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  1. I'm currently on a Demi Lovato listening experience; reconnecting with her music to remember why I once fell in love with her. The Don't Forget album is playing, and my God what an exciting time it was when I first listened to this album back in 2013. Not to mention that Lovatics were also waiting for the release of the eponymous album. I think my heart breaks again remembering those days because she's been through so much yet she remains strong to this day. Despite everybody's dislikes of her and her music nowadays, when you have a free time, please try to listen to her albums pre-Confid
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  6. @Urbi u know the addy. Pull up anytime. Say it to my face. But if I were you- I wouldn’t.
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  7. Finally listened to that new Zara Larsson album....sounds like it should have come out in 2017
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  9. Light mode on this forum in a nutshell:
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  11. Help Marina and the diamonds fans... Um so someone on Instagram asked me if I remember watching a behind the scenes video of the music video for Mowglis Road and it’s not on YouTube, Vimeo or random Chinese video sites. Idk if I’m going crazy or if I and this guy did indeed watched that behind the scenes video. Does anyone remember it? I’m not a big believer of the Mandela Effect but lmao this is what it feels like
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  12. Call me Buffy with the body I just slipped into my savage and come over like a walkie My fish like Takamaki, like a side of me with saké So I put it in my mouth and suck it out like edamame, yeah
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  14. Just posted ANOTHER cover for Chemtrails Over the Country Club and y'all should check it out
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  15. im trying to make artwork for Ava Max and i cant find hq photoshoot pics
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  16. 2019 📸 Christian Vermaak
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  17. Nicki Minaj naming her new song Yikes is the most appropriate thing
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