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    cause Kesha Warrior Deluxe Japanese Target Edition Duets-Only Rap Verse +/- game thread hasn't been posted yet
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    Not you downvoting the comments that are defending her
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    The fact that grown men (and maybe a few fag hags) are attenpting to bring a huge gay hate crime mass shooting into battlegrounds to be thrown around in pointless petty arguments makes me SICK. There arent any gifs or and drags that i can make but just to highlight that anyone who has made such comments has shown them up to be ignorant, careless and vile. If you dont like xtina or her song then dont fucking buy it. But for a lot of people its a nice fucking song and im sure as hell buying it. Fuck yourselves X
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    At least she can get an album out. Prince and MJ will go on a co-headlining world tour and perform on every continent including Antarctica before your fav releases another album.
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    She has Gaga's face and Britney's voice. She would have slayed if the things were reversed.
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    I think a lot of people asked for this and people don't realize that our current generation of pop girls like Katy, Gaga, Bey, etc. are truly class acts and something that you don't get often. Historically pop girls never were interesting though. Yes, we got Madonna, Janet, and Cyndi who were the pioneers of creating an image for a pop girl but before that and truly until Britney and other artists like TLC and Xtina came on board we didn't really have any other interesting women. Look @ all of the soul groups of the 60s like the Marvelettes, or the Shirelles, or the Supremes. They all have killer vocalists and are legendary girl groups but looking back they're very run of the mill in terms of both imagery and sound if you compare them to each other. And this isn't specific to groups or this decade. Typically there is one specific look and sound for each era and that's it. 2008 introduced a few acts that we may not get anything close to for a while. And many actually criticized their imagery at their peak and I think the whole "be careful what you wish for"applies to this situation. Because while everyone was slut shaming Gaga, Katy, and Kesha and criticizing their imagery and music and wishing for more artists like Adele we truly boxed ourselves back into the singer songwriter and R&B era of 2002 - 2005 where very few acts stick out again. Will we get another creative pop star moving forward? Maybe but it's going to take time. Overall I think radio is starting to be biased against pop stars in general and overall radio is collapsing along with the music business. Honestly who knows if we'll have a group of elite artists in years to come, we may just have a string of one hit wonders from viral hits.
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    When your lead single flops so you stop releasing singles
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    Adele can eat all of them and still has room to take some oreos from xtina.
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    So that little parasite @Benji keeps claiming as a Katy Perry stan that Britney is such a joke in the industry,very brave for a Katycat to say that. Let's just take a look at something. Britney Spears Artist Rank: 537 Acclaimed Albums: Blackout Acclaimed Songs: Baby One More Time Oops I Did It Again Toxic Till The World Ends I'm A Slave 4 U Piece of Me Womanizer _____________________________ Katy Perry Artist Rank: 2615 Acclaimed Albums: N/A Acclaimed Songs: Teenage Dream I Kissed A Girl Hot n Cold California Gurls Roar http://www.acclaimedmusic.net/Current/Britney Spears.htm http://www.acclaimedmusic.net/Current/Katy Perry.htm acclaimedmusic.net measures every form of acclaim. It includes every bit of acclaim a song or an album can get (including metacritic scores, Grammy Awards and nominations, Year End critic rankings, All Time rankings, Decade End rankings and other "most-recommended" critic lists too). Grammy Awards 2005 "Toxic" Best Dance Recording [26] Won Year Nominee/Work Award Result Ref. 2009 "I Kissed a Girl" Best Female Pop Vocal Performance Nominated [59] 2010 "Hot n Cold" Nominated [60] 2011 "Teenage Dream" Nominated [61] Teenage Dream Album of the Year Nominated Best Pop Vocal Album Nominated "California Gurls" Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals Nominated 2012 "Firework" Record of the Year Nominated [62] Best Pop Solo Performance Nominated 2013 "Wide Awake" Nominated [63] 2014 "Roar" Nominated [64] Song of the Year Nominated 2015 "Dark Horse" Best Pop Duo/Group Performance Nominated [65] Prism Best Pop Vocal Album Nominated How come a joke won a Grammy before Katy and is more critically acclaimed? What is Katy then?
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    x Well Taylor sweetie you can't just instigate a bunch of drama and milk it for over a year then claim you're over it. Either finish what you started or don't say a word in the first place.
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    Katy because we can never seem to find her talent.
