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    Since I'm constantly being misgendered here, let me make it clear. I am a MALE That is all
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    Like most people, coming out has been a timely process, and I'm just talking about preparing for it. I made a promise to myself two years ago that I would come out to my parents by the time I was 20. Here's the fun part. I turn 20 NEXT MONTH. It's not even about the goal anymore, but rather I feel that the time is coming. Today at an appointment with my psychiatrist, we got to talking about politics and particularly Donald Trump and his feud with Rosie O'Donnell. My psychiatrist was talking about Rosie's strained relationship with her daughter and wondered if her daughter might have homophobic tendencies, and I kinda blurted out "that's something I wanna talk to my parents about. Coming out". It was that moment that for the first time ever, I've told someone in real life that I'm gay. We talked a lot about coming out and she told me that from the times she's talked to my mom (my mom also sees her for other reasons) that my mom always seems proud of me and that she doesn't think that my parents will have a problem with it. She reassured me that no matter what my parents' initial reaction is, that things will will work out in the end. She was so supportive and I really feel like I've took a major step for myself and that I'm finally starting this journey I've wanted to start for a very long time now. I also must must thank all of you on FOTP. Being able to talk to all of you on here, I haven't felt alone with my sexuality considering I live in the Bible Belt. I hope that soon I'm able to post part 2 with my parents' reaction, and I hope that part 2 is filled with good news.
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    The Wendy Museum Presents.. Thanks to @Skyline who helped resize the gifs since the abnormal sizes of them were of inconvenience to a few! Here are all the Wendy Reaction Pics! + New ones at the end! Note: a few of the pics have been re-titled and the pics are arranged in alphabetical order! Annoyed Wendy Apologetic Wendy Beautiful Wendy Breakdown Wendy Bulging Eyes Tea Wendy Celebratory Wendy Confused Wendy Curious Wendy Deep Thought Wendy Disgusted Wendy Emotional Wendy Excited Hot Topics Wendy Explanatory Wendy Exhausted Wendy Fake Laugh Wendy Frantic Wendy Funny Wendy Glowing Wendy Hhmmph Wendy 2 Hhmmph Wendy 1 Hhmmph Wendy THE RE UP Holding Back Tears Wendy Laugh Wendy 2 Laugh Wendy Light Shady Smile Wendy Make Up Free Explanatory Wendy Make Up Free Laugh Wendy Monster Wendy 2 Monster Wendy Naive Wendy NonChalant Wendy Opp Wendy Patriotic Wendy Pre-SHOOK Wendy Receipts Wendy 2 Receipts Wendy Receipts Wendy 3 Schoolgirl Wendy Screeching Sound While Crying Wendy Shady Smile Wendy Shady Wendy Shady Wendy 2 Shady Wendy The RE UP Shaking Wendy Shocked Wendy 2 Shocked Wendy B&W Shocked Wendy SHOOK Wendy Smirk Wendy 2 Smirk Wendy Zoom In On The Food Smirk Wendy 1 Surprised Wendy TADA! Wendy 2 TADA! Wendy Tears Streaming Down The Cheeks Wendy Upset Wendy 2 Upset Wendy Weird Dance Wendy Weird Eyes Wendy Wendy Stare WenTEA 2 WenTEA 1 Wiping Tears Really Hard Wendy Wiping Tears Wendy thank you all <3
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    Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome to The Wendy Emote Museum Over the past year, the Wendy Emotes have emerged as one of the most used and loved emotes on this site! Although only two emotes were approved, the Sylkmonster Research and Development Lab has worked tirelessly for day and night to create an assortment of Wendy emotes that will now be put to display in here! The Sylkmonster Org has worked very closely with the FOTP staff into creating this archive, that will house all Wendy emotes, created by us. And now ladies and gentlemen, here is the President of our organization Sylkmonster!!!! "I am so honored to unveil these emotes to you all. I had a dream.. that one day we will have an entire collection of wendy emotes, here on fotp, and tonight, that dream has never been closer! I want to dedicate each of these emotes to my fellow fotpers, whose love and support has always been the pillar to my strength! Ladies and Gentlemen I give you, the Wendy emotes" I wanna dedicate this emote to my fotp twin @ChooseyLover. This was the first Wendy emote ever created and it is really close to my heart, as are you. Xo I wanna dedicate this emote to the one and only @Saiga. When I look upon this emote, it reminds me of how we spill tea in pms. Love you xo I wanna dedicate this emote to none other than @Skyline. You have always been there for me, and what a better way to thank you then forever immortalizing your name in here! Xo I wanna dedicate this emote to my hunty @WinnieThePooh I have no words here, so I'll continue this in bed tonight! xoxo I wanna dedicate this emote to my one and only true love @Hylia. There is no other person who makes my bussy moist as you do my love. And when I look at this emote it reminds me of all the kiii that we have. Love you forever and always xo I wanna dedicate this emote to @Alejandreaux. Cause everytime talent (aka Alejandreaux) wins, I feel like what Wendy is feeling in this emote. Xoxo I wanna dedicate this emote to the one and only @Newton. You brought me on this site and taught me everything about fotp. When I look at this emote, I see noone but you. LOVE U Xo I wanna dedicate this emote to my rightful successor @Dr. Slay. When I look at this emote, it reminds me of how much tea you spill and the kiis you give me. Love you xoxo I wanna dedicate this emote to who else but @TaylorNation™. When I look upon this emote, it reminds me of ha leadership and dragging qualities. Love you sis xoxo I wanna dedicate this emote to everyone else who I dont remember right now cause my charging is about to die lol. Its only fitting really. But fear not, if your name is not mentioned, the Wendy Museum Staff will update every month with new emotes! Xoxo So there you have it! I'd also like to take this moment to officially announce.. The Sylky Williams Show It is currently in production and will air sometime in May! Stay preacht ladies! Thank you for coming everyone! Good night! NOTE: The wendy emotes are PRIVATE property, so if you use it outside of FOTP aka our partner, you will be held liable. And if we see our emotes on other forums, we will not hesitate to launch a lawsuit. Xoxo
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    Ep1 - It Wasn't Love AUDIO: https://clyp.it/0md4s2i3 Hyun. 19. bottom. a virgin, but that is about to change soon. He was recently accepted In the Los Mangeles College of Arts:NUDES! A dream of his. Hyun packed his bags, said goodbye to his family and moved from Hawaii to L.M! He let out a large breath as he looked at his reflection in the mirror. First days are always tough. I look good, he thought to himself but at the back of his mind he was unsure. He left his apartment, caught a bus and made his way downtown. This should be easy and smooth, he kept telling himself. Everything is going to be fine. He thought. But he didn't know something was about to change his life forever. Just as he was about to cross the parking lot and enter the building, it hit him. Literally. A car literally hit him. It was another new kid, Taylor. Hyun wasn't injured, the lamborghini just slightly grazed him. But being frail and weak, Hyun fell to the ground. A crowd immediately gathered. Taylor, the jerk, exited his vehicle and showed little to no remorse. "What is going on here?" a voice yelled, Professor Aidan walked through the dispersing crowd. "It's nothing, I just fell..I'm alright" Hyun attempted to impose, but the tear on his jeans and the little speck of blood on his shin said otherwise. "Are you sure?" Professor Aidan asked again, giving him a hand. Taylor just stood by the car door barely paying attention. "Why don't you go see the Nurse..." Professor Aidan began to instruct, but Hyun's eyes were at Taylor, this beautifully chiseled man. But before he could dwell any further, a girl approached him Hannah his girlfriend. Professor Aidan turned to reprimand Taylor but Hyun turned and walked away. He approached the Nurse's office. A quiet little area in the building. "Oh hello!" Nurse Hylia said, "First patient of the semester!" Hyun quietly sat on the stretcher as Nurse Hylia, a man somewhere in his late 20s, examined his leg. "I don't know.. I'm just gonna clean this wound up and put a band-aid for now." Nurse Hylia said, "I'm gonna write you to Dr. Joel, off-campus, this looks really bad!". Hyun couldn't care less, his first day and all this happened. He thought Nurse Hylia was cute. But he was probably Straight like Taylor too. Maybe somewhere deep down Hyun had hoped that it would've been like in the movies, where he fell in love with the person who hit him with his car and they had lived happily ever after. "Is everything okay?" Nurse Hylia asked, snapping Hyun back to reality. "Yes yes, everything's fine." He swiftly replied. "Why don't you come see me sometime? We can talk." Nurse Hylia asked. "That would be great." Hyun solemnly replied walking out. Hyun bumped into Principal Saiga, who insisted he show him to his class. "Okay class we have a new student from Hawaii this year, I hope you befriend him and make him feel at home--Taylor feet off the table please," Principal Saiga said "Why don't you all introduce yourself one by one, come on now don't be shy." He pushed Hyun forward. Interrupting Professor Sylk's class, who stood in the back fuming. "Hi, I'm Hyun. I'm 19. I'm from Hawaii" Hyun announced in a barely audible tone. "I'm Lily" A young Jewish girl in the first seat replied. "I'm Skyline" A tall black guy wearing glasses added. One by one they all introduced themselves. "I'm Juinae! Nice to meet you! "I'm Daniel!" "I'm Quinn" "I'm Slay" "I'm Blank" after a few more introductions Taylor spoke "I'm Taylor" giving Hyun a smirk. "I'm Hannah" his girlfriend sitting beside him followed. "Go on Hyun, have that empty seat." Professor Sylk gestured to the empty seat beside Hannah."Okay this is Professor Kali's class but since she couldn't be here I'm filling in..." Hyun quietly made his way to his seat. Just as class started, Hannah leaned in to Hyun and whispered "Even though my boyfriend is bi, doesn't mean he'd go for you, so don't get any ideas." He's BI?? Hyun smiled. FLASH-FORWARD 3 MONTHS LATER: "What do we do with the body?" a voice said. "What do you mean what do we do with the body? I didn't want to do this." Another voice replied. "fuck fuck FUCK what did we do" a third voice added. "Would you fucking stop crying Hannah?" a voice yelled. "It was all my fault" Hannah cried. "It was all our faults." Hyun replied. "Listen to me," someone grabbed someone, "I did this for you, I love you, you hear me?" Grabbing the face tighter and pulling close "I fucking love you." they kissed. Cast: @Hyun. as Hyun Tanaka @Taylor as Taylor Jerkimayer @Hannah. as Hannah Dimaggio @Hylia as Nurse Hylia @Aidan. as Professor Aidan @Saiga as Principal Saiga @Sylk as Professor Sylk @Venus as a Boy as Dr.Joel @TattooedHeart as Lily Uchrich @Juinae as Juinae Hancock @#Music as Daniel Bobdection @QUINN as Quinn Warlick @Dr. Slay as Slay Mayflay @blankdreams. as Blank Flies @Kali as Professor Kali The next episode will come the next time I'm bored and have the sudden urge to write a fanfic
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    Hello everyone, so My Strange Addiction episode was cancelled by the producers so I decided to make it into a blog! Here's my exclusive collection of Wendy Reaction Jpgs! "Smirk Wendy Jpg" "WenTEA Jpg" "Wendy Stare Jpg" "Laugh Wendy Jpg" "Upset Wendy Jpg" "Shook Wendy Jpg" "Celebratory Wendy Jpg" "Bulging Eyes wenTEA Jpg" "Excited Wendy Jpg" "Shady Wendy Jpg" "Shady Wendy The Re-up Jpg" "Shocked Wendy Jpg" "Pre-Shook Wendy Jpg" "Smirk Wendy Zoom In On the Food Jpg" "Surprised Wendy Jpg" "Weird Eyes Wendy Jpg" "Tears Streaming Down Cheeks Wendy Jpg" "Annoyed Wendy Jpg" "Monster Wendy Jpg" "Sigh Wendy Jpg" "Wiping Tear Wendy Jpg" "Wiping Tear Really Hard Wendy Jpg" "Breakdown Wendy Jpg" "Shady Smile Wendy Jpg" "Light Shady Smile Wendy Jpg" "Nonchalant Wendy Jpg" "Opp Wendy Jpg" "Tada! Wendy Jpg" I recently added a new piece to my collection and I'm honored to unveil it to the world for the first time! "Receipts Wendy Jpg" That's it for now folks!
