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    I'm really about to start writing my master's thesis during the middle of a wildfire and a pandemic . I do not deserve this!
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    Launches November 12th in certain markets, November 19th for the rest of the world. $399 for Digital only, $499 for disc drive. Pre-orders start tomorrow. END ME SONY GOD
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    They should've hit you up to make one for them
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    It's not even that, it's the fact the feud doesn't exist. They share the same make up artist and even he's said that they're not friends but respect each other.
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    It's been semi confirmed that Julia Garner is playing her, an Emmy winning actress.
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    I'm NOT here for her being writer and director. This will turn to a vanity project rather than a celebration. Still I will watch the fuck out of this
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page Not them using my favorite Taylor Swift song. The wikipedia main page gets like 5 million views per day btw.
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    "The Other Chick" was poised to be JoJo's lead single from her 2011 album, Jumping Trains, and this is the leaked full music video for the song. Its release was canceled and "Disaster" was released instead.
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    Lol same, especially with an explicit song & video like this. I'm happy for Megan too tbh Apparently the explicit video version should be on youtube "soon"
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    Stan talk aside I’d have never guessed that Cardi could smash like that
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    There are many secret rooms
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    I just listen albums over and over again and if it stays in my mind, I save it! I’m enjoying Smile now
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    I learned from my big sis aka you
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    There’s some hoes in this section
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    Oh cool! It's still a good experience for you anyways Is there a way to lock the restrooms?
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    Well, you tell me bc I never listened! So I believe you on this
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    I help out in a hospital and sometimes I have early shifts that start at 6 am
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    How good will an album be that’s called “Confetti”?
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    I liked them a lot in the Glory Days era but didn't care for LM5 Hope thir next album will be good
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    The way he set himself up with this one
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    The power we have and entea
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    Oh yeah those were great especially because @Entea was fuming the full way through them Bey too? The Royale clique has been saving sections for months now, people should drown us in rep points
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    If it wasn't for you it'd be gone, if it wasn't for me the Moo section would be gone, without Marlon no listening parties and without Entea????
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    She’s save, they considering axing Beyoncé and Rihanna section
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    Remove Rihanna section yes
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    We never had a Lover listening party one of the best albums unlistened? Unacceptable
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    I don’t think so? I’m not sure let me check chile Really my biggest fan ugh ily
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    We never had a Lover listening party?
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    If I say that I love you, will you stop following me then?
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    Even when I said that I loved you?
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    Afterglow lowkey the best song ever btw I said what I said
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    Autumn is the worst season of the year btw
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    I’m not sure if we can stay snapping now
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    I'm alright, It's super hot in here idk why but What about you though?
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    Uhm can we talk about this sir?
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    Actually I just checked and I have 3.9K cardi scrobbles, she's about to pass Ariana
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    A global rapper, yup! How are u
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    @Simón. remove that downvote immediately or we're moving to the Moo section btw
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    Lying like rih ❤️
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    you fucking with some wet ass pussy
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    Exactly. She looks so done in the video, and almost dead. So glad she is in-control of her music and career now.
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    OMG I've been waiting for this for so long, this is so good, but as Jojo says, you can clearly see her anger and her strugless in her eyes, she looks so diferent and healthy now but still so happy this finally saw the light
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