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    The problem is that you can't really hold her to the same standards that you'd hold a modern pop act to. The music industry wasn't really established in the way we conceive of it now, when she started her career. Her early successes with Sonny & Cher came at the right moment in the zeitgeist and she was really one of the defining female figures of the mid '60s in terms of fashion and contribution to the rumblings that eventually led to the Summer of Love. When the late '60s counterculture movements left her and Sonny by the wayside, she pulled off one of the first successful reinventions by a female artist, turning away from the hippie folk-rock image she'd cultivated early on to a more sophisticated, glamorous one. This was pretty much unprecedented at the time. She had three insanely big hits in the early seventies (the number one singles "Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves", "Half-Breed" and "Dark Lady") and kept herself in the public consciousness on TV with "The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour" variety show, which was a huge success. After divorcing Sonny, she ran into kind of a fall in popularity from the late '70s to the early '80s, even though she was still putting out music pretty regularly. She had one Top 10 single, "Take Me Home" in 1979, but other than that, her singles weren't taking the charts by storm. A lot of people thought her career was basically over. This all changed when she began to take on acting in major film roles during the early '80s. She had toyed with acting a few times in the late '60s, but this was the first time she was taking on serious dramatic roles and gaining major acclaim for them. Her personal life was a bit of a wreck at this point and that led to a lot of tabloids keeping her name in the news. She paused her music career while taking on these acting roles. In 1987, she won the Academy Award for Best Actress. That same year, she made her musical comeback with a self-titled album and got her first Top 10 single in almost a decade. Continuing on this momentum, she released another album in 1989, which had all three of its singles hit the Top 10. During the early '90s, she contracted chronic fatigue syndrome and had to put a halt to her hectic lifestyle. She began to star in infomercials, as she was no longer physically capable of doing many of the things that had earned her money in the past, like acting and touring. Again, people started to count her out and called it the end of her career. After a few years, she got her physical health a little more in check and was able to record music more regularly and act again. In 1998, she was thrust into the headlines again when her ex-husband Sonny Bono died in a skiing accident. Weirdly, this brought her back into the public consciousness and allowed her to strike with an album that was a huge departure from her previous works: Believe. Notably, the title track is one of the first hit songs to use autotune. Obviously, this was a runaway smash success and gave her a fourth #1 single, a full 24 years since the previous one. So in summary, Cher is notable because she's been around literally forever and has had more comebacks after "career-ending" incidents than almost any other star in history.
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    Maybe Joanne and her other ghost friends are in the empty seats and we just can't see them?
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    -emotional commercial music- -gay crying on the floor with frosted hair tips- -masc voice- Britney stans need weaves urgently. -more emotional music growing to crescendo- They need your help. Sponsor a Britney stan to give them a stanhood free from fear. -gay stands up, falls on pile of Glory CDs- Become an Army sponsor today & give the gift of a bright future.
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    New thread by lautnerfied 25 seconds ago : "Flopga breathes in" New thread by lautnerfied 24 seconds ago: "Fad breathes out" New thread by lautnerfied 23 seconds ago: "Nosega makes pasta for her family" New thread by lautnerfied 22 seconds ago : "FadGa blinks"
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    your fave is still a rotten corporate Nazi and no news diversion is gonna change that
