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    Why do you always sign up for games and put 0 effort in it?
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    well play by the rules next time so it's fun for everyone??
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    Britney's Boys and You Drive Me Crazy
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    this is SO sick oh my god
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    I drive by a building with "Sterling" in the name frequently and since then I always quote her whenever I'm there
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    a year since this iconic avi too
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    Not sure if it's better, but i adore the We Belong Together Remix. Emotions, Heartbreaker and Fantasy remixes are also iconic.
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    So here's my Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus megamixes Next is Hilary Duff. Stay Tuned
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    All of your sets have been applied! A few people didn't send one in, won't name names (rats!), but I went ahead and made one for the people missing a set! Didn't want to leave anyone out on all the fun! Reminder you are supposed to wear your new sets for the remainder of the week so on August 30th at 12:00 am EST, you will finally be able to change back to normal! Enjoy the next week with your gorgeous new sets!
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    Will @Divine and I be converting this into a DC fan forum?
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    ikr the way they gave no fucks "stay tuned" also sent me
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    This is currently stuck in my head
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    His silly rabbit. His WHAT?! His silly rabbit? Is that what he calls you?!
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    thank u whoever made this omg
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    Any movie with Harley is an automatic must watch for me so even with the first Suicide Squad’s major flaws, I was still excited for this. This footage and the way they described the feel of the movie and the all star cast... yea I’m so excited.
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    August is the only right answer btw
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    This was the last round for a while. I'll be on vacation from tomorrow on so... See you all in a week! Until then, stay safe everyone. Thanks for taking part in this every day, I truly appreciate all of you.
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    apparently his sister is quite powerful and might succeed him but I don't think it's like the British royals where they have a fixed line of succession, so anything could happen probably
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    So when did you start listening to her? How did you find her?
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    @Snow Let's discuss Dualegend!
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    who did mine? i wanna sue already
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    I adore your set because it's so stupid, you take the cake
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    august betty cardigan but all are very gorgeous girls that shouldn't be compared!
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    I think they were. for a best recording package or something...a very unimportant award for a very incompetent award show.
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    I think the main flaw with the first movie was that it had a really bad villain who wasn't all that fitting of an opposition to the main characters. I'm not even sureness who the main villain in this one is (although clearly there will be quite a lot of backstabbing) but being sent to a war zone to liberate a fictional country sounds far more apt a premise for a black ops team composed of supervillains than an Incan sorceress who turns people into zombies But yea, Harley was still great in it and I liked Viola Davis as Amanda Waller and (surprisingly) Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang, so I have very high hopes for this one
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    like i'll definitely go see (if it's safe hello!) but not too excited because i don't feel too connected to anyone i am looking forward to the promo shoots/merch since Suicide Squad kinda kills in that department
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    Amazingly it probably went from the DC movie I cared the least about to the one I was looking forward to the most Just a little over two years ago I didn't care at all about a Suicide Squad sequel but you get James Gunn to write and direct, keep what worked about the first movie (Harley, Waller, Captain Boomerang) and add some oddball characters like Arm-Fall-Off-Boy and I'm in all the way
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    Reminder you all have until midnight tonight to get your partners sets sent to me! Once everyone sends theirs into me, I'll then apply each of your sets on to you. Reminder to keep your identity a secret! That's part of the fun!
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    LOL these 2 girls and their mum were at the bus stop with me, and one of them was like “Guess who sings this:: But it was all in my heeeeaaaeeeeaaaeeeaaaEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAD!!!! (“In My Head” by Ariana in case you hadn’t figured out), and she tried to sing the high note 😂😂😂😂 Also 3 girls at the nightclub next door were arguing with a bouncer about one of their ID’s being fake or something 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Results | Round 27 | Cheating ass hoes 1. Beyoncé - Irreplaceable [41 points] 👑 2. Rihanna - Take a Bow [39 points] 3. Carrie Underwood - Before He Cheats [38 points] 4. Justin Timberlake - Cry Me a River [34points] 4. Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend [28 points]
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    Vous savez ce qu'il faut faire Ne laissez pas tomber votre nation La disco a besoin de vous
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    For people in their 20s or even 30s yes.. But not in their 60s
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    Also kinda random but I found this video at 3am and I can’t get over it Probably the best song my ears have ever heard
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