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    Me and my whole family
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    I... Don't wanna be that guy... but i have mixed feelings. Not for being naked nor her body. She looks great for her age and better than many people on their 20s and I liked the pic on IG anyway I have mixed feelings because this pic really really really shows how much shit she has done to her face. She truly doesn't look like her younger self imo and while maybe she doesnt give a fuck, it does kinda make me feel sad anyway
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    It still blows my mind that you hate on a tour you've yet to even see. Not to mention the fact that no one's allowed to be excited about anything concerning it if you're around because all we get is you shouting from the rooftops that you think it's shit like we've not been hearing that for six months now.
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    Can't wait to see your 62 Yr old bodies after serious surgery She's doing exactly when she intended to do, anger the haterz and it WORKED
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    DUA LIPA • Q102 • FREE • USA
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    Thoughts on that? You’re NOT special because you’re forcing yourself to listen to some random alternative artists no one has heard about or bands from the 70s. Why do you think you’re above someone who likes ONLY pop music? What’s wrong with having a preference and sticking to that? Music snobs are the worst
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    She's so lucky Unusual You 2nd best purr
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    Genie in a Bottle: 116 Ven Conmigo (Solamente Tú): 76 Dirrty: 178 Ain't No Other Man: 124 Keeps Gettin' Better: 42 Not Myself Tonight: 114 Your Body: 104 Accelerate: 30 This is what happens when exhaustion hits, mixed with humidity, lol. My apologies.
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    I am in the firm belief he was murdered and it was a paid cover up.
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    Can we just all agree that whatever you listen to and enjoy doesn't make you better or worse than anyone? It's just when you proudly start stating "oh I didn't listen to this " like you're doing something that's embarrassing. Some people only listen to mainstream, current pop and that's okay! It doesn't mean insulting legends like they're has beens with no impact makes you look better. Same goes for the stereotypical music snob who thinks they're too good for pop or that it isn't real music. If all you listen to is stuff no one has heard of before who can really say your taste is all that. This thinly veiled attempt to come for people in another thread ain't cute
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    Ion know about you but this one is kind of a serve
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    Fugly picture but wow she's more popular than her "peers" on IG
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    I can’t believe I broke my foot 2 weeks before summer vacation
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    do you like the b sides as well? Feel Good is euphoric
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    not when he kinda spilled it’s kinda one of the weaker tracks she’s released since Roller Coaster but it’s at least miles ahead of Love U, like that’s hard to accomplish!
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    not you wanting it to be more jarring... ma’am we already got Zimzalabim
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    stop omg i never hated! i just wanted it to be crazier at first but i learned to love it
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    seeing you go from hating it on first listen to stanning has been a journey
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    i don't know if gaga does. the two closest she has come out with are bad romance and telephone from the fame monster. i might also consider poker face and paparazzi (maybe?) from the fame. but cher definitely does imo. both from her album Heart of Stone. can you think of anyone else?
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    @melomelo is right about Heart of Stone having two iconic songs, but I’d argue that Just Like Jesse James is more iconic than the title track.
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    everytime the forum is active, I seem to be asleep....
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    I would host megarates if I was awake during the active hours of this forum, which is at 3AM-7AM for me
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    Stripped deserved AOTY over Justin Tumbleweed's album The way it tackled so many issues, like double standards of sexes, accepting who you are, domestic violence, toxic relationships (Walk Away), loving relationships (Lovin' me 4 me)... A masterpiece Well Korean wrestlers have an awesome body but the typical Wrestlers from America are too roid up The way we can turn any thread into a thirst thread
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    Yes, Stripped, the album that new pop girls try to emulate. I stopped playing with Barbies when I discovered wrestling on TV and just started to stan female wrestlers and ogle male wrestlers abs, thighs and bulges...
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    This. My music taste back in 2007-2009 was horrendous. I can't believe I liked High School Musical songs, Justin Beaver songs and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus songs.... Dirrty was the first ever Xtina MV I saw in 2002 when I was eight but never really took much notice into it as I was very young and was into my sisters Barbie dolls and Power Puff Girls but at seventeen Stripped became my bible.
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    Yep. he's too young to know the essential classics. But props to him for listening to a legacy act like X. I mean even I was a bit of a late bloomer. I started listening to X at around 2010 when I was sixteen and I first fully listened to Stripped at seventeen. Bought BIONIC's physical copy in 2011 and after the first listen, I stopped because it was way too much for me at the time but came full circle at around 2013 when I began to fully explore her discography. It's now my fave X album.
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    The first song you heard by X was MOVES LIKE JAGGER? I’m sorry but are you 10 sis??? We- The first song I experienced from legend X was when I saw the music video for Reflection on Disney Channel. A life changing moment for us all
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    There is actually a reddit full of tea here hinting that it could also be mental illness
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    Super bass not having its own option
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    Simple question - what uninterrupted sequence of five songs on any Britney album is your favorite? Not counting greatest hits album, obviously.
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    I said it’s narrow minded to think that people who are here only listen to pop music. What’s not clicking, missy
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    Glory is better than Madonna's dusty 20 years old album that even some of her fans say is overrated... see: the madonna section But the two are not really comparable since it's not the same sound, vocally Britney delivered a much more interesting and varied vocal delivery than madonna's 1 dimensional and emotionless singing on ROL.
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    This is why #1s don't mean shit when talking about legacy or impact, and yet so many stans act like they do.
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    Gimme More Piece of Me Radar Break the Ice Heaven On Earth Honorable Mention: First 5 tracks of Circus
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    Peering through her discography I'm gonna have to say: Showdown Breathe on Me Early Mornin' Toxic Outrageous
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    1. Wow old ass thread 2. One of Ashley's best songs on her best album 3. If Brit recorded a demo I NEED it to leak in full
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    wow so does she perceive her music as shit brown?