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    Thoughts on that? You’re NOT special because you’re forcing yourself to listen to some random alternative artists no one has heard about or bands from the 70s. Why do you think you’re above someone who likes ONLY pop music? What’s wrong with having a preference and sticking to that? Music snobs are the worst
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    Even worse when it’s a gay who tries so hard to be like “I’m not like other gays I only listen to rap and alt str8 music and I hate gay culture!1!”
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    Whenever I see you comment on Madge, I think of the lyric "I've heard it all before" from her iconic hit Sorry
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    On the flip side, you're NOT special because you 'force yourself to' stan mainstream pop girls and talk shit about anyone who stans 'flops' or 'no1currs'. You're NOT better because you listen to artists with more recognition, it just means you're content with sticking with what you know. People wanna go off about pretentious indie listeners, but the pretentious opposite is just as bad, and is in bigger numbers on FOTP's forum and Discord server.
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    ROUND I ANSWERS New answer format so I have all the answers in one place, ready for when @Urbanov whinges that he's not winning enough Answers in bold get double points, answers in italics get 0.5 points, and answers underlined will get no points. If there's no fancy font jiggery-pokery going on, you'll get a normal full point @fab can't wait to read Armpit Magazine. I hear @Gabe. is this month's cover star QUESTION ONE:
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    2 months older album without Ariana BlackPink and Elton John which means full solo album with little promo if any with only 11 songs Hello Winner !
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    Me and my whole family
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    God I wish I never discovered stan culture
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    There’s no way I can take this seriously
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    Because this argument doesn’t work in favour for your fave? Good try I guess
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    How many singles does he release in a month?
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    Broken Heart Jukebox: The Residency Streamed worldwide on Microsoft.com as part of the Microsoft x Kelly Clarkson campaign
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    My signed copy of Chromatica came and I'm happy I got a full "L" instead of just a swoosh or a dot
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    Kelly Clarkson - V Magazine | US | Paid
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    I love Chromatica, but this thread speaks for how much of a fad she is... ... Meant to drag Gaga and Chromatica, turns into a Brit vs. Madonna debate. The level of fad is unreal. Poor Gags.
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    Sorry but nobody will ever be able to touch Cher's iconic wit...
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    Imagine paying 100$ only to listen to the same background tracks from 1999 and watch someone having spasms on the stage for 2 hours ddddd. No wonder she’s not a touring force!
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    Erm... no? Miles Away (solo 2009 single) sold over a million copies in Japan alone. I don't care what you make of it, but that's a hit in a major market period. Largest music markets: #2 Japan #3 Germany #4 United Kingdom #5 France #7 Canada #9 Brazil #12 Italy #13 Spain All of which Madonna had hits in circa 2009-2012. 30 years into her unmatched career
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    It’s because of the global pandemic how dare you
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    I'm actually over this for this evening. I might continue tomorrow. Thanks to the players who just wanted to have fun, but some of you are really getting me down tonight and I'm just not in the mood to continue now.
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    -So how was your day? -Fine, what about you?
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    Beyoncé still hasn’t won the AOTY Grammy It took Rihanna 7 albums to finally hit #1 in the U.S.
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    Let me be the first objective member to reply. Impact: Confessions. Dua Lipa is the latest pop girl to pay tribute to that album. She even released a single cover that has a similar pose to the COADF cover. Jump was included in The Devil Wears Prada and in one episode of Ugly Betty, which was a popular series back then. Hung Up was used in two of the biggest series in my country too. WBT was the song of the decade in the US. Success of Singles: Hung Up went #1 in 41 countries, a record. We Belong Together was #1 for 14 weeks in US. Sorry did well and went #1 in multiple countries too, Get Together entered top 10 in many markets. Rest singles from TEOM had success in US but not that big compared to WBT. Hung Up sold 9 million copies worldwide, idk total sales of WBT. Chart Success: COADF went #1 in 40 countries. Sales: TEOM sold more in US and COADF sold more worldwide. Overall sales are close, i guess it's a tie. Critical Reception: COADF: 80/100 - TEOM: 64/100 How Much They Stand Out In Each Artist's Discography: It's considered top 3 in the youngest generation of Madonna fans, idk about Mariah's. How Much Each Album is Loved/Remembered Outside Of Each Artist's Fanbase: Idk.
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    Well there sort of already is one and it's called "Britney Jean"
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    It is really quite stunning how fresh and powerful this production sound still is, especially since it's a genre revival project Fifteen years ago, people. And this could be released today to massive acclaim. Can we say that in 2035 about any of the musical projects of her "successors"?
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    ...Using videos only. The global-ness The diversity
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    Britney eating ice while recording Break The Ice
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    it honestly gets better every day for me album of the year I fear
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    Without Ariana, Rain On Me wouldn't have been that successful. Some Gaga fans are delusional. If Gaga is still a force, then why Stupid Love didn't do better? Aren't Rain On Me and Sour Candy the most streamed songs anyway? Two united fan bases turned it into a hit. Like it or not. However, Gaga fans shouldn't be pressed about it and think she is being dragged. It was a smart move by Gaga.
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    Because she wanted a more intimate and theatrical tour after her label forced her to tour stadiums and arenas for the past 20 years She still makes decisions based on artistic merit and that's why I appreciate the bitch She could be doing a huge greatest hits stadium tour and make bank like all her peers do but she doesn't care Britney's first 4 announced shows in Vegas averaged $714,500 per date Madonna's three shows there averaged $1,414,925 per date Keep trying
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    ROUND I ALL ANSWERS Bold = 2 points | Italics = 0.5 points | Underlined = 0 points. | The rest get 1 point.
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    I concede that I could be completely wrong about Moo and she does speak out on a range of issues, but somehow she only ever makes it into popular culture for either a) flopping, b) shading some lessor or c) posting suspiciously-flattering Instagram pictures.
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    Gimme More Piece of Me Radar Break the Ice Heaven On Earth Honorable Mention: First 5 tracks of Circus
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    No other pop girl is doing Blackout. Those beats and production was made for Britney's sultry and kittenish vocals. Plus how it perfectly fit the situation around her life. Also no one else can do Stripped other than Xtina. That was a very personal album and the lyrics come from her experiences. And I feel like she represented feminism the best before it was cool to to do so.
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    Playing FOTP games with @Ghostface's rules it's always fascinating.
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    It's the same issue with the "signed" albums. It's almost like she said "Lemme just throw something together. My stans will buy it anyways."