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  1. Not everyone can have a successful 5th album like Lotus
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  2. You are repulsive. What gives you the audacity to give a perfectly healthy woman the title of 'fat cunt'? I'd love to see how your weight stacks up to hers. For people who claim to be repulsed by her, you guys seem to talk about her an awful lot. There is absolutely no need to go around calling her a 'fat cunt', how disgusting. Literally what has she done to deserve all this shit? Enough
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  3. for britney spears i think that she is a Lemonade because she has nice blond hair like a lemon for rihanna she is a pot brownie because she likes pot for kesha she is a carrot because i think she is vegetarian because she likes animals for lady gaga she is a fancy desert that looks fancy!! for lana del rey she is lasana because it kind of looks like her name for madonna she can be yesterdays special
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  4. This is quite possibly the dumbest statement ever, especially considering the fact that you stan actual trash Marilyn Manson.
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  5. Or we could just take a moment to laugh at this:
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  6. Somewhere in America, Lautnerfied is home when he suddenly gets a tingling sensation. This sensation is his gut feeling that someone just shaded Taylor Swift in Battlegrounds on Flop Of The Pops. He rushes to the nearest computer to look at the shade. His face turns red, the veins in his head pop out, steam begins to come out of his ears. He begins to furiously type. "This is it" he says. "This will show them that no one, and I mean no one, messes with Taylor." He clicks submit and his response to the Taylor shade is now live. "Gaga is a fat flop" it says. Lautnerfied now sits back in his chai
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  7. Is your fave going to have a new boyfriend in 5 weeks?
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  9. The fact that when your fave releases an awesome video your first impulse, instead of enjoying that piece of work, is to rush in here and chose to be bitter and use it as a way to drag another arist says a lot about you as a person. Also, bye at it calling Xtina morbidly obese. Do you even know what that is? You are either the biggest troll ever or the most delusional and hateful person to ever exist.
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  11. Don't get me wrong, I liked the album, but I always forget the album even exists. It's so forgettable. If I, a person surrounded by Gaga stans, can't remember her newest album, how does she expect the GP to remember or care? And I know several Gaga stans on this site who loved the album even forgot of the albums existence. With ARTPOP, it was at least still fresh on my mind a month later. Joanne feels like it was released three years ago. I can feel the Little Monsters raging so do your worst. But I know I'm not the only one. #RIPJoanne
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  12. Does this supposed tea come straight from your ass, just like everything else you post on FOTP?
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  13. cause Kesha Warrior Deluxe Japanese Target Edition Duets-Only Rap Verse +/- game thread hasn't been posted yet
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  14. Fill a large pot with lightly salted water and bring to a rolling boil over high heat. Once the water is boiling, stir in the spaghetti, and return to a boil. Cook the pasta uncovered, stirring occasionally, until the pasta has cooked through, but is still firm to the bite, about 12 minutes. Drain well in a colander set in the sink. Melt the peanut butter in a large microwave-safe glass or ceramic bowl, 15 to 20 seconds (depending on your microwave). Whisk the honey, tamari, and chili sauce into the peanut butter, then stir in the sesame oil and ginger. Mix in the garlic and green
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  15. I got in a a bad car accident and then I found out my friend has passed away this morning. Send good vibes if you can ❤
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  16. We gotta commend Chris though. To listen to Marilyn Manson for more than 5 seconds and not bleed out from your ears is a true accomplishment.
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  17. Yes and she'll probably go on a world tour that will gross more than Kylie Jenner's net worth.
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  18. I'm not trying to fool anyone, I'm just being a decent person and not judging somebody on their weight, which Xtina isn't even fat at all. Also, take this very recent picture for example: You're trying to tell me that this 'fat cunt' is 'MORBIDLY OBESE'? Now you're the delusional one.
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  20. Thought this thread was gonna be about Katy's music videos.
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  21. ngl I'm LEGITIMATELY seething over this. In what is arguably one of the BIGGEST years in history for the progress of women's rights, a year DOMINATED by amazing, incredible, UNPRECIDENTEDLY STRONG WOMEN, they put a man on their list? GUUUUUURRRRRLLL I don't fucking care if he prays daily to his vagina monument and declares how unworthy he is, this man did not need this recognition omfg.
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  22. Stupid fad. Good luck affording pasta ingredients when Joanne falls out of the BB200 in it's second week!
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  23. Not you downvoting the comments that are defending her
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  24. The fact that grown men (and maybe a few fag hags) are attenpting to bring a huge gay hate crime mass shooting into battlegrounds to be thrown around in pointless petty arguments makes me SICK. There arent any gifs or and drags that i can make but just to highlight that anyone who has made such comments has shown them up to be ignorant, careless and vile. If you dont like xtina or her song then dont fucking buy it. But for a lot of people its a nice fucking song and im sure as hell buying it. Fuck yourselves X
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  25. At least she can get an album out. Prince and MJ will go on a co-headlining world tour and perform on every continent including Antarctica before your fav releases another album.
