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  1. Event idea: drinking Black Irish with all the Lambily on Discord
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  2. Today 3 years ago I went to see Britney in Antwerp Honestly, a childhood dream coming true.
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  3. Something kinda ooh, Jumping on my toot-toot Something inside of me, Wants some part of you oo-ooh Something kinda ooh, Makes my heart go boom boom Something inside of me, Wanting what you do oo-ooh
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  6. I get what you’re saying about the visuals but it seems that she shot this cover separate since this shoot was only included in the Spotify videos I believe and she does have the red ring on. I honestly love the cover for Red it’s actually my fav cover of all her albums now. I was a little disappointed with Fearless having that heavy Sepia filter over it. Also, I’m a little disappointed all the album booklets are just gonna be your photos. I have seen some gorgeous fan made covers on the internet hopefully she will be inspired by some of those. Here are two examples in obsessed with.
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  7. I'm so excited for the vault songs and the re-recorded tracks but I just hate the imagery so far for this. There's just something off about it. The style isn't right and like the coloring isn't either. She had Fearless spot on. But everything for Red so far just doesn't feel right to me. It feels like she's just repurposing an Evermore photoshoot, and I really don't like that? I know most people won't care about the visuals so what does it matter. But I've definitely lowered my expectations for the rest of the re-recorded albums tbh.
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  8. Well the point of the deluxe editions is to deliver more songs. In Madonna's case that was a bad idea during the 2010s, because most of the bonus songs sucked. Or a great song was on a deluxe edition, while a bad song was on a standard edition. The thing many tend to ignore is Madonna who didn't have a vision. Yes, she wanted to have two sides of the album, but that was just a concept for presentation of the album's substance. Madonna was productive and that was great, but she got caught up. Instead of being selective and focusing on finishing only great songs, she was makin
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  9. You can't get rid of Illuminati, it wouldn't be a Madonna album without at least one song about a boomer conspiracy theory.
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