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    Yes, the rumors are true, I'm coming out with my first FOTP TV show on the newly founded "Slither Productions" Network! I figured I would introduce the characters first, and the first episode will come shortly! Below are the characters that will be featured in the new FOTP series "The Golden NUDES"! @Taylor as Taylor Nylund @Sylk as Sylk Devereaux @Hannah. as Hannah Zbornak @Hylia as Hylia Petrillo @Daenerys as Cody Zbornak Role: Main Role: Main Role: Main Role: Main (Hannah's mother) Role: Hannah's ex-husband Description: Sweet and ditzy Description: Horny slut, often Description: A cunt. Description: The funny, witty Description: A rat. but secretly a diabolical snake. lies about her age. old hag of the clique. Age: 68 Age: 42, 50, 69, 66 Age: 70 Age: 90 Age: 74 @Kali as Kali Swift @TattooedHeart as Lily Zbornak @Saiga as Saiga Ciccone @Hyun. as Hyun Williams @Diamond as Scott Clark Role: Common friend Role: Hannah's daughter Role: Common friend Role: Neighbor Role: Lily's boyfriend Description: A common friend Description: A troubled teen Description: A common friend to Description: The nutty neigh- Description: The star Quarterback to the 4 women, a bull in a just about to graduate High the 4 women, another old hag. bor who was kicked out of her on the Football team. Lily's boyfriend China shop. School, pursuing a singing career. home for... many reasons. of 3 years. Age: 60 Age: 18 Age: Unknown, scientists were Age: 40 Age: 18 unable to carbon date back that far. This is the cast for now, there will probably be additions soon! The series premiere should be up tonight, but if I decide to be a lazy cunt and sit around PMing @Daenerys about Jimmy Garoppolo it might be tomorrow. Take care and be on the lookout for the first episode! x
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    The Powerpuff Nudes: Episode One Donuts, impact, and everything #pow These were the ingredients chosen To create the perfect little stans But Professor Saigonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction Chemical D Thus, The Powerpuff NUDES were born Using their ultra-super slayage Hannah Sylk and Taylor Have dedicated their lives to fighting flops AND THE FORCES OF DELUSION The phone begins ringing, it's mayor Hylia! The stans burst out of bed, finishing their nap, to answer the phone. Hannah answers, "Hello mayor, its the Powerpuff Nudes!" Mayor Hylia responds, "Fellow stans! Flop Of The Pops City is under attack by a giant troll! Get here quick!" Hannah hangs up the phone and the three super heroes burst out of the windows. They soar into Downtown FOTP and see a hideous green troll shouting things like "Gaga is a fat flop!" and "Sia reveals her ugly face!" Taylor hears someone scream it's name. Apparently it's Lautnerfied. "How could that be Lautnerfied? He was once a respected News Team member for the city!" Hannah says. It begins spewing slime at all Gaga stans, trying to convert them into Swifties. Sylk stops in his tracks and begins worrying for his Gaga stan card. While Sylk sits back, scared, Hannah and Taylor easily one two punch the troll out of the city and into Battlegrounds Bay, where it belongs. When they get home, Taylor begins calling Sylk a dumb fad for sitting back and making him and Hannah battle the troll all by themselves. Sylk ignores him and starts watching Wendy Williams downstairs. Hannah tells Professor Saigonium all about their duel. Professor then wonders how Lautnerfied could be a troll, especially since he was just at the store yesterday, buying every copy of Taylor and Zayn's single. "You don't think someone did that to him, do you?" Hannah asks. "Well there's no way he just randomly turned into a troll. Besides, Mayor Hylia set a law that made it so that trolls had a home inside of Battlegrounds Bay. There's no way a troll would wander outside of the bay." Hannah enters the living room where Taylor is on his phone, telling people on Twitter that Taylor has outsold their faves and Sylk is saying "How You Doin'" back to Wendy on the TV screen. "You guys, we need to figure out how Lautnerfied became a troll like that." Hannah says, taking Taylor's phone and turning the TV off. "Who even cares, he was bound to become a troll anyway." Taylor says. "For real, he was sweet but he's always hated Gaga. Maybe the release of Joanne triggered him." Sylk said. "Great work back there by the way. You really did the least, fatty." Taylor said to Sylk. "Shut up cow, I was scared for my Gaga stan card. Deep down, I'll always be SylkMonster." Sylk replied. "Trash." Taylor said. "Sweety, Mariah outsold Taylor so sit back down." Professor Saigonium enters the room as the three heroes begin arguing. "Kids, settle down! This is no way to solve this mystery. The mayor just called, he said he wants y'all to go to town hall immediately." He says. The three heroes then fly to town hall to meet with Mayor Hylia. They are greeted by his secretary and best friend, Ms. Easto. "Hello women. The Mayor will see you three now." She says. "Thanks Ms. Easto!" Hannah, Sylk, and Taylor say. The three enter the mayor's office but the mayor is nowhere to be seen. They hear quiet moans and giggles coming from under the desk. "Oh Pietro you're so naughty" a whisper says. "Um...mayor?" Sylk says. Mayor Hylia shoots up from under the desk, stuttering and uncomfortable. "Oh, kids, umm...hello yes....how long have you been standing there.....um....well anyways, thank you for defeating that troll. However, we just discovered that HyunJo Jojo has been off the radar lately. Now usually when this happens, he's up to no good. Now go find him and put a stop to whatever it is he's doing!" Suddenly, a giant slime ball crashes through the window, hitting Hannah. Sylk and Taylor begin frantically digging Hannah out of the slime and try to wake her up, but she's been knocked out. Taylor and Sylk then fly out of the window and see a giant troll. This one shouting things like "K-Pop shall DOMINATE the charts!" It's Hyunjo Jojo. The two heroes begin battling him, dodging slime ball after slime ball. They then hear Mayor Hylia screaming from town hall. Sylk then flies to town hall to check on the mayor and Hannah, but right before Sylk can enter the building, a giant troll bursts through the roof. It's Ms. Easto. "How did Ms. Easto turn into a troll? We JUST saw her a few minutes ago!" Sylk screams. He notices the mayor and Hannah being held in Ms. Easto's troll hand. As Sylk and Taylor fight the two trolls, Taylor spots the Gangreen Gang pointing a remote at the trolls and chuckling to themselves in an alley way. Taylor then starts flying full speed towards them. They see Taylor and start running away, screaming. Taylor grabs them and slams them through a wall. "And just what do you fat sacks of trash think you're doing?" Taylor says to them. Sylk then flies in and grabs the remote they were carrying. "And tell us what this is while you're at it." Sylk says. The leader of the gang, Ace Berry, says "Wouldn't you like to know." The gang members then start laughing. Taylor then cunt punches the second in command, Snakerys. "Oh shit, just tell him man. I don't think I can be cunt punched again." Snakerys says. "Fine fine, that's a remote we use to turn people into trolls. Pretty neat right?" Taylor then cunt punches Snakerys again and says "How do you reverse the effects of this." "I'm not saying" Ace Berry says. Taylor then raises his fist again, about to cunt punch Snakerys again, but then Snakerys screams and yells "Just smash the fucking remote! Just smash it!" Sylk then raises the remote and throws it on the ground, smashing it to pieces. On the streets, Hyunjo Jojo and Ms. Easto return to normal size and are normal again. In Battlegrounds Bay, former trolls begin to rise out of the water, all wondering what had happened to them. The legendary and famous Lautnerfied also emerged from the waters. Later that night, Sylk is on youtube watching Wendy's hot topics, Taylor is teasing people on Twitter because his fave outsold, and Hannah recovers from the troll slime. "You feeling any better, Hannah?" Professor asks. "A bit. Thankfully troll slime is only temporary so I only stand K-Pop for a few hours." Hannah replies. "And what a torturous few hours those were!" Professor says back, teasing. They both laugh. AND ONCE AGAIN THE DAY IS SAVED THANKS TO THE POWERPUFF NUDES Cast (In Order Of Appearance): Professor Saigonium - @Saiga Hannah - @Hannah. Sylk - @Sylk Taylor - @Taylor Mayor Hylia - @Hylia Lautnerfied - @lautnerfied Ms. Easto - @Impossible Princess Hyunjo Jojo - @Hyun. Ace Berry - @Rachel Berry Snakerys - @Daenerys Disclaimer: All shade is meant in a playful manner. If you were shaded or dragged in anyway, do not feel offended! It was all in good fun!
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    Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome to The Wendy Emote Museum! We know this update has been long overdue! The scientists at the Sylkmonster Research and Development Labs have been working tirelessly on creating new Wendy emotes for you, and the process that comes after the creation of these emotes are long and unending, but we are glad to say, that the day has finally arrived! And now giving our commencement speech with an IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT , please welcome the President and CEO of the Wendy Emote Museum, SYLK!!! "Hello everyone, I know you all have been asking me when the new update will come, well you don't have to ask me anymore. Its here! Before I talk about the new emotes and unveil our dedicatees, let me tell you a little story. From the very start I have said that having an entire Wendy emote collection on this website has been a dream of mine. I remember when I first submitted wendy-1, and this might come as a surprise to all of you, but it got rejected! I was brokenhearted. But there is a side of me, that is a master at covering up such emotions, and I did exactly that. I started joking around with Onika, begging her to bring justice for wendy-1, and then one day.. I don't know if he was fed up of my constant nagging, but he put it in. Wendy-1 was in the system. It was without a doubt the happiest day of my FOTP-life. Then the wendy-2 happen. I was over the moon. With the growing number of Wendy emotes, either selected or rejected, I thought it would be a great idea to launch a Wendy Emote Museum where I can post all the emotes that I made and dedicate them to my fellow fotpers. Create something that would remain forever. All the six new wendy emotes made for that April launch of the museum were rejected. But it was alright, I wasn't too upset about that. I was just really happy that I had made this new museum and It was all too exciting. Over the past 2 months, I researched, edited gifs frame by frame and came up with over 20 new Wendy emotes, but then I was tasked with reducing this huge number to an appropriate one, so I did. The emotes you see below, they are a piece of my heart. Instead of submitting all of them, I chose the best ones and sent them in. I haven't heard back from the FOTP staff till now so I assume they all might've been rejected. I know it's silly to have this weird fetish-esque connection to emotes that I seem to have, but when you really put in the hard work into creating these HQ, static-free emotes, they become a part of you. So, It's with a heavy heart that I announce that these will be the LAST batch of Wendy emotes from me. It was a personal decision to stop the production of new emotes. This is the last and final update for the Wendy Emote Museum .The Wendy emotes and all its dedicatees will always remain a part of me, no matter what. And now without further adieu, I present to you all: The Wendy Emotes" - Dedicated to @ChooseyLover<3 - Dedicated to @Saiga <3 - Dedicated to @Skyline <3 - Dedicated to @WinnieThePooh <3 - Dedicated to @Hylia <3 - Dedicated to @Alejandreaux <3 - Dedicated to @Mystical Monkey <3 - Dedicated to @Dr. Slay<3 - Dedicated to @TaylorNation™ <3 JUNE UPDATE! - Dedicated to @Kali <3 You have been so incredibly nice to me on here, and you have indirectly and directly taught me alot of things about myself and for that I will forever be grateful <3 - Dedicated to @Honey <3 I am so grateful to have a friend like you on here. You are so generous and amazing, I love you <3 - Dedicated to @LG5 Pls Dont Flop <3 When you first joined, I was convinced that your perm ban would follow a week or two later, but you have proved me and everyone else wrong <3 - Dedicated to @Justice <3 When I look at you, you remind me of a younger, more prettier version of myself. Thanks for joining FOTP and being my friend <3 - Dedicated to @#MusicNotTheBling <3 You have recently become a hunty of mine and have slowly been climbing the list <3 - Dedicated to @LadyGootgoot <3 You are so amazing and nice to me! Thank you for not betraying my trust and exposing me! Love you so much xo - Dedicated to @Mystique <3 Thanks for collaborating with me on this emote. Although we've had some bumps here and there, you're on my hunty list regardless <3 - Dedicated to @Liam <3 No one spills tea like you do Great-grandpa <3 - Dedicated to @Nicole Richie <3 Thanks for always being honest to me Eddie. You're one of my favorite people on here xo <3 - Dedicated to @Impossible Princess <3 How did I forget about you aka my vag-sis xo - Dedicated to ALL <3 Thank you for supporting my stupid obsession with Wendy emotes <3 Thank you for coming everyone! Good night! NOTE: The wendy emotes are PRIVATE property, so if you use it outside of FOTP aka our partner, you will be held liable. And if we see our emotes on other forums, we will not hesitate to launch a lawsuit. Xoxo
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    To start things off, I just wanted to tell the users that still might not know, I am in fact a girl. My name is Hannah and I'm 20 years old. This blog is to basically share some personal stuff about myself with you all cause, why not? I'm a pretty open person so why not share with my fave online community a bit about myself. Now, as a few members know, I had a boyfriend for about 3 years. I met him in high school and we instantly had feelings for each other. He asked me on a few dates and one double date. Seeing him was definitely a highlight of my day. For the sake of the timeline, we started dating during our sophomore year of high school. Everything was perfect for those two years left in high school. We were even named cutest couple of our senior class. When it was time to start thinking about college and what we would be doing in terms of our relationship, we would constantly dodge the questions of "will we still be together" I would be going to a school that was hours away from him. I would only see him during long holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. I didn't mind this though because seeing him on those breaks would make seeing him even more special. We agreed to trust each other and keep dating long distance. Everything was going great at first. Like I said, seeing him on those breaks would be more special. We Skyped each other pretty ofter, texted each other every day, etc. Little did I know that he wasn't exactly the type of person that I should have trusted that much. When we agreed to stay together in college, I thought it was a two way deal. He thought differently. To him, the agreement was "you don't cheat on me, but if I see a hot piece of ass then I'm going for it." (An actual quote by him btw) Silly boy. He must have forgotten that one of my best friends attends the same college as he does. I was in class one day when she texted me "I didn't know you broke up with your boyfriend? Why didn't you tell me?" I was literally sitting in class thinking to myself "what is this girl talking about?" She then snap chatted me a picture of my then boyfriend kissing a girl on a bench. You best believe I screenshot that picture. It was blurry because it was far away and it was snapchat so it was shitty quality but it was obviously him sucking the soul out of some girl. Once my class ended, I sent that screenshot picture to my then boyfriend and said with it "Aw, how cute! Hope you're having fun!" Less than five minutes later he called me. The phone call started out with him saying that it's not him blah blah blah. So I asked him to take a picture of himself right now and send it to me just to prove its not him. He kept saying that he doesn't want to so I was like ok dude it's obviously you. Things were said back and forth and we both got louder and louder to the point where we were both yelling at each other on the phone. Don't know why he was yelling at me though, since his ass was the one caught cheating. I eventually said "ok whatever. Don't ever talk to me again." then hung up the phone. The weeks that followed were absolute hell. He wouldn't stop texting me, Facebook messaging me, snap chatting me, sending me Twitter DM's. He even got his frat bro's to text me and Facebook message me. I just wanted him out of my life but he wouldn't leave me alone. Eventually I just blocked him and all of his friends on all social media and on my phone. Every so often I hear from him or even see him but I don't interact with him. He's asked me back a few times, most recently when he found out I had a new boyfriend. However, once you fuck up that bad with me, there's no second chances. There's no way I would ever let him burn me like that again. I'm very cautious when it comes to relationships now, but I feel like I found something great and I hope this new guy works out. Thank you to everyone that actually reads this and I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me because I know I love learning about you guys. I've told bits and pieces of this story in chat but never the full story. This still isn't the full story but that would be an actual full length novel so this will have to do. But yea, thanks for reading and remember, boys are trash xoxo
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    Previously on The Life & Times of NUDES... Ep2 - A Little Less Conversation... AUDIO: https://clyp.it/dmpacpdm Aidan. 37. Married once. Divorced. No Kids. Come In At 6 the memo had said. Aidan glanced at his watch entering the meeting hall. It was 7:12. "Very nice of you to finally join us!" Principal Saiga announced. Aidan gave him a weak smile, "Traffic.." he said and quietly sat beside Professor Sylk. "Well the meeting's pretty much done. You missed a bunch, but I'm sure Professor Sylk will brief you..." Saiga replied. "I sure will." Professor Sylk smiled. "Uhh" Sylk let out a moan. "You're gonna have to keep quiet baby.." Aidan said, kissing his neck. "What was that about earlier today? In the meeting?" Aidan asked pulling back. "What was what?" Sylk replied unamused, he did not like his kissing being interrupted, especially when lunch could be over at any moment and the janitor would come knocking. "That look, Saiga gave you. What was that?" Aidan asked. "It was nothing, he asked me for a coffee and I said no." Sylk answered. "He asked you out?" Aidan asked. "He didn't ask me out--well he did actually...but it doesn't matter I said no." Sylk replied. "Does he know about us?" "I think he does, but it doesn't matter..no no look Aidan," Aidan turned away, "He's not gonna know okay? Even if he did he's not gonna fire you. Don't worry about it" Sylk explained, holding Aidan's face in his arms. "He's just in a really bad place okay?" Sylk said. "You know he has a thing for you," Aidan grinned, "He couldn't stop staring at your ass at the Christmas Party last year, I don't blame him." Aidan grabbed Sylk's booty. "Are we gonna finish this? That old hag of a Janitor could come back any moment.." Sylk said. Aidan grabbed him and pushed him against the wall, their lips touched... Aidan never found the sound of bell ringing amusing, but after the 15 minutes he spent in the Janitor's closet, he was in a very good mood. He couldn't stop flashing smiles to all the students in the hallway. "Professor Aidan?" someone called. "Oh hey Hylia! You weren't in the meeting this morning." Aidan turned. "Yeah, I wasn't invited, that's more of Joel's duty then mine.." Nurse Hylia replied. "Where is Joel by the way, I haven't seen him around this week?" Aidan asked. "He's out of town for some business, I just wanted to give you this.." Nurse Hylia extended a jar with pieces of paper in it. "Oh secret santa!" Aidan pulled out a piece of paper. "See you at the Christmas Party!" Nurse Hylia smiled and walked away. Aidan opened the piece of paper and read, scribbled in big bold letters: SAIGA. "fuck." he whispered walking to his class. "Okay class, as you may already know, Professor Kali is on temporary leave--Taylor for God's sake how many times do we have to go through this, put your leg down." Aidan spoke. Taylor put his leg down. Hannah beside him jeered under her breath. "As I was saying," Aidan continued, "Professor Kali isn't here so, I'm gonna skip over some of the stuff here and get to the main project for the week. You all have to prepare a short 5-minute script--" "Professor Aidan?" Lily interrupted raising her arm, "Who are these kids?" she asked. "Ah yes Miss Uchrich! I've asked some of the students from the Acting department to come help us out! Class please welcome.." Aidan pulled out a note, "Jae.. Liam.. Rachel, Cody and Winnie!" He read out, "They'll be your actors and I've also asked Limn here to help you with the costumes!" "Hey guys, I'm really excited to be here!" Cody smiled, his eyes meeting Hyun's. Hyun smiled back from his seat. "Professor Aidan?" a thick raspy voice caught everyone's attention. "Professor Kali? You're back?" Aidan answered, his jaw wide open. "I was only gone for 2 weeks, is it really shocking to see me?" Kali smiled, placing her bag on the desk and removing her coat. "Sorry, I was a bit late today. I'm finally feeling better, I'll take it from here." She smiled at Aidan. Aidan still shook. picked up his stuff, "We've been.." "I'm sure the students will fill me in." Kali interrupted, "Why don't you go prepare for your own class?" She asked, the smile still etched on her face. Aidan nodded and walked out. Kali turned to her class, "Ok Class so let's--" *ring ring* "Give me a minute please." Kali turned to her purse and frantically searched for her phone. Incoming call: JOEL FOSTER. She immediately answered, "Well?" her whisper barely audible to the noisy class behind her. "The tests came back positive, it's his." Joel answered. Kali's heart dropped. FLASH-FORWARD 3 MONTHS LATER The bell rang continuously. "I'm coming, cominggg.." Kali yelled opening the front door. "It's done." A man breathed. "Come inside.." Kali said. The man drenegend in sweat and dirt entered, bringing in weird stench with him. "Did you take care of it? Did you do what I do you?" Kali said, closing the door behind him. "Shhh Kali it's over. It's done. Don't worry about it." "How can I not worry about? You're an accessory to m--" "Shhhh Kali just stop. After tonight we don't talk about what happened." "But they're gonna come looking for us..What are we gonna do Aidan?" Kali asked. "We'll do what we must." Aidan replied. Cast: @Hyun. as Hyun Tanaka @Taylor as Taylor Jerkimayer @Hannah. as Hannah Dimaggio @Hylia as Nurse Hylia AnitaDique @Aidan. as Professor Aidan Monahan @Saiga as Principal Saiga Winston @Sylk as Professor Sylk L. Coxs @Venus as a Boy as Dr.Joel Foster @TattooedHeart as Lily Uchrich @Juinae as Juinae Hancock @#Music as Daniel Bobdection @QUINN as Quinn Warlick @Dr. Slay as Slay Mayflay @blankdreams. as Blank Flies @Kali as Professor Kali Mccormick @Daenerys as Cody Garret @WinnieThePooh as Winnie Benardo @Liam as Liam Decson @Jae as Jae BendmeOhver @Limn as Limn Oliver @Rachel Berry as Rachel Carey Note: everybody in this Sylk Universe is sexually fluid. Marriage equality is worldwide. There is peace in the middle east. And Mcdonalds serve breakfast 24/7. Ep3 will come soon! Also if you wanna be removed *cough* Quinn *cough* you can let me know!
