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    Heard the most savage drag of all time at work today Me: “Have a great day!” Elderly man: “My neighbor is the one in the obituary instead of me, so I will have a great day”
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    Today marks a year I overcame my suicidal thoughts. To anyone struggling, I commiserate and you are loved. Please don't for even a minute think you can't do anything because you can. Please don't ever stop believing in magic because thats what saved me. Dream loud and don't ever apologize for it. I wish you happiness. #Human
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    Agugaga in BGs when Ariana drops one spot on the charts.
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    Or should I just call you Onika, you're embarrassing me as someone who has been your fan for over 9 years. This whole "Queen" era is not portraying you as one. It started off good with Chun-Li and that Barbie song, cute. Then it went downhill from there... I don't know if you're gonna continue blaming your label for YOUR actions but enough is fucking enough. I LOVE that you speak your mind and voice your opinion/reasoning, don't get me wrong. I love seeing BLACK women stick up for themselves in a very racist crazy world.. but sometimes shut the fuck UP. You start word vomiting all over Twitter and I gotta sit up there and try to defend your goofy ass. I'm not doing that no more, I'm still gonna love and appreciate your music and be a so-called "stan" but drop the fucking antics, you just dropped a really good album be happy about that. WHO TF CARES IF YOU DEBUTED AT #2, AT LEAST YOU DIDN'T DEBUT AT #200. That's all I have to say you to Ms. Maraj. Grow the fuck up.
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    Just saw Mariah best night of my life she was SO close
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    I am officially a college graduate!
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    Petition to give Nicki and Cardi the Azealia ban.
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    By the way my account got hacked somebody is threatening to release new music I worked really hard on. Nothing comes out until I’m ready.
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    I feel so naked texting people on my phone without these lovely emotes. Maybe I should tell people to DM me on FOTP instead.
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    got a ban witcho name on it
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    Hello fotp! I’ve been on vacation enjoying and taking some time off for myself but I know all you sylkmonsters are waiting and I promise to come back with something hot and fresh very soon!! Miss you lots! You’re always on my mind and in my heart mwah ✨💋💕
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    Why is there such a high amount of people that play videos/music in public spaces without headphones????? Hard to believe they don’t realize how obnoxious it is
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    i think its funny how my favs perfume say 'for women' lol as if that's gonna stop me from wearing it
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    when I see I got a notification and feel important just to see it was a mass tag
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    Girl it’s not even the best album that dropped this month
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    I’ve been a fan and followed her since Camp Rock, and it was so refreshing to see her seemingly reach a better state of mind the past few eras. To see her fall off like this again is horrible, I hope she whatever help she gets this time works for her better in the long run.
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    took an uber today and my uber driver was SKY FERREIRA'S MOM she showed me pics of sky as a baby and then talked about how she got into music, and then talked about how katy perry ripped off sky's idea of a "teenage dream concept album" after sky got signed and then about how she was to go independent since capitol pushed halsey over her most wild uber ride of my fucking life
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    I went to the cinema with my boyfriend yesterday. He told me I can pick a movie, so as a good stan I decided we will watch ASIB
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    If this status update reaches 30 upvotes I'll reveal my real thoughts about this forum in a topic