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    lmfao the actual music has no concept - its just dated generic pop songs, her cheap ass just needed a theme to create images/visuals for
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    I still can't get over how beautiful this instrumental is It sounds like straight out of a movie scene where you just know a massacre is going to happen
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    she's the epitome of white mediocrity
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    It's such a basic album. There's nothing unique or interesting about her or her music. Y'all act like she's the second coming. She's not. If anything her career will follow a Carly Rae Jepsen trajectory, if she's lucky. This girl has released sooo many singles since Sweet But Psycho and not a single one has taken off. Gaga has more talent in her thumb than Ava The most interesting thing about her is that tragic hairstyle she refuses to get rid of.
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    Why does it have to be deeper? Why can't it just be something with cool visuals and a fun little clue hunt? not every music video has to be this deep, metaphor laden allegory for something profound. We as Madonna stans should know that better than anyone. You gotta have variety. Sometimes an artist wants to say something, sometimes they wanna have a little fun....there's nothing wrong with either.
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    I mean it's not really difficult to understand if you're paying attention. The video takes place almost completely within her head as she's having a near death experience. People have been in situations like this (myself included) have noted in the midst of a situation like that your mind flies at a million miles a minute and what you think about often is random and strange. The entire video is telegraphing what's actually happening from the opening shot of her in the sand with the broken bike, the Zorro like character on horseback which is a reference to the cinema she's outside of, the desert setting which is the poster by the cinema, the guy banging his head on the pillow which is the driver in the accident hitting his head on the steering wheel, the guy with the umbrella and the nun are the paramedics and when she starts to float away, he pulls her back down to the ground (keeping her alive in the real world), the person being covered with the sparkly sheet is a body being covered, the chair she's sitting on in the "execution" scene is a body board used to transport accident victims. The final minute literally sums up the entire video's premise, points you to every single clue the video left. I really don't know how much clearer it could be....unless of course you just didn't wanna see the meaning and rushed over here to drag it. And I mean this is you we're talking about so it's probably that.
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    Sis, I love your googa clocking essays, but this time it seems forced You're expecting her to be pull a Picasso-esque type of art, the last time she did that with Applause, it backfired on her because she's not at that calibre. This video was simple, artistic, Alice-in-Wonderland-esque and effective in getting the message across.
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    I am honest. It's a solid album.
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    the video is good some of y’all are just annoying
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    I'm not gonna lie at first I was like wtf is this randomness, but the ending tied up everything nicely together. It's a cool vid. I think she's in denial. The way she keep saying "I'm sorry" at the end also makes it clear that she did take something and she's feeling guilty.
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    You're a pop fan, not a professional by any means, you having a TOTALLY unbiased opinion doesn't mean you have common sense, stay pressed!
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    wait, so you’re faulting Gaga for basing a video concept on references but you brought the Metropolis reference for Madonna as a retort? How is being intentionally referential a BAD thing in and of itself? How is referencing the visuals of Color of Pomegranates while having a different message / concept for 911 different from Metropolis aesthetic with a different message / concept for Express Yourself? The double standards here @Jjang? You sound like you’re trying REALLY FUCKING HARD here. It’s NOT a cute look OT: I liked the video. Some really nice visuals and the story is clever. Clue hunting was fun. Not my favorite from Gaga but definitely a good video overall.
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    I want to distance myself from this statement.
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    She already hasn't lasted beyond one song. She hasn't had anything close to a hit after Sweet but Psycho anywhere but the UK (and even then the second most successful song she has peaked at #13). Her streams are good, but it's obviously not enough to have gotten her anywhere further than that first single.
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    how did we end up here? and like...he’s serious too. I’m genuinely at a loss for words. I mean everything the lyrics, the video it’s all so....terrible. this somehow feels more forced than Kanye’s Jesus era. I mean if he’s happy, good for him, all power to him. but this just doesn’t come across at all genuine.
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    I rearranged the furniture and plants in my living room.