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    Previous Episode Ep6 - Careless Man's Careful Daughter AUDIO: https://clyp.it/xv2mv0qg FLASH FORWARD - "Kali Elizabeth Mccormick. Born in Jackson, Mississippi. Met Joel Foster in high-school, who would later go on to become a partner and accomplice in your heists.." Hylia read. "Stop it. Please, I didn't do anything." Kali pleaded. Hylia continued reading, "Together you have scammed and conned 4 different educational institutes, so this would be your fifth one?" "This is all a lie!" Kali protested. "Have a donut.." Hylia offered moving the plate of donuts towards Kali. It was a dimly lit room. Kali was seated and handcuffed. Hylia wore a tightly fitted suit that complimented his chiseled body. "So, you and this Joel--Who we haven't tracked down yet," he continued, "Go to universities, you pretend to be the teacher and he a doctor or a janitor and you observe the environment for a few weeks before you embezzle from the institute. Drain everything you can and disappear. Poof!''. Kali said nothing. "Help me understand why this plan is a bit different? This time it involves you getting pregnant!" Hylia put down the files. "I don't know what you're talking about." Kali snapped. "Oh so you just had a big lunch then? Congestion? Or you're just big bellied?" Hylia jeered. "Who is the father Kali? We will find out eventually, I know it's not Joel so who is it?" Hylia demanded. "I want my lawyer, I'm being set up. I'm innocent. Let me out now!" Kali started crying. "This is an interrogation sweetie, you're not going anywhere" Hylia said. "SIR!" Officer Halcyon barged in the room. "What?" Hylia turned. "Sir, there's been an accident...." PRESENT DAY - "Okay Esmeralda, I'm headed for work--Where'd you get that new necklace?" Kali asked. "Oh si si Miss Kali I hit the lottery!" Esmeralda smiled. "Well, everyone's lucky these days!" Kali whispered heading out. Kali arrived at the University on time, for her, a first. Professors always arrived early actually but today was a bit different for Kali. Today was the day all her dreams would come true. "Lookin' Good!" Kali heard walking down the hallway, she turned and saw who it was. "Oh Aidan--I was just about to go to class!" She said. "Oh yeah, did you hear about the assembly? Saiga is doing this whole thing on global warming..." Aidan began to explain. "Yeah I got the memo!" Kali laughed. "So you free for a coffee tonight?" Aidan smiled. "Yeah sure... I mean what about Sy..." "That's over!" Aidan interrupted, "It was just a thing for a moment, it didn't work out." He explained. "Sorry to hear that... HEY QUIT MAKING OUT AND GET TO CLASS!" Kali yelled at over Aidan's shoulder. Cody and Taylor's lips parted and they headed for class. "I gotta go!" Kali said to Aidan. "Yeah yeah sure, see you tonight then?" Aidan asked. "Of course, I'll text you!" Kali smiled. Aidan smiled back and walked away. "Okay class we all have an assembly... for god's sake Taylor and Cody we're not making a sexual ed video here, quit it." Kali entered the class, putting all her things on the desk. Cody got off from Taylor's lap and went to his seat. "YOU FUCKING BITCH!" Hyun yelled at Hannah, "You set that whole thing up, Skyline told me!" "What?" Hannah turned to Skyline, who awkwardly sat behind Quinn. "You little weasel you're dead!" She threatened him. "Professor Kali, when will we find out the results for the film selection last week?" Lily asked, raising her hand. "What if we added a column in Popfection that shows all the new releases?" Daniel asked Blank. "Dude I'm telling you, if you stick a finger in there the orgasm is ten times more intense!" Jae told Liam. "Clearly, 2016 Mariah Carey is much more skinnier than 2014 one cause..." Liam was telling Rachel. "I'm having a party tonight and I invited the whole class but I was thinking..." Quinn was telling Slay. "OKAY ENOUGH." Kali snapped, her voice resonating above all. "Everybody shut it and make a single line to the auditorium--and Hyun and Hannah both of you to the principal's office. Now." She ordered. "But I didn't do anything?" "I don't even know her!" Hyun and Hannah protested. "I don't wanna hear it. You watch your language in my class. Now get out." Kali shut them down, "And Cody, Taylor I swear if I see you both making out again, you're failing the semester, both of you sit at the opposite sides of the auditorium, now hurry up." "Don't worry my love, they tried to separate Romeo and Juliet too and look what happened..." Taylor whispered to Cody as the entire class formed a line and made their way to the auditorium. "Many reasons are there for Global Warming. It is feared that the world may experience..." Oh my god this is so incredibly boring. Kali thought as Principal Saiga stood at the podium and gave his speech. Kali stood near the exit, on guard duty. "Professor Kali, may I be excused?" Cody came up to her and asked. "Yes, wait where is Taylor?" Kali asked. "He's over there," Cody pointed in the far corner of the auditorium where Taylor sat, legs spread, arms behind his head. "Don't worry it's not what you think it is I just really need to use the bathroom." Cody told her, flashing a smile. "Okay fine. But come back fast, Principal Saiga is almost done with his speech". Cody nodded and left. "..It is our duty, as human beings. To watch over our planet, so our children.." Saiga spoke, his eyes catching Kali's from the stage, Kali gave him a smile. Saiga's eyes moved elsewhere and he continued with this speech. "And thus I want to announce that this institute will now use biofuel to power it's generators! We have not one, but three whole trucks full of biofuel outside our gates and we will begin the exchange process starting tomorrow!" The audience burst into a forced applause. Aidan who stood near the stage, looked over at Kali and smiled. Kali smiled back. The speech ended and Saiga walked off the stage. Professor Wilson took over to annouce the winners from the Film selection last week. Tee-lee-lee-Tee-lee-lee Kali's phone rang. "Why are you calling me on my cell?" Kali asked, her voice stern. "It's gone Kali. EVERYTHING'S GONEE!!" Someone yelled through the phone. "Calm down Joel what happened?" Kali asked, rushing out the auditorium. "THE MONEY WE STOLE FROM THE SCHOOL. $15 MILLION. ALL CLEARED OUT." Joel yelled. "WHAT? Okay okay relax..." Kali said, "Look look we haven't lost everything, we'll look into this okay?" She tried to calm him down, "We still have the baby daddy money okay? that's a better pay out. We'll figure it out. I'll call you back." She hung up. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" a scream echoed through the hallway. Kali froze. FLASH-FORWARD- "What accident?" Hylia asked. "There's a fire at the University, Sir. We also..." Halcyon stopped. "Also WHAT?" Hylia yelled. "Officers Maraj and Chris, they found another dead body. A female." Halcyon replied. Note* the star denotes the character did not appear in the episode Cast: @Honey as Esmeralda Rodriguez(Cameo) @Halcyon as Officer Halcyon @Hyun. as Hyun Tanaka @Taylor as Taylor Jerkimayer @Hannah. as Hannah Dimaggio @Hylia as Nurse Hylia AnitaDique @Aidan. as Professor Aidan Monahan @Saiga as Principal Saiga Winston @Sylk as Professor Sylk L. Coxs* @Venus as a Boy as Dr.Joel Foster @TattooedHeart as Lily Uchrich @Juinae as Juinae Hancock* @#Music as Daniel Bobdection @QUINN as Quinn Warlick @Dr. Slay as Slay Mayflay @blankdreams. as Blank Flies @Kali as Professor Kali Mccormick @Daenerys as Cody Garret @WinnieThePooh as Winnie Benardo* @Liam as Liam Decson @Jae as Jae BendmeOhver @Limn as Limn Oliver* @Rachel Berry as Rachel Carey @Chris Morlock as Officer Chris Ventura* @Maraj as Officer Maraj Vanika* WELL WELL WELL HEW SCREAMED? HEW IS THE DEAD BODY?? NO MORE FLASH FORWARDS FROM NOW ON EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING IN THE NEXT EPISODE HEHEHEHEHE SEE YA'LL TOMORROW HUHUHUHUHUH ALSO NEXT EPISODE WILL BE MULTIPLE POV SO EVERYONE WILL MAKE AN APPEARANCE HEHEHUHUHUHEUE
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    Previous Episode Ep8 - Scream AUDIO - https://clyp.it/a35o1akb "We can take the body in the woods, bury it." "Are you insane?" Tick-tok tick-tok tick-tok tick-tok "Help me get the body in the car!" "Kali, it's not safe for the baby, for you. Go home, I'll take care of this." Tick-tok tick-tok tick-tok tick-tok "Start digging." "HYUN we have to do this now!" Tick-tok tick-tok tick-tok tick-tok "Would you fucking stop crying Hannah?" "It's all my fault" "It was all our faults." Hyun replied. "What are we doing? I'm gonna turn myself in. It'd be so much easier!" Cody cried. "Listen to me," Taylor grabbed his face, "I did this for you, I love you, you hear me? I fucking love you." Cody, Taylor, Hyun, Hannah and Aidan finished burying Principal Saiga's body. They were in the forest, not far from campus. "What do we do now?" Taylor asked, holding a shaking Cody in his arms. "We all go home. Forget about it." Aidan said walking back to the car with the shovel. "We're leaving." Hyun spoke, "We'll get an uber, get home!" he said, looking at a sobbing Hannah. "It'd be much safer if you come with me, I'll drop yo-" "We're leaving too." Taylor interrupted Aidan, "I wanna stay with Cody tonight." he finished. Professor Aidan didn't reply. Taylor holding a quiet Cody to his chest faded in the darkness of the woods. "Let's goo!" Hyun yelled, his voice breaking. "What did we do.. What did we do..." Hannah whispered, following him in another direction of the forest. Aidan stood there and watched them also fade away, then headed back to his car and drove to Kali's. Tick-tok tick-tok tick-tok tick-tok "...I didn't do it." Cody said. "I know you didn't." Taylor answered. They were both still in the woods, bewildered and shook. "Do you believe me?" Cody asked, steadying himself on the boulder they both were sitting on. "Yes, I do. Always. Where should we go then?" Taylor asked, moving his face closer to Cody's. "Anywhere you go... Taylor." SREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH. They heard a car coming to an halt. Realizing they were near a road, Taylor gestured Cody to stay down. "I'll go look." "No I'm coming too!" Cody protested, grabbing Taylor's arm. They both crept from behind the coarse bushes of the the sideways. It was an empty dark road in the middle of the forest. The same one Aidan drove them through just an hour earlier. "It's HYUN... AND HANNAH!" Cody almost yelled. "Shhhh... what are they doing with Professor Sylk, they left right after us?" Taylor asked. "FUCK. He's gotta a gun, he's gonna kill Hyun. We have to do something." Cody nudged Taylor. "He's tying their hands and taping their mouths...I don't think he's gonna ki--" Hremmmmmmmm another car pulled up from the other side. It's headlights bright and full. Sylk, after making sure the knots were tight, got out of the car, gun still in his hand. Clap. Clap. Clap. "We did it!" Sylk yelled, with a wide grin on his face. Cody and Taylor undetected, lowered themselves in the bushes. Hyun and Hannah remained still in the car all tied up. "We are 50 fucking Million dollars richer baby! WOOO" Sylk yelled, doing a little dance. "Turn those fucking lights down and get out!" Sylk warned. The other car, obliged. The headlights went out and the car came into view. Cody and Taylor knew this car, Hyun and Hannah could also see it, infact they had just drove in it not too long ago. Aidan stepped out of the car and walked towards Sylk."Atleast tell me before moving up the plan!" he said. Sylk looked at him, "What the fuck was I supposed to do? They were withdrawing the money tomorrow, we had to move fast." Sylk explained. "Is it done? Do you have it?" Aidan asked. "Yes, it's in the back." Sylk smiled. "I fucking love you."Aidan replied, as they kissed. "Did you take care of Kali?" "Yes, they took her. They'll think she did it." "We have to execute phase two tonight! I've got two of them, smart of you to give me a call, I was just leaving the bank..." "Where are the other two? They know." Aidan said. "They'll be around, we'll get to them..." Sylk began talking. "W-we have to do something." Cody whispered. "Shhhh wait for it.." Taylor shhhed him. "MMMMmmmm..." Hyun mumbled through the duct tape. "Libyee" Hannah managed to form a word, "Lick it." she said again, freeing her mouth from the tape. "Hyun, lick the tape." she said, taking a breath. Hyun did as told and freed his mouth too. "What do we do?" Hyun breathed. "We call the police!" Hannah said proudly, pulling her tied arms from her back by jumping through them, she managed to squeeze a finger out and in her pocket, pulling out her phone. "Oh my god yess Hannah!" Hyun smiled! "Fuck there's no signal I can... FUCK" The phone fell on the floor of the car. "Use your legs." Hyun suggested. Their hands and feet were both still tied. Hannah, wiggling her feet as fast as she could, pulled off her left boots. Using her toe she tried tapping the call option but her big toe tapped the messenger instead, "FUCKkk okay okay this could work also." she tapped her last text message-- FROM QUINN- Party Tonight!! At my place!! WOOOO *party emoji*. "Xferkgherk" she typed and it sent. "FUCK." Hannah yelled. "Try, Campus SOS." Hyun suggested. "Why campus?" Hannah asked. "We'll free ourselves and run to the campus, it's the closest." Hyun explained. Hannah nodded and typed CAMPUS but when she typed S it automatically selected the word SCREAM and sent. "FUCK.. Hyun there's no wifi." Hannah realized, it's not gonna work." "No no, keep trying, it'll send once the phone connects... fuck they're coming." Hannah kicked the phone underneath the backseat. "Well well well..." Sylk opened the back seat and grabbed Hannah's hair by a fist, "Little hoity toity missy here tried to escape, eh?" he said. "Let her be." Aidan ordered, approaching from the back and pulling out Hyun from the front seat. "Professor Aidan, why are you doing this?" Hyun pleaded, as both of them were dragged out in front of the car. Aidan said nothing. "Should we finish them here?" Sylk asked. "Yes, then we'll take the bodies and throw them in the fire." Aidan said solemnly. "No, please don't kill us--don't kill me... please!" Hannah pleaded, "Let Hyun go, he's innocent in all of this!" she began to cry. "Shut it Bitch!" Sylk snapped, raising his gun at her. "Pleaseee why are you doing this??" Hyun cried. "Well, since you're both gonna die, you should know." Sylk grinned, rubbing his hair with the tip of his gun. "Let's just finish this and go baby!" Aidan said, turning. "No--I