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    I don't know who of you will read this. I am posting this on another forum too, where some people of this forum go too, and it would seem fair that I share my story here too. Maybe this is also a little bit for myself? I have been in a really bad place these past few weeks and maybe writing this off will help me with my healing process? I am also sorry to all of my friends on here, especially to the royal squad. I'm sorry that I was never able to tell you guys. But I just can't. Trigger warning! Do not read this if you are sensitive to explicit stuff. So yeah, I'm really REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry for putting up this facade. What I want now, is that you don't treat me differently, like I'm some kind of doll or something. Because I am not. I just needed a place to write this down I guess.
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    100. Happy now? (if someone else is saying it) 99. Word to the wise 98. Above and beyond 97. On pins and needles 96. Keep your chin up 95. Son of a gun 94. As good as done 93. When God closes a door, he opens a window 92. May lightning strike me 91. Lose your marbles 90. Crafty as a fox 89. Says you! 88. To the ends of the Earth 87. Wine and dine 86. Twenty three skidoo 85. Shooting fish in a barrel 84. Bob's your uncle 83. Where did I go wrong? 82. Hit the road 81. Pardon my French 80. A walk down memory lane 79. There's no such thing as a free lunch 78. In his/her heyday 77. Show them the ropes 76. Need I say more? 75. Are we having fun yet? 74. You can't take it with you 73. Lightning in a bottle 72. Find your feet 71. Sleep like a baby 70. Weather the storm 69. Walk a mile in my shoes 68. All's fair in love and war 67. Crocodile tears 66. Knock my socks off 65. Shoot for the moon 64. Bust my hump 63. When it rains, it pours 62. Throw like a girl 61. Long in the tooth 60. Use your loaf 59. What's the scoop? 58. The bigger they are, the harder they fall 57. Dead on my feet 56. Level with me 54. Writer's block 55. Hit the books 56. In the buff 55. Act a fool 54. Blood is thicker than water 53. Change your tune 52. This is how we do 51. Broaden your horizons 50. On fleek (unironically) 49. Early bird gets the worm 48. Indian giving 47. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach 46. Off their rocker 45. Flash in the pan 44. Bite off more than you can chew 43. Chow down 42. Eating out of my hand 41. You can't judge a book by its cover 40. Straight from the horse's mouth 39. Done dirty 38. Break a leg 37. Sell yourself short 36. Bring home the bacon 35. Home is where the heart is 34. Pig in a poke 33. Caught my fancy 32. Make mincemeat of 31. Raining cats and dogs 30. Wouldn't hurt a fly 29. No room to swing a cat 28. Waste of breath 27. I'll drink to that! 26. Haste makes waste 25. Hit the sack 24. Crying over spilt milk 23. Get it out of your system 22. Grind my gears 21. My cup runneth over 20. From rags to riches 19. A feast for the eyes 18. Down to brass tacks 17. Stick and stones 16. Cutting his/her teeth 15. Sick as a dog 14. Who's to say? 13. A blessing in disguise 12. On the reg 11. Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed 10. Third time's the charm 9. A little hard work never killed anybody 8. On the way 7. Hold your horses 6. A blessing in disguise 5. You can't have your cake and eat it too 4. I'm rubber, you're glue 3. It's a small world 2. Takes one to know one 1. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger
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    The Legend of Zelda series has birthed some of the most amazing music of any game series in history. This is my ranking for the 30 best musical tracks to come out of this magnificent story ~ The Legend of Zelda (1986) A Link to the Past (1991) Ocarina of Time (1998) The Wind Waker (2002) Twilight Princess (2006) Skyward Sword (2011) A Link Between Worlds (2013) Breath of the Wild (2017) 30 – 26 25 – 20 20 – 16 15 – 11 10 – 6 5 – 1
