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    what a glorious day! going to sleep HAPPY and EXCITED about the future of my country for the first time in over four years!
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    Fuck everyone that supports Trump in 2020. Do NOT stop counting those fucking votes!
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    SCREAMING!!!!! www.loser.com now redirects you to Trumps Wikipedia.
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    CNN just called Pennsylvania for Biden. The nightmare is over
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    Did we all listen to the same 3 albums? Because when I listen to it, I can hear a clear difference between sweetener, tun and positions
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    Hi Kweens. As many of you may not know, I am from the Philippines. My country has been battered and bruised by a lot of typhoons in the past two weeks. Three typhoons have destroyed the livelihoods of poor farmers in affected provinces and many have lost their jobs. The latest typhoon to hit my country (third one in two weeks) destroyed homes and killed many people. Many victims are staying on roofs because of the deep flooding. Many children have been reported missing and some bodies of children have been found today, muddy and unrecognizable. It truly broke my heart. I'm asking for your kind thoughts and prayers during this difficult time of darkness and tragedy.
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    Sis I know you're probably 15 or something, but you don't need others' approval to stan someone
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    Getting mega anxious about the election tomorrow. Praying for the best but expecting the worst. US FOTPers please go vote Trump out if you haven’t already. This is so crucial. And also stay safe tomorrow night as results start to come in. This country has some insane people in it.
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    Chromatica copies with a single line as a signature look real good rn
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    The midnight sky is the road I'm takin', Head high up in the clouuuuuuuuuuuds
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    So Today is my birthday
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    A look at the cookies: Gaga's Chromatica Oreos have competition! It's time to turn FOTP into a baking forum.
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    It was my first day for my new job today!!!
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    So one of the things I've been teaching myself in this covid 19 period is cooking - and today, I made a Thai green curry, with some of my own experiments, and it tasted so good even my father, who's always very critical on food, said it was delicious
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    I almost popped before I read the Jr. part. And good, I hope he rots from the inside out. And no, I don’t care if that makes me a horrible person, because I mean every word of it.
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    It's kinda obvious imo. Sam Smith is no longer that big of a name and they obviously went through a HUGE change of image, outview and level of outspokenness (is that a word?). People are not ready for an outspoken fluid person and that's all.
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    What substance did the Trump supporters inhale? What made them think that comparison between Trump and WASHINGTON is making any sense? What caused the delusion?
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    I'm going to sleep so well tonight. The beginning of better times for the United States of America. We really won, huh?
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    the way its 10 AM and im already drunk. FUCK DONALD TRUMP AMERICA WON
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    I listened to After Hours again after the snub and wow what an album
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    you didnt get it because your debut album was critically panned TRASH. Stay bitter and PANNED
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    abel 0 nominations? i- literal mental illness
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    Awh it makes me so happy to see how happy everybody in the USA is!
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    The US really need to just hire Aldi checkout staff to count their votes, if they had all of this would've been over yesterday.
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    can't wait to come back to this topic in a few hours when there are 5 pages full of the same stale arguments & discussions that have been said in older threads
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    Xtina ahead of her time once again
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    I genuinely think that a lot of people just haven't been willing to look beyond Bangerz era Miley and refuse to acknowledge the fact that she has grown up, she has worked to be more than gimmicks, and that she has demonstrated more versatility and a willingness to try new things than many of her peers. She's still just as outspoken as she was but the Miley of now isn't the same Miley of then and I really don't know if the general public is ever going to "forgive her" (not that she did anything that needs to be forgiven) for her wild era, even when she's releasing one of the best albums of the year.
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    Not to be mean but he doesn’t look like someone who could have had much of a problem to settle as an artist or is interesting enough to make a documentary about. The documentary seemed panned on arrival.
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    Fox will always be FIRST to cement the fact that your downfall was coming. Live with it, bitch
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    Hello everyone! And welcome to the pre-opening of Big Brother: All Stars. It is your host, Cha Eunwoo, and I want to thank everyone for joining, I love making these forum games and they really get my creative juices flowing. So I really appreciate everyone for participating. I encourage everyone to get familiarized with how this game works to get the full benefits and enjoyment from this game. How This Game Works: The first person to answer my trivia/riddle question correctly will become a Nominator. A Nominator will be able to select 3 artists that they want eliminated from the game. Send them to me asap via PM. If a nominator does not send me a PM within 24 hours of being notified, I will use the randomizer to select 3 artists. The other participants will then be able to vote 1 of 3 artists that they want out. You have 24 hours to vote from the time that you are tagged. What is a perk? and how to obtain it? - A perk allows you to have extra power to help you win this game. You can buy them and use them unlimited at any time (unless stated otherwise). - You can buy perks using accumulated points from completing Main Quests. Everyone can buy and use perks except the host (me). What is a Main Quest? Main Quest: At the beginning of each round, I will ask a series of questions/trivia/quests for you to complete. Answering them correctly will earn you a maximum of 5 points per round. Sample quest: "Find a song from your artist that contains the words, love, bittersweet, memory" Sample answer 1: "I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston", Lyrics: bittersweet memories that's all I have, I will always love you = 3 points. Sample answer 2: "Love Story - Taylor Swift", Lyrics: It's a love story baby, say yes = 1 point Side Quest: After each round, I will ask a general knowledge question/riddle, the first person to answer it correctly will become the next Nominator. Sample side quest: Complete these lyrics: At ___ I was afraid, I was ____ Sample answer: At first I was afraid, I was petrified. Rule: - The final round will require all participants to return to vote for the artist they want to win. Penalties: - Failure to vote within the allotted 24 hours timeslot will result in your artist being automatically put up for nomination in the following round. A third time = elimination from the game. (This does not apply to people with negative side effects from using perks). The same penalty applies for failure to send PM as a Nominator within the allotted time. Perk Shop: When you have accumulated enough points, you can save them or use them to buy the following perks: Welcoming all the participants! For the first round, a randomizer was used, and @V For Vendetta is the Nominator, please send me a PM of 3 artists you want eliminated, within 24 hours! For future rounds, side quest answerer will be determined to become a Nominator.
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    Happy election day. Please vote for Joe Biden (if you can) and throw this trash out the white house! Your vote truly does matter.
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    What are some of the typical threads that the faves sections have when nothing is going on? for example: Britney: Conservatorship thread #327. Jamie Spears still doesn't let Britney out of her cage. She is held at gunpoint. Britney's freedom is near!! Christina: Legend X poses in her backyard in stunning photos! What a legend? Are her boobs photoshopped in this though? Where is X7? Mariah: Moo does another thing related to Christmas. Yesss let's get festive dahhhling! Rihanna: The most streamed female artist on Spotify thread #374 that no1cur for. Secret shoot that could be for R9 but lbh it's most probably for Fenty. What about the others?
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    After years of people dragging Xtina for it? She really does hate her fans
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    When she submits Side B for AOTY again in 2022 and ends up winning AOTY twice for FN
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    I like this picture as an album cover. Maybe the text placement is a bit meh, the word Smile could be placed at the bottom. Maybe make it a round-shaped sticker or something too. However, I like the color scheme from the ugly original cover more sksksksd
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    Tbh i have no clue who the fuck is she
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    How does it feel to have such bad taste?
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    -FIRST QUESTION- -Name a reason you might get rid of an old family heirloom- Sell it because you need the money - 6 It's haunted / cursed - 3 It got broken / useless - 3 The object was used in their murder - 1 Lost sentimental value - 1 It's ugly - 1 To give to your fiance / partner - 1 To purchase LG7 - 1 It's old - 1