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    So ive been getting into Ms Britney's discography and wow i was so shady to her before but she be serving quality cause songs like If U Seek Allah and Lucky just take me somewhere
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    Hush, when no one is around, my dear You'll find me on my tallest tip toes Spinning in my highest heels, love Shining just for you
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    Every stan base but only when their fave is in the top 10.
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    Gays who are overly obsessed with "acting straight" are the worst thing ever.
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    I remember this song but I never expected to hit me so hard especially right now
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    imagine using itunes as a receipt in 2020. fossils out of touch with the times and scrapping the bottom of the barrel yet again
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    How do these threads EFFORTLESSLY trigger so many of y'all
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    We always walked a very thin line You didn't even hear me out (You didn't even hear me out) You never gave a warning sign (I gave so many signs)
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    Imma let you finish but the best part is when they're both singing.
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    Your point? Our faves are allowed to look messy just like you and me probably don’t look all dressed up 24/7.
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    This girl's music is so messy. The video for this song honestly tried too hard on the different looks rather than telling a coherent story. Also, the slight campiness doesn't work because she doesn't have the charisma to do camp. She should be doing songs more like My Way, one of her earlier songs (I think it was before Sweet but Psycho) because that song while basic is actually a club anthem for everyone. That Salt song that she has is also a mess, how you gonna go from an interesting verses and pre-chorus to THAT? Torn slays a bit. I don't really care about Kings & Queens because she didn't understand how to make a proper regal concept. The part that looked like Gaga's G.U.Y. in the video was nice though.
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    are we really comparing a collection of hits to a regular album Congratulations gays with disposable income and swallowed kids trying to relive their days of cocaine in backroom clubs being able to buy a few extra copies. You're highlighting digital sales, when A) Itunes is not the only digital market, B) her strength is actually physical sales, and C) she made a graceful transition into streaming something Fossil seems to be struggling at. And UK is weighted so the two biggest songs have less impact on the chart But let's talk about sales https://www.officialcharts.com/charts/albums-sales-chart/ Chromatica - 21 Extinction - But let's talk about downloads https://www.officialcharts.com/charts/albums-downloads-chart/ Chromatica - 45 Extinction - 94 getting outsold by Bee Gees, Eagles, Beach Boys, Queen, Bob Marley
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    So, I just listened to the leaked Diddy-featured version of Smile and I have to say that I like it more than the released solo version. However, isn't this song basically California Gurls slowed down?
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    Not really she went #1 this year in all main markets with bedtime stories and other albums this year but 3/10 for the attempt
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    an earthquake hitting just as I fall asleep smh 2020 won't RELENT
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    see? it's a win win... ban me
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    why did Taylor release more merch when i'm going broke
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    everyone on the forum when your posts are deleted
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    instigating drama is an instant 10 week ban goodbye
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    you doing your job for once? color me shocked
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    couldn't even bring myself to listen to the zara demo because the twisis version left such a bad taste in my mouth felt like I needed to chug gallons of mouthwash afterwards. jyp starting to give all the good demos to itzy... and we're happy the streets are telling me april are smashing with this! peaked in the top 80 of melon! once korea wakes up its game over for the other girls! any website containing hyun is a threat
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    i'm here to do some moderating and make sure @Divine is safe from any threats
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    This I agree! HARMONIZATION!
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    Thank you for continuing to make announcements no one cares about.
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    Just a black screen with one folder and the recycle bin
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    My “old” laptop (that I’ve had since 2007) has outlived my “new” one (that I’ve had since 2016!) It appears “Fujitsu” >>> “ASUS”
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    oh you bitter Madonna stans, Yall have to stop trashing Gaga for no reason
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    Shall we update the badge?
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    @Freaky Prince make that whiny comment you make about fossils to start things up
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    you're right but almost is the key word here! they bounced back with their best song so a confirmed flop
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    one of these nights almost killed their careers so maybe the code isn't cracked yet!
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    and irene kills seulgi in umpah umpah while incorrectly teaching korean kiddies how to breathe while swimming thus leading to them drowning omg we've cracked the code indeed! umpah umpah DID win soty after all!
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    russian roulette and peek-a-boo both having them as murderers and being their best songs... we cracked the code
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    I just know lia's joints are suffering from just watching the choreo. poor sis is probably in tears in the practice room as we speak. power up? omg finally someone else who stans the banana song I'm finally not alone. next up, rbb!
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    they had to delay bc they're adding tutting to the choreo inspired by naughty! pray for lia wait you're right, red flavor and power up go off
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    still screaming at jyp announcing an itzy comeback for july and they just unveiled an itzy ring light instead. lia can breathe for now. dont do red flavor like that
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    please Less & Less is one of the worst things they've done and i'm glad everyone related to it got dragged... the zara demo was actually cute and much better than twice's version but you could see why that should've stayed in 2015, no one wants trop house in 2020, especially if you add a dubstep/trap breakdown waiting for them to return to their former glory bc the decline from Feel Special to this is... sad yup i will remain positive on them and ignore it! OMM and Lalalilala slap
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    hate that rat oh yes and i would've laughed! i only ignore internet jokes bc those are done and dusted by now but i love you queen
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    yes @Daenerys has taught me well btw someone posted a tiktok of a girl with purple hair and glasses complaining about twice and itzy getting all of jyp’s promo and demanding better treatment for stray kids. I nearly tagged you and called you sisters in arms but you always IGNORE ME when I do stuff like that so I kept scrolling. hate you btw.
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    Yup, I highly appreciate Bon Iver's baritone vocals, but the song doesn't come alive until they both start singing together
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    What's funny is that Lotus was lowkey more liberating than Liberation was but not as "delicate" as the title would suggest. I think if the titles were flipped it would have made more sense.