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    I agree with the aesthetic choice. It's terrible but I enjoyed most of the tracklist Cry About It Later, Tucked, Champagne Problems, Never Really Over and Harleys In Hawaii are the best songs in the album. Smile is the weakest song on the album
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    fossils being pretentious? color me surprised
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    Madonna going to a strip club was such a stronger MV concept
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    https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/9449420/lady-gaga-chromatica-billboard-cover-story-interview-2020 Gaga shot a video for “911” in August and says she felt so alive making it, maybe more than at any other point during the making of Chromatica.
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    A lot has happened since "Since U Been Gone" singer Kelly Clarkson has, well, been gone from her talk show. It's been six months since she last appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show and on Monday's season two premiere, she opened up about her "dumpster fire" of a year. She told her virtual audience, "2020 has brought a lot of change also to my personal life. Definitely didn't see anything coming that came." She told her guests, "What I'm dealing with is hard because it involves more than just my heart. It involves a lot of little hearts. We have four kids." The Voice judge continued, "And divorce is never easy. And we're both from divorced families so we know the best thing here is to protect our children and their little hearts." Full article: E! News
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    Everything >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Senile
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    oh please. i'm not buying into this "but her label didn't do enough for the album!!!11111" narrative when she dragged her ass 12 months pregnant performing these average songs in PLENTY of places. their only fault was not capitalizing on the NRO hype -which existed- but Katy herself was all "i am not putting out an album, i am working on chapters of whatever" so how could Capitol follow that up if there was no album to begin with? Katy fell off the GP's graces with and during the Witness era and this album was simply mediocre by anyone's standards. she's done.
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    Not necessarily commercial success. But Katy 100% has the talent (yes, she absolutely does) to write a great album with a solid team which might earn her critical acclaim and that will consequently boost her reputation from the clownish low one she's rotting in right now. Obviously her #1 days are over, but I think if she wants to cement her legacy as a respected figure in the industry then she needs that one undeniable album.
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    im the same as you sis clarity and turn off the light were like my most played albums of 2019, but i really haven't listened to her this year i just started getting back into TOTL tho, a MASTERPIECE
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    Kanye, easily. Hell, without Kanye there wouldn't even be Drake as we know him. He might be problematic as fuck but most of his discography is quality.
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    @Jjang you stan this, you have literally no right of speaking
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    911 isn't as good as Telephone, Alejandro etc but its her best video since 2013
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    It's a very solid pop record. I think there's only a handfull of dull songs on there. Do any of them change the surface of pop culture? No, but that's also not what she was trying to do.
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    How are you gonna call TU,N overrated then proceed to praise most of the album? Imagine calling Ghostin' OK-ish
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    Shes 52 Album will still most likely go #1 and she will have #1 albums in the UK in 5 different decades, queen of pop tingz
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    That would be a cool continuation - Sine From Above right after the accident
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    I STG IF THIS BITCH DOES NOT GIVE ME A SINE FROM ABOVE CONTINUATION AFTER ENDING THE VIDEO WITH CHROMATICA 3 I AM GOING TO RAGE OT: This is one of her best videos in YEARS. She served looks and visuals and it really makes you think, which a Gaga video hasn't done in years either.
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    I loved the Color of Pomegranates references It reminded me of Judas
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    She ate this one up. There's no one like her, except for Whitney.
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    It's so gorgeous! Imagine @Billie Frank singing this song in the actual movie, when she was in school during a music competition or something. That would have been touching.
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    You’re jealous bc we don’t do it in the Christina section
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    Stop whining we’re saving the Rihanna section
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    What is this spam-fest in here
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    Not sure how we got to dragging Britney or Katy in this but alright Gaga simply set her standards too high for herself too early, wbk. Acting like Chromatica is worst album of 2020, and that 911 has a bad video is a bit of a stretch don't you think? Besides Beyoncé (who went above and beyond), I don't see any of the other girlies putting in close this kind of effort in visuals and concepts recently.