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    We all know and saw what happened with USA citizen George Floyd and how he got MURDERED by a police officer (actually 4 police officers). Let's spread awareness about the BLM movement and sign as many petitions as we can, possibly donate and inform others about what's going on. No justice was served, not for every single black person who died and not for the black people who will die in the future (if we don't change things around). Staying quiet & silent about this equals being opressed and not caring about this major issue at all. It's 2020, it's time to speak up about this and make a change for the minorities in the world. https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/# https://blackliveswillalwaysmatter.carrd.co/#blm If anyone else has any ideas, information & more that could help all of us spread more awareness about this, then please do tell.
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    I agree that the GP doesn't care about pop girls However, the GP most definitely cares about streaming AIWFCIY every year. Not everybody has that to their credit All I Want For Christmas - 634M views
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    “I speak for the millions of kids” how is he gonna speak for them when he’s not even allowed near them?
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    Is it not the job of a clown to elicit laughter from an audience?
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    I can't believe I'm going to defend Gaga First of all, these people's emotions are valid, and I understand that it can be triggering to watch any content that can potentially be rubbed the wrong way but if we're going to follow this logic then we're not allowed to express happiness/gratitude ever considering senseless killings are actively happening on the daily. In and outside America. I understand the social context but still I feel like we're holding public figures unfairly accountable and punishing them x10 as if they're the ones out to get minorities.
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    Not me helping you get your account back just for your first thread to be this. Let me change that password right quick.
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    An artists puts all of their hits on their album? Lock her up!
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    I think we all have noticed that @Agugaga's threads are becoming blander by the minute and it's becoming sad to watch the sis tarnishing her legacy Fortunately, I have designed a brand new tool that will assist @Agugaga in spamming Battlegrounds with quality threads for many years to come: Agugagabot (click the link and it will randomly create a thread )
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    Maybe that's why Shawn Mendes doesn't have a problem with kissing her.
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    You wanna talk about something, honey? Let's talk about this piece of shit associating with rapists, murderers and pedophiles like it's her fucking job. There are about a million ways to lead your life and not be a piece of absolute fucking dogshit. Nicki Minaj didn't choose the simple option of following a single one of those million paths. She is a fundamentally bad person, full stop, end of story. She does not deserve the spotlight at all and frankly, anyone who's still a fan of her today should be doing some serious soul-searching.
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    I’d be that spiteful too if I had to force myself to like stupid luv
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    A huge classic like shallow? Thank God she doesn't. She has actual classics
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    You know her well enough to create constant threads about her. Imagine how tired we are
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    I genuinely don't give a fuck if she's joking or not, 'cause she's still a terrible person either way and the day she does retire is worth celebrating.
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    Not every pop girl needs to have vocals like Whitney or dancing skills like Britney She's one of the most interesting new pop girls in recent memory, makes great music and brings a fresh sound to the charts we stan tbh
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    Thoughts on that? You’re NOT special because you’re forcing yourself to listen to some random alternative artists no one has heard about or bands from the 70s. Why do you think you’re above someone who likes ONLY pop music? What’s wrong with having a preference and sticking to that? Music snobs are the worst
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    by no means do i think lana deserved even half the backlash she got but the posts in this thread are so.... imagine thinking cardi, nicki, bey, or twigs do not receive "backlash" for the things they do does lana have a valid point on the erasure of more traditionally female, submissive gender roles in modern feminism? maybe. if she believes so, that's her prerogative and she has every right to make a statement about it. but none of the females she used as examples escaped scrutiny or criticism either the fact that she continues to use prominent women who "happen" to be POC as examples to contrast her situation is, yes, tactless and embarrassing and recognizing that doesn't take away from her "point" not everything is about race, but to completely deny the racial implications of her examples and statement is also so ignorant she seems to be extremely defensive and not receptive to some genuine criticism in her post. she calls herself good intentioned and talks about how reparations towards the black community were the reason why she supported marianne williamson, but isn't that the very community criticizing her right now? she doesn't seem receptive to genuine criticism about her word choice and instead is being very headstrong/hung up on people turning this into a "race war". was the backlash, cancel culture, and stan wars over her statement deserved? not even a little bit. but she completely threw away the opportunity to open a dialogue about what she means, nor did she clarify the point she was trying to make -- instead she comes off as defensive, immature, and racially insensitive. im a huge lana fan but it's not difficult to recognize she let the ball slip big time here. it's also extremely cringey to see so many non-black people weigh in on what the black community should/should not be offended about
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    Time for the night update! @Ghostface @Venom @Chris Morlock @Margerine Flange @Entea @Royale @Fletch @Urbanov @Simón. @Black Honey @LÉON @Ariana @Freaky Prince @Royalty @Maria @Tahj @Phoebe @mylifelies @SWINΞ @Hyun. @GagaSavingPop @fab @Luca @Jae As uneventful as this evening was shaping up to be, @Phoebe couldn't help but feel that there was a storm is brewing over her head. Almost as if she had a premonition of the things that were about to happen. Ignoring it, she locked the front and the back door, layed in her bed and put her headphones in to watch a few episodes of "Charmed". She didn't hear the phone ringing, thankfully and fell asleep shortly after the first episode was over. At the same time, @fab was fuming in his bedroom. "How could that happen??? I had calculated every possible scenario and I still lost!" He had just lost an online game despite leading with a huge advance. He went to bed, looked at the What'sApp message he had just received and smiled. @Freaky Prince, the sober sister of the sorority house Gamma Alpha Ypsilon was staying home in case someone got too drunk at the campus party and needed a ride. He turned on the TV and checked if there were any interesting things to watch. "God, I hate watching movies and series!" He got up from the sofa, went straight to bed and thought to himself "They can go fuck themselves. I'm not gonna let someone throw up in my car." The night has now begun. The slashers will decide on their first victim and some of the special roles will also be contacted and asked to act accordingly! Good night everyone, thanks for playing and see you tomorrow morning!