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    WELCOME TO THE FIRST ANNUAL FOTP HUNGER GAMES! Today is the day where you get a first look at our 48 tributes, in the Parade where they dress to impress sponsors, and amaze the crowd with fashion and beauty, before getting blood all over themselves in the arena. FIRST, SOME BORING DISCLAIMERS - Now for the part you've all been waiting for.... Let's welcome our tributes! To start off in District 1 we have @Hyun. , @Snow , @Daenerys , and @Laura . Although being lesser known to the public, they are extremely close, and behind the scenes they’ve studied hundreds of Game Of Thrones tactics. So despite the lack of sponsorships from the public they’ll be pretty well off. And make the kills as bloody and watchable as possible. DISTRICT 2 The tributes sent in for District 2 is an @Apple, a @Lemon, a Mariah stan @Skywalker and a stan of everything @Entea. They don’t seem to be related one bit, and were almost forced to volunteer by (President) @. They do seem close and enthusiastic though, and together their power is still unknown. Oh this group looks dangerous. And cute! @#JusticeForSober @Cortez @Rachel Berry and @Royalty, all fresh Ari stans, have united to scream their way to victory. They have matching outfits, cute makeup and hair, looking absolutely alright. They’ve got the looks, the energy, and what it takes to win this thing. p.s. dangerous woman references will be used throughout this entire season. Up next in District 4 we have the army of the winner of the FOTP Faves Hunger Games, our favourite Katycats, @Justas @Jake. @Carlos and @Harley Quinn. They might seem friendly on the site, but will they tear a bitch (swiftie) apart when they now get the chance to? @ChooseyLover @Kirjava @#MusicNotTheBling @Newton oh god I love this banner (is this the fighters squad? ok got it) In District 5 we have four diehard Xtina stans, heartbroken after the fact that their fave was brutally murdered by Ariana Grande in the Faves HG. They’re ready to kill every Ari stan. DISTRICT 6 @Semeria @Vilppu @blankdreams @Hylia District 6 consists of 3 irrelevants + 1. Make of that what you will. This mixed set of tributes is unbiased and determined, and could easily become the black horse of the games. Plus one of their tributes could rig this entire thing whenever they want. @RihannaRTT @Habits @BLUE. @Shiver District 7 (btw) is the #PI group. Strengths: Promo spamming people to death. Weaknesses: Getting coldly rejected by a status update of “Awh I’ve already voted.”, or just “No thanks sass1”. You can change your votes now, just click everything you voted again and vote for Alessia Cara! I’ll love you forever? Please? Vote? For me? Please? awwwwwwwwww I mean here is the tributes for District 8, the Taylor group, nicest of the nicests @Arya @Kali @TaylorNation™ and @Robert.. In the Faves HG Taylor was stabbed straight in the chest by Katy, and now they’ve come to avenge her. It’s gonna be some real cat fighting going on with this district and the Katycats. Go District 8 DISTRICT 9 @Tampon @Chris Pratt @fab @Alejandreaux In District 9 we have some Lana stans! A messy queen, a hot set, a Katy troll (you see those growling cats over these you in danger gurl it’s 4v1) aand a New Member/MOTY Nominee. Great team. @McDreamy @Rico @Mystique @Absolute District 10 consists of 3 Rih stans + 1. To be fair one of them’s a Drake stan but Rih and Drake are basically the same person. These girls are gonna work work work their way to victory. As we saw in various BG and music videos, Rihanna and her army are not to be messed with. @Hunty Bear @Americunt @Lachlan @Andres A group of stylish model-like tributes enter the parade.. You’re looking the District 11 tributes, aka Lana group No. 2, or the 3Mods+1 group. High heels, makeup done, hair on point; this group is giving some competition to the Ari stans! But five minutes in the arena and all that will fade away. @Dr. Slay @Sylk @frankgutz @DisneyRejects Last but surely not least we have District 12, the new member clique + 1. Usually D12 tributes are the weakest, and at the bottom of any betting list. We can see their management team isn't doing a very good job through looking at their dress for this parade. Though with their relevancy and uprep prowess is it possible for one of them to turn this around, becoming the 5th D12 winner ever? And that wraps up our overview of the FOTP Hunger Games tributes. BUT WAIT… There’s another group of tributes coming. We see two of people walking towards the arena. It’s tributes from District 13, @Honey~ and @jackodonovan What on earth is D13 doing here? And then another pair of people comes along…. It’s the notorious @KatyCat4Ever with her leader, winner of the Faves HG, Katy Perry. Together they say no words, and march on the avenue as the crowd goes silent. What they’re doing here nobody knows, but surely they’ll add a lot of drama into the arena. [now I'm gonna explain why there's a D13.. basically I fucked up and I put two people on the teams list but not the sign-up list, so now we have 2 users extra but I found a way to kinda cheat the site, which explains the extra district. nothing to worry about, carry on with your killing ]
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    There's a difference between planning an era and just releasing a single that everybody stopped caring about.
