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    I just saw screenshots of my Grindr messages from 3 years ago responding to Australian men the same shit; "are you from Kylie Minogue's country"?
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    gay men are worse than straight men i fucking said it
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    I went to Iran for 3 weeks and turns out fotp was blocked there along with twitter youtube facebook Spotify Netflix literally everything never going back again
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    Waiting on Rih to drop a surprise release like...
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    theres a baby rabbit on our front porch
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    I really like Kylie's singing voice. It's so light and feathery
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    When you put your whole library on shuffle and find some songs you wish you didn't used to stan
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    Wow it's been 3 years since I made this poster
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    When will Britney get outta that conservatorship and release some fucking MUSIC. IM TIRED
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    Everyone say hello to our new emote: gag'1
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    Bon Iver's new album is lit just stan slang
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    I know I stan Lana but idk how anyone can stan the new bunch of pop girls. They're all so damn boring
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    Last 4 of the 5 topics have been started by @Liam, somebody give him a raise
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    rebel heart might be better than madame x
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    no choice but to stan
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    Just sang the "Check On It" chorus in one breath. Finished another important milestone of my life!
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    Humidity is rising Barometer's getting low According to all sources The street's the place to go
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