want them to know!" Sylk hissed, crouching down to Hannah and Hyun. "Your Professor Kali... is a bitch," he whispered, "she and her little friend Joel tried to embezzle from us, the same place we earn from. So, we thought we'd expose them you see..." he went on, "But then we found out, there was an even bigger plan..." Sylk began laughing psychotically. Aidan watched, leaning towards his car door. "Kali got a bun in the oven, from Principal Saiga hahahahaha!" Sylk laughed again. "So you killed him?" Hyun asked. "SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH FUCKER!" Sylk jumped, pushing his gun on Hyun. "Yeah, I killed that cunt. When I learned they were getting an even bigger payout! We decided to get our cut, except our cut meant the whole thing, hahahahah!" Sylk laughed again. "I asked him nicely, sign on the papers, he said no, instead he asked me out..." Sylk continued, his voice diminishing to a near-whisper, "So I slit his throat, and watched him bleed out. And now, we're gonna kill you both, take you to the campus and use the bio-fuels that the dearly-departed Principal Saiga had bought, to blow the whole place up. Everyone will die. So will our identities." Sylk explained, making a sad face. "Me and Aidan will run away and start new lives and no one will know. This is how life works!" he looked at a crying Hannah. "No shithead!" Cody yelled. Everyone turned to face the far end of Sylk's car. "Let them go, or you won't have your precious money!" Cody said, pulling a big black bag from the truck. Sylk stood up and looked at Cody for a second, then began laughing. Cody stood there determined. "You actually think you can threatened me like that? I have a fucking gu-" Sylk raised his gun. "NO NO PLEASE DON'T!" Taylor jumped from the bushes, right in front of Cody. "Well, two is better than one." Sylk said, pulling the trigger. But the bullet didn't seem to hit it's target. Taylor was fine. Cody was fine too. Sylk was on the ground. Someone had toppled him. "HANNAHHHH" Hyun yelled. Hannah's scream echoed loud. The bullet went right through her. No one could tell, but blood could be seen. "FUCK! Get them, we're leaving." Aidan grabbed a struggling and horrified Hyun from the ground. Sylk got up, pointed the gun at Taylor and Cody and gestured them to move in the car too. Hannah lay there motionless. Sylk got in the back with Taylor and Cody, gun on the former's head and the bag in his lap. Aidan was in the driver's seat, with Hyun besides him sobbing. "Is she dead?" Aidan asked Sylk. "I didn't see!" Sylk replied. "Well... just to be sure..." Aidan said driving forward and over Hannah's body. Hyun screamed again, Taylor and Cody cried in shock. "By the way," Sylk said, "Next time you try to pull something like that, atleast make sure it's the right bag! This isn't money in here!" he pulled the zipper of the black bag to reveal a mosaic of wire and a timer set for an hour. "Get ready to feel the heat." Sylk said, as the car headed towards the campus. Tick-tok tick-toc-tick-tok tick-tok POST-CREDIT "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Quinn yelled, holding her drink up! "I wanna smooch baby!" Lily approached all drunk. The party was lit. Everyone was there. Limn. Jae. Daniel. Juinae. Slay. Blank. Winnie. Liam. Rachel. TRING. Quinn's phone buzzed. She pulled it out and saw the text. "What the fuck is a Xferkgherk?" she asked Lily, "Wait--I think Hannah is having an after-party at the campus! HEH EVERYONE TO THE CAMPUS!! HANNAH IS HAVING AN AFTER PARTY WOOOOO" Quinn yelled. Everyone raised their red cups and yelled with her. Note* the star denotes the character did not appear in the episode Cast: @Halcyon as Officer Halcyon* @Hyun. as Hyun Tanaka @Taylor as Taylor Jerkimayer @Hannah. as Hannah Dimaggio @Hylia as Special Agent Hylia AnitaDique* @Aidan. as Professor Aidan Monahan @Saiga as Principal Saiga Winston* @Sylk as Professor Sylk L. Coxs @Venus as a Boy as Dr.Joel Foster @TattooedHeart as Lily Uchrich @Skyline as Skyline Vermon* @Juinae as Juinae Hancock @#Music as Daniel Bobdection @QUINN as Quinn Warlick @Dr. Slay as Slay Mayflay @blankdreams. as Blank Flies @Kali as Professor Kali Mccormick @Daenerys as Cody Garret @WinnieThePooh as Winnie Benardo @Liam as Liam Decson @Jae as Jae BendmeOhver @Limn as Limn Oliver @Rachel Berry as Rachel Carey @Chris Morlock as Officer Chris Ventura* @Maraj as Officer Maraj Vanika* @Diamond as Special Agent Diamond* (will appear in the finale) WELL WELL WELL... SEASON FINALE COMING TOMORROW! MAKE SURE TO TUNE IN! EVERYONE MAKES AN APPEARANCE! Also @Skyline idk why I always forget to add you, if you missed the previous episodes go on here pls xoxo
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    Previous Episode Ep9 - It Was A Perfect Illusion AUDIO: https://clyp.it/rg2saq3x "You said there was a party?" Lily asked. "That's what the text said..." Quinn answered, taking a look at her phone. "Maybe they're in the auditorium?" Lily suggested! "Wooooooo" a drunk Jae yelled in the back! "I'll go look in auditorium!" Quinn said, walking towards where the auditorium was. Half of their party dispersed, with Limn, Blank and Jae following Quinn to the auditorium and Daniel, Liam, Slay, Rachel, Winnie and Juinae all following Lily in the other direction. "This place is dead!" Limn said, as they all entered the auditorium. It was quiet and empty. "Do you smell that?" Blank asked. "Yea it smells weird..." Limn answered. "WOOOOOO" Jae rushed to the stage. "Quinn, something doesn't feel right..." Blank said. Quinn, eyes on her phone, didn't reply. "Lily? There's no one in the auditorium, where are you?" Quinn from her phone, asked. From the other end Lily's desperate voice echoed, "QUINN GET OUT OF THER-" BOOM multiple explosions in the auditorium went off. Quinn, Limn, Blank, & Jae all disintegrated in a matter of seconds. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Lily cried. As she witnessed the explosion in horror, from the top floor cafeteria of the second building . "Who else is here?" Sylk asked, shoving the gun to her head. Lily began sobbing. "There's no one, that was it." Winnie cried. "Did I fucking ask you?" Sylk turned. Winnie, Juinae, Rachel, Slay, Liam, Daniel were all tied up on the ground, Hyun, Cody and Taylor tied up in another corner, with their mouths taped. "WHO ELSE DID YOU CALL?" Sylk shoved the gun further in Lily's head. "Sylk, we have to finish this now!" Aidan came from the room. They both grabbed Lily and tied her up too. Lily still in shock didn't resist. "Are we gonna leave them alive?" Sylk said. "We don't have enough ammo to kill them all, we need to get back to my car..." Aidan replied. Sylk lift his gun and shot Winnie, instantly killing him. "We have to kill them all." Sylk said, his eyes not once going off Aidan. "What the fuck has gotten into you?" Aidan spat. "I'm fucking sick of you telling me what I can or can't do, I want to fucking kill them all!" Sylk snapped. "Fine. Go Ahead." Aidan said, grinding his teeth. Sylk walked over to Hyun, put the tip of his gun on his head, "Come to Mama baby..." he said. The gunshot sound echoed throughout the cafeteria hall. Cody who had his eyes shut, slowly opened them to Hyun's eyes staring right back at him. He was fine. Hyun was fine. "SYLKKKKKKK" Aidan screamed. The bullet had come through the window and hit Sylk's right leg. "FUCCCCCCCCCK" Sylk yelled and started shooting at the window frantically. "Alpha team red move in!" Special Agent Hylia commanded through his radio, "Good shot, Agent Halcyon!" he said. "Thanks Sir!" Halcyon replied through the radio, "I'm moving in!" Two FBI agents broke through the door, two more breaking in from the windows. A wounded Sylk and Aidan took cover behind the cafeteria counter. Two of the agents, Chris and Maraj hurried to untie everyone. While agents Diamond and Halcyon ensued a shoot-out with Sylk and Aidan. Chris and Maraj freed all the students including Cody, Hyun and Taylor and they took cover behind the benches. "What do we do?" Sylk yelled at Aidan. Aidan refilling his gun magazine looked up, "I don't.." he stopped and fell to the ground. "One is down!" Halcyon announced in his ear piece. "AIDANNNNNNN" Sylk yelled and got up, shooting straight at Diamond and Halcyon both of whom ducked behind walls. Sylk's gun emptied, he tried more rounds then threw it on the ground. "Okay you got me." Sylk said raising his arms in the air. Halcyon and Diamond turned to a surrendering Sylk. "I'm done." Sylk said, "and so you are." He pulled a detonator from his pocket. "See you in hell." he said, setting it off. But nothing seem to happen. Sylk tried it again, nothing happened. He frantically pressed it as hard he could, still nothing happened. "It won't work sweetie!" Agent Hylia said, standing by the cafeteria door. "I cut off all the wireless lines." "But you forgot manually." Sylk said, sprinting. "Get everyone out of here, I'll go get him!" Hylia commanded, following Sylk. Special agents Maraj, Chris, Diamond and Halcyon hurried everyone out the fire escape. They all exited to a massive crowd of cops, ambulances, tv reporters. "GET DOWN!" Halcyon yelled. In a matter of seconds the entire building blew up. Killing Sylk and Hylia with it. "No, Hylia..." Diamond whispered, witnessing the massive explosion. "Yeah?" Hylia replied." Diamond turned to see him smiling right next to him. Diamond jumped and they both kissed. "I thought you-" "I figured he'd get there before me, so I just ran out." Hylia explained. They both hugged. It had been an hour, all the survivors were being tended to their wounds or questioned by the FBI. "And then Cody and Taylor came out and he shot..." Hyun stopped, "He killed Hannah." he whispered. "Hannah?" Halcyon replied, taking notes. "She's alive." he said. Hyun looked up. "She was the one who called us. She's in a very critical condition right now, but she'll make it!" Halcyon explained. Hyun smiled with tears streaming down his eyes. Elsewhere a nurse finished wrapping up a cut on Cody's arm. "That should do it!" she said, walking away. "So, it's over." Taylor approached. "Yeah, It is." Cody replied. "I knew you didn't do it." Taylor said. "Taylor I--" "Shh Cody don't say anything..." Taylor said, grabbing Cody's hand. He looked deep in Cody's eyes and bent down on one knee. "Cody, I love you so much. You're my whole world. Will you marry me?" he asked. Cody began crying as he noded. 1 WEEK LATER "So I hope we find the strength and humility to move on from his tragedy, but never forget the ones we've lost. Quinn Warlick. Blank Flies. Jae BendmeOhver. Winnie Bernado. and Limn Oliver." "Special Agent Hylia? We love the memorial wall put up in the memory of the victims, but what is to become of the culprits?" a reporter asked. Hylia who stood at the podium amongst a swarm of reporters replied, "Our forensic lab has yet to find the remains of Sylk L. Coxs and Aidan Monahan but we're certain that they were both killed." "What about Kali?" another reporter asked. "Kali's is being charged with embezzlement and conspiring to murder. Since she's pregnant her trail has been put off until she gives birth, which gives us time to track down her co-conspirator Joel Foster." "Sir, you and your long term partner Diamond are no longer together? Reports suggest the aftermath put too much strain on the relationship?" another reported asked. "Is it true that the explosion was preventable and now your department is being blamed for the millions of dollars of damage?" another one asked. "No more questions." Hylia said, walking off. "That was FBI's very own Special Agent Hylia everybody!" Mayor Tiny announced, as everyone clapped. "Now we all request that you please respect the family of the victims and let the funeral service go smoothly. Thank You." "I hate this!" Hannah said. "Well, It's not fun pushing you around all day for me either." Hyun replied, pushing Hannah's wheelchair. "I'm only in this thing for another week. You won't have to do it then!" Hannah rolled her eyes. "I'm only kidding--I don't mind doing this!" Hyun smiled patting her on the back. Hannah smiled back! Behind them Cody and Taylor walked hand in hand, Cody sporting a new engagement ring on his finger. "That was a good service!" Hyun said. "It was!" Taylor answered! "Lily was a mess though!" Cody said. "I mean yeah she was with Quinn since kindergarten!" Hannah said. SREEEECH a big black van pulled up infront of them. The door slid open, "Get in." Halcyon said. Cody, Hyun, Hannah, Taylor all looked at eachother and climbed in. Taylor and Hyun helping in Hannah. "What is this about?" Hyun asked. Halcyon said nothing and drove. Maraj and Chris were in the back seat, both quiet too. The man in the front seat, Hylia, turned and spoke. "Now that you're no longer art students, how about FBI Academy? We need new recruits." Hyun, Hannah, Taylor, Cody all looked at eachother. "Can we think about it?" Hyun asked. The car stopped. "You walk out of this van now, you'll never hear from us every again." Hylia said. Hyun, Hannah, Taylor & Cody all looked at eachother then at Hylia. POST-CREDIT: "Dance, dance, dance to the distortion!!" Skyline sang as he walked home from the funeral. He looked over his shoulder to where the campus once stood, it was now nothing but scavenge for birds. "Hmmp! Like a wasted zombiee!" he continued walking. Wait what's that? He stopped as he spotted something in the bushes. He grabbed the big blue bag and pulled it out. I wonder what this is... he thought opening up the bag. Big stacks of 100 dollar bills were stuffed on top of eachother. Skyline smiled. Note* the star denotes the character did not appear in the episode Cast: @Halcyon as Officer Halcyon @Hyun. as Hyun Tanaka @Taylor as Taylor Jerkimayer @Hannah. as Hannah Dimaggio @Hylia as Special Agent Hylia AnitaDique @Aidan. as Professor Aidan Monahan @Saiga as Principal Saiga Winston @Sylk as Professor Sylk L. Coxs @Venus as a Boy as Dr.Joel Foster* @TattooedHeart as Lily Uchrich @Skyline as Skyline Vermon @Juinae as Juinae Hancock @#Music as Daniel Bobdection @QUINN as Quinn Warlick @Dr. Slay as Slay Mayflay @blankdreams. as Blank Flies @Kali as Professor Kali Mccormick* @Daenerys as Cody Garret @WinnieThePooh as Winnie Benardo @Liam as Liam Decson @Jae as Jae BendmeOhver @Limn as Limn Oliver @Rachel Berry as Rachel Carey @Chris Morlock as Officer Chris Ventura @Maraj as Officer Maraj Vanika @Diamond as Special Agent Diamond @Tiny Little Bows as Mayor Tiny Flittle Cows well well well! Were you guys shook? Let me know in the comments below!
