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    I love some of your picks, glad to see JoJo at the #1 spot Fantastic fucking album. Kind of want to make one myself
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    @Max P!nk is done and Kelly
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    I think Lisa on Ice has one of the best endings to any episode, in that it's simultaneously very sweet with Bart and Lisa remembering the good times in their relationship and also extremely hilarious with Homer's reaction that "they're both losers" and the ensuing riot "If you get eaten, it's your own fault" is also one of the funniest sequences
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    I felt fake having never played The Last Of Us, so I bought the game this week to play! Also bought God Of War (which I'm like 30% through at the moment) as well as Horizon Zero Dawn. Will be getting Animal Crossing first thing Friday
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    ...it came out a month ago? How quick are you in judging an album?
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    Oh no. I'm just putting these remixes together. Some of them are rare. The only ones I made were in the 1989 megamix . Anyway Thank you
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    16. Mr. Plow (S4 E09) 15. Treehouse of Horror V (S6 E06) 14. Lemon of Troy (S6 E24) The 1-2-3 punch of ICONIC. Wig flew.
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    those two have a special place in my heart, especially the lyrics
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    the first 11 of my playlist are like my top favs atm so you could start with that?
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    I really don't care for Ari's music so I will never know
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    katy is done and im doing Ariana now. ill do those two when im finished Ariana
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    The Janet, Ariana, Gaga, Shakira, Beyoncè, Dua Lipa, Hilary Duff and Ciara megamixes are AMAZING!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Also the Chromatica, Future Nostalgia megamixes are 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 You always do an amazing job!!! Next can you do a Britney one, a Pink one, an MJ one, an Usher one, a Kylie one, a Madonna one, a destinys child one, an Avril one, an Xtina one, a Whitney one and a Jason Derulo one.
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    Represent My December
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    I say her best 5 are Circus In The Zone Blackout Glory Femme Fatale
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    The whole episode has so many good scenes. this has to be one of my all time favorite jokes it’s so dumb but so funny
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    Whenever Bart breaks his hard self exterior I weep, especially when it’s for Lisa
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    The Secret War of Lisa Simpson was another one that has a nice ending with them, with Bart cheering her on knowing the other cadets will all hate him for it. One character pairing I wish they would do more of is Bart and Maggie. It has happened with the occasional gag or minor side story, but considering how many episodes have been centered around every other two caharacters within the family it seems untapped to me As far as I know, those two have never had so much as one A-story together - Lisa and Maggie isn't huge either but at least there's a couple episodes.
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    Honestly Lisa and Bart's relationship is so wonderful – in that episode and in many others. I always adore when they work together/team-up rather than constantly being combative. The Simpsons knew how to juggle character relationships really well.
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    I'll have to go back and check the others, but I know I also love Bart's Comet and Lisa on Ice.
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    The way some have like 500 and others have like 2 SENDS me Particularly the PS4 having six. I have like 25+ games but at least 2/3rd I hardly played (some I haven't even opened)
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    Sweetener over tun? Animal alone over the 2x disc reissue Animal + Cannibal?
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    I need to check Nelly's newer albums.
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    Something bout lonely nights and my lipstick on your face
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    I own them all Physically except the Kacey Musgrave's album and the Michael one. I only own Billie Jean
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    What's with the Japanese deluxe editions? Do they have more tracks in them?
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    Wow you have ao many physical stuff
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    I plan to do this for some other faves too. I have some ideas for Mariah Carey.
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    @TattooedHeart Ray of Light is closer to Light Years. -> Pure Electronica. Impossible Princess is more of an American Life (or Music). -> Both underrated (according to both fanbases), very much acquired taste and experimental. They also have more of a folk/country meets electronica vibe. Impossible Princess, just like American Life was a very controversial period in Kylie's life. She flopped and was subject to mockery by the media. It's pretty much the same scenario. Then, Light Years came and she made a triumphant return. Impossible Princess also simply isn't on Ray of Light's level. Ray of Light might be experimental but it's very accessible and has been embraced by fans AND non-fans.
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    I first assumed it meant >>>>>> aka all those albums were superior, so I was like "Bitch is getting blocked, reported, eliminated, deported" This is actually so accurate, I love it. I'd add X to either MDNA or Confessions, since it's got the electronica going.
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    Interesting that Obsessed was one of the only songs from Memoirs you didn't trash, that song is actually one of my least favourites from the album, it made me hate the album for a while You Got Me is one of my least favourites from Charmbracelet actually Lullaby is basically a The Roof 2.0 so I'm surprised you didn't mention it. I'm glad that Emotions got the love that it deserves One Sweet Day is okay but it's nothing special and it isn't deserving of being a 16 week #1
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    Top 3 is perfect Although Charmbracelet >>> E=MC2 And Rainbow needs to be lower (like last or second last) However I'm glad you dragged that overrated Memoirs album