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  1. The Edge of Glory is such a masterpiece and no one can tell me otherwise!
    10 points
  2. I have officially stanned Gaga since 2010! Lady Gaga = queen of pop
    8 points
  3. Trump has tried to get around his lifetime ban 9 times tonight, in four hours. Nine
    8 points
  4. Looks like my Spell I made about Trump failing on his Inaguration Day years ago here on FOTP worked
    7 points
  5. How did the Trump presidency even happen? I can't recall. It seems so ridiculous to see a President of a nation acts like he does now that his foolishness is getting him punished.
    4 points
  6. Omw to @Billie Frank's crib! Open your damn door, queen! We have to celebrate!!
    3 points
  7. I have officially re-stanned Gaga! Cumtractor for album of the year.
    3 points
  8. My sleep schedule is a fucking trainwreck I cant fall asleep until 5 am and I just took a 4 hour nap
    2 points
  9. Are you lost or incomplete? Do you feel like a puzzle, you can't find your missing piece?
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  10. faggots let me hear y’all make some noise
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  11. I can't believe The Pussycat Dolls made a comeback in order to tour and then covid hit
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