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    Scream Queens: FOTP Row (Ep. One) Clack. Clack. Clack. Clack. A girl in high heels is running on a side walk. Suddenly her phone buzzes. "Shit!" She mumbles in a panic. She keeps running across Greek Row, the street filled with nothing but Fraternity and Sorority houses. The girl is carrying two cases of beer. Her phone buzzes again, and as soon as she looks at the phone screen she bumps into a frat boy. "SHIT!" The girl yells, dropping one of the beer cases. "Sylk, hey! Sorry about that, are you ok?" Asks the frat boy. "Yea Aidan, I'm just super late for KNT's first huge party of the year." Sylk answers, looking at her phone and picking the beer back up. "Here let me help you. That's where I'm headed anyway." Aidan says, extending his arm to grab the beer case that fell. "Thanks. I really appreciate it. Do you mind running with me? Taylor is texting me nonstop wondering where I am." Sylk says, panting. "Damn, are you in trouble? I can help you get out of it if you want?" Aidan asks. "No it's fine. I'll just deal with the consequences. This is my first offense so it won't be TOO bad." Sylk says. "Where is that bitch with our booze? I sent her to get it 30 minutes ago and she isn't even responding anymore." Taylor says angrily, pacing her bedroom. Music can be heard booming outside along with people shouting and laughing. "Calm down Taylor, you made her do it without her car. It's gonna take a bit for her to get back here on foot." Hannah says, sitting on the bed. "Hannah, why don't you call her. She may be more willing to answer if it's you calling." Diamond says while fixing her makeup in the mirror. Suddenly the door bursts open and Hylia pops in. "Guess who's here with more booze for us!" Hylia moves over to reveal Sylk standing behind her. "There you are bitch, we've been waiting. I'm coming down from my drunk feeling." Taylor says, grabbing the two cases of beer and sees Sylk is also carrying a bottle of vodka. "Where did you get that?" Hannah asks. "Oh, um, Aidan told me y'all might want it and that I should come get it. That's why it took me so long." Sylk says. Diamond gets up and grabs the bottle out of Sylk's hand, giggling. "Thank you Sylk! We'll discuss your punishment for being tardy in a bit." Taylor says as he slams the door in Sylk's face. Sylk stands in the door way and starts texting Aidan. She types out "Thank you for the cover up. I owe you" and presses send. "Circle around ladies, it's time to get our drink on!" Taylor says, pouring the vodka into a shot glass for herself, Hannah, Diamond, and Hylia. Hylia quickly shotguns one of the beers and throws it on the ground. "Cunt, you better clean that shit up in the morning. I don't want your beer stains all over my plush carpet." Taylor says before giving Hylia her shot glass. "Yea yea whatever lets just down these. I have a hot guy waiting for me downstairs that I'm wanting to ride." Hylia says. "First, a toast." Taylor begins. "Ladies, it has been an amazing three years with you. We all went through pledgeship together. We all failed Mr. Onika's class together. We all threw up in the bathroom together. You are my sisters for life. This is our last year at Kappa Nu Theta, so let's make it our best yet!" Taylor says, extending out her shot, toasting. The rest of the girls follow and cheer, then they all down their shot. "Alright, lets go finish partying then we can haze some bitches." Taylor says. FOUR HOURS LATER "Tonight was fun, wasn't it girls?" Taylor says, pacing the now empty living room. Red solo cups, streamers, beer cans, and various liquid spills are scattered across the house. The pledges are all lined up against the wall. The active members are standing in front of them as Taylor paces in between both of them. "I SAID TONIGHT WAS FUN, WASN'T IT GIRLS!?" Taylor yells. All of the pledges collectively say "Yes ma'am, it was." Taylor smiles and lets out a small laugh. "That's good to hear. However, there is a problem. One of your pledge sisters received a task tonight. It was a fairly simple task." Taylor then stops pacing in front of Sylk. She stares directly into Sylk's eyes. "Sylk here was instructed to get two more cases of beer for the party tonight. Hylia was feeling a bit thirsty. She felt it actually better for her if she went to the nearest frat house and fuck one of the boys there!" Taylor says. "Wait, what? I never..." Sylk says, before Taylor yells to be quiet. "On the bright side, she did get us some vodka out of it! So we're going to take it easier on you. Choose FIVE of your fellow pledge sisters now." Taylor says to Sylk. "...What do you mean?" Sylk says, sounding nervous. "Just choose five pledge sisters." Taylor says, not backing down. Sylk then turns, looking at her pledge sisters, not knowing who to choose. "CHOOSE RIGHT FUCKING NOW OR CHOOSE NO ONE." Taylor yells. "Taylor..." Hannah says trying to calm her down. "Shut up, Hannah." Taylor snaps back. "Um ok, Royale...Lia.....Rachel.....Slay.....and Michelle." Sylk says, shaking. "Hm. Perfect. The rest of you girls can go. The five girls that were called on and Sylk, y'all stay." "What do you plan to do with these girls exactly?" Hannah says to Taylor as they enter the parlor room of the house. "I'm gonna leave them shaking even harder than when I had them lined up a few minutes ago." Taylor responds. She walks to the back wall and picks up the old KNT revolver that was mounted on the wall. "Whoa Taylor what then fuck..." Hannah whispers, startled. "Settle down, whore. The gun hasn't been loaded in decades. We're gonna have a bit of fun with these girls. It's Russian Roulette time." Taylor says. In the dining room, Royale, Sylk, Michelle, Lia, Slay, and Rachel all sit at a small, round table. Hylia and Diamond stand around them. "Alright ladies, we're gonna play a fun game!" Taylor announces as she and Hannah enter the room. "It's called...." Taylor continues as she slams the gun down on to the center of the table. "Russian Roulette." All of the pledges then look at the gun and Taylor in a panic. "Oh so you're just gonna fucking get one of us killed?" Lia says, with fear and anger in her voice. "This is against the law. I'm not risking my life for this." Rachel says. "Shut up hags. This revolver is the trusty KNT revolver. It was used in the great campus massacre of 1965 by the killer Skyline O'Hara. When he used this gun to kill a group of KNT sisters, he somehow missed every shot. If you are a true KNT sister, this gun will not harm you in anyway." Taylor says. "Now, since Sylk is the guilty party here, we'll start with her. Sylk, pick the gun up and start playing." Taylor says. Sylk takes a moment. She looks at the gun, then at her pledge sisters, then at Taylor, then at Hannah. When Sylk looks at Hannah, Hannah turns away, not being able to watch. Sylk then lifts his arm up to pick up the gun. Her arm trembling. She picks the gun up, holds it against her head, a single tear streaming down her face. She pulls the trigger and a single click is heard. Nothing. A huge sigh of relief comes from Sylk. "Congrats Sylk! You are a true KNT sister! Now, pass it on to the next person." Taylor says. Sylk, still shaking, hands the gun to the person next to her. Rachel takes the gun from Sylk, holds it to her head, pulls the trigger, and a click is heard. She then passes it to Lia who takes it, holds it to her head, pulls the trigger, and hears a click. The pledge sisters begin feeling relieved and more confident, feeling like nothing is actually in the gun. Slay then takes his turn, followed by Royale, and then it's Michelle's turn. Michelle has absolutely no worry at this point. Hannah stands behind Michelle, now watching as she also knows now that Taylor was telling the truth about the gun not being loaded. Michelle then pulls the gun up to her head, pulls the trigger, and BANG. Blood splatters all over Hannah, and the surrounding girls as Michelle falls to the ground. All off the girls let out a giant scream in sheer terror. Hannah stands still, mouth wide open. "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO" Lia shouts at Taylor. "The gun hasn't been loaded in years! How was I supposed to know it had a bullet still in there?!" Taylor shouts back. "What do we do?!" Diamond yells. "The only thing we can do.....hide the body and clean the house up before anyone finds out what happened." Taylor says. "We have to call the police...." Hannah says, still in shock. "Absolutely NOT." Taylor says back. "We can't just act like this never happened, she was our friend." Hylia says. "Friend? That's kind of stretching it don't you think?" Taylor says back. "You're fucking psychotic. I'm calling the police." Lia says. "If you call the police Lia I swear to Christ I will do everything in my fucking power make sure it's YOU that gets blamed for this." Taylor says, sounding pissed. "This is all my fault..." Sylk says, tears coming out of her eyes. "Ok everyone SHUT UP. Here's the plan. Let's get her wrapped up in a tarp, and get her in my car. Then we can all drive out to the lake and dump her in that old, dried up well that no one even uses anymore. Then we call come back, clean up the house, clean ourselves off, and we pretend this never happened." Taylor says. "People are gonna be asking questions...." Diamond says. "I know. Rachel, Slay, you both live in the same dorm as Michelle correct? If anyone asks, you all went home together after this. Michelle was too drunk to get home by herself so y'all took her to her room." Taylor said. "I have no words for what you are actually saying right now. How could you be saying this?" Hannah says. "What I said to Lia applies to you as well, Hannah. Don't get brave." Taylor responds. All of the girls wrap Michelle up in a tarp, put her in Taylor's car, and drive out to the well. Once they are at the lake, they take Michelle out of the car and carry her to the well. "Any last words, girls?" Taylor asks. Silence. "Dump her." Taylor says. The pledges then let go of Michelle's body and it falls into the well. "Remember, just stick to the plan and no one will ever know. As far as everyone is concerned, Michelle stumbled out of her room as a drunken mess and someone kidnapped her." Taylor says. CAST: * means you are a series regular but do not appear in this episode @Taylor- Taylor Swenson @Hannah.- Hannah Rogers @Diamond- Diamond Jones @Hylia- Hylia DeMarco @Sylk- Sylk Travers @Liam- Lia Evans @Royale- Royale Mason @Daenerys- Cody James* @Hyun.- Hyun DeMarco* @Kali- Ms. Kali* @Michael.- Michelle Probst @Aidan.- Aidan Chen @Halcyon- Jakob Rockefeller* @Maraj- Maraj Probst* @Tiny Little Bows- Tiny Wiser* @TattooedHeart- Lily Chapman* @Dr. Slay- Slay Patterson @Rachel Berry- Rachel Berry One down! Who will make it out of the series alive? After all, only four will walk away by the time the series is over! Episode two is when things really start to get interesting as the killer begins his reign of terror on KNT!
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    I've already accepted that I'm going to die alone surrounded by cats, but I wanted to make a Valentine's Day post for my friends on here! I put together some corny cards on MS Paint featuring some of my favorite leading ladies, and I thought I would alternate between revealing a card and sharing a love song that I think describes my friendship with y'all. "Thank You" by Dido There are some days where pretty much everything that has the potential to go wrong somehow does, and I log on here to escape it all for a little while. Reading your funny posts and helpful advice can manage to turn my whole day around sometimes, so thank you for that! "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton I hate that we're all so far away from each other! I'm super awkward in person, but sometimes I think it would be super fun to hang out with you guys. This is like the quintessential long-distance relationship song, so it fits perfectly. "My Favorite Mistake" by Sheryl Crow This song has suggestive lyrics, but I don't mean it like that. FOTP distracts me from real-life responsibilities way too much, and it makes me procrastinate but in the back of my mind I know I should be doing more important things. You guys are kind of tempting sometimes! "Who Says" by Selena Gomez & The Scene I'm actually not a Selena fan, but this is a huge guilty pleasure for me! I feel like some of you need this reminder, so that's why I'm putting it here. You are way more appreciated than you think. Pretend I'm singing it to you. "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls Of course...we also need a song to symbolize all of our messy antics, mischief, and fun we've had! The fake drama, the shade, the gossiping, the time I recorded myself doing a curse and sent it to @#Music on Snapchat I tried tagging everyone but halfway through it stopped, so for now I'll leave it like this unless it flops and then I'll come back and try again. I love y'all!