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    Taylor would try to passive-aggressively shade someone and get ha scalp snatched clean off. Then permanently block that person and never mention them by name Katy would be a shady bitch but claim she's only joking when people clap back at her. Always has cute sets Rihanna would be that chill user who's drags are forever immortalized in the Hall of Fame Gaga would promote online kindness, try to get NHB shut down, and never enter Battlegrounds on principal Britney would regularly welcome new members to fotp, have a disproportionate rep>post count ratio, and be universally liked by everyone except Christina Christina would be an established member who rarely posts, but when she does everyone is perched for ha drags Lana's awards would be filled with artists no one has heard of Kesha would win the Most Popular Member's Award, then go on hiatus for a year and lose ha fotp relevancy Madonna would be one of the original members, have a rep of over 100,000 (which people question the legitimacy of) and tell new members that they're reductive. Also will reminisce about how fotp was so much better circa 2012
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    Katy Perry is looking fine these days
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    I would say Stefani like how we won't be able to find her on the hot 100 next week
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    Apple Music: #1 United States #1 United Kingdom #1 Anguilla #1 Antigua and Barbuda #1 Australia #1 Austria #1 Bahrain #1 Barbados #1 Belgium #1 Belize #1 Bermuda #1 Brazil #1 British Virgin Islands #1 Bulgaria #1 Cambodia #1 Canada #1 China #1 Estonia #1 Finland #1 Greece #1 Grenada #1 Ireland #1 Jordan #1 Latvia #1 Lebanon #1 Lithuania #1 Luxembourg #1 Macau #1 Malaysia #1 Malta #1 Mongolia #1 Nepal #1 Netherlands #1 New Zealand #1 Norway #1 Oman #1 Papua New Guinea #1 Philippines #1 Poland #1 Portugal #1 Romania #1 Saudi Arabia #1 Singapore #1 Slovenia #1 South Africa #1 Sweden #1 Switzerland #1 Trinidad and Tobago #1 United Arab Emirates #1 Vietnam #2 Armenia #2 Azerbaijan #2 Botswana #2 Cape Verde #2 Cayman Islands #2 Costa Rica #2 Cyprus #2 Denmark #2 Egypt #2 Germany #2 Hong Kong #2 Indonesia #2 Kenya #2 South Korea #2 Sri Lanka #2 Zimbabwe #3 Argentina #3 Dominica #3 El Salvador #3 Fiji #3 Laos #3 Saint Kitts and Nevis #4 Israel #4 Kazakhstan #4 Kyrgyzstan #4 Mauritius #4 Swaziland #4 Uganda #5 Nicaragua #5 Uzbekistan #6 Paraguay #6 Slovakia #6 Taiwan #7 Czech Republic #7 Honduras #7 Hungary #7 India #7 Peru #7 Thailand #9 Belarus #9 Dominican Republic #9 Moldova #10 Malaysia #11 Bahrain #11 Mexico #11 Panama #12 Guatemala #12 United Arab Emirates #13 Chile #15 Singapore #17 Nigeria #17 Spain #20 France #21 Lebanon #23 Bolivia #23 Ghana #24 Italy #27 Russia #28 Turkey #30 Colombia #30 Ecuador #34 Ukraine #40 Tajikistan #42 Oman #43 Saudi Arabia #48 Indonesia #83 United Kingdom #83 Mexico #95 Ireland #96 Kazakhstan #101 India #103 Jordan #112 Venezuela #142 United States #144 Canada #164 Egypt
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    Oreo's parent company Kraft Foods is a huge sponsor for FOTP. @Onika & @Lachlan are contractually obliged to keep the section that belongs to the face of their biggest brand.
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    No, but hopefully your time on FOTP will be soon.
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    Like ok does anyone else see how creepy she looks WARNING: May cause nightmares! She straight up looks like a serial killer. Like, slap some clown makeup on her and she suddenly is the clown from Stephen King's "IT" Does her face haunt you as well?
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    if you dont like the way she talks, then why is she on your mind?
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    @Cady Heron not to be harsh or anything, but it's people like you who die alone.
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    This is easily the worst song I've heard in a LONG time
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    Do Gaga haters have Google alerts for her album reviews? Y'all check for her more than her own stans I swear
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    It's Sia on the screen, that's Bey's remote torture device.
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    I made this post somewhere else but I think the topic deserves its own thread I use to be a huge Bey stan up until LEMONSHIT. This album just screams FAKE and CALCULATED to me. She only cares about the money and idk why? she's already filthy rich. She just drops albums to tour AND overprices the FUCK out of them. I mean, have you seen how expensive Lemonade is? And it's not like you have an option to stream it anywhere else on the globe BUT her shitty husbands streaming service that they CONTINUE to shove down our throats So in other words, either you buy that shit for 18 bucks, join TIDAL , illegally download it, or your fucked. This sucks for her fans that don't have a lot of money or access to Itunes. I UNDERSTAND why some of these artist try to avoid streaming services to SOME DEGREE because it does fuck up hard sales. But BLEACHonce takes it to another level that I have never seen before. The fact that she doesn't even release the FUCKING VIDEOS FOR HER SINGLES on YOU TUBE for her fans all over the globe to enjoy she literally is on the hunt for every single penny At least TAYLOR AND ADELE release their shit on Apple Music and put up their videos on youtube. Beyonce disgusts me with how hard she makes it for her fans to access her music. Greedy bitch.
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    Conversely: Why does Xtina only do tributes?
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