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  26. Hi friends, now that I am Anna-wa again there is something I must tell you... I'm leaving. I know a lot of you don't like when someone makes a big speech as they leave but I feel like due to all the memories and friends I've made over the past two years, I have to make one. You deserve an explanation. I'm not doing this because of anything one specific person did, or even something a GROUP of people did. Quite the contrary, 99.9% of you made me feel unbelievably welcome every single time I came online. I could feel you loved me, and I hope I made all of you feel loved too. Because I do lo
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  27. If I remember correctly monsters opened a thread whining about people making fun of Gaga's album title and trying to find a reason to make it warnable. Just in case you didn't know, Joanne is one of Gaga's middle names and it also happens to be the name of her dead aunt which she shamelessly exploited for the third or second time now. In Monster logic this means: Dragging Gaga's album = dragging her aunt and that's obviously SOOOOO bad that it should be warnable. Now, news broke that Tony may join Stefani GERManotta at the Super Bowl and as soon as these news broke Monsters went back to the
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  28. My name is Snow and I identify as a drum set because I like it when people bang me
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  30. Who let the self-hating gays on FOTP YKW, as a gay person who's incredibly dissociated with the LGBT community (I really hate the popularisation and phenomenalisation of being gay in the modern community. All of a sudden everybody's running around as if being gay is the holy grail of humanity and I'm usually not a fan of other gays) this is just.. no, lol. Other than the obvious biological things (breast milk, the example given above), there is nothing a gay couple can't give to a child that a straight couple can. To say two women can't teach a child sports.... lmao that's fucking
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  31. Bad Blood is juvenile and genuinely one of the dumbest tracks Taylor has ever released. It was a cute bop for a while and may have been a big hit but the way Taylor went after Katy for something so small (that wasn't even Katy's fault) was uncalled for. Katy has every right to respond to it, and I think the lyrics are more clever. She's just taking a dig at her and there's no victim complex exuding from the lyrics. Nicki has every right to drag her as well. Taylor tried to call her out for "not supporting other women," when she herself was capitalizing on the take down of another woman.
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  32. You can't just make shit up and call it tea That's not how it works
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  33. I think a lot of people asked for this and people don't realize that our current generation of pop girls like Katy, Gaga, Bey, etc. are truly class acts and something that you don't get often. Historically pop girls never were interesting though. Yes, we got Madonna, Janet, and Cyndi who were the pioneers of creating an image for a pop girl but before that and truly until Britney and other artists like TLC and Xtina came on board we didn't really have any other interesting women. Look @ all of the soul groups of the 60s like the Marvelettes, or the Shirelles, or the Supremes. They all
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  34. Where is 'caught lying via Kim Kardashian's snapchat' on that list?
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  35. why are you acting like you didn't make any of these threads?
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  36. @Alan @alexander @basedkatyperry @Benji @Bill Kaulitz @California boy @Carlos @Cloud @ChooseyLover @Dr. Slay @fun. @GlenCoco @Goot @Hillary Clinton @Jake. @Jeff @Justas @#JusticeForSober @Katyperryfan97 @Lion's Den @marykateforpie @Maryanne @Newton @AGNTEA @NoCareInTheWorld @Peter Cat @Honey~ @Rachel Berry @Devil Pray @BEYONCÉ @Physical @Reflection @RihannaRTT @ROAR @Teenage Wet Dream @Quinn @WalkingOnCharts @WorkDude @One Of A Katycat @KP4 IS COMING @Katy My Sass Queen @JustHereForX @King Perry H o n o r a b l e M e n t i o n @Cunt @Chris Pratt @Goldie
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  37. Not even Michael! Just the fact that she made this video with this concept and having it done the EPIC way that she did, just that alone, shows how much she has a bigger dick than anyone in pop music. The one with the President George W. Bush lookalike at the end. She dragged the US by it's weave and shat all over the concept of the "American Dream" and how hypocritical and dumb people can be by focusing on materialistic things and lose their humanity and morals. None of your favs
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  38. When your lead single flops so you stop releasing singles
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  39. Rihanna - 14 #1 hits Drake - 2 #1 hits (both on Rihanna's songs) Thanks for playin.
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  40. Gaga- would immediately get scared and try to tell everyone they were born this way and to love each other and would be one of the first to get knocked out Madonna- she's strong and would dispatch Gaga swiftly and quickly but could become too tired too quickly and might break a bone or hip too soon to win Katy- would literally just try to go ape shit on Taylor but is too white girl to do anything except pull hair Taylor- same as Katy except her fighting spirit is even weaker than Katy's, she would rather get the squad to kill her enemies for her or hire hitmen to just shoot the
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  41. Charities & foundations supported 18 Lady Gaga has supported the following charities listed on this site: Alzheimer's Association American Foundation for AIDS Research Artists for Peace and Justice Born This Way Foundation CLIC Sargent Elton John AIDS Foundation GLSEN GRAMMY Foundation It Gets Better Project Lupus Foundation of America M·A·C AIDS Fund MusiCares Oxfam Red Cross Robin Hood San
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