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    The Powerpuff Nudes: Episode Two Donuts, impact, and everything #pow These were the ingredients chosen To create the perfect little stans But Professor Saigonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction Chemical D Thus, The Powerpuff NUDES were born Using their ultra-super slayage Hannah Sylk and Taylor Have dedicated their lives to fighting flops AND THE FORCES OF DELUSION The city of FOTPVille.....IS UNDER ATTACK! Hyunjo Jojo is roaming the streets and striking citizens with a laser beam! The city is in utter chaos! Mayor Hylia rushes to the phone and then says, "kids come quick! Hyunjo Jojo is doing the unthinkable! He has a laser that will make people....Connor Franta stans...." Ms. Easto, whom is standing behind the mayor, gasps. "Not Connor Franta! Have we locked down the town hall? We can't risk any of us stanning him and....whatever it is he does!" Ms. Easto says in a panic. "Yes Ms. Easto, there is no need to worry. We should be safe." Suddenly, Hyunjo Jojo bursts through the office doors and laughs maniacally. The mayor and Ms. Easto let out a scream and the sound of the laser charging up starts. "Welcome to my world, new co-stans!" Hyunjo Jojo exclaims, still laughing. Hyunjo Jojo begins pulling the trigger but nothing happens. He starts panicking and clicks the trigger over and over again. He then turns towards the door way and he then sees Hannah, Taylor, and Sylk standing behind him. Hannah is holding on to a cord that connects to Hyunjo Jojo's laser. She begins twirling the cord and says "You know, you should really think about getting a battery powered laser" Hannah then drops the cord and our three heroes fly towards Hyunjo Jojo. The trio beat up Hyunjo with ease and send him running back to his evil lair. "Thank you kids! You have saved the day once again! It's too bad some of the citizens now stan Connor Franta though." Mayor Hylia says. "I wouldn't worry about that, he's just a fad. They'll set fire to those forced stan cards someday soon." Taylor says. The next day... "Hello class, we have a new student with us today! Please welcome Princess Morbitch!" The teacher, Mr. Halcyon, says. "Welcome Princess Morebitch!" The class says. "Hello yes, I am a very rich and skinny legend. I demand a front row seat with only the finest leather cushions. Retrieve it for me at once." She points at Sylk "I'm talking to you btw." She says. "Um Mr. Halcyon, is that even allowed?" Hannah asks. "No it is not. Princess, you will just have to sit in the empty seat in the back next to Honey." Mr. Halcyon says sternly. Princess sighs and stomps all the way to the back. The bell rings and it's time for recess and everyone rushes outside to play. During recess, Sylk tells some students a recap of yesterday's Hot Topics from Wendy Williams. Taylor hacks into Sylk's stan Twitter account and starts tweeting things like "Mariah is over. Can't even sing an E6." His account subsequently loses hundreds of followers. Hannah is sitting on the steps gossiping with friends and talking about the cute guys in their grade. Suddenly Mr. Halcyon bursts through the door and says, "Powerpuff Nudes, the mayor just called! He needs your help now!" The three heroes then fly off to the city. Princess Morebitch sits on a chair, trying to get a sun tan, when she sees the three heroes fly off. "You, servant, who are they?" She asks the kid that is fanning her. "Those are the Powerpuff Nudes. They save the city from all evil doers." The kid says. "Super heroes...." Princess says quietly, starring off at the sky where the PPN flew off in. Later that night, Princess is in her room playing super hero. Her dad enters the room and asks what she's doing. "Daddy, I wanna be a Powerpuff Nude." Princess says. "Now sweetheart, you know I would do and buy anything for you, but I can't make you into a superhero." He responds. Princess then starts crying and throwing a major bitch fit. "This is fucking BULLSHIT. I am a LEGEND. I deserve nothing but the absolute best, did I lie? My song Dogmation ENDED all of these other rat bitches careers. And you're fucking telling me I can't be a FUCKING superhero? You can CHOKE." She yells. "Ok sweetheart fine. I can't give you special powers, but I can give you some other toys to make you a hero. How does that sound?" her dad says. "That sounds perfect! Hehe thank you daddy!" Princess says with a cute, little girl voice. Hours later at the PPN's house, our heroes are sound asleep. Sylk is having a wet dream about Shawn Mendes, Taylor is having a nightmare about someone outselling Taylor, and Hannah is having a dream about telling off Ariana Grande for not making Thinking Bout You a single. Suddenly, a fireball bursts through the wall and crashes right above the PPN's heads. The trio jump out of their beds, and through the hole in their wall they see Princess Morebitch wearing a jetpack, carrying a giant flame thrower, and wearing a utility belt with other weapons. "Hello cunts!" Princess says before blasting a plethora fire balls at the trio. They dodge them all with ease, however Professor Saigonium enters the room. "What are you kids doing? It's way past your bed time." He says. "Professor look out!" Sylk yells as Princess shoots a fire ball at him. Taylor is able to tackle the professor and save him. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" Hannah yells at Princess. "I wanna be a Powerpuff Nude!" Princess yells back. "Fine bitch, you can be a PPN, whatever. Now fly away you freak!" Taylor yells. "Oh no, I dont just wanna be a PPN. I want to be the ONLY Powerpuff Nude." Princess shouts, blasting more fire balls at the heroes. "We can't beat her if she keeps shooting us with fire balls. We need to distract her." Hannah says. "I know! Sylk should sing and give the bitch hearing loss!" Taylor says. "Um I don't want to lose hearing tonight too. But I do have an idea." Hannah then whispers in Sylk's ear. Sylk then gets up and stands at the front of the whole in the wall. "Excuse me, you sang Dogmation correct?" Sylk asks. "Um of course. It was doing so well, iTunes crashed because so many people tried buying it at the same time." Princess responded. "Hm yes that's nice. Well my song COCK outsold." Sylk says with a smirk on his face. Princess just stays still, mouth wide open. "That. Is. A. FUCKING. LIE." Princess Morebitch then begins to have a meltdown over Dogmation's sales, puts the flamethrower down, and gets in Sylk's face. "NOW" Hannah yells. Sylk delivers the first punch into Princess' face. The trio then team up and beat the girl up together. The professor then collects Princess' weapons as they fall off and take them to his lab to destroy them. Princess is stripped completely of all of her power and is left on the ground crying. "I called the police, kids. She wont be bugging us anymore." Professor Saigonium states. The next day... "Alright class, since Princess Morebitch was sent to prison for a meltdown literally less than a day after first arriving, she will no longer be in this class." Mr. Halcyon says. The entire class erupts in a cheer. "Yes it is true, making a delusional statement like 'COCK sold' would be enough to make anyone go crazy." Taylor says after the cheers end. "It outsold all of Taylor's discography tyvm" Sylk says back. The entire class then laughs at Sylk and makes fun of his song only having like 20 views on YouTube. AND ONCE AGAIN THE DAY IS SAVED THANKS TO THE POWERPUFF NUDES! Cast (In Order of Appearance): Professor Saigonium - @Saiga Hannah - @Hannah. Sylk - @Sylk Taylor - @Taylor Mayor Hylia - @Hylia Ms. Easto - @Impossible Princess Hyunjo Jojo - @Hyun. Mr. Halcyon - @Halcyon Princess Morebitch - @Liam Honey - @Honey Student - @Tiny Little Bows Princess' Dad - @Maraj
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    Hi! Welcome to my "Top 10 Albums of 2016" blog! In light on this year reaching an end and inspired by the multiple countdowns that other members have done in the forum, I decided to do one myself. This year has been pretty good to me in terms of music as I've liked a lot of releases, as well as found a lot of new stuff! Now if you know me you know that I like Korean and Japanese music, and yes, of course, there's albums of the language in this countdown. You can also probably guess my #1 correctly since I've been pretty vocal about it. You might find something new in this list that you like! Anyway, starting from #10 and going upwards... SHINee are one of the staple groups in K-Pop, they're essential to anyone's experience in the genre and my favorite boy group ever! 1 and 1 features a variety of genres that together make up this great album; from House, to 90's Jack Swing, the album has many many gems in it. The album is a really nice collection of good vocals and production working together. It serves you bops, midtempos, (amazing) ballads. #HyuntySTANS: SHIFT, Tell Me What To Do, Feel Good Perfume are a techno inspired J-Pop trio, and one of my favorite artists ever. They're definitely not everyone's cup of tea, being such a heavy electronic group that features autotune, vocaloid, high-pitched voices, etc, but being a big electronic fan, that's really what makes me love them so much. COSMIC EXPLORER was preceded by many singles released prior to the album, but most of these were reworked into new versions that in some cases is for the better, and others, for the worst. Either way, the album does a great job at mixing today's EDM trends while still keeping it loyal to their sound. #HyuntySTANS: STORY, FLASH, Cosmic Explorer, Pick Me Up I was never a JoJo stan, hell I had never listened to a song by her previously to listening to Mad Love., but I was immediately impressed. This is a fantastic comeback album, you can feel the passion she has for music in many of the songs included here. Her vocals are absolutely fantastic - especially on the ballads Music. and I Am., whew - the production is done just right. Bops, mid-tempos, ballads, this album is a ride of emotions that I love to experience! #HyuntySTANS: Honest., Vibe., High Heels., Good Thing. LEMONADE, the iconic album/movie that shook the world! I could spend a while talking about how amazing the visual part of the album is, but we're talking about the music here so I'll leave that for another time! The album ranges from many, many genres yet manages to stay as a cohesive body of work. The production, the vocals, the lyrics, the theme, the concept, it's all perfectly executed and it's why this is Beyoncé best album ever. #HyuntySTANS: 6 Inch, Freedom, Daddy Lessons, Hold Up Big shoutout to @blankdreams. for introducing me to this album indirectly via Popfection! This album is seriously an electropop masterpiece, I'm still as amazed as I was the first day I listened to it, and I still love it as much as I did then. The album's production is insane and just massive, seriously praise Joel Little for the amazing work. It's an experience to listen to, let me tell you, especially when you get to the title track which closes the album, whew! Georgia's voice is so interesting and it shines in this album. Plus, the Tove feature is seriously an amazing moment. #HyuntySTANS: Conscious, Free, Are You Home, Hold The Line, Recovery, Freak of Nature I discovered DEAN not too long ago, and I'm very very glad I did! He's a South Korean alternative R&B artist who released his debut ep "130 Mood: TRBL" earlier this year. With just 6 tracks (and an outro) the album sets a moody ambient from the beginning, with a set of mid-tempos following through. The production (done by himself) is so on point, his vocals are so so smooth, the melodies are really lovely throughout the entire thing, and it all mixes together in this amazing record where every single track is a highlight. I highly recommend you listen to this, you won't regret it. He's almost a Korean The Weeknd, if that gives you any motive to listen to him! #HyuntySTANS: 21, D (Half Moon), Pour Up I found out about BANKS with Gemini Feed, and I was definitely interested from that point and on. The Altar did not disappoint from the excitement I had built up from before, it exceeded my expectations. I love the dark tone her music has, even in the more upbeat moments of the album. Actually I wanna point out how FLAWLESS the transition from Mother Earth to Weaker Girl is, easily one of the best moments of the album, I love that too much. Her lyrics are flawfree, the production slays. She really did that with this album. #HyuntySTANS: Trainwreck, Gemini Feed, 27 Hours, To The Hilt Barely a month has passed yet this album found its way into my Top 3 of the year, truly a flawless album. The album keeps his signature dark and moody R&B vibe, but it's evolved, Starboy definitely borrows more pop, electronic and house influences compared to his previous albums, and I'm a huge fan of this. The Daft Punk features really take each of those songs to a new level, and the fact that they're the opener and closer of the album is just a really nice touch. #HyuntySTANS: Rockin', Secrets, False Alarm, A Lonely Night, Love To Lay Pop perfection at its finest! This is the album that solidified me as an Ariana stan, it's just too damn good. Even though this is always said when talking about it, praise the lord for Focus' backlash that made her change the album's direction! The title track came through and left everyone shook, myself included. Then the rest of the album was just sent from the Pop Gods themselves. It has one of the best songs of this year, the hit that got away, Into You! By the way, Forever Boy > Knew Better #HyuntySTANS: Into You, Touch It, Greedy, Thinking Bout You, Side to Side Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a blender, shit on it, vomit on it, eat it, give birth to it. I really cannot put my love for this album into words, she really left me bald. I'm a huge fan of electronic music - as I've previously stated - and this album being so House-heavy was just a gift. Every single song is fucking perfect, even the interludes! The album is short but that's compensated by the fact that every song is pure perfection. I cannot wait to see what the second volume will sound like, but I'm sure it'll be just as flawless as this one. #HyuntySTANS: Lady Wood, True Disaster, Vibes, Flashes, Keep It Simple Hope you enjoyed my rambling, and that you might've found something new to listen to!
