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    Katy x Pokémon The way I won.
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    Exactly, she was one of the loudest celebrities at the beginning of the pandemic telling people to stay at home and whatnot.. and now she's just going on a world tour This has been going on for a while, I'm surprised people didn't call her out on it earlier. It's one of the main reasons why I haven't stanned her actually. Like I absolutely love her but her actions in the past 6 months or so has pissed me off
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    Do I sit this one out and wait for the next life? Am I too cold? Am I not nice?
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    What is this and why is it real?
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    Don't know the origin but this fan cover is cute af. One of my fave photos from the era too.
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    Unlike Trumpet Madonna probably saved more lives than he ever will
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    This song got so fucking slept on. I gotta be honest I really didn't think there was gonna be a tasteful way to write about the pandemic while we're in the middle of it and I was waiting for someone to try it and fall flat on their face. But goddamn if she didn't nail it here. Drawing the comparisons between literal war of WWII in the first verse and the more abstract war that front line workers are waging right now in the second verse was a really brilliant stroke of writing, even for Taylor. It really applies imagery to the pandemic that I think really helps emphasize just how hellish it is. And it manages to do all of this without being overdramatic and cheesy like it really could've been. It's not one of the most melodically memorable songs on the album but lyrically, thematically, and musically I think it's really up there with the best cuts off of folklore. I'd even be willing to say it's one of the most purely chilling, haunting, and dark songs in her entire discography and for that alone I think it deserves WAY more than it's gotten from fans.
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    it'll be as big of a serve as electricity and you will deal
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    Well if they drop a reference to that UGLEE song then I hope this upcoming song is at the very least actually good!
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    it's called referencing a grammy award winning song!
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    Another electricity theme? Girl can they come up with something NEW
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    i've seen the 22nd mentioned and it would make sense since i don't think they're doing this in 2 days
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    mhm my collapse will have a release date then!
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    I mean, that's very probable tbh. Mark did say that he's been working on several songs a while back I think
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    Why would anyone look at these photos and think "she must be pregnant"??? EDIT: I did not see all the baby themed emojis
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    thenewloveclub.com they might be releasing an ep or something with this song?
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    Oh I already requested for a merge oop! The snippet sounds INCREDIBLE btw
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    giggling, but at least i have the Ellie section thread! i'm already living for the snippet
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    I- again but YES!!!!!! If it sounds anything like Late Night Feelings..
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    the snippet leads you to New Love by Silk City & Ellie Goulding in Shazam!
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    it's what covidua deserves, as much as i stan
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    1.) It will obviously not be a trial to remove — but it will be crucial to do it to prevent Trump from holding Federal Office again. 2.) A conviction will strip Trump of his protections and his salary.
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    Only president in US history to be impeached twice ✅ Only president in US history to be impeached in his first term ✅ Only president in US history to be impeached with bipartisan support ✅
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    We need a new game, or this section's getting axed. Also, not everyone ignoring my New Year's message.
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    Blocking anyone who not gives out a 10.
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    Ikr like Rina and Chole x Halle deserve this kind of success so much why can't they get famous on tiktok too
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    Bon Iver (2011), Phoebe Bridgers (2017, 2020), First Aid Kit (2014) come to mind.
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    I stan BTMYH and the video. I'm not sure if that candid works for the cover though, reminds of her face in For the Record in the Circus video saying I fucking hate waiting The back art is stun though.
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    I just realised the guitar in Brooklyn Baby sounds a little bit like the one in Teenage Dream
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    You have also written well enough why it is memorable among her other songs - pulling parallels between two decimating events and connecting past and present through their grim characteristics is what is the best thing about epiphany. Not to mention lines like "Only 20 minutes to sleep, but you dream of some epiphany; just one single glimpse of relief to make some sense of what you've seen".
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    Both video and song are pretty solid and mesmerizing. I like subtle gradation up to the bridge when sound gets softly blurred and starts meshing with her voice in a more chaotic manner. Also, her interpretation style has gotten so articulate and captivating over the years and this kind of soundscape really puts light on it. Wicked and broken suburbia of Ultraviolence meeting surf/soft rock vibes of Norman Fuck!ng Rockwell dressed in 50s style is what I am mostly getting and I enjoy it.
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    everything is alright at Gabe residence i am listening to A SINGER i however understand there is a possibility you might not recognize one as i am looking at your profile picture as we speak. thanks for posting in my hit thread!
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    Happy New Year y'all. May 2021 bring us an actually productive year Xtina-wise.