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    being raped is NEVER EVER your fault. i am so sorry you had to go through this and please don't be sorry to anybody about telling your story. as terrible as this seems, you will come out stronger on the other side and you will make it through this, i know it. if you ever have the courage, go talk to someone, whether it to be just to let it off your chest, or the police. get this terrible man off the streets before he can go for anyone else. he needs to be prosecuted for what he did to you, and i'm sure there will be someone you can find to help you put him away, and to help you get through this. once again, this was never and will never be your fault. do not ever blame yourself for this and please take care of yourself. never be ashamed if you need to talk to someone else, or to vent to someone. if you cant find anyone around you irl, im always here to listen and try and offer advice. please stay safe and always take care of yourself, thats always the most important <3
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    I just came across this. As Entea said, you don't owe any of us anything to begin with, therefore you shouldn't apologize for not telling us this story first-hand. I'm sorry for what happened to you, but I think you really should consider sharing this to your psychologist who'll probably do a better job than us to help you heal/deal with this trauma. We love you and admire your openness about the struggles you've been facing. <3
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    I'm so sorry that this has happened to you. You had no idea that this guy would be a rapist so don't go blaming yourself for feeling wanted. I know it's hard to tell anyone right now but in time this will get easier, especially the more times you speak up about it. You're one of the strongest and most bravest person I know, you'll get through this. There's no need to apologize for not telling me, although you should know that, I'll always be here if you need someone to talk to. I love you bbe
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    I am so so sorry that this happened to you. Rape is never your fault, and you deserve to be heard. I'm sending you so much love.
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    don't be sorry we care and were always here to listen! im so so sorry about all of this. have you thought about maybe copy and pasting this into a email or showing this post to your psychologist maybe it'll be easier ? we love you!! pls stay safe
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    You don't need to say sorry for anything. This is something you need to say when you are ready to, like you did today. I don't have anything much to say other than that we care about you.
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    Let us get one thing straight, sis, it is not your fault I understand why you haven't charges because, let's face it, the justice system when it comes to rape isn't amazing and the stress of the scrutiny must be awful. However, you deserve much better than to drown your sorrows. I think talking to your therapist would be a good first step as you could probably do with a professional objective opinion right now. I hope they will also help you to come to terms with it. Kissing him and buying him a drink makes sense given the circumstances. You have smart instincts and I'm glad that you used them to GTFO of the awful situation. But what are your instincts telling you now? To speak to your therapist? To talk to the police? It's easy to fall down the drink and (I assume) drugs route, but that will not help you in the long run. I'm sure there are online support groups available for things like this, as (judging by the post), talking about it to absolute strangers might be beneficial for you.
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    I just read this, rape is never your fault. I am really sorry for you and if you need someone to talk to my PM is open
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    Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Rape is a traumatic experience and You can PM Me If you need some support
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    Tbh it was difficult to not just include everything from BotW. I love a lot of the Divine Beast dungeon themes, as well! It was getting a little difficult to narrow it down to 30, haha. I think Rito Village was a fantastic theme and I loved the callback to Dragon Roost Island as well – although I would consider them different enough not to include them on the same ranking. There was a lot from BotW that I had to spare for some other themes. To be honest it was both intentional and unintentional, lol. I'm not too familiar with all of the boss themes, so I was sticking with the general "level" or "area" themes of the game. For some reason I sort of categorize the boss themes differently (or I'm just not as attached to them). I'm a huge fan of the Calamity Ganon themes from BotW. I can easily go back and make an exclusively "Boss Theme" list! That could be fun. This list was already getting heavy, haha.
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    Legendary! Surprised you didn’t mention Rito Village containing a callback to Dragon Roost Island’s theme. When I found out about that, it just made me love both themes even more. Did you intentionally not include boss themes? Those are always incredible, but the way Blizzeta’s theme transitions into a straight up BOP will never not be iconic.
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    Midna's Lament being so low personally hurts me, but I can agree with ZL being #1. It's simply iconic in every way possible. If I were to make a ranking, I think my #1 by far would be Vah Ruta's battle theme. Everything about it is amazing.
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    Tea. I'm waiting for your next BG thread to end this peace.