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  1. Yes and she's even transcended it.
  2. It confused me so much when I found out people actually think this about her cause I've always thought speaking was one of her strong suits...
  3. Rockstar 101 this song is weirdly so nostalgic for me
  4. it's not like there's many to choose from musically i think sugababes/MKS flatline is my favorite though
  5. Honestly I could see this fitting their sound
  6. X-factor especially has always been overproduced and I'm not sure if it's gotten worse or it's just because the last time i watched X-factor i was like 15 and didn't notice it then but these shows are getting increasingly weird and cringe inducing... the fucking x-men battle music during her introduction, the judges standing up jumping around and frolicking the entire time as if they are the auditionee, the (even more than usual) insertion of random audience shots that might as well be royalty free footage from ShutterStock... i litrally feel like they only produce these shows anymore to creat
  7. yeah because what they need is another member departure
  8. i've been reminiscing over this era of kpop lately
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      HII BEWWW how are you? cry1 

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      i'm doing good i miss you baby cry1

  10. i photoshopped the price to say 2.99 instead of 12.99 but the photoshop was so bad i had to make the picture super small so you couldn't tell. then pigrez picked up on it and tweeted the pic which prompted xtina's manager to drive to a borders to verify that in fact the album was selling for full price