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    Scream Queens: FOTP Row Episode 2 - The Banquet EIGHT MONTHS LATER BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. The sound of an alarm goes off. It's 8 in the morning. Suddenly a hand slams down on the alarm, turning it off. "Cody wake up. It's time to get ready." Hannah says as she takes the bed sheets off of her, sitting up in the bed. Cody moans, wanting to continue sleeping, and rolls over. "Fine." Hannah says as she gets up and opens all of the blinds, letting nothing but sunlight shine through the windows. "Ok, ok, I'm up." Cody says, being blinded by the sunlight. "Go get in the shower and get ready babe, it's gonna be a long day." Hannah says as she leaves the bedroom. "Hey Hannah, should I wear this dress or this one?" Hannah's roommate and best friend, Lily, asks from the living room. "Hm, go with the light pink one. Only KNT senior's are allowed to wear white to the banquet." Hannah says, as she pours a bowl of cereal. "Hey Lily, you know you don't have to go to this thing right? These girls aren't exactly the best people in the world and I..." Hannah says before being interrupted by Lily. "Hannah, you know I don't mind. Besides, I've already met most of them. They don't intimidate me." Hannah looks relieved, giving a subtle smile. "And this, ladies and gentleman, is our chapter room!" Taylor says to the group of parents and siblings of KNT sisters. "And that concludes the house tour for now! Feel free to wonder around for a bit, but don't touch anything haha!" Taylor says with a huge, fake smile on her face. "Oh and don't forget the banquet begins in the courtyard in about one hour!" Taylor says to the group, now leaving the chapter room. Diamond then walks over to Taylor and hands her a glass of wine. "Fuck I felt like I was giving a tour museum. It's a sorority house, not the White House. Stop with the stupid history questions already." Taylor whispers to Diamond, taking a huge sip of wine. "Do you know if Hannah is coming to the banquet or not? It's not gonna be the same without her here..." Diamond asks. "Who gives a shit. All she's gonna do is have some annoying 'I told you so' attitude towards us the entire time." Taylor says, taking more sips of wine. "You know I can turn the car around, right babe?" Cody says, looking at Hannah in the passenger seat. They have been sitting in the car for twenty minutes, just staring at the KNT house. "Hannah for real, we don't have to go." Lily says from the backseat. "No, it's fine. Let's go in." Hannah says, not budging. Cody and Lily stare at Hannah, waiting for her to move. "Ok, let's do this." Hannah says as she bursts out of the car. Cody and Lily follow suit. They all cross the street and get to the entrance of the property. They don't walk more than three steps before Taylor, Diamond, and Hylia block them. "Well look who decided to show up!" Taylor says, handing Hannah a glass of wine. "Oh and I see you brought Cody, the star quarterback of the football team! How long have you two been dating now? Like 7, 8 months?" Taylor continues to ask Hannah questions with a huge smile and condescending attitude. "Oh and who is this?" Taylor asks, looking at Lily. "I'm, uh, Lily. We've met like, a bunch of times before, Taylor." Lily says, shaking Taylor's hand. "Hm, I don't seem to recall." Taylor says. "Well the banquet is in the courtyard. Head on back there and get seated. We're gonna be starting soon." Hylia says. Just as the two groups begin parting ways, Diamond grabs Hannah's arm and hugs her. "Thanks for coming, Hannah. We've missed you around here." Diamond whispers to Hannah during the hug. "Hello family members of Kappa Nu Theta. Today, we celebrate our graduating class!" Ms. Kali, the house mother, says at the front of the courtyard. "These girls still have to deal with final exams, but I have the utmost confidence that these girls will pass with flying colors and prove that they are more than ready to take on the world." Ms. Kali continues. "I now ask all of the graduating girls to come up to the front and for our president, Taylor Swenson, to give a speech." Ms. Kali says as everyone claps. All of the graduating girls, all dressed in white, begin making their way to the front. Taylor then emerges from the crowd of girls and stands in front of them. "Hello everyone, my name is Taylor and I am this chapter's president." A small amount of claps. "Oh thank you, hehe. Anyways, I remember freshman year like it was yesterday. Many of the girls behind me were in the same pledge class! We've been through it all together. The highs, the lows, the laughs, and the heartbreak." Taylor continues. Hannah is tuning what Taylor is saying out. The girls are all encouraged to smile the whole time, so she's staring at Cody and Lily, her two rocks, the whole time to make her smile. But something strange catches Hannah's eye. She sees a figure moving behind Cody and Lily's table. "As some of you may know, it's been a hard year for many of us here." Taylor continues with her speech. The figure is wearing all white. Could one of the girls be late? "One of our sisters, Michelle, is still missing." Taylor says. This person looks so familiar, but she isn't one of the graduates. "No freakin way..." Hylia whispers. Hannah realizes that Hylia sees the person too. The person.....could it be....Michelle? Suddenly, in the middle of Taylor's speech, Diamond drops her wine glass, screams, then faints. Everyone gasps, as the girls try catching Diamond and aiding her. "Oh, um, well clearly it's still very hard for some of us." Taylor says, trying to defuse the situation. Diamond sits on the counter top in the kitchen, Hannah preparing her an icepack for her head. "Ok, who up and faints anymore?" Taylor says as she bursts through the kitchen doors. "Taylor.." Hannah says, trying to calm her down. "No, what was your deal out there?" Taylor asks Diamond. "It was Michelle. I swear I saw Michelle." Diamond says, looking at the ground. "It was her sister, dumb ass. News flash, everyone's fucking family is here. And might I say, you played it real cool. Definitely didn't look suspicious at all!" Taylor says, pissed off. "It's ok y'all. I just told everyone it was the heat that got to her head." Hylia says as she enters the kitchen. "Do you realize the only reason we haven't been sent to prison is because of lack of evidence? We can't start having panic attacks every time we see Michelle's sister." Taylor says quietly to Diamond. "Hey, is everything ok?" A girl says, cracking open the kitchen door. "Sorry for scaring you like that Diamond. My names Maraj. I'm Michelle's sister." Maraj says, entering the kitchen. "Nice to meet you Maraj. I'm happy you decided to come, despite what happened with your sister." Hylia says. "Yea, I thought it would be good to come visit. You know, get some closure." Maraj says, followed by a long awkward silence. "Well I also wanted to say that I decided to come to FOTP University and rush KNT next year!" Maraj says. "I think I'm gonna throw up..." Diamond says, running off. Taylor looks at Diamond, pissed off as Hannah follows Diamond to the bathroom. Taylor then looks back at Maraj and says "Well we would be more than lucky to have you, however greek rules prohibit potential rush members to participate in our events so I'm afraid you're gonna have to leave now." Taylor says, trying to get Maraj to leave. "Well I won't tell if you guys don't." Maraj says, trying to escape Taylor's grip. "So sorry, it's against the rules. So long now!" Taylor says, pushing Mara out of the kitchen. "WHO IS READY TO PARTY?" Two frat boys yell as they enter the kitchen. "Hey sis, where's my girl?" One of the boys says. "Well Hyun, she's having a heat stroke and vomiting in the bathroom. Why don't you go help her out a bit and let Hannah go be with her friends." Hylia says. "Friends? Are y'all not her friends?" The other says as he gives Taylor a kiss. "Jakob, sweetie, you know Hannah has been distant of us this year. Besides, that's less of her annoying, elitist attitude we have to deal with." Taylor says. "Hyun, go help your girlfriend." Hylia says. "Alright, alright, I'm going." Hyun says as he picks up the ice pack and walks to the bathroom. "Thanks for coming Hannah. It means a lot to me that you're here." Diamond says, crouching over the toilet. "Yea well I'm not staying here much longer." Hannah says. "I know you hate KNT now, but I'd still like to keep in touch with you after we leave. Would you be ok with that?" Diamond asks. "Of course." Hannah says, giving a light smile. "Oh, sick!" Hyun says, laughing and covering up his mouth and nose. "It smells like dead animal in here!" Hyun says, waving his arm around to get rid of the vomit smell. "Shut up idiot." Diamond says, laughing and pushing Hyun. Sylk and Royale then enter the kitchen. "Hey is everything ok?" Asks Sylk. "Yes bitch, we have everything under control. Now go back outside and deal with everyone." Taylor says. "God I love it when you tell these cunts what do do." Jakob says, all hot and bothered. "Oh do you now?" Taylor says back. The two begin making out in front of everyone. "So foul..." Royale says under her breath. Sylk hears and laughs. Hylia rolls her eyes and tells the two girls that everything is under control and that Slay is in charge of clean up tonight. "By herself? But we have to study for our chemistry final tonight." Royale says. "Sorry, we have to be at Tiny's mud pit party tonight." Hylia says. "Just fucking tell Slay to clean up or I'll make you do it." Taylor says before going back in to make out with Jakob again. "Y'all are gonna make ugly babies, by the way!" Sylk yells as she and Royale walk out of the kitchen. Taylor sticks up her middle finger at the two as they leave. "Bye y'all!" Slay says as she closes the front door. "Ok, lets get this cleaned up as soon as possible." Slay says to herself. She goes to the basement to get a broom and dustpan. Two hours have passed since the banquet ended and everyone left. Slay begins whistling her favorite church song, Sober by Selena Gomez. Suddenly she hears footsteps coming from above her. She stops whistling and looks up. A pair of dark books cover the cracks in the wood floor. They are standing right above her. After what seems like hours, the person finally walks away. Slay stays put in the basement until she hears the front doors open then close. She grabs the broom and slowly goes up the stairs to leave the basement. She slowly emerges out of the basement and looks around the room. No one seems to be around. "Hello?" Slay yells out. She hears a loud noise coming from the courtyard. "Taylor is that you?" Slay says, sounding scared. Just as she is about to move the curtains to look at who might be in the courtyard, the lights go out. "Shit..." Slay whispers. She grabs her phone out of her back pocket and starts calling Taylor. No answer. More noises coming from outside. She then dials Hylia. No answer. The sound of a door opening. Slay is motionless. Suddenly the door SLAMS shut. Slay jumps and lets out a loud scream, dropping her cell phone. She then hears footsteps inching closer and closer, getting faster with each step they take until it's basically a run. Slay picks up her phone and runs out of the house as fast as she can. She is able to get out of the house quickly and race to her car. When she gets into her car, she calls Diamond and tells her everything. Diamond says that it's ok for her to leave, she'll be ok. Slay has a giant sigh of relief as she gets off the phone and starts driving to the library. "Hey y'all, sorry I'm late!" Slay says as she sets her backpack on to the table. "Did Taylor really make you stay behind for two hours to clean up? Does this bitch not realize that our final exams are more important than cleaning?" Lia says. "Well it's so weird. I was cleaning up and I started hearing some noises. I went to the room where I heard the noises and the lights went out. I texted Diamond about it and she said that I can leave so!" Slay says. Rachel's phone then buzzes. She looks at the screen and a huge smile forms on her face. "Well I know Slay just got here, but.....I have to go." Rachel says, packing up her belongings. "And just where are you going?" Lia asks, somewhat knowing what's happening. "One of the boys I met at Sigma Phi's party last weekend wants some 'help' with his bio final project." Rachel responds. "Wait don't they have that mud pit party tonight that everyone is at?" Royale asks. "I don't know and I don't care. All I know is that Tiny Wiser is gonna give me some tonight." Rachel responds. "Well you have fun tonight girl!" Slay says, smiling. All of the girls giggle as Rachel waves goodbye. Knock knock knock. Rachel stands by the door of the Sigma Phi fraternity house, waiting for someone to let her in. She starts calling Tiny. No answer. Back at the library, Slay, Lia, Sylk, and Royale are all hard at work, studying for their finals when they all receive a group text. They all look at their phones and they all have a shocked look on their faces. Rachel calls Tiny again. Still no answer. Just as Rachel turns to walk away, she gets a text message from an anonymous number. "Let yourself in. I'm room 2309." She smiles and walks into the frat house. Hannah and Cody sit on a couch in the living room, watching a movie, when Hannah's phone starts ringing off the hook. The minute she picks up, she doesn't even have a chance to say hello before she hears Lia, Slay, Sylk, and Royale shouting. Rachel walks into room 2309, no one is there. "Hello? Is anyone home?" Rachel says. No one appears to be at the frat house. "Tiny, come on out!" Rachel yells, playfully. "I'll be right back, babe." Hannah says to Cody. She walks into her bedroom and whispers, "What do you mean you got a text from Michelle's number?" Rachel then walks past the bathroom, as she does she hears a shower turn on. She opens the bathroom door and says, "Tiny, is that you?" "Ok calm down y'all. What did the text say?" Hannah whispers into the phone. Rachel then walks into the bathroom and over to the shower stall that is turned on. Suddenly, the shower turns off. Rachel reaches for the shower curtain and pulls it open. No one. "It's time." Rachel then turns around and sees a person, dressed in an all black hooded gown standing behind her. She lets out a scream, but isn't able to run anywhere before the person lifts up a butcher knife and stabs Rachel in the chest. Rachel falls to the ground and tries to crawl away. The person then grabs Rachel's shoulder and flips her over. They then stab her again. And again. And again. And again. CAST: * means you are a series regular but do not appear in this episode @Taylor- Taylor Swenson @Hannah.- Hannah Rogers @Diamond- Diamond Jones @Hylia- Hylia DeMarco @Sylk- Sylk Travers @Liam- Lia Evans @Royale- Royale Mason @Daenerys- Cody James @Hyun.- Hyun DeMarco @Kali- Ms. Kali @Michael.- Michelle Probst* @Aidan.- Aidan Chen* @Halcyon- Jakob Rockefeller @Maraj- Maraj Probst @Tiny Little Bows- Tiny Wiser* @TattooedHeart- Lily Chapman @Dr. Slay- Slay Patterson @Rachel Berry- Rachel Berry
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    Episode 1 - It Wasn't Love - Dec 7, 2017 473 Views Episode 2 - A Little Less Conversation... - Dec 16, 2017 216 Views Episode 3 - Becky With The Good Hair - Dec 30, 2017 276 Views Episode 4 - I'll Write Your Name - Jan 15, 2017 249 Views Episode 5 - A Dog Needs Water - Jan 16, 2017 242 Views Episode 6 - Careless Man's Careful Daughter - Jan 20, 2017 356 Views Episode 7 - Killer Within - Jan 27, 2017 200 Views Episode 8 - Scream - Feb 5, 2017 249 Views Episode 9 - It Was A Perfect Illusion - Feb 8, 2017 TBD After the season finale airs Wendy Williams Stan Productions will announce whether TLATON is being renewed for a second season or not! Don't miss the SEASON FINALE tomorrow only on FOTP!
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    CAST @Taylor as Taylor Jerkimayer @Hyun. as Hyun Tanaka @Hannah. as Hannah Dimaggio @Hylia as Nurse Hylia AnitaDique @Aidan. as Professor Aidan Monahan @Saiga as Principal Saiga Winston @Sylk as Professor Sylk L. Coxs @Venus as a Boy as Dr.Joel Foster @TattooedHeart as Lily Uchrich @Juinae as Juinae Hancock @#Music as Daniel Bobdection @QUINN as Quinn Warlick @Dr. Slay as Slay Mayfla @blankdreams. as Blank Flies @Kali as Professor Kali Mccormick @Daenerys as Cody Garrett @WinnieThePooh as Winnie Benardo @Liam as Liam Decson @Skyline as Skyline Vermon @Jae as Jae BendmeOhver @Limn as Limn Oliver @Rachel Berry as Rachel Carey And now the incredibly diverse Crew! Writer: Sylk Director: Sylk Editor: Sylk Costume Designer: Sylk Theme Song By: Sylk Sound Editor: Sylk Location Manager: Sylk Caterer: Sylk Chef: Sylk Daycare Manager: Sylk That is all <3 xoxo
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    Here's another collection of the Wendy Reaction Pics! Enjoy For Part 1 click here Smirk Wendy 3 Shocked Glasses Wendy Shocked Dressing Room Wendy Shocked Wendy The Re Up Shook Wendy 2 Teary Eyed Wendy The Fuck Wendy Deep Thought Wendy 2 Whip my hair back and forth Wendy Weird Dance Wendy 2 (a @Hylia special) Bulging Eyes Wendy Closet Wendy Hot Topics Explanatory Wendy Deep Thought Wendy 3 Give Up Wendy Mmm Hmm Wendy Give Up Wendy 2 Monster Wendy Normal Shaking Wendy Ogre Wendy Doesn't Make Any Sense Wendy Heart Wendy Orly Wendy AND FOR THE FIRST TIME... SHOOK WENDY GIF Here's an Imgur link:http://imgur.com/a/NXPJu Thank you everyone! Enjoy!
