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    Is it not the job of a clown to elicit laughter from an audience?
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    2 years of Reputation! Also, can't believe 2 years ago, I started working in my dream publication and this was my first page omg!
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    im eating onionrings and Dr Pepper in the desert tonight
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    the audience for tonight omfg we're living! hello everyone and welcome to this season's first live show!
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    No they shouldn't if they have enough self respect. No one should put their life on hold and make their lives harder for a fucking celebrity. The fact that you brag about sleeping on the streets
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    ...ignore her, she drinks! does revealing the results and new theme tomorrow at like 5-6pm EST sound good for everyone?
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    Madame X tour shows starts at 8:30 Madonna:
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    me: drinks coffee stomach: LKOACKNEISk me: :0
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    Imagine getting a tamagotchi from Ariana only for her to give other people Tiffany jewelry and pit seats
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    Not one person in the entire class came to the gay kid’s defence
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    wow no pop girl will ever touch madonna, a fact that will forever live on
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    Gay power! She slapped him harder than karma slapped Farti B and her career at the charts.
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    wanted to do it as early as possible but life happened and i just got home! so getting everything ready and i hope to see y'all in an hour or so!
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    Whew that’s right, slapped the taste right out of that homophobe’s mouth!!! Love seeing people stand up for themselves when being bullied.
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    you can now listen to our new Member of the Month and Featured User playlists made by @Ariana and @AtiRiRi
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    some of the reviews have me YELLING
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    I still don't understand why the usage of the f word is not stigmatised. Like if that bully said the n word to a black person the whole class would be outraged and chime in. But because he's gay it's okay to use the f word and no one intervenes. He's left to defend himself all on his own. Sad. Both the words are powerfully damaging but only one of them is forbidden and causes outrage.
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    NRO was the biggest bop of the year. Everyone did her dirty ignoring it
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    NOOOOO. ”kesha listen ilysm don’t tell Luke.” ”Kesha please answer omfg leak LipSha”