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    @fab @Kristina @Moira O'Hara @Ghostface @Urbanov @Billie Frank @SeekingThrill @Gabe. @mylifelies @STJ Sorry gorls, I basically had a mental breakdown and couldn't deal with life for a while There's absolutely no way I could even contemplate hosting this again until I'm more stable Hope you're all well and it was fun while it lasted
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    Luckily we don't need Metacritic to decide what we like o rnot!
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    Jesus Christ, the overdramatics from just using GIFs when this forum is gif-oriented. The complainings have gotten to my nerves, tbh. If you all want me to quit this forum, I'll do it. For fuck's sakes, all the whining and bitching just about a gif-usage, yeah you're all super funny with your lame ass gifs.
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    Petition for The Weeknd and Ariana to do a joined album because those vocals on off the table ended me
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    @Shego @Ghostface @Honest Vocal Couch Potato @Billie Frank @SeekingThrill
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    This is why I couldn't leave this place, you guys crack me up. I'm back... and ignore my mini breakdown and erase it from your memory.
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    Not anymore. Y'all bullied them out of it.
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    I just realized that the artist section icons are different to the stan badges and suddenly this now drives me crazy.
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    just like magic just like magic middle finger to my thumb and then I snap it 💫👌🏻
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    Tbh, not for me. Positions is pretty much what I expected a new Ariana album to be, it just happened to be super bland and stale.
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    I enjoyed the vibe of the album a lot more than tun personally. It's more mature, vocals are point, and the production is great. I totally get it if people are disappointed though, it feels like more of a grower than any of her other albums.
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    More like she reads FOTP and stole my idea. I'll forgive her cuz its a bop tho. Hoe you're fine now! I can send you more Greek bops that will make you feel even worse better! The way i stopped using them when you left since you were the only that liked them. Now we have @Billie Frank and @Honest Vocal Couch Potato spamming Honest Vocal Roach gifs instead.
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    Yeah and all the gays turning their accounts to only fans ads is kinda annoying too
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    I think November is the last chance for R9 in 2020 but honestly can’t see it happening
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    Wow, now I AM appalled! I think those are still somewhat listenable, and Disturbia just aged TERRIBLY
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    Especially when 200 is the absolute exception
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    Yeah, we had a great run so far tbh. But now I'm just kinda done with it... As much as I enjoyed it, when no one cares it's just not worth it.
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    The 200 posts rule was cute for few months, but at this point is just annoying
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    It's actually hilarious how most sections are inhabited by one person at the moment. Me posting in the Ellie section is honestly the biggest ghost town.
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    That's why we aren't a couple anymore and I cheated with @Max
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    Couple goals. @Entea and @Royalty can’t relate
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    I just wanna set you on fire
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    Not, this was just a bait to get you here
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    you gave H&M background music a higher note than this? repent!
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    #RoyaltyRates: positions - 10/10
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    Editting my rate as we speak (jk jk jk)
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    Some bizarre HoW threads can occur once in a while tho! Ask @Chris Morlock
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    I was trying to figure out what a r*pe lounge would be and why you guys would spam in it it was a short but very weird ride
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    Sweetener is her best, what are you smoking right now?
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    The irony of this coming from a Katy Perry stan
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    imagine going from TUN to this deserves below 50
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    It's her best album so I'd expect just that
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    I was very sceptical when people who listened to leak said it’s bad/boring/bland but all of them have different top 3 songs on the album. To me it was nothing but an indicator that album is great. Happened to be true
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    We stan an Obama and gay-rights supporting liberal legend
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    Mature is key word for this album. For sure. It's easily her most vocally mature album, at the very least.
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    I agree with the first statement BUT think Sam's album is actually decent. The title track especially is stunning.
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    AMAZING album! this shit is definitely going #1! top three right now are POV, obvious, and just like magic!