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    seeing this image whenever I close my eyes now
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    Where the f*CK is Lorde?
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    Without any intention to bore you to death, but I just want to thank each person who had me on their mind during the whole nominations process and eventual voting. I am really flattered and happy I managed to leave as good impression as possible during my stay here and to interact with so many of you ( especially during Big Brother 8, FOTP Christmas: Until Dawn, Rue Manor, Pop Industry and in the faves' sections and other lounge and music related disussions ) no matter the subject and its "importance". In the words of London God: "Darlings, I fancy you!" Thanks for welcoming me and I am definitely content in deciding to make myself part of this forum. Also, big congratulations to all nominated members and especially to all the winners.
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    Iconic! Our faves could never deliver such a flawless bop.
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    There’s a ton of resources out there if you’re at all confused. We’re living in a very modern world now so I’d suggest a quick googling session to acclimate yourself with it. After reading some of the disappointing replies in this thread I’d suggest the same for most of the people commenting.
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    Wow posting at the same time as me?
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    @TomTom posted this in the K4 thread the other day. But, super exciting! I cannot fucking wait, I've been dying for new music. I also am glad it's somewhat confirmed, so I don't have to check for it everyday Also, welcome to the forums
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    A blend of both sounds? Boogie Feet 2.0 is coming
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    Biggest_Postwhore Chris Morlock - 38 38 VOTES im fucking yelling
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    Oh, @Joel deserved nomination for Most Missed Member... and to share 33 per cent of a win alongside @Philip and @Winnie. for Imagine being this desperate. Such a blockbuster.
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    ok but people seriously sleep on Britney's self titled album
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    Nope. Peaking inside the Hot 100 is a reach. Xtina should be focusing on peaking inside the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart
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    The biggest winners of the night were @Liam and @Ghostface with three awards each. @Divine @Americunt @Hylia @Venus XCX all scored two each. Major snubs included Thread of the Year and Best New Member. Iconic moments included Legendwood, The Award is Mine, @Madonna performance, ASMR presentations, the Hall of Fame inductions and @Aidan. returning to have the last laugh. Thank you for tuning into the FOTP Member Awards, see you next year if the forum is still active. Please share your favourite moments below in your posts, it means the world. Thank you to all the presenters and performers who helped work this magic. This show was stressful but incredibly fun
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    My apologies for going offline suddenly, I had to go somewhere. Congrats to everyone who won!
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    Thread of the Year being the most panned... justice for @Michael.
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    @Kyoteki congrats!! Veteran monsters represent
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    Introduction to the Biggest Postwhore is probably all of the others introductions combined. I mean, I didn't doubt @Luca's skill after seeing him what he can do with razors fr example. Congratulations to @Chris Morlock.
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    "Maraj.... I know who Americunt isn't voting for!" please
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    Can I just say that I fucking love @Dennis Reynolds' presentations? He sounds like a cutie!
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    Marina was so cute last night. Every song on the setlist slapped
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