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    Something bout lonely nights and my lipstick on your face
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    I love it I only own her first three albums. All of them from Japan of course
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    I plan to do this for some other faves too. I have some ideas for Mariah Carey.
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    @Nocturn I literally hate myself. I actually was so gullible and so dumb and pathetic to believe everything up to this point: I even said to myself "wait a minute I know What A Feeling, it's sang by another girl..... Donna Summers? Did madonna release another version like how Disney movies had the movie version and single version of songs? maybe..... Omg MADGE WON AN OSCAR???? WTF!!!!!!! HOW IS THIS NOT USED IN BG'S TO DRAG GAGA??!! And now I know why Madge and Cyndi hate each other.... they had their own Mickey Mouse Club situation with their old band". It wasn't until I saw u mention Hard Candy as an album in the 80's that I knew I was punk'd. Good job, Ashton. The reason why I easily believed is because I considered the source, and you're usually serious when making threads/blog entries, I would've never thought it was a joke.