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    I got in a a bad car accident and then I found out my friend has passed away this morning. Send good vibes if you can ❤
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    Hi friends, now that I am Anna-wa again there is something I must tell you... I'm leaving. I know a lot of you don't like when someone makes a big speech as they leave but I feel like due to all the memories and friends I've made over the past two years, I have to make one. You deserve an explanation. I'm not doing this because of anything one specific person did, or even something a GROUP of people did. Quite the contrary, 99.9% of you made me feel unbelievably welcome every single time I came online. I could feel you loved me, and I hope I made all of you feel loved too. Because I do love you. It's just that the website itself doesn't feel as magical as it used to anymore. When I came here officially in 2016 (thanks to a tweet from the Britney account about Glory rumors), only a few months later did that Beyonce's Lemonade drop, and she stopped the world (world stop!). From that moment it was a mission to take Beyonce from Spotlight artist to Perma artist. The mods warned me "this has been done before, and she always is too quiet in between eras for her Perma to stay". I didn't listen to them. I continued fighting. Eventually we did get Beyonce as a Perma. Since then, however, a lot of the original BeyHive members have left. Lord Stoneheart (who I have on LFM), Vilppu and Diamond (both of whom I have on Twitter), SANDCASTLES, all of them left. Urbi, fab, Monster, and Beaux are still here but what is there to talk about? The mods were right, she is very silent in between eras and +/- games can only take your post count so far. Every single day I log on here terrified Beyonce is gonna be taken away, but also I remind myself that right now the WHOLE board is dead. Even Taylor Swift is avoiding award shows because she doesn't want to see her enemies (I love the girl but let's be honest). There's nothing to talk about ANYWHERE at this point, and still. Still I feel like it would somehow be MY FAULT if Beyonce got taken away. It would be MY FAULT for not commenting on every thread, not logging on every day to make sure she's still there. You know what this is? This isn't fun. This is a chore. A stinkin' annoying chore because how the heck would it be just MY FAULT if Beyonce got taken away? It gets tiring, day after day, fighting for a dead section on a dead forum to stay. And so... I must leave. Because I'm not having fun anymore. I will always treasure all the memories and all the friends I have made - and I have a lot of you on Snapchat, Twitter, or Last.FM so, as Louis sang in the One Direction song History, this is not the end, this is not the end for us. But it is the end of my time at FOTP. Thank you FOTP for all of the memories, especially to the Beyonce section. I truly love you guys. P.S. @Vulnicura. @Monster Tell me on Last.FM how the megarates end (if Vulni's megarate ever ends that is...)
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    just spotted a fag then realized I was looking in a mirror
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    Heard the most savage drag of all time at work today Me: “Have a great day!” Elderly man: “My neighbor is the one in the obituary instead of me, so I will have a great day”
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    <3 Just came out to my mom and dad. Feeling so relieved, but there's still sadness lingering around me. Won't forget all the families that are grieving today. Love to everyone and stay safe.
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    Hello darlings my surgery went well, I have pain, but not too much, feeling very tired miss y'all
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    Today marks a year I overcame my suicidal thoughts. To anyone struggling, I commiserate and you are loved. Please don't for even a minute think you can't do anything because you can. Please don't ever stop believing in magic because thats what saved me. Dream loud and don't ever apologize for it. I wish you happiness. #Human
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    what a glorious day! going to sleep HAPPY and EXCITED about the future of my country for the first time in over four years!
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    Agugaga in BGs when Ariana drops one spot on the charts.
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    was in the car with my entire family suddenly my phone connected and CPR by Cupcakke started playing on full volume
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    [death] Guys please send positive vibes to me and my family (especially my mom). My grandfather can't speak/can't understand what's going on. His time is about to come... I'm gonna see him tomorrow before class and say goodbye...
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    Okay darlings I see you all in a few days the positive thing about my recovery will be that I'm having a lot of time for FOTP I'm gonna miss y'all and thank you for the support, I love my clique and I give y'all a special shoutout <3 you know who you are! Now I'm on my way to become a skinny legend, and I'm gonna...
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    Today I am PROUD to be a woman in this country. Yesterday seemed bleak, but today I can see hope in my countries future. Never let your voice go unheard. Be the change you want to see. Be proud of yourself and who you are.
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    FOTP: omg this place is so boring these days where are all the trolls I need some excitement also FOTP: ugh this user is so annoying all they do is troll @ mods ban it pls
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    Exclusive footage of Taylor when she first heard Swish Swish
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    I just saved a baby chipmunk from drowning in my pool. Once I got him out of the water he flopped around for a few minutes and made this squealing noise, and then he calmed down and crawled into the woods. I followed him and set down a towel around him to keep him warm. This isn't the greatest picture but here he is
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    Let's all welcome the new emote: - scream'2
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    502 Bad Gateway is one of my favorite tastes. Not only that, but Nginx smell amazing. It makes me go a little crazy on it to be honest. Like, I cannot get it far enough down my sight to be satisfied. I’m only satisfied when I feel those intense, powerful, bold, heavy pumps of Times New Roman down my throat. When I sit back on my heels, look up at you with a blank screen all over my face and sweat running down my neck, mind all fucked up and wipe my mouth with the back of my arm and ask you if I did a good job and you cannot even speak because I’ve drained all of your energy out the tip of your Apache….. That’s when I’m satisfied.
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    I just had the biggest meal of my entire life. I could barely make it upstairs. I feel pregnant
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    *goes out on a date with @Goosey* me:
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    I've been too much absent
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    My bf surprised me with 5 NFR! formats and it's honestly the most beautiful thing ever!
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    Just saw Mariah best night of my life she was SO close
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    Friend: Why don't you do any sports? You look like the wrestling type! My gay-ass head:
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    Seeing so many people who aren't really fans of Ariana show so much support for her is making my heart happy. The positivity is outweighing the negativity and that's what needs to happen for everyone to heal.
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    [death] Rest in peace grandpa. 💙 I'm glad I got to see you yesterday. I pray for you and all who knew you. 💙
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    *every time i change my set* Cause I'm doing things that I normally won't do The old me's gone I feel brand new and If you don't like it fuck you
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    I am officially a college graduate!
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    I got a job writing for my college’s newspaper, which is a job I’ve been going after for years now! I’m so happy omg this is gonna open so many doors for me in the future! Things are finally starting to go right for me.
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    Anyone: *posts something nsfw outside HOW* Mods:
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    me eating shawn mendes' ass for the first time
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    I'm officially a cast member at Universal Studios Hollywood 😩😩😝😆😁
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    "You have a new private message from @Sylk"
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    My mom brought this basket in earlier, took one of the cats about four seconds to decide it was hers after it was set on the floor
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    got a ban witcho name on it
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    Me: Today is gonna be a great day with no annoyances!! *a few minutes later* *@Sylk mentioned you in The Rep Lounge*