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    New members? Time to act up (insert avi)
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    I'M SEEING CARLY AFTER ALL, BITCHES. And treating it like my damn wedding.
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    NRO is a massive bop now i understand why everyone calls Katy the “Queen of Pop” it all makes sense
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    Does anyone think global warming is a good thing? I love @Hylia. I think she's a really interesting hip-hop dancer.
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    My nan couldnt find her phone so my grandad called it and her ringtone is All I want for christmas is you the actual song
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    FOTP in a nutshell
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    i won't set my grandma free until this tweet gets 100 replies of y'all streaming Never Really Over by Katy Perry this friday remember that she has diabetes and needs her insulin
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    Finally I can post status updates hi yall, my first week on FOTP has been great!
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    Me seeing posts by 4-5 new members in a day. Is this the comeback of FOTP?
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    Seeing the Spice Goddesses today
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    Was hand keying an item into a self check register for a customer, and instead of “beige hose,” I accidentally put “beige hole.”
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    So we are at a lbtq+ friendly resort on Gran Canaria and I talked to an older gay couple at the pool bar today and I told them that I was a Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande stan and they literally said: “Oh, you’re a bottom” (which is lowkey true but omg the audacity)
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    Im making this status to bump @Hylias from the home page
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    Every time I hear that awful Sucker song by the Jonas Brothers, it makes me think of that equally dreadful track Feel it Still by Portugal the Man
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    Tell me love isn't true, it's just something that we do Tell me everything I'm not but please don't tell me to stop.
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    Earlier today, one of my co-workers was complaining about the rain outside, and this man purchasing a bible walked by us and said “all you need in bad weather is Jesus.” We both literally had the look on our faces
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    I have THE worst love life. It’s such a joke at this point. I found out that the guy I was talking about excitedly a few days ago is racist; he says the n word and everything.
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    All these new members joining...Did CoPD implode?
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    “Two years and just like that, my head still takes me back” @Winnie.
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    Shawn Mendes looking for his next opportunity to tell us he’s not gay
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    Today I got a brand new copy of MDNA for 9 cents