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    Caught, in the heat of a gay moment.
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    And heaven and nature sing And heaven and nature sing
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    Ok but Kesha served...
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    O night when Christ was born O night @Divine o night O night @Divine
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    How you can tell @RihannaRTT has become administrator:
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    Gays voting Republican or Conservative are turning me asexual
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    If you’re looking for a fright And you wanna do it right Come on turn off the light
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    Literally had 3 anxiety attacks today over the fact my top choice college releases decisions on Saturday via snail mail. I’m so neevous
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    Why don't you come on over @Royale? @Royale @Royale @Royale
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    seeing kim petras in 4 hours
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    @ Kim Petras stans: I found a shitload of unreleased songs of Kim in pretty good quality - would you all be interested if I made a list with downloads and PM it to the ones interested? Through Google Drive or WeShare or something?
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    Everyone and their mother is doing a Master Class these days. I would rather XTina not teach me how to ruin my vocal chords, thnx.
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    just smoked a fat bl*nt
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    Hello Sisters of FOTP! I recently put out a new single which sounds a bit like Katy meets Lana but also a bit Marina/Baby vibes. Let me know what you think https://open.spotify.com/track/3TP1eo6iwFY0T9DepwbTof?si=KAkWPtDDTrS_AsAOV4kv0A
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    Since Christmas is coming, it's time to post this. I didn't know @Winnie. was a great singer
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