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    Not twitter stand thinking Madonna died instead of Maradona
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    When she submits Side B for AOTY again in 2022 and ends up winning AOTY twice for FN
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    abel 0 nominations? i- literal mental illness
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    I swear, when this popped up on my phone from my news alert I almost had a heart attack because I read it as Madonna. I was NOT having that. Also: RIP
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    This is precisely the reason why I ( and I assume everyone else interested ) aniticipates these re-recordings: because of her sounding a little bit more tweaked than at the time when she had been recording them for the first time. This is actually not very bad case after all, because her first albums being more polished can only further improve them vocally/sonically. She is definitely re-recording whole catalogue ( first five albums ), but it does seem she is meddling with her singles and/or hits primarily.
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    To be fair most people try and speak without an accent when speaking to someone who clearly isn't from the area. Anyway, Scotland is also the first country in the world to have a LGBTQ+ inclusive school Curriculum. https://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/article/scotland-lgbtq-school-curriculum
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    It's kinda what I don't like about Dua.. I guess it's because I'm a Taylor stan and I'm used to all the ~mystery~ and ~crypticism~, but omg NOTHING is ever a secret with her. Like we know things like months and months in advance. Nothing is exciting anymore
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    NOT everyone reading Madonna RIP...he is a legend in his field.
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    Thankfully, Madonna is alive and well. Even at 62, I have no doubt in my mind that she can still beat my ass if she wanted to.
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    Oh, he is getting more than money with Lorde..
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    CFN is such a strong body of work. People just didn’t understand it but it was literally an album you could create a faux club at your house because it is meant to be listened that way . It’s so cohesive and The Blessed Madonna did a good job at mixing it all together.
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    Omg imagine if she made Enchanted even better.. THE ABSOLUTE COLLAPSE!
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    I can't wait to hear new versions of Delicate, I Know Places, I Wish You Would and Enchanted
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    We love a pop Queen, that was said to be a one-hit wonder, be a success!
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    Awesome. I can't wait to hear tracks from 1989, Red and Speak Now
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    Justin: yeah you got that yummy-yum, that yummy-yum, that yummy-yummy, yummy-yummy Grammys:
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    Well, it has been heavily suggested that it could be him. Also, actors did well enough when it comes to nominations from what I have managed to see: Meryl Streep, Renée Zellweger, Joe.
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    @Ghostface, sorry hun, your time has come, it was a good run for Chromatica, I hope you will enjoy your time back on Planet Chromatica with all the glories of its shroom and weed inducing high songs. @patience darling, looks like nobody wants @Mariah Carey for Xmas. Let me know if you wanna come back into the game. Round 20 Eviction Nominator: Randomized @Bionic-AHHH! cannot vote for 3 rounds. Please vote for 1 artist below who you want OUT: Britney or Wonho or Troye Sivan Note: Since there are only 6 players left, no perks can be used except for Comeback Queen.
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    Labels and management teams are to blame too, forcing the stereotype by willingly submit said albums in said categories.
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    I mean he kind of has a point, if he was black it would've been put under the R&B categories...
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    Perhaps but it means everyone has access to sanitary products to keep them safe. Scotland offers free Higher educationto its citizens, there's also lots of things on the NHS that you have to pay for in England/Wales that are free here.
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    It's so random, but then again there are countries that offer free higher education
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    I only know this song-> It’s a cover, but still 🙌🏻
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    It's SO clear that something super shady is going on behind the scenes for years now. They need to fess up and stop ignoring the elephant in the room. I'm ready for the drama and mess to come out of this, because it needs to be brought up.
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    Omg not this actually getting him to get on Twitter and tweet he's right to tho
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    Looks like Ms @Madonna doesn't like the resident third grader of the forum.
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    Singers nowadays are too obsessed with charts, awards, acclaim, #1s, sales etc, it's sad. And the fans are too obsessed "bullying" the awards on twitter for not nominating their fave.
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    Does this mean she's recording her Greatest Hits or the whole catalogue ?
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    I just noticed her hair were a little bit orange in the video.
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    Multiple personalities confirmed.
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    You do know England has loads of accents too. Almost every town/city in the UK has a different accent. When Andy Murray wins he's British, when he looses he's Scottish, funny how it works in the eyes of the English.
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    Lose You To Love Me deserved Best Pop Solo Performance and BLACKPINK deserved Best New Artist. That's really about it. These are reasonable expectations. No one was expecting Rare to get nominated for AOTY or Ice Cream to get nominated for SOTY/ROTY. Anyone expecting any more are just stans being overly optimistic.
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    Ellie #1 section, literally no surprises here
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    Because people are tasteless. On Our Way is amazing.