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    Hello it’s my birthday tyvm
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    Found out last night that my sister is pregnant so I’m gonna be an aunt! 😭😭
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    The "Popular Now" threads right now:
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    1 year of this Grammy award winning classic!!!
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    There was a wise man that once said “legends don’t campaign, they simply win”
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    I like lana del Reys new album
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    This was and is still one of Gaga's BEST looks ever and I will NOT be told otherwise
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    After a bad year and a rough break-up, I decided to come back here I won't be active that much I'll occasionally enter in here whenever I can so It's time to bring my old profile back
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    Warned for spamming? you should be glad of the added activity on this site
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    Ajayll preparing for her next Madonna review:
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    My first copy of Lover! It's so pretty!!
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    this song makes me wanna climb up a stripper pole while crying
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    I am still at the hospital but i can go outside
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    i started this last night at like 1am
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    Hey everyone, I'm bored LOL
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    @Lachlan playing around with the forum and accidentally removing The Lounge (incl. HOW and NHB) is the reason FOTP is dead.
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    Y'all I went to town and look what posters I found!
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    I am loving the forums revival
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    ...with the results
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