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    The Powerpuff Nudes: Episode Two Donuts, impact, and everything #pow These were the ingredients chosen To create the perfect little stans But Professor Saigonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction Chemical D Thus, The Powerpuff NUDES were born Using their ultra-super slayage Hannah Sylk and Taylor Have dedicated their lives to fighting flops AND THE FORCES OF DELUSION Mayor Hylia sits in his office, turning to his record player, he puts on a Vulnicura vinyl. He starts listening and snapping his fingers to the music as Ms. Easto walks in. "Oh don't you just love this music, Ms. Easto?" Hylia says happily. Ms. Easto clears her throat and sits next to Mayor Hylia. "Let's turn that music off...shall we?" She says with a seductive tone. She then reaches over the Mayor and turns the record player off. She scoots closer to the Mayor and says, "That's much better, don't you think?" Mayor Hylia starts getting turned on but is also somewhat nervous. "Umm Ms. Easto, is there something on your mind?" the Mayor says. "Well since you ask, I would love it if I could have the rest of the day off." Ms. East responds. "That's crazy talk! There's so much to do and..." Mayor Hylia stops mid-sentence as Ms. Easto starts to kiss him. When she stops kissing, he says "Ok yes, you're free to go." Ms. Easto says thank you and runs out of the room. Later that night, Ms. Easto storms into the mayor's office. The mayor still sitting in seat with the semi that Ms. Easto gave him earlier in the day. "Oh, Ms. Easto, are you back for more?" Mayor Hylia says as he starts unzipping his trousers. "MAYOR PUT THAT AWAY. QUICK, WE NEED TO CALL THE KIDS RIGHT NOW." Ms. Easto says in a panic. She runs to the phone and dials the number for The Powerpuff Nudes. "Kids, FOTPville's sex shop has just bee robbed!" Ms. Easto meets with Hannah, Sylk, and Taylor at the sex shop as the kids fly around the store looking for clues on who could have robbed the store. "There's no clues here Ms. Easto. We looked everywhere." Hannah says. "It was probably Sylk. His obsession with Shawn Mendes is getting way too sexual for his own good." Taylor says. "Shut up cow, my love for Shawn is completely normal." Sylk snaps back. "Kids now is not the time to argue with each other. We need to find out who did this before they strike again!" Ms. Easto says, worried. "Sorry Ms. Easto, there isn't really much we can do about it now. We'll just have to wait until they strike again." Hannah replies. The next day... Mayor Hylia sits at his desk, finishing some paperwork that will recognize November 21st as National Bjork Day. Suddenly, Ms. Easto appears in the doorway in a seductive manner. "Hello Mayor. How are you today?" Ms. Easto asks, strolling to his desk. "I'm...uh....doing fine heh...." Mayor Hylia replies as Ms. Easto begins unbuttoning the top of her blouse. "I have something to ask you sir. Could I have the rest of the day off?" She asks. "Uuhhhh umm yes um uh of course." The Mayor answers. "Oh thank you mister mayor!" Ms. Easto says. "Also, I emailed you some...pictures you may like." She says before kissing Mayor Hylia. She then skips out of the room and Mayor Hylia logs on to his email as fast as he can and sees that she sent him a series of Pietro Boselli nudes that were stolen from his hacked iCloud account. Later that night, Ms. Easto storms into the mayors office in a panic. "OH SHIT. Ms. Easto I'm so sorry I wasn't expecting you." Mayor Hylia says as he was caught whacking it to the Pietro pictures for the eighth time that day. "Mayor we need to call the PPN right away! The vinyl store was robbed!" Ms. Easto says. "There's no evidence again Ms. Easto." Hannah says. "It must have been the same criminal. He's really making sure we don't find out who he is." Taylor says. "We're just lucky Ms. Easto was here again to see it all go down." Sylk says. "I sure don't feel lucky..." Ms. Easto says as she begins to cry. "Oh Ms. Easto, why don't you go home and get some rest, I'm sure it's been a long day for you." Hannah says, comforting Ms. Easto. "Alright kids, thank you for always being there." Over the next five days, Ms. Easto and Mayor Hylia have similar exchanges. She seduces him, asks for the day off, goes somewhere that gets robbed, calls the PPN, and the PPN can't find any evidence. However, one day Ms. Easto doesn't show up for work at all. Mayor Hylia gets an email from an unknown address that is titled URGENT. OPEN AND READ NOW. Meanwhile, our heroes are wondering who it could be that's robbing all of these stores. "Maybe it was Hyunjo Jojo. He's been off the radar for a little too long now." Taylor says. "No it can't be him. Tove Lo just released Lady Wood Pt. Two so he's probably been obsessing over that the whole time." Hannah says. "Gangreen Gang? We only got two of the four members in prison. Maybe it was the remaining two?" Sylk suggests. "There's no way those dumpster kids did this. It's too well planned and thought out." Hannah says. The phone then begins to ring off the hook. "KIDS QUICK! MS. EASTO WAS TAKEN BY SEDUSA. SHE'S ASKING FOR A RANSOM. YOU HAVE TO SAVE HER. THE RANSOM SAID SHE'S AT MS. EASTO'S HOUSE." The mayor screams on the other line. "Alright guys, lets go save Ms. Easto!" Hannah says as they fly off to Ms. Easto's house. When they get to the house, Taylor uses his x-ray vision to see where in house Sedusa and Ms. Easto are. "I'm seeing two people in the west wing." Taylor says. "That must be them, let's go!" Hannah says. The PPN burst through the ceiling to save the day, only to see Sedusa apprehended and tied to a chair while Ms. Easto stands over her. "Ms. Easto? How did you do that?" Sylk asks. "Oh thank goodness you're here kids, Sedusa is the one that's been robbing all of those stores!" Sedusa starts moving around in the chair, making a bunch of noises trying to speak through the gag. "The details of how I did this are unimportant. The important part is that we get to send this crazy bitch to prison once and for all." Ms. Easto says. "Now, it's been an awfully long day, so if you don't mind..." Ms. Easto continues. "Oh yes, of course. Here let us help. Why dont you take a seat!" Hannah says as she grabs Ms. Easto's hand and flings her across the room. "You fucking crazy bitch, what has gotten into you?" Ms. Easto yells trying to get back up. "Shut up you ugly cow." Taylor snaps back. "You honestly think we believe you were a witness to every crime, got kidnapped, and single handily subdued Sedusa?" Sylk says. "Well think again..." Hannah says grabbing Ms. Easto hair. "....SEDUSA" Hannah yells as she pulls off Sedusa's mask. "Well well well, y'all figured out my plan didn't you." Sedusa says. "By the way, I've been meaning to ask, what do you girls think of my new weave?" Sedusa says as she shoots parts of her weave out at the PPN. Sylk gets caught by the weave and is rendered motionless, pretty much being cocooned by the weave. Then Taylor get's hit. Hannah gives it her all but she eventually get's hit as well. "Well that was easier than I thought." Sedusa says. "Now, who should I kill first? Hannah who's the leader or Sylk who's the under appreciated rat of the group." Sedusa says, making the weaves tighten on our heroes which start strangling them. "How about none of the above." Ms. Easto says, standing behind Sedusa. "What the hell, how did you break free?" Sedusa says. "Having sharp nails has more uses than making tapping ASMR videos." Ms. Easto says, taking off her Sedusa mask. "No worries, you can easily be defeated again." Sedusa says, shooting weave at Ms. Easto. "Ms. Easto help! This bitches weave is too dry and crusty! Save us!" Hannah yells. Sedusa misses every shot she makes, but Ms. Easto finds the time to tackle her. The two exchange punches and roll around on the floor more times than Ariana in any of her music videos. They both get up and Sedusa throws Ms. Easto through the back window. Ms. Easto lands in the backyard pool and stays underwater. "There, now the bitch will drown and I wont have to worry about my precious weave being wasted." Sedusa says, walking over to the edge of the pool. Suddenly, Ms. Easto bursts from out of the pool and grabs Sedusa by her ankles and pulls her into the pool. The two then starting fighting underwater but Ms. Easto is able to give a good punch right in Sedusa's cunt. This gives Ms. Easto enough time get out of the pool and start cutting through the weave wrapped around the PPN. Sedusa bursts out from the pool and screams, "Oh you thought a simple cunt punch would take me out? You have no idea what I'm made of..." Sedusa says as she starts trying to make her weave shoot out and capture Ms. Easto, however nothing happens. She tries again and again but nothing is working. "Wha...what happened to my weave. MY WEAVE IS FUCKING BROKEN. NOOOOOOOOOOO" Sedusa starts shouting. Ms. Easto cuts all of the heroes free and they all get to the pool. "That's what you get for buying your cheap ass weave at Goosey's store." Sylk says. The trio then fly to Sedusa and start beating her up one by one before the cops show up to arrest her. Later that evening... "Oh thank you kids for saving Ms. Easto, I just don't know what I would do without her!" Mayor Hylia says, running over to Ms. Easto and hugging her tightly. "Well Mr. Mayor, it was actually Ms. Easto that did most of the work. My siblings and I were caught in a bit of a.....hairy situation hehe" Sylk says. Taylor slaps Sylk and says "That was so god awful and painful to hear. Never speak again." AND ONCE AGAIN THE DAY IS SAVED THANKS TO MS. EASTO AND THE POWERPUFF NUDES! But wait.... "You want your daughter back don't you?" A man says. "Yes, I need my Princess back. I'll do anything." Princess' dad says. "Anything you say? I wouldn't say that if I were you. You don't even know what I'm capable of." The man says, his voice sounding creepier and creepier. "Please, Princess Morebitch is my daughter. She's a spoiled cunt but she's my whole world." Princess' dad says with tears in his eyes. "Fine, I will wire you some money so you can have the best lawyer's imaginable and Princess will get off for her crime." The man says. "Oh thank you. Thank you...." Princess's dad says before being cut off. "But in exchange, I will need for you and your daughter to be my servant for the rest of time. You will do what I say when I say it. You will kill who I say you need to kill. Rob any store I say. Got it?" The man says, with an almost demonic sounding voice. Princess' dad stands there, tears flowing down his face, then after a long silence he says, "You have a deal." Cast (In Order of Appearance): Professor Saigonium - @Saiga Hannah - @Hannah. Sylk - @Sylk Mayor Hylia - @Hylia Ms. Easto - @Impossible Princess Hyunjo Jojo (Mentioned) - @Hyun. Gangreen Gang (Mention) - @Rachel Berry, @Daenerys, ?, ? Sedusa- @TattooedHeart Mystery Character - ? Princess' Dad - @Maraj Princess Morebitch (Mentioned) - @Liam
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    This exact time last night, my friend and I were planning our escape. We were figuring out a budget between us, writing letters to our families, and trying to find a place to go. We were both completely overcome with confusion, rage, dread, heartbreak, and terror. The 24 hours since then have not been any less horrifying. I can easily say that today was the worst day of my life. Other than one class where a violent shouting match erupted and I almost left the room for my safety, my campus was completely silent. People walked alone with their heads down sobbing, wearing all black and barely saying a word. When I was hopelessly weeping in the bathroom, I looked up and saw "This country's fucked" and "Heil Trump and the Fourth Reich" scrawled onto the stall and my tears just flooded out. I cried on and off from dawn to dusk, and only just stopped in the last hour. Then it hit me...I can't bring myself to leave, I can't just turn my back on everything we've worked so hard for, and I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I did. They say that you must be the change that you wish to see in the world, and I have to do my part. I'm going to stay and I'm going to make a difference. I've always wanted to be a teacher, ever since I was little. I've thought about other related professions over the years like librarian, principal, children's book author, etc. but teaching has been my main dream since birth. If I had to narrow down a subject I would choose English, but I'm not very picky. I've never wanted anything more than to share knowledge and wisdom with the next generation so we can have a bright, hopeful future. But why can't I be that bright, hopeful future myself? I'm still in the very early stages of this idea, but after today I'm thinking about changing my major to political science. I've always been very socially, economically, and politically conscious, but I never considered it for myself until now. I previously felt as though I wasn't thick-skinned enough to do the job, but this situation has given me a fire that I didn't even know I had in me. I wrote down a list of some of my most important beliefs and values, and I'll put them here for you. I believe... That our planet is beautiful and should be preserved. Renewable energy is the future, climate change is an undeniable reality, and we need to take immediate action. That women, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, the disabled, and our veterans are worthy of respect and should be treated with basic human decency. That affordable healthcare is a human right. That knowledge is power. College education should be available to all. That women are entitled to reproductive rights and equal pay for doing the same job as a man. That people should pay taxes proportionate to their income. That freedom of religion extends to Muslims. That the death penalty should be abolished. Prisons need to shift from being punishment-oriented to rehabilitation-oriented. That the Confederate flag has no place in our country today. That terminally ill patients deserve the right to die with dignity. That the gun violence epidemic is a domestic threat to our national security, and we need gun control. That the minimum wage should be raised to help struggling families make ends meet. That #BlackLivesMatter. Police sometimes abuse their power, and should be required to wear body cameras. That diversity is a beautiful thing and our differences should be celebrated. That awareness trumps ignorance, peace trumps war, and love trumps hate. That we can work together to make all of these things a reality. My parents are the biggest conservatives I know, both fiscally and socially. Even though we disagree on pretty much everything political except for the phrase "Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are morons," they are still proud of their child and respect me for caring about our country and the people who live in it. They would undoubtedly be more happy with me passionately voting for the candidate that they hate than they would be with me apathetically voting for the candidate they like. They fully support my decision to pursue office, and said that they would vote for me regardless of my policies because we are sorely lacking in genuinely good people who are doing it for the right reasons. I have no idea where this journey is going to go, or if I'll run at the local, state, or federal level, or if I'll even end up changing my major and giving up my teaching dream at all, but wish me luck. I've found a purpose in this utter chaos. "This loss hurts. But please never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it." - Hillary Clinton.
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    I woke up at about 5 AM today because my dad was having surgery today, and so my parents and I got everything packed for the hospital and headed up there, and before long they took him back to begin the pre-op process. My grandpa arrived at the hospital right afterward, followed by my grandma (they're divorced), so it was my mom and I sitting with the how of them in the waiting area and things were going pretty great, and everyone was getting along. I got up to use the bathroom, but when I came back my mom had tears in her eyes, which I assumed were just related to her being worried about my dad. I asked her what was wrong, and she replied "I'm just pissed off at how people are judging other people like this", with my grandma firing back "well some people just have opinions that everyone doesn't agree with". Clearly, something happened during my trip to the bathroom. I asked my mom if she wanted to get up and walk with me for a minute so I could find out what happened, so we walked off into a hallway, and she began telling me what happened, which took me for a complete spin. A cousin of mine, who happens to be a lesbian, hot brought up in a conversation and my grandpa said "it's not related to my religion, but I just don't believe in the gay lifestyle" followed by my grandma actually saying how she doesn't "understand" the gay lifestyle either. My mom had gotten mad over them talking like that due to her support of the LGBT community, and that's about when I had come out of the bathroom. I started crying because, well, both of my grandparents had just blatantly made homophobic remarks, something I never thought would never happen. These are the same grandparents I've known and loved my whole life. My mom and I sat back down, and my grandpa came up to me and said "I didn't know you felt so strongly about this, but I just don't approve of the lifestyle and I hope you can forgive me for that" (he doesn't, or didn't know I was gay at that moment). After he walked away, my mom went over to where my grandparents were sitting and basically dragged my grandpa over his hypocrisy, claiming to be a good Christian but casting judgement himself, then she came and sat back with me when she was finished. After we talked for a bit, my mom straight up asked me if I was gay. Naturally, I came out with it and said yes, and she told me she's had a feeling I was for years now and that it's not a problem with either her or my dad, and that they both love me no matter what. Shortly afterward, my dad came out of recovery and they had him in a room so we all went to find it, with my grandpa speaking like 5 words to my dad before leaving, afraid my mom would probably drag him again. My mom explained the whole thing to my dad, and as my mom and I were leaving the hospital for the night, he told me he was proud of me. That, and the moment with my mom, are moments I'll never forget. Unfortunately, my grandpa talking to me the way he did will also be a moment I never forget. tl;dr: In the midst of my dad having surgery, my grandpa told me to my face he didn't approve of the "gay lifestyle" and my grandma said she "didn't understand it", leaving me an emotional wreck pretty much. My dad's surgery was successful, and what matters now is that he's recovering and my parents 100% support me.