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  1. Literally though what is with all these new rude as fuck members?
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  2. I honestly love it here, thanks for all the love and support everyone, hope you are having a lovely day/night!
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  4. What the fuck Charli omg I did not give you permission to slay me with this song
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  5. Can you please start being respectful?
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  6. If you're new then, be respectful and whatever you type or say to someone is your responsibility, so please be thoughtful as you've upset some long term members.
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  7. You can fuck off if I'm being rude. I've never said one word to you.. stop sending people shit about me! ( no one here!)
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  8. Kings and Queens and Presidents Ministers of Governments Welcome to the future of your world Through talking heads that took liberties The monkeys learnt to build machines They think they'll get to heaven through the universe They say nothing Deny everything And make counter accusations My friends, my dear, my love, my God There'll be trouble when the Kids come out....
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  9. So I had no idea Marvin Gaye was a whole abuser. I've loved and championed that man's music for the longest time. I guess there is truth to the whole "doing good things doesn't make you a good person". I am however, thankful to those who brought it to my attention. Will not be streaming his music anymore.
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  10. I hate you um and you hate me to
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