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    Who else launches a listening party in a game? Kpop hunk, Wonho
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    and Justin once compared Chris Brown to Michael Jackson too, so it must be a mutual lack of braincells
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    Inside Out #JUSTICE FOR INSIDE OUT Piece Of Me Lucky I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman Invitation Brave New Girl I Will Still Love You My Baby Chillin’ With You
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    Sex For Breakfast Welcome I Turn To You
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    Inside Out Invitation Piece Of Me Lucky Brave New Girl My Baby I‘m Not a Girl Chillin With You I Will Still Love You
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    Tease of when Lady Gaga promoted Born This Way on FarmVille
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    I mean just look at this thread. Ava Max, aka the future Queen of Pop, managed to book an exclusive event with one of the biggest games in the world. And Børk? Does she even know how to use a computer? She probably sends her vocal recordings to her producers using a mail pigeon.
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    Oh I'm sure she can do the whistle in Belladonna.. if she stubs her toe hard enough Besides, Ava already won in all the other department: Singing? Ava Max is Mariah Carey's vocal teacher. Whitney Houston's inspiration. Börok could never. Dancing? Ava Max, 12 times winner of Dancing With the Stars. When was the last time you even saw Børk move? Exactly. Production? Ava has the best producers from all over the world to work on Heaven & Hell (which has a 120/100 score on Metacritic by the way). Bârk? Stuck having The Blessed Madonna producing her entire discography. Yeah.. sorry missy
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    Bjøhn can't do Belladonna either, since she doesn't have a whistle register
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    Belladonna >>> anything Banjø has ever released in her "career" Ava can do Venus as a Boy, but can Bõnk do Kings & Queens? Yeah.. didn't think so
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    Too true @Bionic-AHHH!, name a Bjøink song that is boppier than any song on Heaven & Hell? That's right, you can't
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    Now now, let's not get ahead of ourselves. You better put some respect on her name.. Ava is the blueprint. Miss Børk can only WISH to be the next Ava Max
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    The closest to a hit she's ever gonna get probably
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    Between this and the upcoming Róisín Murphy album disco-loving gays seem to be the only group winning in 2020 Also considering that Light Years is my favorite Kylie album by... well a light year I’m more than ok with her returning to campy feel good nu-disco bops
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    I say "interlude" but they're not actually They all function as interludes, but they are on the same track as the actual songs, not independent tracks... Anyway, you what I'm talking about - all the high school chit chat omigod-does-he-like-me interludes with Britney talking to her besties and the guy on the answering machine Do you like them? Do you continue listening to them when the songs reach that point?
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    Björk was ahead of her time with the Post single covers. This really remind me of those aesthetics. Maybe...maybe Ava Max is the next Björk?
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    Seeing as the tweets are from before Demi and Max started dating, their split is just another tragic outcome of toxic cancel culture. With that being said, Demi and Max definitely shouldn't have gotten engaged after five months of being in a relationship.
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    i just realised if Disco snatches the #1 she'll have #1 debuts 3 years in a row
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    At least the Pope approves... ...if I don’t.
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    like sometimes, especially kylie here, they just wanna release a cute bop
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    Also i dont understand why every artist with every release has to reinvent something
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    i don't get why some of you were expecting some groundbreaking banger? it's kylie we're talking about, when has she reinvented any genre she's clearly just aiming for a fun feel-good disco album and that's exactly what's she's been delivering with these two songs
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    I am so over her and hope she takes a long break with no collabs or anything. She served sick music and she is Pop royalty now but she is so fucking annoying. Feel she is being forced down my throat more than Katy and Tay were at their peaks and they were way more powerful.
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    it is and the sooner this whole fanbase admits it, the sooner we can pretend Burning Up, the superior track, was her debut
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    Just want to come back a little more than 1 yr. later still feeling just as pissed off and ripped off as I did the day I went to that fucking EMBARRASSING XXLtina concert and remind everyone that Christina is a fucking LAZY fat LOSER who despite singing LIVE, STILL can't manage to have a better show than Britney on her worst day in Vegas because her Taco Bell wanting humongous ASS can't be arsed to sing even more than 20 seconds of her OWN songs!!! Not because they're difficult or because of anything beyond her control, because she just didn't feel like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAT OREO DUNKING RED CHAIR SPINNING HIPPOPATOMUS LEOTARD WEARING KFC DEVOURING C U N T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was inspired to write this because I listened to Bionic (Deluxe album) last night and it slayed me
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    It's pretty evident he didn't care about her and just used her for money and fame. I don't get how she can forgive him, but maybe he's changed his ways since then, probably not.
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    Of all games why Roblox. Sis this is not it.
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    They also added her wig as a collectible and an achievement Oh my god that stupid fucking haircut is gonna be EVERYWHERE
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    I thought this whole thing was odd and out of place but apparently I was wrong, because Roblox players are aggressively stanning her?
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    See you on Roblox on the 25th, we'll bop to Belladonna together!
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    Christina, Katy, Lana, Taylor
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    i accidentally downvote all the time on mobile at least its fixable
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