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    melanie martinez - k-12 (album review). following her 2015 debut, k-12 is melanie's first album in 4 long years, which have all been spent on this project. the album is 13 tracks long, representing kindergarten through 12th grade. i'll be reviwing this album track by track, and i hope you enjoy and please request albums you'd like for me to review! track I: wheels on the bus. this album begins with this happy, groovy tune, very reminiscent of the cry baby era, narrating melanie's bus ride to school. the highlight of this track, for me, is the second verse where melanie sings about passing around a blunt as the fellow kids on the bus go crazy around her. overall this is a very nice opener, setting a happy, campy beginning to the album, with a dreamy underrtone. rate: 9.5/10. track II: class fight. this track is darker than the previous one, describing a physical altercation between cry baby and a classmate. the production is very airy and child-ish until the chorus, bringing out a dark, downtempo narration of a fight with a class mare the repetition of the chorus is too much, but i do enjoy the verses a lot. rate: 8.5/10. track III: the principal. the listener's attention is immediately grabbed with the ringing of a phone, proceeding melanie singing about her principal over a very dramatic beat, changing at the chorus into an airy catchy, chorus, shaming the principal for every bad thing melanie write him to do. this one has grown on me a lot. rate: 9.5/10. track IV: show & tell. this track is eerie, dark perfection. melanie's voices glides across an instrumental i'd describe as a down-tempo carousel, singing about being used for another's self-gain and the down sides of fame. "show and tell. i'm on display for all you fuckers to see," melanie sings angrily. this is one of my favorites on the album. rate: 10/10. track V: nurse's office. my anticipation for this track, which was one of the first snippets released, was through the roof, and it didn't disappoint. if i had to choose any 'lead single', this would be it. this track is an instant classic, fitting in perfectly with melanie's music catalog. rate: 10/10. track VI: drama club. if i had to choose a least favorite track, this would be one of them. it feels like she just searched up 'melanie martinez type beat' on youtube and just sang over it. i think the lyrics are good, but them neither the production were strong enough to elevate this song to the same level of the others. rate: 7/10. track VII: strawberry shortcake: this pop banger is definitely an album standout. it's strong message and catchy synth-pop chorus make strawberry shortcake an essential listen for everyone, not just melanie lovers. rate: 10/10. track VIII: lunchbox friends. if you liked soap, off cry baby, you'll love this... but more. melanie sadly sings over a dark trap beat about fake friends, with a voice-deepener effect on the chorus, bringing together one of my favorite tracks on the record. rate: 10/10. track IX: orange juice. i have the same problem with this as i have with drama club, but this track is better. melanie sings about the topic bulimia and compares it to oranges being juiced. the house-ish piano production is an interesting touch. i don't have a huge problem with this track, but it's nothing special. rate: 8.5/10. track X: detention. i would describe this track is a spooky shape of you, but really good. this xylophone-like synth-led song is one of my favorites for so many reasons. one being, the creepy beats perfect, smooth transition into the sexy, slow chorus. rate: 10/10. track XI: teacher's pet: out of all tracks, this became my overall favorite. melanie usual. creepy alternative sound is met with a dark rock-ish bass, paired with lyrics describing melanie's friend's relationship with a teacher. i would describe this as a slower mad hatter or cake. the production on this one, as on all the tracks is amazing. rate: 10/10. track XII: high school sweethearts. this track starts with a slow, synth-accompanied intro, leading into a upbeat pop song, about a significant other during high school. melanie sings about what is required in a relationship with her and what she wants. rate: 9/10. track XIII: recess: recess is a weak closer for me because although it feels like the perfect closer, it's a bit enjoyable to me because of how child-ish and forcibly over-peppy it is. it pairs a happy instrumental with lyrics about not-letting bad things get to you. rate: 7/10. favorites: show & tell, lunchbox friends, detention, & teachers pet. least favorites: drama club & recess. overall review: .-12 is an enjoyable alternative pop album. it has a strong story and sense of cohesion but gets lost sometimes in it's cohesiveness, which starts to become just similarity. i'm talking about how similar the instrumentals sound in some tracks. despite this, i find myself enjoying the album a lot and excited for cry baby's next endeavor. overall rate: 92/100.