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    What are some of the typical threads that the faves sections have when nothing is going on? for example: Britney: Conservatorship thread #327. Jamie Spears still doesn't let Britney out of her cage. She is held at gunpoint. Britney's freedom is near!! Christina: Legend X poses in her backyard in stunning photos! What a legend? Are her boobs photoshopped in this though? Where is X7? Mariah: Moo does another thing related to Christmas. Yesss let's get festive dahhhling! Rihanna: The most streamed female artist on Spotify thread #374 that no1cur for. Secret shoot that could be for R9 but lbh it's most probably for Fenty. What about the others?
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    Lady Gaga: @Freaky Prince bimonthly thread "Is Chromatica era over THIS time?"
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    Ariana: "positions" related threads that can be discussed in the pinned "position album" thread Beyonce: IVY PARK commercial, the thieves: "OMG SLAY" "I"M BUYING OMG!!!" Christina: Nostalgia threads and forum games Dua Lipa: Ellie Goulding: Megarate #2342332 Katy: Kylie: OMG NEW DISCO PICS, omg! new merchandise!! OMG!! *pretends to be excited* Gaga: Dentist looks like gaga, slay!!!1 Lana: Madonna: Madonna looking like a serial killer but the fossils: "OMG SHE SLAYS!! M15 IS COMING!" Mariah: Lambchops, "OMG AIWFC is #10, #2 soon to be #1!!! A Legend!" Rihanna: R7 is coming!!!! *Rihanna steps out of a hotel* OMG MUSIC VIDEO IS COMING!!! Rihanna definitely coming 2021. Rihanna has a new foot massager! OMG SLAY! From a homeless family to a billion dollar mogul SLAY! Selena: Taylor Swift: OMG William Bowery is Joe Alwyn *pretends to be shocked*
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    WELCOME TO THE SECOND ELIMINATION OF FOTP'S NEXT TOP MODEL Without Further Delays, the BEST PHOTO with 74 points is... Congratulations, you are still in the running towards becoming FOTP's Next Top Model.
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    Stay healthy and safe with this covid-19 pandemic going around, also have a great christmas & new years.
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    I'm screaming at the fact that Beyoncé got eliminated before Wendy Williams, Kellyanne Conway and ... Gemma Collins
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    Lady Gaga: @Freaky Princefantasizing about videos that will never come or “This concept/this sound for LG7?”. Madonna: Madonna gets dragged on Instagram or @SeekingThrillfinding new thread ideas to praise Erotten and proclaim it as her best album. Lana: Demo #43264 leaked
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    This means that @Billie Frank - Leg End Gemma "Colonitis" Collins recieved 39 points! Congratulations, you are safe. Hopefully, your next photo will knock em dead.
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    THE BOTTOM TWO @Billie Frank and @BabyMario44 One of you will be leaving the competition now. Gemma Collins, you were one of the least liked contestants in the competition @Kai seems to be hell bent on wanting to get you eliminated. We know that you can deliver the goods but will it be enough for you to stay in the competition or will Beyonce over take you? Bey, you have the looks but a certain someone here keeps on choosing mediocre photos that don't do you justice. You had no neck in your photo and that is a no no. Gemma Collins provided us with her triple chin and that is an amazing feat but you just took a blah photo. So who stays and who goes? The one who will stay has 39 points and the one who will leave the competition or maybe even the forum has 30 points.
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    6th CALL OUT Congratulations, you are still in the running to become FOTP's Next Top Model
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    Also thank you for the status @Max I was about to upvote it but then it said the content wasn't there available anymore, I refreshed and it was gone
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    The pâtisserie entrepreneur can't stop winning, indeed.
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    Yes. Bey had a lot high fashion photos to choose from. These would;ve made me give you a ten had you chosen any of these
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    So today I finally got around to listening to Positions, an album that totally exists, and I couldn't help but notice she did the lower case letter thing from thank u, next and Sweetener again - why? I mean, it's a pretty common stylistic choice that otherwise I wouldn't really question, but since she didn't do it for her first three albums I'm just curious as to if there's a particular reason she started doing it...
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    Yes, honey. Just like you're the only one who likes yabba gabba doo.
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    Yeah the Beyoncé pic was bad, but not worse than Gemma Collins?!
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    I served the most unique pose, while everyone served basic headshot I wouldn't go near Gemma even if she was made of gold She is scary. Also you're the Freddy of FOTP Honey, at least I listen to relevant artists, and not disbanded flops! Yes, FOTP's Freddy always haunts my dreams. Nothing shady about my work. Can't say the same for a waiter with a knife though @Ghostface trashed talking and promoting his flop Beauty Guru game Also, @Billie Frank still being in the game with that horrendous Gamma Ray Coiling photo
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    The eliminated contestant is.... Thank you for you hard work! See you next cycle or maybe not.
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    While everyone is waiting to see what treat Kaicon has prepared for either Gemma and Bey next, promo/advertisment:
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    He probably works something shady indeed.
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    He is probably having nightmares at the moment. Guilty conscience it is.
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    @Kai care to explain? Or are you too busy listening to Kai and the mediocre music he released?
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    He will be in the sea, I agree. Maybe Kaicon did something to Wendy, the same thing he wants to potentially do to poor Gemma.
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    @Kai seems to be the dark seahorse of the bunch...
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    5th Call Out Congratulations, you are still in the running to become FOTP's Next Top Model
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    = as of now. While Kaicon climbs, among the others.
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    I can't say it wasn't deserved. I think I gave the same ( highest among my scores ) score to one more model here as well.
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    I heard they're a delicacy in ancient Egypt
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    idk ask @GRANDESPOV she might know
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    She looks so good. I’m gonna miss the blonde hair though, low key iconic.
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    Girl her parents are RICH she came from a celebrity family "Her father—Dukagjin Lipa—is the lead vocalist in the Kosovan rock band Oda, while her mother—Anesa Lipa (née Rexha)—works in tourism." I think her father helped her kickstart her career? Her UK success was probably all her though, she did hustle there if I remember correctly.
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    She was? I thought she was a waitress
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    If they planned levetating before releasing hallucinate then by release hallucinate as a single at all?
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    well, they sent it to some radio stations, dropped a single cover, and an animated video... so i think they intended to make it a single/were testing the waters, but pulled back when it didnt take off as they planned. It wouldnt make sense for them to push all of this if they were just going to launch Levitating less than a month later ikr i wish she wouldve dropped levitating in June/July, it screams summer smash and then hallucinate in the fall with a proper video things wouldve gone WAY better
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    Gaga: "Rain on Me gets light green update on iTunes.. extremely stable!" Rih: "Rihanna insults fans after they ask about R9" Katy: "[random flop single] reaches 600M views on Youtube!" Lana: "Lana cancelled on Twitter AGAIN" and I'm fully aware that she's not a fave anymore, but: Kesha: "Kesha at LAX (27/06)"
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    The PROOF that @Billie Frank - Gemma Collins is here to stay and here to slay.
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    I didn't choose any bad photo (my fave doesn't have any bad one) but.. Ok
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    Astro's fate two years from now. Cha Eunwoo should stick to acting even if he's not good at it. What was he promoting in the photo anyway, a lip balm?
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    I see people doing it because it seems more "honest" and "authentic" It was cute once but three albums in a row? tiring
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    It taste like a multiple Grammy award winning artist, something your fave could never relate to
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    Round 4 Winner: Harry Styles Original Biscuit Queen Xtina, FadGa or Cookie Cutter Mooriah?
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    She is a legend she has talend saddly she has made poor carer moves The voice, Lotus Visuals, her last album that i don't even care enought to remember the name taking for ever to release music