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    Girl you’re one hell of a mess It’s ironic that you’re trying to make fun of Britney’s mental state by calling her a “vegetable” when it’s you who’s obviously delusional and has a screw lose in your head since you’re making shit up by acting like everyone’s against your “little gay icon”. Fact is that you’re the only one who called Madonna an “ill wicked attention whore”. If you would’ve actually read the OP you would’ve seen that it says people call Britney crazy and that it no way says Madonna is crazy. Stop making yourself look like a damn fool because no one here has denied Madonna’s career accomplishments. Like I stated, I’m a fan of both but people like you are the reason Madge’s fan base has a bad reputation Now it’s your turn: First of all, I mentioned/compared Britney’s and Madonna’s Instagram posts because that’s the topic of this thread. Not that hard to figure out if you actually read the OP No one is denying that Madonna is an eccentric person and I never said anything about her movie being ready. Once again, if you’ve would’ve actually taken your time to read and shown that you’re capable of comprehension you would’ve noticed that I said she’s trying to bring attention to her biopic, which isn’t a lie just facts. I mentioned it because it can benefit her if she actually gets the attention of an actor, actress or anyone else who might want to get involved in her biopic. Yet you’re making it seem like that’s a bad thing since you say that Madonna has “better ways” to get attention. So I ask what are those “better ways” you’re talking about since we haven’t seen them in years Get back to me when you find out but for now you need to stop acting like she’s better than everyone else because it’s just making you look delusional like that other Madge stan. Face the fact that the world isn’t stuck up Madonna’s ass like both of you are and stop trying so hard to shove her down everyone’s throat
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    As for mariah she is not shading Madonna here, the pitching vocals thing was a normal technique back then, Prince used it, Lenon used it, im pretty sure Mariah used it as well, If theres anything like shade (and there isnt) it would be that in both stories she underlines being YOUNGER than Madonna
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    I'm going to clock you once and for all. Eccentric = doing a painting in a bikini in the garden to Mozart. Laughing it off to burning down the gym. Dumb = recommending hydrochloric acid as a vaccine to people on instagram, promoting all lives matter.
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    I feel like Britney is just being herself Madonna on the other hand posts weird shit because she clearly wants attention Either way, they should both be allowed to post whatever they want on their social media accounts
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    I'm no billy goat nor am I a part of the herd but you know damn well this is a lie.
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    Mariah may not have been a reinvention chanteuse but she certainly hasnt done the same stuff over and over.
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    Says the bitch who can’t spell amoeba. Girl when did you get so messy?
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    Actually they did pitched her vocals a bit in the studio on first songs on purpose, first promotional materials didnt even had her face so people thought she was younger (and some even thought she was black)
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    Oh so after Madonna made it popular people started to copy it with studio tricks. It shows how much a different time it was saying she was too young when only 10 years later they would sign people her age.
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    I think she was more saying that she was able to emulate that style of whiney high pitch vocal that was popular at the time but record execs said she was too young to get a deal. In Weakness Of The Body (recorded in 1986/7) you can kind of hear it.
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    Dynamite is a BOP so it deserves
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    wow the locals are really just gonna keep handing Justin success even when he really, really hasn't earned it huh
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    The one who cannot for the life of me hold a note.
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    Britney has always been eccentric, even in debut days interviews... but people only associate her with the word crazy due to the head shaving incident--which doesn't seem that crazy if you think about the music industry and how much they control their artists, just look at Jojo, Kesha etc who never managed to break free of that control.
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    Pre-order The Meaning Of Mariah Carey.
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    Maybe people wouldn't pick on her if she actually made above average music
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    What the fuck is your problem? Go an get yourself checked because you seem to have some anger issues.
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    Dynamite >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the other
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    Thanks for the update! I love these photos but it’s weird how the wigs look good in some of them and then they look off in others
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    Sis I’m a Madonna fan but I’m not going to be in denial and act like she hasn’t been trying really hard to bring attention to her biopic Britney’s been through a lot shit and we need to be glad that the poor girl is finally getting the chance to be free since she’s been used by her dad her entire life. You may consider her posts “weird things” but it’s obvious she isn’t posting to promote anything or bring attention to herself like Madonna is doing
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    WAP sitting there in between those shit songs...
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    Waiting for her to perform this iconic classic. My fave pic:
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    BBMAs Performers Link to the album for performer pictures! @Harry_CAL @hector @ryjapo @Bleachella @Surrealism @Maria @Alexx @tigerlily13 @8Bit Heart @Harry Styles @Royalty @Joanne @Kuba @Love So Soft @Mr. Mendes @Michael.
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    BBMAs Nominations @Harry_CAL @hector @ryjapo @Bleachella @Surrealism @Maria @Alexx @tigerlily13 @8Bit Heart @Harry Styles @Royalty @Joanne @Kuba @Love So Soft @Mr. Mendes @Michael.
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    Madonna is probably just drunk in that video. Ofc only Madonna wants attention and everyone else that does weird things is just "being him/herself".
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    Smh at their lack of respect for the King Of Pop. Isn’t he the same clown who endorsed Kanye for president?
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    Future Nostalgia Chromatica Heaven & Hell Smile
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    Inspired by @Kristina's hit thread: You have to delete 4 of them. They and all of their music will vanish from earth. Never to be seen, heard of or streamed again. Who will you eradicate?
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    1. Gimme More 2. Hold It Against Me 3. Do You Wanna Come Over? 4. (Drop Dead) Beautiful 5. What It’s Like To Be Me 6. Anticipating 7. Hard To Forget Ya 8. Deep In My Heart 9. Clumsy 10. Rock Me In
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    Happy Birthday Hilary! she always had bops. Dignity is my favourite from her, Breathe In, Breathe Out is very underrated imo this will always be a bops #JusticeForSparks
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    1. Let There Be Love 2. Still Dirrty 3. Blank Page
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    Yes, congrats on being able to count sis This is the second last round, so there are 10 songs for the last two rounds (due to uneven numbers of tracks on albums e.g. Glory has more songs than others). But the game isn't over yet after the last two rounds, so don't retire from FOTP yet.
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    Round 13 Theme: Dance Anthems 2.0 Deep In My Heart Anticipating What It’s Like To Be Me Gimme More Rock Me In Hold It Against Me (Drop Dead) Beautiful Clumsy Do You Wanna Come Over Hard To Forget Ya
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    Ariana - as much as I enjoy her music she doesn’t stand out in comparison to the other choices enough. Dua - love her, love her music, but much shorter discography and hasn’t made a huge impact yet. Lana - love some of her stuff but she puts me to sleep. Selena - bye felicia
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    Everything but those wigs is a look! She better stan Bionic yes! And the fact that she said diet isn't on her mind
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    I tnink we expect too much from her. The whole heaven / hell concept album is such a huge cliche idea that only discount version of natalia kills could come up with it, so edgy
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    they can, they have, and they will continue to do so on October 2, 2020 and for the foreseeable future! mind the business that pays you!
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    https://hedgehogglovepuppet.tumblr.com/post/157078856174/chick-someones-ugly-daughter-cd-album-artwork/amp https://www.silverplatters.com/p/27146/chick-someones-ugly-daughter https://www.amazon.com/Someones-Ugly-Daughter-Chick/dp/B000008PSD https://www.amazon.com/Someones-Ugly-Daughter-Chick/dp/B00000EJ30
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