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  1. it's not like there's many to choose from musically i think sugababes/MKS flatline is my favorite though
  2. him


    It's amazing. I don't know if it's a top tier NW song yet though. It reminds me of a less pop and more metal version of Storytime which is one of my favorite songs ever
  3. she didn't miss a single note cause it's prerecorded
  4. him


    Honestly I could see this fitting their sound
  5. him

    Yeah. there's literally that entire period of early-mid 2010s shitty EDM pop music where every song had an instrumental break where a melody should have been and instead had a single word or phrase chanted every couple measures
  6. him

    X-factor especially has always been overproduced and I'm not sure if it's gotten worse or it's just because the last time i watched X-factor i was like 15 and didn't notice it then but these shows are getting increasingly weird and cringe inducing... the fucking x-men battle music during her introduction, the judges standing up jumping around and frolicking the entire time as if they are the auditionee, the (even more than usual) insertion of random audience shots that might as well be royalty free footage from ShutterStock... i litrally feel like they only produce these shows anymore to create viral 1-minute Facebook clips for boomers... i mean they have to know nobody is actually watching this on TV
  7. yeah because what they need is another member departure
  8. him


    Woowoo better
  9. him


    This is like... the best American album of the past 5 years
  10. him

    Where in the world is life expectancy at least 99 cause I'm booking my flight now