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    Poor Rihanna too. The stench that she had to scrub off, sis will likely start Fenty Soap soon.
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    just bought a bunch of CDs on amazon and all will come within July 1 - August 5.
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    Thanks I Get Clap Back Sally Walker Homeita Started Spend It Fuck It Up Big Bag Comme des Garcons Freak of the Week Just Wanna I Know
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    Got a total of 39 submissions in 4 days. That's impressive! Will we reach 50?
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    The past couple weeks have been so busy but im gonna try to get this done in the next few days
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    I really loathe the cinematography and the amateur editing this era. That being said, she looks fabulous.
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    Nicki has several collabs with Rihanna. Cardi has how many?
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    poor rihanna, being subject to act nice to a fan like this
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    I'm not trolling. Grew out of my liberal skin. I was buying into this anti-SJW shit way too much. I got pipelined through new atheism to be a fascist enabler. I didn't understand how government policy could be so racially targeted, the utility of abortion, the realities of immigration to Western countries, how broad socialism is, fascist incrementalism and racist euphemisms etc. I felt really alienated by lots of left wingers who couldn't explain themselves or their ideas very well, so I started listening to centrists and people on the right. Now after more listening and reading, I understand where the social justice crowd is coming from and agree with a bunch of their ideas, despite the fact that most of them are pretty stupid. The right however is completely inept at affecting positive change and most of their worldview is based on modern and ancient mythology, as I've come to realise. So yeah, I'm a total lefty again.
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    Y'all, seeing all these responses... spelling really is fun I guess!
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    Freak of the Week is coming for my career
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    Shawn acting all Masc4Masc in that Camilla vid has to be the most hilarious thing I watched today.
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    I just slid into the DMs of a cute beauty guru who shall go nameless on my "professional" influencer account. Not my smartest decision but we all have a little hoe moment every now and then. We're in different time zones but I'll update this if he replies!
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    Features are your queens entire music career at this point, clown.
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    ugh, ms minaj is really pushing the limits of how badly a person can self sabotage huh
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    Big ass assumption to make...not to mention that it’s an incorrect one. You can be sexually abused as a child and still be a bad person. You’re a blind ass defender of this idiot and her pack of sycophants.
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    Listening to Anamorphosée, flawless album. California was her first song I heard, and I still think it's her best song IMO. Vertige is flawless too, I love the guitar. let's keep this thread alive!