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    You wanna talk about something, honey? Let's talk about this piece of shit associating with rapists, murderers and pedophiles like it's her fucking job. There are about a million ways to lead your life and not be a piece of absolute fucking dogshit. Nicki Minaj didn't choose the simple option of following a single one of those million paths. She is a fundamentally bad person, full stop, end of story. She does not deserve the spotlight at all and frankly, anyone who's still a fan of her today should be doing some serious soul-searching.
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    I think we all have noticed that @Agugaga's threads are becoming blander by the minute and it's becoming sad to watch the sis tarnishing her legacy Fortunately, I have designed a brand new tool that will assist @Agugaga in spamming Battlegrounds with quality threads for many years to come: Agugagabot (click the link and it will randomly create a thread )
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    I genuinely don't give a fuck if she's joking or not, 'cause she's still a terrible person either way and the day she does retire is worth celebrating.
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    Nicki isn’t influential enough for anyone to be bothered by the grammar in “all these bitches is my sons.”
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    I’m really glad you told me. Not sure how I would have slept tonight if you hadn’t told me. This is the announcement that I have been waiting for today. God where would I be without you informing me of this. girl you dont need to tell me. just resize it and go
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    u have until 10th September to hand in all presentations or performances
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    Might be biased, but Norman Fucking Rockwell! by far. Her most personal record with songs that will sound timeless in 50 years. From lyrics to production Norman Fucking Rockwell! is also way more cohesive and interesting. I love Lotus, but it's not better than Norman Fucking Rockwell! nor is it Demi’s best album.
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    remember when Bionic plunged from #1 to #29 on the UK albums chart
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    DEAR PLAYERS I just want to thank you guys for participating in this season and contributing to it! I want to thank the radio panelists who some have left in the middle and some joined later, thanks for sticking for the entire season! I want to thank everyone who reviewed the albums for Metacritic this season in their spare time which should not be taken for granted! I'm very proud of this season, what we've accomplished and how many releases there were and despite the relatively low activity during the beginning, I do think this is one of the best seasons we've had so far! So thank you guys and hope you enjoyed @Hector @Edu @Love So Soft @Beauty Queen @ryjapo @RebelHeart15 @Joanne @Harry_CAL @Eglė @tigerlily13 @Beyoncé @Cosmic @Kuba @Maria @Bleachella @8Bit Heart @Surrealism @Alesus @Michael. @phoenixstar @BritneysBitch
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    @Andrew! @Ghostface @Kuba @Quill @Saiga BRIDESMAIDS: @Phoebe @Hylia @Dr. Slay @hector @Ruthless Love @Hyun. @Juinae @Afterglow @Light Years @Aidan. @Royalty @Ariana @Luca @Liam @Sylk @Bright Moon
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    Estelle’s American Boy > these tbh.
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    How is this petty? By re-recording her old material it will devalue the old masters and she’ll regain the upper hand against multiple sleazy men who screwed her over... I don’t see the issue If anything it’s a power move, not petty. No one would call a male musician doing this petty
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    Hello all. I have been collecting Xtina merchandise since her debut in 1999. This morning I revisited most of my stuff and thought i would post images to share with you all, and ideally with Xtina via her Instagram account too. I haven't gone as mad with Lotus / Liberation as my ever increasing age has meant that my life priorities have changed! I have lots more magazines, and an official calendar which isn't in the image below. It's somewhere else in the house. Enjoy!
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    You... think it’s the headband she’s suing over? Did you READ the story like at all? They ripped off every look, every aesthetic, used a lookalike model, used her lyrics as the caption, TAGGED her, etc. That’s what she is suing over. For using her likeness and profiting off of her. Which she has every right to sue over. Some more examples: Now do as your username says and shut up.
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    @ajp @Andrew! @Entea @Ghostface @Jake BRIDESMAIDS: @ParentalAdvisory @rihce @TomTom @Quill @Mystique @Dennis Reynolds @GLORY @Cosmic
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    @Americunt @Dennis Reynolds @Divine @Hermione @Hunty Bear BRIDESMAIDS: @Modern Woman @Hylia @Andrew! @Sylk @Miss Show Business @Earth Ripper @fab @Simón. @Liam @Jake @Jjang @Jon. @Ruthless Love
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