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    Kylie Minogue is one of the most underrated pop girls out there and she deserves so much more than she’s been getting for the last decade or so! people who discredit her legacy....
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    Who the fuck did this
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    6 minutes logging in and I realize how some people on this forum are mentally ill. Dislike a recent post so you search for a post I made six days ago? I know we bored during quarantine but Damn!! Lmaoo
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    Leaving toxic people in 2019 is such a mood. My ex and Rihanna can rot!
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    If you are sad sometimes it helps for you to make other ppl to feel happy.
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    2 years of Reputation! Also, can't believe 2 years ago, I started working in my dream publication and this was my first page omg!
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    The FOTP banners are finished and I cannot wait for you guys to see all the revamped/new ones! Every FOTP will get 5 new banners, some artists will get 3 new banners and some kpop groups will get 1 banner!
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    Somebody downvoting a post from 3 years ago
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    Who would've thought we would see the renaissance of Bleachonce stans in 2020,thanks trump!
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    Taking Mew to the vet today for his first checkup and to get the insurance / pet-plan sorted
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    You guys ever see someone you haven’t seen in a while, and it looks like the universe decided to re-cast them with a different actor?
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    My nephew was just born and he's adorable as hell
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    Logging on and seeing @Divine and @Hylia with gold usernames. The fear that incited within me...
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    The fact I low-key look like Dua Lipa and Katy Perry is sending me
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    2 months of quarantine have seemingly reversed all of my social skills I’ve learned in life. I’m literally shook because I just ordered a pizza in person and I had to ask the guy to repeat a question
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    🔽 Nobody does
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    Great news guys! I don't have corona. Still staying at home. Be safe hoes.
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    I've waited so many years for this moment... now it's finally here! My 22nd birthday aka 22 by Taylor Swift appreciation day
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    I don’t see why people are turning this Super Bowl performance into an argument There’s no need to pit two women against each other for no reason, they both did an incredible job and we should appreciate that rather than making it a debate between which artist is superior.
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    I can't believe I'm 25 now. Make it STOP! I don't wanna be thirty in five years.
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    i'm screaming I forgot to logout from my Spotify account on a public computer and now I have tons of shitty techno and german hip hop streams on my last.fm
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    Caught, in the heat of a gay moment.
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    maybe i served with my costume!
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    Lambs. Fossils. Monsters. Britney Army. Long ago, the four stan bases lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fossils attacked. Only @Liam, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the forum needed him most, he vanished...
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    Was just able to get rid of a double post I'd made. The satisfaction I feel right now cannot possibly be commensurate with the action...
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    The way I keep forgetting there's a whole forum outside of the Slasher game
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    Almost 5 months now since I've had this little demon. 6,000 scratches and bite marks later, I still love him <3
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    think I'm gonna take a long ass nap after hosting that event
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    Just checked and @Luca has had a total of 25 username changes ever since his account was first created...
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    So happy to be celebrating my favourite Kylie album's 30th bday!
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    fotp members: how many new mods were hired? @Onika:
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