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    Welcome! The 56th album by Katy Perry has been out for a full month and half now giving everyone enough time to familiarize themselves with it. It is time to sum up all of those impressions through a rather simple rate game - Smile Vision. Only one integral rule and pretty straightforward - pick your ten ( 10 ) favorite songs from the album and rank them from best to worst; the first ranked song gets 10 points, while the tenth/last ranked song gets 1 point; Send your rankings to me via PM; Deadline is October the 31st ( Saturday ); results will be revealed on November the 1st ( Sunday ). Never Really Over Cry About It Later Teary Eyes Daisies Resilient Not the End of the World Smile Champagne Problems Tucked Harleys in Hawaii Only Love What Makes a Woman High On Your Supply Small Talk Never Worn White High On Your Supply ( 10 points ) Teary Eyes ( 9 points ) Never Worn White ( 8 points ) Champagne Problems ( 7 points ) Daisies ( 6 points ) Cry About It Later ( 5 points ) Smile ( 4 points ) Harleys in Hawaii ( 3 points ) Tucked ( 2 points ) Resilient ( 1 points ) Note: You don’t need to write the points yourself since they are obvious from the ranking itself, the example above is here to show you how each rank directly affects the number of points a song receives.
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    This, it was literally just a misunderstanding. Anyway Jennifer Hudson is #13 Trending in the UK because of this post. sksjsksk
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    The fact that they presented her Im A Slave 4 U I mean she could've changed the lyrics and keep the instrumental
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    It seems Jamie spent some money on press to make Ingham's work harder (although he really made an awful choice of words), 'cause well...
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    @SailorKrypton @ajp @Rebel Bitch @STJ @Ruthless Love @Chris Morlock @Kendji Team Mi Vida is out now! Get to bopping sisters https://kendji.lnk.to/MiVidaTP Where the f is the deluxe version
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    Hey Wonhoes! I decided to make banner changes every month to keep things fresh. I'd like to keep this as interactive as possible so let's have a poll for it! I'll be posting the new banners for our thread sometime tomorrow alongside the poll.
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    Oh wow you put a LOT of effort in this thread omg I love to see it!
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    The comparison with Slayvie Nicks it's not fair: 2014 sales numbers were WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY different than what we have today, lol.
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    @Ahmed loves to talk about vocal quality PLUS chart achievements as if Céline/JLo had any actual hits on the main chart from their most recent albums/singles releases. Numerous proofs have also shown that Ms. Deeyawn lip synced even more than Mariah ever did on Vegas, and that JLo should not even be a part of conversation about vocalists. But Ahmed chose to close its eyes. Conclusion: Stream Close My Eyes from Butterfly by Mariah Carey.
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    How to sum up this forum in five words:
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    A female legacy artist hacking the corrupt/misogynist/ageist system of Billboard with a rarities album, making it onto the Top 20, is considered a flop? Man, then I want my life choices to flop as bad as her with this record, lol.
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    I hope so! We all know Ari loves Mariah, and Mariah has been a follower of Ariana on Insta and likes her post from time to time.
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    It HAS to be Ariana... it has to be.
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    Great timing since the S2 finale aired last night and @Hyun. and @Daenerys are apparently leaving me high and dry and prioritizing things other than television in their lives How did you enjoy the first season?
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    Poor Janet passing on two iconic bops and Britney got them
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    Wait for Mariah's Twentieth No.1 by December, y'all will choke.
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    OMG, I just noticed his rep too....was there a glitch on the forum or something??
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    Not Trey Songz releasing an album everybody wished Usher would make I- STREAM BACK HOME BY TREY SONGZ Y'ALL!!!
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    Alexa play Hate That I Love You by Rihanna and Ne-Yo.
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    Omg king why do you have such bad reputation? <3
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    The way @Tomás flew offline omg I need him here to back me up especially since he hates Ice Cream Cake too! I WILL NOT STAND ALONE!
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    Added Ms. @Tomás in the OP as well
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    Round 23: Ranked 5 Songs Semi-Final How this round works: There are 6 or 7 songs in 2 groups. Rank them from 1-6/1-7. The top song from each group will proceed to the final round. Group A Criminal From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart Invitation Just Luv Me Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know Can’t Make You Love Me Group B ...Baby One More Time Tik Tik Boom How I Roll Hot As Ice Seal It With A Kiss (Drop Dead) Beautiful Everybody
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    The way we won I'd be honored
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    Shall we add you to the Wonhoes Stan list, Ms @Tomás Lucky. My phone sucks ass and the internet speed here in my country is really shitty. #ThridWorldProblems....
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    He's said to be releasing another before the end of 2020
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    top 20 niche album that was released purely for her dedicated fan base & a #1 best selling book. On top of this AIWFCIY will soon be playing in your house, in your car, at your mall, your favourite restaurant... and topping charts globally
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    Loved his album!
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    Magic - Michelle Buzz, Daniel Heløy Davidsen, Peter Wallevik, Teemu Brunila - 4:10 Miss a Thing - Kylie Minogue, Ally Ahern, Brunila, Nico "Stadi" Hartikainen - 3:56 Real Groove - Minogue, Alida Gaprestad, Brunila, Hartikainen - 3:14 Monday Blues - Minogue, Lisle Campbell, Maegan, Cottone, Daniel Shah, Skylar Adams - 3:09 Supernova - Minogue, Cottone, Adams - 3:17 Say Something - Minogue, Jonathan Green, Ash Howes, Richard "Biff" Stannard - 3:32 Last Chance - Minogue, Cottone, Adams - 3:03 I Love It - Minogue, Stannard, Duck Blackwell - 3:50 Where Does the DJ Go? - Minogue, Shah, Adams, Kiris Houston - 3:01 Dancefloor Darling - Minogue, Campbell, Cottone, Adams - 3:12 Unstoppable - Fiona Bevan, Troy Miller - 3:34 Celebrate You - Minogue, Cottone, Shah, Adams - 3:41 Till You Love Somebody - Minogue, Campbell, Adams, Brunila Fine Wine - Minogue, Cottone, Adams Hey Lonely - Minogue, Cottone, Adams Spotlight - Minogue, Shah, Houston, Adams tracklist with credits and lengths!
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    Ummm... it's NOT an album full of new songs
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    if you listen to Ice Cream Cake you'll see how serious of a matter it is!
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    I'm going to pass on that one. He's beautiful, but his songs aren't it for me. His voice IS really great, though!
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    you stan nct i don't think you can be dragging others for being limpy!
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    my first world problems are more... annoying than necessary
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    You are the one complaining about Mariah not being a "good" person. You do it on here. On Youtube, twitter etc. Everywhere you seem to think you are the God that judges who is good and who is bad. You dedicate your time to attack an artist you don't like while complaining that Mariah isn't a nice person. Did you take a look at your own attitude darling?
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    she confirmed the tracklist: Magic Miss a Thing Real Groove Monday Blues Supernova Say Something Last Chance I Love It Where Does the DJ Go? Dancefloor Darling Unstoppable Celebrate You Till You Love Somebody Fine Wine Hey Lonely Spotlight
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    The fact he spends more time naming everything he hates about Mariah rather than focusing on his favs. And he thinks he can talk about anybody being or not being a nice person when he is full of hatred.