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    you really had the madonna stans RUNNING with this thread
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    Let's see what she did for her 50k pure (70k SPS) debut 1. Tour bundle that's FLOPPING 2. 300M Spotify playlist audience payola 3. 5 singles that all flopped 4. Attaching one of the biggest hits of the year, Senorita, to her album (but I thought she was the reason it smashed) 5. Collab already with one of the biggest new streaming artists in the past 5 months that's just a Havana rehash (and it's STILL flopping) 6. 20+ different merch bundle deals on website all discounted. Some even hitting $3.49 (the bare minimum for an album sale to count already) 7. MULTIPLE Performances all over the world on some of the biggest shows (SNL, Graham Norton and more) 8. Multiple huge budget videos. A joke, and she's getting 70k SPS. Fucking LIBERATION did similar numbers (68k SPS) I fucking can't Imagine if she didn't have a tour bundle or Senorita on the album... Literally what? 20-30k? Edit: It gets WORSE
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    This is horrible. Dislike her all you want, but NO artist ever needs to be put through this. Having your own art be locked away by someone who had NO relation to it whatsoever is not okay at ALL. Scooter is such a dick. However, I don't think fans + such should be dragging any other artist into this. It's their drama, although it's public, I don't think they deserve to be insulted for business that's not necessarily theirs. This is not a stan war issue at all, it's a morality issue about the industry itself. Grow up if you think otherwise.
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    Is that what you're all getting from this He got the disease several years ago when he was 25 and still learning how to be gay. More so he was dealing with abuse and and eventually drug addiction which is common with gay men who aren't nurtured by their families in the right way. I'm sure he didn't mean to catch it. Let's not HIV shame and say he is irresponsible. Yes he was a prostitute, but people who sleep with prostitutes know the risk on their part. and for his other sexual partners, unfortunately that's the nature of sex. He should've got regularly tested but testing is still hard for many - either there is no clinic near them or inconvenient hours or booked for weeks. There are many ways to catch HIV while being responsible. I myself just had a HIV scare because the condom broke and I immediately took it out and contemplated getting PEP - I did but it ended costing $350 with insurance. Not everyone has access to just drop money like that and prep without insurance is also not available to low income communities.
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    I’d like to bring everyone’s attention to the fact that I want Melanie Martinez GONE and all discussion of her existence BANNED. I will cherish the day that sorry excuse for a human being vanishes from this planet. There are no excuses for being so irrefutably awful and cringe worthy and I wish for nothing more than for her to retire from music. We just lost Nicki Minaj, and for what? To still be TORTURED by Melanie Martinez. The fact that she is such an irrelevant sack of human filth but her name still somehow finds its way being read by my own two corneas repulses me to my core. I don’t understand what we all did so wrong to have to be alive at the same time as her, but it must’ve been pretty awful. I live a happy life until someone uncaringly reminds me of that creatures existence. I will not be satisfied in my life until I can say I outlived Melanie Martinez. Have a blessed day everyone.
