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  1. him

    Where in the world is life expectancy at least 99 cause I'm booking my flight now
  2. him


    Oh they undoubtedly were better it's not even a question
  3. him


    OMG ikr. honestly their whole 2nd album kind of did that
  4. Yeah it's super underrated and when I get chills every time
  5. Well, that's a given, and I have no hope now of seeing a good X-Men movie again. but what i meant was together, Disney and Fox make up about 40% of all ticket sales and this gives them quite a lot of power over theaters, ticket prices, and more which I would not put it past them to abuse
  6. This is good for comics fans but pretty bad for films in general
  7. The current landscape of pop music doesn't allow for sensations that have a huge cultural impact like Madonna/Mariah/Britney/Gaga/Beyonce etc. so nobody
  8. him

    They missed one
  9. This was the most embarrassing shit i've ever watched