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    Omg I can imagine how nerve wracking this is!! My best friend @SCHEIBE MONSTER is having this done in June!!
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    @#Music @Royale @Kuba @blankdreams. @GLORY @Royalty @Hannah @Sylk @Taylor @Hyun. @Courtney Love @Daenerys @Maraj Tagging everyone who expressed interest, or who I think might be interested. Spread the word and tell your friends, because I don't think many people even know that this is happening!
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    Omg thx so much for sharing this with us! I'm very excited for you. Being obese really isn't a bad thing but if it's keeping you from feeling comfortable in your skin, then this is probably the best solution for you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well and that the sacrifices you are about to make will have the results you are hoping for! Maybe send some before and after pics too! I would be really interested in watching your progress. Anyway, all the best of luck!
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    See what happens when you don't give Sylk his Wendy emotes? He moves on to large ass Wendy jpg reaction images.
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    God forbid someone call Madonna old, when Taylor is getting called a white supremacist and a nazi. The double standard is all too real.
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    Academy Awards here I come!
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    Thank you so much for the support legends I'm doing this absolutely for myself, but messages like these give me a lot of courage and a good feeling thank you so much <3
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    First of all thank you for sharing. You have obviously been working hard for a long time and have reached a decision about what you want to do. I hope that everything goes smoothly and that the recovery is fast. You will be fine
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    It sounds like you're making a lot of sacrifices, but it obviously will make your life so much better! I'm so happy you felt comfortable talking about this and wish you so much luck for your surgery.
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    Oh really? O my God, I didn't know that! Well it really is nerve wrecking. And everytime I have these strange thoughts. I really want this you know, but when I think about the surgery itself, I feel so sad and like "Why am I doing this?" but I know I'm doing this for myself, and I need to keep looking at the future, but sometimes it's kinda hard.
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    Yes just look at her omg she just LOOKS like a bitch
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    I would like to make it clear that I have no association with Sylk
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    We'll miss you king! Hurry back so you can rot here 24/7 like the rest of us!
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    @Hylia @Hannah. @Aidan. @Skyline @Hyun. @Maraj @Juinae @Diamond @Kali @Dr. Slay @#Music @Hermione @Coca-Cola @Skywalker @Royale ya'll didn't upvote the op and neither commented what is the truth
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    I hope everything goes well and you have speedy recovery
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    The important thing is that you're doing it for yourself, and not for anyone else. Of course you're going to be nervous because it's a life changing experience for you, however you shouldn't worry too much about it. I'm sure everything will turn out fine! I wish you all the best and you should definitely keep us updated!
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    i hope everything goes well and the recovery is fast so you can get your confidence back sooner
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    I am so honored and privileged to be a apart of your life and for you to share this I'm glad you're making the choice that you wanted and not someone else's. I have no experience with this sorta thing because I've always have had a super fast metabolism but I know people you have had it done and they've really been happy with it. My aunt was overweight after having 2 kids and she recently got it done with her mom and they both have been the slimmest I've seen them. I am here for you and hope everything goes alright! (It's on my birthday so it's def going to be a long day for both of us ). Love you lots sis
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    I know right I really should go to sleep now, but when I go to sleep, I'm starting to think about it and overthinking keeps on killing me I take melatonin pills to fall asleep easier but they're really shitty my stomace starts aching from them
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    btw sweetie you have to start getting more sleep though Don't stress too much about it! You need to stay absolutely healthy and restful for this!! So try to get as much sleep as possible!!
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    You're so brave to share this with us Royalty! If you've consulted with your GP and you're absolutely sure about doing this then you have nothing be nervous about! Everything will go smoothly and you'll get the results you're hoping for! Good luck! Keep us updated! You're already a skinny legend to me btw <3 Sending lots of love and support <3 <3
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    omggg what V is one of my fave characters this is great
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    this was fantastic so I'm related to Hylia?
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    Let me read in a little bit! Really excited for this one!
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    Me waiting for you to contact me
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    Professor Aidan and Sylk AFFAIR! The Principal has a thing for Sylk? Kali, Joel Hylia have something going on. Cody and Hyun smiled at eachother. SOMEONE is pregnant. and SOMEONE IS DEAD. See you next week on The Life & Times of Nudes! Sylkonda Rhimes OUT!
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    I forgot to add "Shaking Wendy Jpg" omg
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    Your term ends a day before my birthday, and coincidentally my semester ends that same day. You will be missed though, hopefully May 12th can arrive sooner!
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    Way too young I'm only 22 and I'm the youngest of the group I'm doing this with
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    SCREAMING at Kali's pic Isn't that Taylor's mom?
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    I put in that audio clip for you cause i know you don't like to read and you would just come in here and drop a tl;dr and exit
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    I knew my liking of Rainbow would probably be the most "controversial" thing on here I've always liked it a lot, and it was one of the first albums of hers I listened to in full and I don't quite get why people don't like it. I think Obsessed is funny and at least has a slightly different sound from the rest of the mundane album I can actually stomach Charmbracelet, I'll listen to a couple songs again, but idk, I mostly find it boring. Which is why I like You Got Me, cause it sounds more like Boy (I Need You), although the guy who's not Jay Z has one of the worst guest verses I've ever heard on that song Emotions is so underrated People always say it's her worst and they're so wrong MIAM was top 4 I'm sorry your taste is shit