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    A look at the cookies: Gaga's Chromatica Oreos have competition! It's time to turn FOTP into a baking forum.
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    It was my first day for my new job today!!!
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    I listened to After Hours again after the snub and wow what an album
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    Xtina ahead of her time once again
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    I genuinely think that a lot of people just haven't been willing to look beyond Bangerz era Miley and refuse to acknowledge the fact that she has grown up, she has worked to be more than gimmicks, and that she has demonstrated more versatility and a willingness to try new things than many of her peers. She's still just as outspoken as she was but the Miley of now isn't the same Miley of then and I really don't know if the general public is ever going to "forgive her" (not that she did anything that needs to be forgiven) for her wild era, even when she's releasing one of the best albums of the year.
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    Not to be mean but he doesn’t look like someone who could have had much of a problem to settle as an artist or is interesting enough to make a documentary about. The documentary seemed panned on arrival.
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    What are some of the typical threads that the faves sections have when nothing is going on? for example: Britney: Conservatorship thread #327. Jamie Spears still doesn't let Britney out of her cage. She is held at gunpoint. Britney's freedom is near!! Christina: Legend X poses in her backyard in stunning photos! What a legend? Are her boobs photoshopped in this though? Where is X7? Mariah: Moo does another thing related to Christmas. Yesss let's get festive dahhhling! Rihanna: The most streamed female artist on Spotify thread #374 that no1cur for. Secret shoot that could be for R9 but lbh it's most probably for Fenty. What about the others?
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    Lambs, Monsters and Fighters preparing at dessert time:
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    After years of people dragging Xtina for it? She really does hate her fans
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    Stay healthy and safe with this covid-19 pandemic going around, also have a great christmas & new years.
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    I do hope for another hot mess like this
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    They never stated where "home" was. Are they going back to LA or NYC? There is mystery to this, and, sorry, but I've seen worse posts and people supporting others with those. People pick whom they want to attack, all while supporting others. Can't straddle both sides of the fence.
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    Would've been a great opportunity to come out
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    The aim of this game ( loosely based on ______ Got Talent talent show(s) ) is to determine the best Rihanna single through participating members’ votes; Singles included are those that involve Rihanna as lead artist, the ones that have her as featured artist and the promotional singles as well; The first part of this game reflects auditions - cycle which will determine which singles will compete in the second part - duels; Each day ( every 24 hours ), I will post certain single and you will just need to approve or deny its further participation; Singles will be posted in no particular order; If you want single to proceed competing, you will just copy and paste this sign ; But if you wouldn’t like certain single to move up in game, you will use this sign instead ; There is also gold buzzer sign - this one allows single to automatically proceed further if used; However, number of members participating will determine how many times can it be used during the auditions; After auditions are done, the next part of the game will include duels of singles you picked during the auditions and that will last until we get the last single standing; This game will start on December the 2nd at 8 PM CET ( roughly ~47 hours from now ). Day 1/Single 1 ( for example - Diamonds ); Everyone chooses either or this ; Number of positive votes ( check marks ) will determine single’s faith in the game.
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    What in the actual Chris Morlock Lana Innoculation thread fuck?
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    I thought it was Agugaga for a second who posted
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    Well to be perfectly honest, she has a point. While Manic may not have been my cup of tea, it does tick all of the boxes that a grammy nominated album does: critical appreciation, commercial success, and produced some hits that were a large part of the musical landscape for the first part of this year. And she's correct that in many cases, those that play the Grammy Game and scratch the recording academy's back are the ones that get the nominations. I suppose that one can say if someone didn't do campaigning, behind the scenes performance, and such that they got the inevitable result but they shouldn't have to. The only thing one should have to do to for a Grammy nomination is release a goddamn album that people enjoyed. There shouldn't have to be behind the curtain conversations and private performances for the committee and all of that because at that point it's not about the music anymore, it's about who has the willingness to bend over backwards to please a faceless group of people who're interested in ratings. And we've seen many times over the years that those who refuse to play the Grammy Game are on the ones that get shut out, even when they deserve at least a nomination.
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    Legends supporting legends saved 2020.
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    Gaga, Kylie, Rina and Miley saved 2020
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    And the winner is... Ms @Kristina Truly deserved to win the Big Brother: All Stars for being the biggest Britney fan on FOTP, other than myself. The other two fads, @Strobo and @V For Vendetta, are 2nd place and won't go home empty-handed. 1st place: @Kristina 3 months of VIP (please let me know if you want to gift this to someone) 2nd place: 2 months of VIP each @Strobo and @V For Vendetta (You can now put colours on your name and have bigger avatars) The rest of the fads, however, does leave with nothing, but I hope you enjoyed the game.
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    Social media is all about picking and choosing who to get mad at. I'm not even a JLo stan at all, but I wonder if some of these people would be equally enraged if their fave did the same thing?
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    The Gurls Up for elimination @Chris Morlock - Kesha Sebert - @fab - Kellyanne Crowsfeet The one who will stay has 37 points and the one who will go has 31 points. Who stays and who goes?
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    The BEST PHOTO with 74 points is.... Congratulations, you are still in the running for FOTP's Next Top Model.
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    nappy is often used as a racial slur to black people. it refers to hair texture
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    I'm screaming at the fact that Beyoncé got eliminated before Wendy Williams, Kellyanne Conway and ... Gemma Collins
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    This means that @Billie Frank - Leg End Gemma "Colonitis" Collins recieved 39 points! Congratulations, you are safe. Hopefully, your next photo will knock em dead.
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    WELCOME TO THE SECOND ELIMINATION OF FOTP'S NEXT TOP MODEL Without Further Delays, the BEST PHOTO with 74 points is... Congratulations, you are still in the running towards becoming FOTP's Next Top Model.
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    You look so dumb right now....
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    the first official review for Wonder is in and it's an 88... "The 12 songs that bridge the gap between beginning and end are the singer-songwriter’s most sonically experimental and ambitious to date. Wonder feels like a cinematic experience rather than just another album on a shelf. It’s tangible evidence that Mendes was born to create music (despite some critics decrying his work — and new Netflix documentary, Shawn Mendes: In Wonder — as uninspired)." https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/shawn-mendes-wonder-review-album-honors-camila-cabello/
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    They are not healthy for you to eat
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    Why is Ariana so beautiul? Like is she even human? Ugh https://www.instagram.com/p/CIL3u1qFUZS/?igshid=accnfb4c7q3g
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    Oh wow, the queen won FOTP finally having taste! I'd like to gift my VIP to @Gravity I was gonna give it to @Bionic-AHHH! for coming in 4th, but then he voted for Janet Thanks for hosting, it has been fun!
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    This Love is good this love is bad Whoops, this love will be your downfall, @Snow. Here she picks herself up a bit and makes us pay attention more after we have been busy with guns and machetes.
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    The Girl that I will call will no longer be in the running to be FOTP's Next Top Model Who will it be?
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    Since @BabyMario44 was not able to send in his votes within the allotted time, all contestants, with the exception of Beyonce will receive 10 points. The results will be posted soon.