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    her accusations aside, the fact that she has shown zero artistic growth since her last album and the terrible gross pedo-y lyrics that are on this new one, not to mention her terrible acting and just generally insufferable personality, is enough i think to just ignore her existence like we all have been and act like this shit album never happened
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    perched for the "BuT sHe BuNdLeD wItH JoCkStRaPs aNd ThOnGs" reprise in BG
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    BG threads about Madonna opened by Monsters during the Madame X era: https://fotpforums.com/topic/173519-medellin-is-shit/ https://fotpforums.com/topic/173537-medellin-vs-perfect-illusion/ (debatable) https://fotpforums.com/topic/173969-taylors-performance-looked-more-expensive-than-madonnas-5m-one-why/ (debatable) https://fotpforums.com/topic/174754-madonna-releases-4th-flop-in-a-month-which-did-not-chart-on-usa-itunes/ https://fotpforums.com/topic/175047-madonna-no-pop-star-takes-the-risks-that-i-take/ BG threads about Gaga opened by Madonna fans during Chromatica era (and this is me doing charity by excluding ASIB era) https://fotpforums.com/topic/178898-ladygagaisover-party-the-re-up/ https://fotpforums.com/topic/179366-the-media-is-dragging-gaga-and-stupid-love-to-the-pits-already/ https://fotpforums.com/topic/179237-shallow-rises-on-itunes-cause/ (the absolute nonsense ) https://fotpforums.com/topic/179371-stupid-love-cheap-song-and-mv-what-went-wrong/ https://fotpforums.com/topic/179583-gmayl-bigger-than-sl-why/ https://fotpforums.com/topic/179463-stupid-love-vs-never-worn-white/ https://fotpforums.com/topic/179437-stupid-love-or-physical/ https://fotpforums.com/topic/179409-gargoyle-fans-feeling-threatened-by-billie-godlish/ https://fotpforums.com/topic/179659-stupid-flop-falls-to-30-on-h100/ https://fotpforums.com/topic/180360-will-she-ever-apologize-for-this/ https://fotpforums.com/topic/180129-did-gaga-lose-her-butt/ https://fotpforums.com/topic/179833-is-lady-gaga-lowkey-pressed-about-dua-lipa/ https://fotpforums.com/topic/180656-can-gaga-score-a-solo-hit-song-without-the-help-of-a-feature-or-superbowl/ https://fotpforums.com/topic/180740-born-this-ways-racist-lyrics/ https://fotpforums.com/topic/181191-sine-from-above-is-a-2013-elton-song/ https://fotpforums.com/topic/181116-babble-on-copies-vogue/ https://fotpforums.com/topic/181111-is-rom-the-only-good-song-on-traumatica/ https://fotpforums.com/topic/181106-sour-candy-rips-off-swish-swish/ https://fotpforums.com/topic/180871-bedtime-stories-or-joanne/ https://fotpforums.com/topic/181504-joannes-2nd-week-is-bigger-than-coronaticas-2nd-why/ https://fotpforums.com/topic/181449-has-gaga-surpassed-britney/ "BUT THE MONSTERS!1!!!11" 4 times more threads, why?
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    This all she had to say. Her statement was all over the place and messy JUST like this one. Lana gorl...
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    Because Madonna doesn't have to reduce herself to pleasing the 'adult contemporary' community with generic cheesy ballads that could've been sang by P!nk or Sia for relevance.
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    Hit after hit? Sis the only hit she has was Havana and that was like last year if she didn’t fake a relationship with closeted gay Shawn Mendes I would have liked here more but my Goooooood how fake and annoying are they?
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    Felony Rapetinez is not allowed onn FOTP cause @Lachlan abnned her and yall mothefuckers need to accept it! @Chris Morlock @Venom We don't stan trash and we don't stan pedophiles and rapsist. Please stan her on ATRL or something.
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    Your problem with them is that they didn’t rape anyone
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    Huh, that's actually not true at all. In fact, there's this utterly vile "diss track" Melanie released, which purports to refute the claims, yet actually just demonstrates what a truly reprehensible person Melanie is. Nobody with a solid moral foundation would put out something as childish and flippant as a diss track against someone accusing them of a serious crime like rape.
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    Nicki isn’t influential enough for anyone to be bothered by the grammar in “all these bitches is my sons.”
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    Imagine stanning this downright piece of human trash. Her and her fans along with the fags that still casually support her because they are shallow individuals all deserve to be dragged to hell and back. How can you support someone who is THIS narcissistic? Someone who has repeatedly supported rapists, pedophiles and even went as far as shaming their victims? How can you even speak up against other important issues such as racism, sexism, etc. and in the same breath stan this vile individual? Where is your fucking dignity? Where is your sense of morals? She has shown us so many times in the past that the only person she cares about is her damn self. She'll do ANYTHING for a #1 even if that means collaborating with a convicted pedophile and rapist WHO SHOULD STILL BE IN FUCKING JAIL. They are releasing Trollz as a CHARITY SINGLE after fucking 6hit9ine cried on Instagram about Ariana getting a #1 with a charity single. If that wasn't enough...Nicki is doing this which is a downright dig at Ariana even though they are friends allegedly? While Ariana and many other artists are in the streets protesting or even lending their platform and show appearances to BLM activists, Nicki only cares about supporting her criminal friends and getting another #1 which can't be credited to her really.
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    Madame X is absolutely a better and more interesting album than Chromatica and, unlike it, did a lot of unconventional things sonically (Extreme Occident, Dark Ballet). Chromatica is cute and has some good pop songs but we can all hear that they're half-baked because they were created with the end in mind to be optimized for maximal streaming potential. There is absolutely no artistic merit to the music whatsoever, it’s an album of strategically developed ring tones to capture a specific sound, for a specific audience, in a specific amount of time. And that's fine - but that's what it is.
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    If you don't like the way she talks, than why is she on your mind (mwah)?
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    I’m really glad you told me. Not sure how I would have slept tonight if you hadn’t told me. This is the announcement that I have been waiting for today. God where would I be without you informing me of this. girl you dont need to tell me. just resize it and go