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    Somebody downvoting a post from 3 years ago
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    It's a sad time for society. https://www.billboard.com/amp/articles/business/chart-beat/9406723/6ix9ine-nicki-minaj-trollz-number-one-hot-100
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    I can't believe I am graduating tomorrow
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    i need ONE more rep point to get to 6K please donate
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    I wonder if there's a feature where the same thread could be linked to two or more subforums at once (like for example, the Rain on Me thread would appear in Ariana and Gaga's section but only be 1 thread) @Onika look into it
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    is anyone else having this bug where anything beyond page 2 in the status updates is eternally loading and videos are not popping up when embedded?
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    In 62 years of history of the Hot 100, no #1 song has spent only 2 weeks in the Top 40 till TROLLZ. It will probably break the record for the shortest life on the chart for a #1 (currently 8 weeks).
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    My signed copy of Chromatica came and I'm happy I got a full "L" instead of just a swoosh or a dot
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    #tbt when this site's ads were literally calling me fat
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    Me on the Walmart cctv camera before switching out clothes and walking out the store
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    I was driving around the other day and heard "S&M Remix feat. Britney" on the radio and was surprised they played that forgotten remix in 2020
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    Does anybody else remember crazy frog or was that just a fever dream
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    I just ate a lot of food and took a huge shit. Does anyone think global warming is a good thing? I love Jennifer Lopez. I think she's very talented and underrated!
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    Happy bday to my fave queenie Ariana
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    Omg the Chromatica II challenge might be my fave ever
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    Nnn not Trollz freefalling, can't wait to see the drop
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    {BI~ON~IC} take ya super sonic, hey!
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    Just heard 911 blasting from a car going by. I live in such a fagoot neighborhood.
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    Ok, so I’m going back to work on the 20th... 4 fucking months since the place temporarily closed... and I can’t be arsed going back, I’m so used to staying at home doing nothing 😂😭
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    @Madonna when someone mentions stanning erotica, sweetner or lust for life
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    Playing FOTP games with @Ghostface's rules it's always fascinating.
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    Your monsters torture me, the scars on my mind are on replay
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    Chloe x Halle are so fucking good how have I not heard them
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    A better Music Box would have this as the official cover. Found this on Last.fm.
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    All these f*gs on this forum hyping how sgood they have or live in countries with great healthcare should use their healthcare benefits to go see a THERAPIST. A lot of y’all are truly not okay
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    I'm screaming
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    Call an ambulance, this pussy is lethal Call the police, this pussy is illegal
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    Trolling full-time on FOTP and ATRL keeps me booked and busy, glad I’m making a change!
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    What's Your Pleasure? is the album of the year
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    Have you ever seen something so accurate
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    There are people in 2020 who think that Ellen Degenerate is funny
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    Me: logs in The rest of the forum:
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    Okay but they didn't need to snatch my wig like thise