thing. In fact, Janet's music is more sexual than Madonna in some cases. I've yet to hear a Madonna song as explicit as this
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    I am going to texas for some days today
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    No. Janet's shade reminds me of when Jessica Simpson shaded britney and xtina by saying she wanted to stand out from those two by not taking off her clothes like them, but then years later we got that bikini/carwash video.
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    pls... Ava Max is literally an industry plant that was created when Gaga was trying to abandon her former persona. She is not a great singer, not a great dancer, she has no stage presence, no charisma, no actual artistic vision aside from her stupid wig (that probably wasn't her idea to begin with) and everything about her screams fabricated.
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    It's Umbrella all over again 😂
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    It's a shame Mariah and Whitney never done more songs together. Their chemistry was so special and their voices blended perfectly.
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    Yup, welcome to Ireland humour this is cracking me up though
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    That's such a stupid reason to ban a song.
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    Bumping this again with this 1997 Mariah is so underrated her tone was gorgeous and if you listen real close she actually went for the G5! ((Butterflyriah in general is slept on with live performances tbh))
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    For several years we've been enduring this obnoxious stan war about who is the "biggest female rapper of all time" People talk about Cardi B's three #1s, and recently also Nicki's #1s, as if it were some kind of unprecedented achievement "the first female rapper to have three #1s PLS I know some of yall are too young to remember, but in the 00s Fergie not only had three solo #1s but several other HUGE smashes as solo artist (and of course with the Black Eyed Peas) Yes, Fergie has surpassed both Cardi and Nicki in EVERY imaginable way time to sit down
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    Yup. Erotica is more specifically about the tragedies of sex and relationships (HIV, using sex as escapism, heartbreaks). Its not really explicit. Great post.
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    If you make it through August it becomes a full fave section at the beginning of September
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    Oh I guess we're safe for this month Hopefully Selena will actually be active enough by the time we become a perma section however (if ever)
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    That is the goal, yes
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    Came across this the other day, her belting in this is great, even better than the studio version! Also it's so weird seeing her with a pony tail in the 90s.
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    This woman will literally release anything but music
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    I'm such a flop for not posting here but I've been so focused on CAL so I kind of lost Selena on the way
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    isn't it 100 posts per month for spotlights sections? let's ask @Dennis Reynolds legend But since we are perma section material, we can easily do 200 posts per month like the other girls
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    Not her starting the era right after the section was deleted
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    She might’ve stopped mid performance but I still love that she finally performed Looking In live and showed us this other side of her
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    Mark my words, they pulled it because some dumbass called and complained.
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    The way her stains keep bringing Pepsi Max up every year, and the way I kept giving +1 stream to her MV's each time to see if I could get into her, only to realize she's the epitome of basic.
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    Ester Dean imo is better, Gaga's songwriting is very... Her. If that makes sense. Her songs are best left to herself than given to anyone else (like Mariah or Madonna for example) instead of someone who can pen for a variety of people (Max Martin and Sia for example)
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    Like a Virgin / When I Think of You Vogue / Escapade (tie) Papa Don't Preach / What Have You Done for Me Lately? Frozen / Together Again (tie) Music / Doesn't Really Matter 4 Minutes / Feedback Take a Bow / That's the Way Love Goes True Blue / Nasty Bitch I'm Madonna / No Sleeep Express Yourself / Rhythm Nation Like a Prayer / Miss You Much Madonna: 1 (3 w/tie) Janet Jackson: 8 (10 w/tie) Hard AF doing this, as I enjoy both artists so much, but Janet is everything!
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    Either she's unable to be financially independent and autonomous due to mental health related issues or she can be a touring pop star and recording artist. You can't be both - that's what I don't understand.
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    Wow even my flop country is taking action, guess the spyware rumours were true
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    Selena Quintanilla's brother showing support to Selena Not sure if this is thread worthy so let me just drop it here